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This sub is for the discussion of post scarcity capitalism, automation, and sound economics.

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  • What is FullAutoCapitalism?

    • FullAutoCapitalism is a subreddit to discuss Post Scarcity Capitalism, new automation technologies, and the economics behind it all. We encourage thoughtful discussion, large effort-posts, and occasionally OC memes.

    What is "Post Scarcity Capitalism"? First, Post Scarcity is an economic-end-goal characterized by so much abundance, that many or all goods and services are "free". A good or service can be considered "post scarce" when it's production cost is 0. It's important to note that an individual good or service can be post-scarce without the entire economy being post-scarce. Post Scarcity Capitalism is Post Scarcity that has been achieved via the economic system of Capitalism.

    • Economics: The study of how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources
    • Economic system: A set of rules of what people can and can't do within the context of economics. See also, Game Theory
    • The goal of economics: To allocate scarce resources as efficiently as possible
    • Economic end goals: Things that can potentially be achieved when scarce resources are used with maximum efficiency. i.e., post scarcity

    Capitalism: Government enforced private property and contracts

    • Anarcho-Capitalism: Private property and contracts enforced by private organizations

    • Private property: Any property owned by non-government entities. i.e., your tooth brush and your business.

    • Public property: The government's private property. i.e., roads and most schools.

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    Automated mapmaking - AI making manual labor (mostly) obsolete

    TomTom is a company creating digital maps for customers like UBER, Microsoft and Apple. Their content is also found in a lot of car brands. 10 years ago digital maps on global scale used to be handmade. A vehicle with cameras and lasers would drive around and 5.000 people mainly in India would receive the data and edit the maps, which would then be released in a new map every month.

    Nowadays they have come to 90% automation (and growing) meaning you would use way less of these mapping people. On the other hand, the availability of data has exploded, now adding 2,5 billion edits to maps instead of 250 million a month.

    These new data come from sensors on passenger cars. The Artificial Intelligence and machine learning interprets 90% of those sensor-observations themselves. This will grow to 99% AI based. https://www.youtube.com/watch? Also, maps are not updated monthly but in real-time.

    Having all these gazillions of data also allows to create highly detailed information that is required for autonomous vehicles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMi2HJ4OFPo They also have their own test vehicle driving around in Berlin to test this content. https://vimeo.com/472119481/e23d71eca7

    12:29 UTC


    Do you think that coronavirus will accelerate industry's move towards more automation?

    Intuitively, it seems to be the case. However, there will be vast number of unemployed people during and after the pandemic, which can drive down cost of labor and hold off automation a little while longer.

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    13:57 UTC


    Cost of sequencing the human genome over time

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    Let's all get rich building fully automated trading bots!

    09:39 UTC


    Does anyone have anything on open source Ai? I have some statistics and programming background but have no idea where to start.

    06:54 UTC


    New 3D printed bionic arm with excellent muscle based control aims to democratize bionic technology for amputees.

    14:59 UTC


    An Open Source CPU?

    21:05 UTC


    ULEX: An Open-Source Legal System

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    20:30 UTC


    [Effort Post] The far left is dead, and cryptography killed it • r/AnarchoCryptography

    02:32 UTC

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