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For late-night hacks you put together because you were annoyed at a task's length/difficulty, and you were too lazy to do it manually. Share your scripts that increase productivity, enhance computer performance, or make your computer easier to use here!


For the late-night hacks you put together because you were too annoyed at a task's length or difficulty, and you were too lazy to do it manually. Share your scripts that increase productivity, enhance computer performance, and make your computer easier to use here!

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  • When posting a request: include your operating system, a detailed description of what the script should do, and note when your request has been fulfilled

  • Please do not ask the community to write a script for you. Do your homework. If you run into a problem while writing your script you may post it here

IMPORTANT: Back up any affected registry keys or configuration files before running scripts





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Need help to disable something



I used these comments, but in fact its not good, how can I disable that its being used?


12:03 UTC


I created an AI bot to explain changes made in a PR

I built this over a weekend because I had to review some painfully long pull requests (PR) at work (+2K) and I found myself skimming because I didn't want to think through that much code changes...

However, I still want to be a good steward of the codebase so with this at least I'm not gonna hate the process of code review as much. :)


It's free to use, you can check it out here: https://explainthispr.dev/

Cheers πŸ₯³

21:59 UTC


Looking for a way to open shortcuts on a specific monitor

I have a client who installs security cameras. They use a camera viewer app on windows 10 to view the cameras. The camera viewer pc has 4 monitors to view all 96 cameras. The issue is, when the computer is restarted, the employees have to open the app 4x and move that viewer app to the 3 other monitors. I would like to find way to automatically open that app 4x, on 4 different monitors. Any ideas?

02:59 UTC


The AI Assisted Coding extension of your dreams is now LIVE! Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity and efficiency

To all developers out there. Today I'm proud to unveil AI Assisted Coding, the project my team and I have been focusing on lately.

The AI Assisted Coding extension is a powerful yet simple solution that seamlessly integrates into Visual Studio Code and streamlines your workflow like never before.

Powered by CodeX and packed with OpenAI's cutting-edge technology, this extension will help you say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity and efficiency.

No API-Key required, 100% free, and compatible with all programming languages. Try it out now and experience the difference for yourself!

Download it now // Write your comment 2x Shift. Voila! https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=AIAssistedCoding.ai-assisted-coding

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15:06 UTC


Convert your logo to ASCII-Art (with color)

13:21 UTC


"Snow fall" and "The Matrix" effects in terminal -- ASCII-Art

17:03 UTC


LF Script that auto-visits just my linkedin connections.

So you are on your own: https://www.linkedin.com/mynetwork/invite-connect/connections/

And it just clicks their names and visits their profile.

16:22 UTC


Looking for Script That Will Allow me to Pause/Play Media Player in Different Window

Hello, everyone! As the title says, I'm looking for a script that would allow me to play/pause a media player in a different window (I'm currently using Windows 10 Pro). The reason I'm asking is because I often need to transcribe interviews, and being able to play/pause the interview without leaving the word processor would save me an immense amount of time (even when split-screening the time still adds up). Realistically, it wouldn't even have to be for the media player itself. Since I have both the word processor and interview up at the same time, a script that would allow me to click a specific part of the screen with a single key and then rubberband back to the word processor (or something like that) would work fine, too.

Also, in case I haven't given it away already, I'm a complete novice when it comes to writing scripts. I won't pretend for a second that I actually know what I'm talking about in terms of the technical aspects, haha. I'm just really in the market for something that could help me and figured that this could potentially be a good lead. I'm also happy to answer any and all questions that might help you as I am able. Thank you in advance, everyone! Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

21:27 UTC


Need AHK script to copy message to clipboard

I want to type ;v to copy a message to my clipboard so that I can paste it with the Windows shortcut in software that blocks AHK.


I've started here but seem to have gone wrong somewhere.

::;v::clipboard := "my text"

01:05 UTC


Need advice on script using wkhtmltopdf

so i want to use wkhtmltopdf to archive a site taht contains a box that has overflow( a textbox that has a scrollbar ). when i do it normally it can save but the scrollbar doesnt scroll. either get rid of the overflow or make the scrollbar work

23:50 UTC


How do you trigger a script right before a drive is unmounted

so lets say i will be ejecting the external drive through windows normal procedure. like clicking the tray then choosing the usb then clicking eject. so if i eject it i want windows to first run a script to get the folder and file structure within the drive then proceed to eject it.

if this is not possible then is there a script to eject a drive so i can just probably run the script then eject the drive

07:15 UTC


How do you create script that will list all files and folders and thier size

so i want to be able to list all files folders and its subfolders and be able to get thier size too. whats the best way to go about it?

09:26 UTC


Link redirection tracer

Ideally a script that can go through batches of links and see the urls where they lead to and if they don't.

The closest I can get is a wget command:

wget --input-file=links.txt 2>&1 | grep Location: 

But this doesn't offer any way of telling if the url does not redirect anywhere so I can't compare the original urls.

07:28 UTC


[Question/Automation] - Advice (even in the broadest terms) for how to go about automating a reporting task.

Hello. I'm a complete newbie / beginner. I know nothing about code or scripting (bar a bit of VBA) but I have been set a random task and I'm just after advice for where to start. Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this.

The task is simply to automate a process that usually takes someone 15 mins every morning. The output of the task is distribution of certain daily sales data in a particular format.

The task can be broken down into three key steps:

  1. Open web browser, navigate to web-portal, run sales report, export report in excel format.
  2. Copy exported excel data into a separate spreadsheet (which contains certain graphs and tables).
  3. Open powerpoint file, update links (the file contains graphs and tables that are linked the spreadsheet above), export as pdf, attach to email and send.

If anyone could advise the what I'd have to learn to do to achieve this (even in the most broad terms), I'd be super grateful.

Btw, I'm fully aware that this manual/excel-dependent method of reporting is prehistoric... this is just what I have to work with :(

Thanks in advance again.

15:56 UTC


[REQUEST] Windows 10 shortcut directly into the Additional Troubleshooters Window

The closest I've been able to get to is the main Troubleshooter window: '%windir%\system32\control.exe /name microsoft.troubleshooting' but would like to one directly into the list of 'Additional Troubleshooters'

17:39 UTC


Can anyone make something will allow me to add multiple Smart Playlists into iTunes at once??

I have a lot of music on iTunes that I've organised into over 1300 Smart Playlists. I've exported all these Playlists as .xml files into a separate folder so I don't lose them.

I've recently upgraded my pc, which means importing all my Smart Playlists back into a fresh install of iTunes...and here comes the issue that I've had to deal with numerous times before:

You're forced to import the Smart Playlists one at a time.

You have to click File>Library>Import Playlist>Select Correct Folder (which is another 3 clicks)>DoubleClick on correct Smart Playlist.

Then repeat, for each and every Playlist. And, just to make things even more long-winded, every time you open the correct folder it starts at the top. By the time you're a few Playlists down, you're having to scroll down to the one you need. A massive pain after a few hundred or so. It's a huge design flaw.

I've searched and searched but come up with nothing. A few people over the years on the Apple Community Forums have claimed that you can just import the entire folder, like you can with music or film, and iTunes will see that it's a folder full of playlists and just them all.

You can't. I've tried so many times. You can't add the folder, you can't drag and drop (all or a single file). Really frustrating.

Is there anyone here who can hack the software so it will allow what I need, or someone who can make a script to add all the .xml files without me jumping through all the hoops??? Or something, anything (I'm not software savvy at all)?????

1300 .xml files added this way takes days. Literally.

Thanks in advance.

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17:43 UTC


Send Medium Articles to Kindle

I've created a script to send Medium.com reading list to Kindle. Checkout: https://github.com/hussaino/medium-to-pdf

11:45 UTC


[REQUEST] possible to use a script to block 700 people following someone on twitter?

I'm just wondering if something like that already exists, or if it would possible? Also since I wrote this, I just found this:


but I'm not sure if that's safe...

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19:41 UTC


Looking for a script that will max gamma

(And another that will revert gamma to its previous value)

Thank you! Any help is appreciated

07:49 UTC


Help please with automation to verify HTTP or HTTPS

13:14 UTC


[Request] Merge Folders

Hello, I have lots of old backups that need some order.

They are all sorted quite differently.

I would like to have a script to start with, for just merging all folders that have the same name (Downloads, Documents, Pictures) and put them all in a Root directory.

Also if I could output info like file count etc would be nice..

Just need a starter here, can maybe do some coding myself, but don't really know much about files.

Any examples or similar type taksks would be helpful

13:07 UTC


[Question/Automation] How to start a Python script with Alexa?

Hello, so I know this might be a total noob question, but I have a script which I would like to start remotely, using voice commands.

The script is a headless browser (Selenium, Python) performing some startup tasks.

I would like to integrate this.

What I have available is an amazon Echo, And I suppose I will need to utilize my raspberry pi b for this(?)

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12:56 UTC


Makross -The New Windows Productivity Tool

Hi all, I have a new Windows productivity tool for ya that makes Windows much easier to use! At the moment I'm looking for some funding to improve the feature set but its already in Early Access and there is a demo available. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/makross

17:05 UTC


Private InfoSec Community

MentorSec is a private community dedicated to individuals who are both experienced in information security and those who are getting into the industry. The purpose of this server is to help individuals network and share industry knowledge. For entry members must first fill out a short application that gets manually approved by the moderators.

Key Features:

* Option to get paired up with experienced industry veteran

* Live cyber security news and published exploits

* Section dedicated to development in languages such as python, php, rust, c/c++

* Community events and conferences

* Job listings

* Section dedicated to standards such as NIST, cyber essentials, GDPR

* Channels to discuss certifications such as CISM, CISSP, GSEC, etc

* Channel to connect with fellow members via linkedin

* CTF channels

Invite Link: https://discord.me/mentorsec


07:55 UTC


Can anyone tell me what β€œthe lazy script” is used for???

07:31 UTC


[Request] Git commit and push all submodules to their remote

Asking for an automation script that does the following:
tracks changes across all submodules recursively in a git repo ala git status`
issues a git commit with a message to each submodule that has changed makes a push to the submodule's remote (master) branch returns to the root directory, commits and pushes to the main git repo

16:56 UTC


Looking for specific macro script/software

Hello! I have specific problem with one program. There is a bar 0 - 100%. At start it's full on 50%. After you click start - after 1-2 seconds it can stay on 50% or go to 52, after 1-2 sec go to 54 or again stay 52 for some time.

I need some kind of smart visual macros with conditions. If bar doesn't move for 2 seconds - click 1, if it moves click 2.

Is it possible? Please share any ideas (i'm not a programmer and can't write scripts, can only read them).

14:35 UTC


Need help converting my script (AHK > HIDscript)

I'm new to scripting in general and I had at a time sat down for a few days to learn AutoHotKey so i could write a script to be even lazier in a game.
This script presses 1, in random intervals between 57, and 147ms so the games server doesnt detect a certain pattern. And as well, I just bought a new seperate Numberpad to used as a Macro Board, and I wanted to bind this to the [ENTER] key on that board.
Right now, for reasons I can't remember anymore it's started by pressing F2, then ends the loop when F1 is pressed, and I want this to be changed to [ENTER] Toggling it ON and OFF.
If anyone can help me out here this would be amazing, cheers!
Link to my AHK Script: https://pastebin.com/4aWVgtKq

09:09 UTC


Script to Wind Someone Up

Hi guys. I'm just after creating a script to annoy my collegue, nothing fancy, just loop opening a ton of popup windows on his machine that he has to individually close.

I've got so far with a MsgBox script in PowerShell, but the problem is, each windows needs input before the next, I want to just spam his whole screen in one go. Any ideas?

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13:49 UTC


[Request] Iterate through all sub-folders and copy/rename

I have a file structure with files with this name format:




I need to delete the _L.cat files and replace them with a copy of the _H.cat files.

Files that's don't have that name structure have to be ignored.

Whats the easiest way to do this with a batch or powershell script?

12:53 UTC

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