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News and discussion about Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS).

News and discussion about self-driving vehicles and Advanced Driving Assistant Systems (ADAS)


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Tesla FSD V12.3.3 still runs down child-sized mannequins. Still no fix after 1.5 years.

05:23 UTC


Holon and Mobileye headed to Frankfurt in new pilot project.

The German public transport operator Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) to test Holon’s autonomous electric shuttles from 2026.

This is not Holon’s first collaboration with a major German public transport network. The company had already announced in autumn 2023 that it would start a test operation in northern Germany – in cooperation with Hamburger Hochbahn.

The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund is a transport association that covers the public transport network of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area in German


I believe that is the sixth MAAS pilot incorporating Mobileye Drive in Europe.

04:58 UTC


Could Mobileye's DGX development framework/platform accomplish a key V&V role?

Could Mobileye's DGX development framework/platform accomplish a key V&V role?

The 2024 CES presentation by Mobileye presents one slide that seems to suggest a fundamental relationship to regulatory compliance.

Could the slide titled "How To Reeach Scsle - A Refined Observation" indicate one of the key underlying design considerations was to facilitate homologation in major regulatory jurisdictions?

It is possible to underestimate the implications of designing frameworks that cross multiple (geographical) regulatory jurisdictions.

Global is a powerful paradigm - EU, China, USA.

01:44 UTC


"Humans kill 40,000 every year on USA roads but Kentucky just banned AI instead."

00:57 UTC


The FSD ver 1234.1234.abcdefeg anecdotes are degrading the quality of this sub.

I'm not finding any of these anecdotes to be useful data points to draw any conclusions from. Moreover, they always are posted by deluded Tesla fans and devolve into pissing matches about cameras, lidars, elon, etc.

Tesla's vehicle have fixed hardware that they have barely updated and have only since removed alternative sensor modalities. All they can do is collect more data and refine their black box. That's it. Until they update their hardware, their approach is going to plateau in performance. It's effectively not going to be any different than what is described here: https://xkcd.com/1838/

17:52 UTC


"Good interview from @gbrulte with @adamkovac this morning about robotaxi regulations - I’m hopeful that governments in California look to Phoenix to see how robotaxis can be a part of Vision Zero, a point of pride, and a tourism draw."

17:25 UTC


Tesla FSD 12.x Trial: Just drove 600 miles back and forth on a road trip. Thoughts...

First off, congratz to the development team! I have never seen a real time system improve like this with no hardware changes. Obviously a lot of really smart people have been working really hard on this.


1.) It's the real deal. Was able to easily do highway and in-town driving with minimal user intervention. Orders of magnitude better than prior versions.

2.) Driving is a lot more natural, smooth, and not as "jerky" as in prior versions of FSD.

3.) A lot more intuitive driver vs FSD interaction. Because it drives more naturally there's a lot less driver anxiety while using it. Any intervention seems more that a hand off rather than a "panic".


1.) It needs better driver monitoring, I got called a few times on it, but honestly only caught me about a third of the time when I wasn't watching the road.

2.) It'd be nice to be able to toogle the "aggressiveness" of it while using it.
Sometimes it's awesome it's assertative, other times it'd be nice to let it take a step back and be more of an aid.

Overall, no complaints, I'll definitely buy it when I get the refreshed Model Y.

14:02 UTC


Just Drove a new 2023 Tesla Model 3 with FSD (not mine)

Like the title says, I do not own this vehicle, but I finally managed to convince my wholly and completely shameless Tesla/Elmo fanboi to drive it for about 15 minutes.

He limited my speed to 85 miles an hour even though the posted speed limit during that time was about 40 miles per hour.

If "FSD" is going to be a real thing, this ain't it. You spend just as much time starting at the center screen trying to navigate all of the options as you do driving on the road. Elon is the "lead engineer" at Tesla and it's such a disaster. The base models of these cars are so cheaply designed and the single-motor Teslas really aren't that fast.

It's a good thing Gwynne Shotwell runs SpaceX and is wholly adept at handling and babysitting Musk's seemingly bipolar, indecisive, and regularly offensive commentary on Twitter and elsewhere.

Self-driving cars are more of a novelty right now, and I'd rather keep my ICE than having to constantly correct the AI so I don't run over pedestrians or into other obstacles. Also, it would be nice if the batteries wouldn't need a metric f**ton of water to put out so half of the neighborhood doesn't end up burning down.

/end rant

12:11 UTC


Swaayatt Robots edited video of driving through traffic in India

11:45 UTC


I noticed a certain gesture with my hand can trigger a full FSD disable strike

I wanted to bring attention to this because I got a single strike left according to the pop up on the screen. But seem this one hand gesture, or similar looking gesture is triggering something in the FSD algorithm to instantly disable while driving.

I will try to describe it:

If you hold your left arm towards the left side of your head, such as you would if you were digging in your ear, or rubbing your teeth with your left hand with your fingers 👉 pointed sort of like this (But upside down pointer finger), it will immediately trigger the FSD shut down.

This happened to me Twice recently, with the times being as described above. I thought nothing of it while I was driving and making that gesture, since it was only my hand moving in proximity to my face/head. I was still looking at the road. And it just went crazy and told me to take control and I got a strike once I completed my ride to my destination. Kind of ridiculous. But seem to be the common gesture that is potentially reproducible. Hopefully others can try this out for evidence towards this observation and bring attention to this issue if it happens to others.


(I did post this in the other sub btw, and decided to post here because nobody took this serious in the other thread even tho this can be a serious problem, since I got two FSD strikes for this so far. Somebody in the other thread made a good point that I would like to carry over here for the discussion. Perhaps the Computer Algorithm that monitors the driver with the inside camera, assumes that this hand gesture it similar to how somebody would look like if they brought a Phone up to their face to use while driving. This would be a useful feature, not knocking that, if it worked only for that. But I always mount my phone when driving, so in my 2 FSD Strikes, the phone was never in my hand while driving. So this could potentially be a big bug/issue that can potentially punish the wrong drivers since you can potentially get locked out the feature for 1 to 2 weeks over a misidentified gesture by the computer.)

03:09 UTC


Waymo to start charging for rides in LA this week.

I tried to cross post from /r/Waymo but that wasn’t allowed, attempting to do so now with a discussion tag and link in description.


20:33 UTC


How likely is a partnership between Rivian and Waymo?

Rivian is shipping their vehicles will all kinds of sensors like cameras, radars and uss. Waymo could add their own sensors on top of that for now and start working on a car designed to be robotaxi. Kind of like how they rolled out Google Nexus phones.

I am also not convinced that Google is all that into using Geely (chinese car maker) as their high volume model. I don't see that flying with consumers that well now and that's probably a reason we haven't seen any updates on Geely cars + Waymo for a while.

Rivian with Waymo feels like a perfect fit to me. Both companies need each other and both have products leading in their domains (r1s is best selling suv in NA I think). They are both in the bay area too so having stronger team interactions is possible, which is good for rapid prototyping.

16:38 UTC


Toyota will jointly launch an intelligent driving solution with Huawei and Momenta to be installed on global models.

Toyota will jointly launch an intelligent driving solution with Huawei and Momenta to be installed on global models.

On April 7, Tencent Auto learned from people familiar with the matter that Toyota’s global smart driving solution will adopt the “Toyota + Huawei + Momenta” tripartite joint solution model. This solution is different from Huawei's existing ADS high-end assisted driving system. Momenta and Huawei provide software and hardware solutions respectively, and the three parties have in-depth cooperation and integration.

Toyota is expected to officially announce specific plans during the Beijing Auto Show.

Any leaked details yet?


01:56 UTC


Xiaomi SU7 Smart Valet Parking Demonstration

Pretty impressive for only being on the market for one week.

21:49 UTC


Oliver: "Around 2019, certain loud people said that deep learning was never going to be reliable enough for a self-driving car..... My lesson from all of this was to no longer pay much attention to people who speak so confidently about knowing the limits of any given technology."

21:01 UTC


How are we tackling the issue of snow and other natural detritus covering up markings on roadways?

Same for covering up signs?

How are they coming on these so far?

05:41 UTC


Ghost Self Driving - Like Tears in Rain

01:33 UTC


I think Tesla can't "win" the self-driving race

What I mean is that they won't be able to realize this scenario: Tesla releases FSD that actually works, demand for their cars skyrockets and they make obscene amount of money.

Why? Because there's Mobileye. Here are their products:

  • SuperVision is an eyes-on / hands-off, camera-only system. There's limited deployment in China.
  • Chauffeur is an eyes-off / hands-off system that uses cameras, radars and lidars. First production car will be available in 2025, they're targeting a cost of under $6000.
  • Drive is a solution that enables robotaxis, delivery, public transit.

It seems that the first two technologies are very close to being ready for deployment and in the coming years, every other new car will have SuperVision or Chauffeur. Even if Tesla releases a working FSD soon, they will not have enough time for capturing profits.

There's even a nightmare scenario - it turns out that lidars are necessary for an eyes-off system, cars with Chauffeur's point-to-point navigation are everywhere but people with Teslas are stuck with FSD (supervised) despite paying $12k.

21:22 UTC


Mercedes self driving

The California DMV report on self driving permits for 2023 seems to imply that 35 Mercedes vehicles drove 58,000 miles without any interventions being reported..

Could this possibly be correct?

17:17 UTC

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