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My fascination for cyborgs and Reddit !

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Ordered to stand down about cyborgs in February 1997 while making Dolly the cloned sheep front page news, eventually in 2005 Wikipedia credited my paper as the basis for their article about brain implants.

Here's my latest draft: SkewsMe.com/cyborgs.html

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Cinematography Of I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

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i love transhumanism

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How a secretive advanced technology becomes better known.

TL;DR - Both the Wheels of Justice and the Wheels of Science turn slowly.

A remote-controlled fighting bull was front page news in the New York Times 17 May 1965. A forgotten pioneer in brain mapping, Josè M.R. Delgado, M.D. set the stage for Department of Defense implementation, Acoustic Kitty being the CIA's first cyborg.

In 1966 the CIA fielded a cyborg cat to spy against the Soviets. Most tales of it go a little something like this: It didn't work. It was a complete waste of money. Now never speak of it again.

Here's a short montage I made about Acoustic Kitty and "The Spy With a Cold Nose" which came out in theaters that same year.


This 2018 Atlantic article includes a 2015 DARPA presentation using sixteen brain implants to implement transfer learning in rats. “For this rat, we reduced the learning period from eight weeks down to seconds.”

[soft firewall] https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/11/the-pentagon-wants-to-weaponize-the-brain-what-could-go-wrong/570841/

Beginning 1975 kindergarten a genius with dad in Defense wanting to be James Bond when I grew up, I met the company of spies who showed me mind-blowing technology, so I asked them if they were the vineyard of Matthew 20 where Jesus is asked about heaven and explains the dude who keeps going to the town square to hire people with nothing better to do to come build it, and we started mapping the brain as if our eternal souls depend upon it, tasking the megabit diamond optical computer to design better versions of itself while mapping the brain. The grumblers in the parable would be most everyone who died before the 1990s; otherwise, good people love what we've done while evil creeps hate it.

When we stood up the program, there was military brass from all of the superpowers. Then I started catching bad guys as we bounced from ring to ring growing up.

In 1988 when put on the spot at the University of Washington to choose a major, I squawked, "cybernetics" which I then tentatively explained as remote-controlled people. I'd wanted to study the EEG brain-to-brain interface featured in "Brainstorm" (1983), but I'd have to wait until 2013 before the school would publish theirs.


Circa Christmas 1989 explaining my interests in cyborgs to a kinky Catholic-schooled girlfriend at university, she replied, "We're all the eyes and ears of God," so I redoubled my efforts to put on a great show, framing my shots and all, including catching domestic rightwing terrorists plotting to bomb nightclubs to spoil the 1990 Seattle Goodwill Games. Five years later I was brush passed a mixtape video about the arrests of their bomb makers.

The television series Rick and Morty play it off as a cyborg cameraman at a party featuring the alien from "Naked Lunch".

[gif] https://media.giphy.com/media/2uI96PqA8fx24JrmSM/giphy-downsized-large.gif

On 2 April 1996 I burned my cover by officially naming names and setting off to raise cyborg awareness, and on that day in 2013 President Obama announced the BRAIN Initiative to draw civilian interest in that 3-pound, 20-watt neural network between our ears that's one of the simplest computers to hack, but the most difficult to fix once malware has been installed during the formative years.

In February 1997 while successfully convincing the Department of Defense to lift the news blackout covering Dolly the cloned sheep so that we could pass legislation, I was ordered to stand down about brain implants, but eventually in 2005 my paper was credited as the basis for the Wikipedia article on the subject. Here's the latest draft: https://SkewsMe.com/cyborgs

It's at times like this I realize that there are college students who weren't alive during 9/11, so many of them don't know about brain implants outside of Elon Musk's Neuralink which is nothing but a glamourous stimoceiver Delgado used "to 'play' monkeys and cats 'like little electronic toys' that yawn, hide, fight, play, mate and go to sleep on command."

Meanwhile, I watch the world get dumber not knowing the "sixth sense" can be honed.



An International Spy Museum podcast interview with the Defense Intelligence Agency historian discusses their research into the paranormal to conclude something similar to me in that scientists could test a million tone deaf people to conclude that there's no such thing at perfect or relative pitch, but test just one musician and you'll find a bit of both.


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The original Wikipedia article about brain implants is based on my paper.

In February 1997 I found myself sitting down to dinner with the new head of Woods Hole where the first US cloning experiments took place more than a century ago. They were worried that people might panic if cloning became newsworthy, but I convinced them the need for regulations, so they lifted the news blackout covering Dolly the sheep, and she was finally on all of the front pages the next day with legislation to follow.

During that dinner meeting I was ordered to stand down about cyborgs, but eventually in 2005 my paper was credited as the basis for the Wikipedia on brain implants.

I first got involved with cyborgs a 1975 genius kindergartener with dad in Defense wanting to James Bond when I grew up. Meeting the company of spies who showed me mind-blowing technology I asked if they were the vineyard of Matthew 20 building Heaven, and so we started mapping the brain as if our eternal souls depended upon it.

Dr. Jose Delgado’s remote-controlled people in the 1960s contributed a lot of early research, but our multinational task force perfected it.

On 2 April 1996 I burnt my cover before setting out to raise cyborg awareness. On 2 April 2013 President Obama announced the BRAIN Initiative to draw civilian interest in that 3-pound, 20-watt neural network between our ears that’s one of the easiest computers to hack but the most difficult to fix once malware has been installed during the formative years. Computer scientists should be fascinated that with implants the brain can conduct transfer learning like artificial neural networks.

Here’s the latest draft of my SkewsMe.com/cyborgs paper.

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AI is our natural evolution.

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Cyborgs in Hip Hop

Hi ‘borgs 👋!

I’m writing a paper (just a silly lil’ uni assignment) about cyborg representation in Hip Hop.

Would you by any chance have examples where you’ve seen Hip Hop artists rap about, portray, or feature cyborgs/technology/robots? Can be any media format like posters, shows, MVs…

Some examples I already have: • Missy Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) • Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson- What’s It Gonna Be • Lil’ Kim - How Many Licks • Janelle Monet - Many Moons • Doja Cat - Cyborg Sex

Thank you in advance!

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Can a cyborg be queer?

If a cyborg believes that there is no gender is it then even possible for a cyborg to self identify as queer?

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wish-cyborg = cyborg as gender?

If I have no enhancements, I guess then I cannot call myself a cyborg?

Technically, I would be a wish-cyborg.

Or do people without enhancements call themselves cyborgs just because they want to be, identify as such mentally?

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Which major i should take for developing cyborgs ?

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Cybernetic Jet Propulsion Legs

Question: is it possible to build a pair of prosthetic/cybernetic legs with built in jets to fly underwater with current technology?


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Transformers Acid Storm

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Metal Gear Risng

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Best place to buy bio magnet implants?

Hey guys, my bf and I have had RFID NFC chip implants for about a year now. We absolutely love them and definitely wanna do more implants. My bf specifically wants bio magnets implanted in his ear so he can listen to music at work lol. I wanna do more chips. Do you guys have any sites you know of other than Dangerous Things you’d recommend?

(We are very safe and cautious. We also have some doctor friends that help us with the implant process :) )

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Homo Deus vs Homo Sapiens

Humanity will be divided into Homo Deus or Nietzsche's "ubermensch" and homo sapiens that will deliver the biological brain! Some historians today acknowledge that the accumulation of territories divided people into aristocrats and slaves, then the accumulation of industrial machines divided people into capitalists and proletarians and now the accumulation of metadata will divide people into two diferent species. Those who own big data and manage to process them and those left behind. It seems pretty plausible to me when I think of the human species. With love...

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Ressources for open source implants/assimilated?

I was wondering if there was any ressources about about source implants or non invasive new senses (similar to cyborg nest's stuff, not quite sure how to call it).

I feel like it's already hard to find ressources on such things in general but open source ones is even worst. I don't necessarily plan on implanting anything I'd have made myself but I'd like to at least know that I can check how all this works and all

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Could cybernetic cure me?

I have dyscalculia,dysgraphia,dylexisa,intellectual disability and couple witg ptsd,ocd,gad,mood disoader could Cybernetics enchantment cure me of my disabilities and mental illnesses?

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What makes a technology seem socially acceptable, and thus adopted in society? (survey)

Hey everyone! I'm a masters degree student and am running a survey on how interested in how tech enthusiasts think about how technology becomes socially acceptable (or not). For example, I'm sure many of you have heard of Google Glass, which was discontinued for consumer use because it made people too uncomfortable. I'd love to hear from this subreddit, what do you think makes something like the Apple Watch seem acceptable, but not Google Glass, for instance?

I have an online survey that takes just 4-5 minutes to complete and your participation would be greatly appreciated :)


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I am a student at The New School researching transhumanism, cyborgs, robotic medical prosthetics, bio-hacking, etc. and want to hear your story.

My two research partners and I are in a class taught by Christian Madsbjerg called Technology and Human Observation. As the title implies, we want to observe and listen! We will definitely have questions but are ultimately more concerned with your individual story and life. I am not trying to imply that the aforementioned topics are all similar. I truly do not know how related they all are. We are only hoping we can connect with anyone with a robotic or technological enhancement attached to their body. We can video chat or meet in person if you are located in NYC!

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