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A star party is a gathering of amateur astronomers for the purpose of observing the sky.

Observing the night sky is always an exciting journey, but having others there to share the experience with makes it even better. Meet fellow Redditors by planning a local star party.

Star parties can be planned around a specific celestial event or just on a clear night, either way, observing together gives everyone an opportunity to share knowledge, meet new people, and gain experience on telescopes that otherwise may not have been possible. Host a star party tonight!

Be Safe, Get Out There, & Explore Your Universe!

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01:50 UTC


Star party was a good time!

We looked the Moon a lot, lol. Had two SCTs, a dob, and a (I think) a Celestron FirstScope set up. There was some high thin clouds. Everyone left around 9PM, then the skies cleared, we neve got the chance to point out constellations. Overall, everyone seemed to have a good time.

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23:13 UTC


Suggestions for a star party?

Hi all, first time poster. The local school has asked if I could organize a star party. It's going to to be held this May 6th, so the Moon will be visible. If it works out, we may do it again this Fall, and view some planets.

Any suggestions? I have an 8" SCT I will bring, and a 8" dobsonian mount scope. A friend and his wife are helping, I can put them on one scope and me on another. We have several pairs of binoculars.

We're printing off planispheres. I have a green laser for pointing. My wife is making snacks, and the school is providing bottled water.

I thought I would give a short (five minute) talk on astronomy, then have people look through the scopes and binoculars. The school is K-8, not sure on attendance yet. Parents must be there to be in charge of their children.

Any ideas on how to make this a success?

Thank you!

02:39 UTC


Stellafane 2022

Just a couple months away from Stellafane 2022! Anyone here going this year?

02:00 UTC


Telescope ppe?

So, I'm going to my first big star party next weekend and taking my 8" Dob. I'm wondering if anyone else is cleaning eye pieces between people looking through their scopes, or using any sort of guard to reduce contact? Or is that not really a concern?

22:14 UTC


Colorado star buddies

Anyone in Colorado metro/mountain area want to buddy up to go see the stars? Really need help learning how to align my Celestron 8SE. :)

20:34 UTC


combo hand held red flashlight+laser pointer

Fellow Star Partiers: Are there recommended handheld device that has, built in, both a red LED sky-map light output and red laser diode sky-pointer?

03:32 UTC


Come stargaze with us and David Levy at the Eastern Iowa Star Party!

I meant to post this quite a while back but some it got left behind. The Quad Cities Astronomical Society will be holding our annual Eastern Iowa Star Party at the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center near Dixon Iowa from September 7th through the 9th. The skies are good at SQM 21(ish) for observing and imaging.

This year we have 3 guest speakers including:

Dr. Paul P Sipiera - Author and Planetary Studies Foundation President and CEO who will speak on space rocks, and will bring in part of his extremely large collection for us to view.

Dr. Jennifer L Anderson - Professor of Geoscience, Winona St. University, who is expert in impact craters. I believe that she has done work for NASA, and she was one of the guest speakers at last year's North Central Regions Astronomical League event.

David H Levy - Canadian astronomer, science writer, co-discoverer of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in 1993 which collided with the planet Jupiter in 1994 and discoverer of various other comets and minor planets.

We have drawings throughout Saturday for door prizes as well as a Grand Prize on an Explore Scientific 102mm Carbon Fiber Apo! I know that this is coming up really quick but if you're in the area and don't have plans already for that weekend. Check out our Cloudy Nights post for more details and registration info..

We have only 10 places left!

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03:09 UTC


Does anyone have a stargazing journal?

I just recently received a telescope and binoculars. I am new to stargazing. I want to keep a journal to record what I learn/see. I just haven't decided what I want the spread to look like or how to organize it. Any ideas?

00:21 UTC


San Diego?

Anyone in the San Diego county area know of some good groups? I've seen some things online, but I'm also looking for testimonies from people. Or is there a San Diego chapter of this subreddit?

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11:17 UTC


A spectacular view of the Milky Way galaxy through night vision

04:55 UTC


Sacramento CA area discussion!

Tips, tricks, places, and events. Do tell!

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16:32 UTC


Live streaming the Moon through a telescope. Come join the live chat.

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08:11 UTC



Anyone here from Sacramento or anywhere nearby?

03:11 UTC


Live streaming the moon through a telescope in NC, come join the live chat.

01:02 UTC


Live Streaming through a monster 24 inch telescope

03:56 UTC


Live Streaming the Moon through a 24 inch Scope, come over for a look and live chat.

02:21 UTC


Anyone going to Stellafane next weekend in Vermont??

Link to site: https://stellafane.org/convention/2016/index.html

Great star party for amateur telescope makers and people interested in meeting new people/star gazing!

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13:15 UTC


Starting an Astronomy Club at high school?

So I'm very passionate about space and astronomy and I'd like to spread that to my school, since I know there are a lot of people who don't really know much about the subject. Nothin is set in place, I'm planning on rejoining student council next school year to bring up the idea. I just want to know, do any of you have any pointers? I'm in a local astronomy club so I might be able to get resources/etc but what are some ideas of how to set up something like this?

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00:37 UTC


Anyone else here part of the Seattle Astronomical Society?

Just wondering, if so maybe we can talk in the star party coming up on the 28th

03:07 UTC


Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley

Hello fellow astronomers!

I'm located in the SFV and am looking for a person or people to stargaze and take photos with on relatively clear nights when there isn't a star party planned. I know of a few locations that are open to the public during dark hours.

Unfortunately I've got nobody to go out with on non-star party nights since none of my close friends are into astronomy or being really awesome. Just seeking some astronomical company!

23:27 UTC


Star parties in Ohio or Eastern Indiana?

Hello all! I googled a bit to try to find some star parties in Ohio or Eastern Indiana, but it's hard to tell which ones are the best. Any opinions?

05:14 UTC


Any star parties in the south/sw Louisiana area?

Hi all, I recently moved town to the Lake Charles area and was wondering if there are any decent star parties that are held in the area. Been having a hard time finding much info on the web.

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04:08 UTC


Advice Needed: Gemenid Viewing from Mt. John Observatory, Lake Tekapo, NZ

Hi r/StarParty. I'm planning a trip to New Zealand in Dec, and thought I'd go watch the Gemenid meteor shower from Mt. John Observatory, Lake Tekapo. This is the very first time I'm planning such a trip and I don't want to screw up my timing, so I'd very much appreciate it if some kind soul could check my plan below and give me some advice. Also, if anyone is familiar with the area could give me some local tips (including good restaurants and viewing areas around the observatory), I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance!

Questions about the Viewing, all times are +12UTC (NZ time)

  • Peak viewing time is on 15 Dec at 05:48, according to Nasa's Sky Events Calendar. However, that is also the estimated time of sunrise. Given that temperatures will be around 7^oC, I should probably arrive at Mt. John Observatory at around 1AM, giving me ~5 hours comfortable stargazing time. Does this sound about right?
  • Would a good alternative viewing date be on 14 Dec instead? I understand that the meteor shower will be lighter, but I'm not sure just how much lighter. Also, the moon will also be dimmer, so will this 24 hour difference give me an appreciably better view of the stars?
  • I'm thinking of joining the EARTH & SKY tour for $100 USD which lasts for about 2 hours and gives me shared use of a 0.4m Meade LX200 telescope. Does this sound like a good deal?
  • I also plan to bring along a pair of binoculars or small telescope. Are there any particular recommendations?
  • I'll be bringing some portable chairs, thick jacket, blanket, hot drinks, etc. Anything else I need to consider?
11:17 UTC

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