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Microbiome - an "ecological community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms" found in and on all multicellular organisms studied to date from plants to animals. A microbiota includes bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and viruses. Microbiota have been found to be crucial for immunologic, hormonal and metabolic homeostasis of their host. The synonymous term microbiome describes either the collective genomes of the microorganisms that reside in an environmental niche or the microorganisms themselves.

The microbiome and host emerged during evolution as a synergistic unit from epigenetics and genomic characteristics, sometimes collectively referred to as a holobiont.

Wikipedia: microbiome

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What’s healthiest- blue Masa Harina, buckwheat flour, tapioca flour, or rice?

On all fronts, but especially with regard to your microbiome. I usually buy organic masa but am thinking of getting the wholesale bag of Masienda blue masa harina

01:07 UTC


Antiviral’s and the biome

I’ve take. Paxlovid 3x now. Loved it the first time, seriously amazing stuff. The following 2 times I was prescribed it prophylactically and it caused me to get way worse and have long lingering effects.

I realized physically and mentally I got way worse after each Rx and I think I was blaming my antibiotic use on these longer term Nero/ gastero issues.

However I found this (below) 2018 article staying that many drugs such as metformin, PPIs, and heart meds can all have antimicrobial properties.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar post paxlovid use. I also have been miserable after my trial of metformin back in the summer as well.


22:08 UTC


Can Dysbiosis make you very sick like 10 from 0-10?

19:02 UTC


Legalising FMT transplant in North America

What would be a realistic way to legalise FMT in North America. I live in Canada and have been sick for 7 years. Other countries such as Australia were able to approve FMT for general usage such as gut dysbiosis. Is there a way to create a motion that could help approving this type of treatment? Any ideas would be helpful.

16:58 UTC


Elevated Calprotectin


Just had my GI map results, one thing that was flagged was elevated Calprotectin, my result was 52 ug, from what I've read the upper limit is 50 ug. So given this is just over is it anything to worry about? at the time I gave the sample I was suffering from bad heartburn and my esophagus was definitely inflammed (the results of some PPI's I was prescribed).

Am I right in assuming a GI Map can detect inflammation anywhere in the GI tract? Since I stopped taking the PPI's my heartburn has almost gone now and I don't feel the discomfort anymore.

15:07 UTC


Nutrients for probiotic bacteria

I have a yoghurt maker. I make yoghurt out of milk and probiotic strains. Is there anything I can add to the milk to give the bacteria more nutrients so it can multiply even more?

14:40 UTC


Are any cheeses good for a healthy gut microbiome?

I was just reading that some cheeses have safe fungus on/in them. Brie, Camembert, blue cheeses, etc. Are the microbe(s) on these cheeses good for our microbiome, do our guts actually use the microbes on them I mean to ask, or are they only tolerated? I bet not every single microbe we eat is actually cultured and used in our guts, but if they are from these cheeses I'm going to put them in my eating rotation

I'm going to read up on each of the healthy mold cheeses but wanted to put this thread out there too for some discussion, I didn't find much when searching in this sub. Maybe I didn't use the right search terms though. Or maybe I just want to use an excuse to eat more brie lol

11:28 UTC


Please Help Me Understand GI Map & OAT Test :)

Hi everyone!

Much appreciated if you could take a look at my GI MAP stool test and give me any insights! I've also taken the OAT test. Current symptoms are eczema & similar itchy rashes on body. Currently taking biocidin & neem plus, and doing other gut & topical support as directed by practitioner.I think it's important to note that I am regularly low carb and have gone on keto on and off.Interesting markers:

GI Map

  • Statocrit 9 - Elevated; not sure if this is a result of low carb, thus higher protein / fat diet, or if this is moreso an indicator of poor fat digestion.
  • Elastase-1 194 L -> Lower than normal. I'm thinking about taking Digestive Enzymes Ultra by Pure Encapsulations (open to other recs, this is what my dr. recommended)
  • β-Glucuronidase 2747 H - higher than normal. not sure if I should take Calcium-D-Glucarate or if I should just wait to see if this comes down
  • Secretory IgA 1984 - high; is this an issue? hoping this will come down after fixing dysbiosis in gut


  • Arabinose 11 - although low, I still have a gut feeling I have candida, which may be backed by the fact that my oxalic acid is high. I'm thinking the arabinose is low because I'm keto adapted
  • Oxalic 151 - higher than usual
  • Homovanillic (HVA) 2.6 - higher than usual - not sure how important this is
  • HVA / VMA Ratio 2.2 - H
  • Ascorbic 0.76 - Very Low - not sure if this is due to keto... I also read that this can be due to the short half life of Vitamin C, which results in many tests coming back with a very low value
  • 2-Hydroxybutyric - 1.5 - High - not sure the cause of this

Again, thank you any insights at all into my labs!









10:46 UTC


Is it worth paying for GI Map when all my tests from different MDs have come back negative?

I’ve had the following tests done either in office or at Quest:

  • H Pylori stool testing
  • Parasite/ova stool testing
  • SIBO breath test (drank lactulose)
  • Pelvic and abdominal MRI
  • Pelvic and abdominal ultrasound x2
  • Transvaginal ultrasound x2
  • Pap smear x2
  • Cystoscopy and bladder emptying ultrasound
  • Multiple urinalysis’
  • Blood work x5 (CMP, CBC, Celiac x2, thyroid function, kidney function, pancreatic enzymes, STD testing, lipids)

Every single thing has been negative. I’m at a complete and total loss so I feel like GI map is my last resort. But is it worth it if everything is already negative?

My symptoms are extreme, painful bloating and flatulence that begins around dinner time and lasts for hours. It mostly resolves by the morning.

Thanks for any and all help!

01:14 UTC


Test came back Gut Dysbiosis and Low SCFA

Hey Everyone. My journey started 10 years ago after a heavy heavy dose of antibiotics and I'm here today. I have no gas, cannot gain weight, can not eat a lot of different types of food, and moods are not always the best.

Has anyone else been on this journey and had a cure? I started incorporating more prebiotic food in my diet to see if that will help. I remember feeling the best in my life when I was in costa rica eating a lot of plantains and beans and I'm wondering if that had something to do with it.

Thanks for listening.

23:27 UTC


A question about the probiotics

Hi, my question is do I need to always drink kefir for the benefits of it and adding in back good bacteria or is 1 week enough?


23:08 UTC


Can I be tested/screened for MDROs?

I used to be a Registered Nurse, and was wondering if there's any sort of screening that I could purchase (or have ordered for me), for use either at home or at a lab, etc., so that I would know if the bacteria in my body have antibiotic resistant genes (or if I'm colonized), etc?

I know that in many hospitals MRSA swabs are done in nares, I remember something else was done with anal swab... but ideally I'd be looking for something more "generic" or "universal" (eg. Gut bioma analysis for the genes).

Do these types of tools even exist? I know nothing about microbio.


17:48 UTC


Advice for a tough past half year

Hi all,

around April I started having steel cut oats with some berries and honey every morning and sometimes for lunch as well. A few weeks in I started to get bloated and an itchy anus (wow this was awful) and slowly over time my food tolerances have gone down to basically just meat and now I'm on a semi-relaxed carnivore diet to ease my stomach but it's still not great. I've gone to the GI to no avail and will be doing a SIBO test and was going to ask for a candida test as well. Any advice on what to do moving forward with doctors/diet or anything that can help me figure out whats going on? Thank you in advance!

17:44 UTC


Any thoughts on my stool test results?

16:11 UTC


Do natural antimicrobials work for SIBO?

And if so which are most effective?

Do Low fodmap diets make a difference?


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15:28 UTC


Should I do GI map or Biomesight?

I have a feeling something is messing up my b vitamins. I have high b12 for whatever reason. I've been very ill for past 3 months. Nausea, shaking, constipation, burning throat, nerve pain.

Should I do both?

I'm currently about to do SIBO lactulose test

14:56 UTC


Ordered Thorne, debating another add-on. GI MAP vs GI Effects. Necessary?

I ordered the Thorne Microbiome Gut Health Wipe and I’m debating doing another test - GI MAP or GI Effects. I know it’s recommended to avoid culturing as it can be a little unreliable but methods like PCR, qPCR, or DNA sequencing are a lot more accurate.

I tend to have a mindset on “well what if…” so in this case I don’t want to feel like something was missed if I go with one test vs the other based on their methods. I’m primarily doing this for peace of mind. What do you recommend? GI Effects with the microbiomix (costly) or GI MAP?

I am focused more on pathogens/parasites/etc vs whole biome as I may do a breath test for SIBO as well. I’ve done markers like Calprotectin, CRP, fecal elastase-1, and fecal fat from my GI doctor and those were all normal.

Symptoms/concerns: Loss of appetite/fasting Anxiety OCD on bowel movements Bowel movement once a day in morning (semi urgent) Stools range from Bristol 4-5 (mostly 5) Stomach gurgling noises

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13:07 UTC


Guys, can I open probiotic capsules? I unfortunately have trouble swallowing pills.

As the title says…

12:51 UTC


Does anyone have trapped gas in upper abdomen and sometimes feeling itchiness inside of abdomen too? In sibo?

20:47 UTC


Microbiome results - best things for rebalance?




Hey, so based on the above there's some "good" stuff I think still needs rebalancing. I've been taking PHGG at high levels for a long time, and had also been taking Bimuno once a day (GOS). I have recently been able to add inulin (FOS) but that was after this test.

This test was done after a fairly bad weekend diet (and after having surgery i've basically been on fairly crap processed food as not been able to cook easily) so i'm expecting the fat/sugar stuff will be related to that. Presume that's what's hampering the immuno-bacteria, as to my knowledge i've no symptoms otherwise of autoimmune diseases. Have had a bad rosacea flare after having a hormonal coil as I think that played havoc on my digestion a bit but nothing else from my past springs to mind.

What I am thinking i'm seeing though is this issue possibly around the mucosal barrier.

I did the test originally to try confirm the presence of the sulfate reducing bacteria as I have found to have gas issues that scream of it. I had methane SIBO which increasingly gave me a lot of sensitivities to foods but I feel i've been over that for a while and can eat a lot of fruits and wholefoods again. Bismuth for the H2S?

Is there anything specific that might help the rebalance?

09:03 UTC


Help guys, does taking herbal remedies or supplements prior to a sibo breath test affect the results of it?

23:54 UTC

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