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Milk Alternatives PLEASE UPDATE Discussion

*anyone know if I can or how to cross post this? r/nutrition , r/wfpb , r/wfpbvegan etc?

I'm looking at / moving towards WFPB diet, and considering Dairy alternatives.

I did a r/veg search for Milk Alternatives and the most recent relevant hit was link to an Outside article 5 years ago; no comments on the thread.

I hope it's OK to prompt a current-day discussion of Milk Alternatives; I'm new here but didn't find what I was looking for yet. TIA, or please direct me to a better source. It's discussion I want; nuance, as well as NEWS!

My Dairy Habit:
The main place I really love "milk," is dairy in coffee. I like a little real cream to provide the fat to balance out the acidity in a shot of espresso with a little water. I think the culture that developed this practice was on the right track.

=> Whole Foods / Plant Based diet, mostly for my health. So, dairy alternatives?
My RD recommended Soy Milk, which I haven't tried yet; and I've been surprised that the two coffee shops I've asked didn't have soy (they both only had Oat and Almond?) Is there something I should know about Soy Milk? Today I tried Oat Milk, and didn't like it in my coffee. I mentioned that to someone who replied, "yeah, it's pretty starchy." Almond seems to be the next most available at these two particular coffee sources. A retail place carries quarts of many plant based options, and the Proprietress thought I might like Hemp (for the protein I think?)

I'd like to hear more current views and perspectives, pros and cons, about what you think is relevant.


What's the modern discussion around milk alternatives?

Availability - Cost - Whole-ness - Flavor Cold and Warmer - Usability in Hot Chocolate - Health - Mouthfeel - closeness to Real Cream gets lots of points in my book - Fat, SAT / UnSat - how does it matter to you? - Protein - or, how much beans and grains do I need elsewhere for this to not matter? - Vitamin D - same ?? as protein - Calcium - same ?? as protein - Carbs, incl simple? - Foam-ability (like for cappuccino, which I don't order, but I've seen on labels, and curious) - Politics - Corporate Evil (just wondering on the soy?) - Other Evil - Pesticides...

And? What else? Coolness? Sexyness?

You Tell Us, please and thank you!

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Health-first veg: do you use coconut milk?

Dr Greger’s books have me thinking I need to rethink my saturated fat intake. My cholesrerol is on the high side despite being vegetarian for 19 years and being more health focused and WFPB-leaning the last couple years. But so many vegan and whole food focused recipes still use coconut milk. Do you cook with it? If not, ideas on substitutions?

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