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Why is cauliflower the most widely available incrediant used for vegan-based carb foods (such as plant tortilla or plant macaroni and cheese)? Especially as a form of rice?

My sister softcore vegan and she eats a lot of plant-based version of foods such as brocolli bread and zucchini fries as her main source of carbs. She also eats a lot of plant burger patties and other stuff that looks like meat but is actually made completley otu of vegetables.

That said almost all her vegetable based carb version of foods are mat out of cauliflower from pizza to pasta as well as bread and even tortillas. Cauliflower rice is something she eats daily.

That said when I shop with her, I notice on the shelves in Walmart and most major retail grocery stores, the available plant carb foods are almost always made out of cauliflower. Bread and a whole lot of other things that are more than my finger. While macaroni made out of zucchini or brocolli based bread are pretty rare to find at least where I live. At this point riced cauliflower is now a universal product found in Walmarts across the country (even though cauliflower pasta and tortilla etc have yet to make it as standard products that Walmart carries everywhere).

So I'm really quite curious why cauliflower is not only the most available products for plant-based carbs like breads, but also has the most variety? From fries to chips, it seems cauliflower has the most widely available variety for plant substitutes of regular carb food. I still remember the day I discovered cauliflower pizza in the frozen section and my sister taking it home with me thinking it will be horrible. Only to find it pretty tasty and somewhat actually having similar flavor to real pizza! So if my sister has it as a carb version, I'll try it out.

But honestly I was in utter disbelief about cauliflower based pizza back then and even now I'm wondering how the heck could it exist. Ditto with cauliflower chips, cauliflower tator tots, and so much more. So out of curiosity I ask why cauliflower is so widely used as a subsittutes of regular carb foods like tortilla while brocolli, zuchinni, onions, squash, and so much more aren't with the exception of specific foods (as seen with zucchini fries)? Why could cauliflower be used to make plant based pasta, etc while other vegetables typically aren't?

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My Hydroponic Greenhouse, 13th week of growth. Lotsa hot peppers, and some hidden cucumbers.

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Why is everyone so mean?

I don’t tell people I’m vegetarian (going on vegan). I don’t try to convert people. I don’t give a crap what people do around me. So why then are people so mean and so rude when they find out that I am? The mean jokes, randomly saying “bacon,” and the constant rants from people trying to persuade me to stop is just so exhausting. It’s making me embarrassed to mention it when I have to. Why does it matter so much what my diet is and why is it seemingly so okay for people to bully us constantly? It’s so upsetting.

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Vegetarian recipes for meat eater

Hello people,

I dont know if this is the correct subreddit, but…

I am an omnivore in a relationship with a vegetarian . I find it hard coming up with dinner suggestions or ideas when we want to make something at home.

So I am looking for recipe ideas that we can make and eat together.

I am not a fan of all these meat substitutes. We have tried subbing out mince and chicken for substitute meat, but I just don’t enjoy the results. I would love recipes that are not trying to replicate meat, but be their own thing.

Thank you, and please don’t try and convert me. I am not looking for a debate on morality or ethics Just good food.

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Lazy Vegetarian Meeds Help!

I'm a bit of a lazy vegetarian and don't always think to research every food option for a possible meat connection. Case in point, I just found out that pecorino and parmesan cheeses are made with rennet, which can only be obtained by killing an animal. Another example is that, in the US, McDonald's fries are seasoned with beef bullion.

SO, I'm hoping people can post other popular foods that are commonly assumed to be vegetarian, but aren't. It would be great if this post can be an ongoing list for those committed to a vegetarian diet. Thanks!

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