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Bioscience involving transgenic, GMO, and other synthetic genetic engineering or modification including the technology used, biotech, in creating genetically engineered/modified food, feed, animals, and insects.

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Bioscience - any science that deals with the biological aspects of living organisms.

Biology - a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. Modern biology is a vast and eclectic field, composed of many branches and subdisciplines. However, despite the broad scope of biology, there are certain general and unifying concepts within it that govern all study and research, consolidating it into single, coherent fields. In general, biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life, genes as the basic unit of heredity, and evolution as the engine that propels the synthesis and creation of new species. It is also understood today that all organisms survive by consuming and transforming energy and by regulating their internal environment to maintain a stable and vital condition.

Subdisciplines of biology are defined by the scale at which organisms are studied, the kinds of organisms studied, and the methods used to study them: biochemistry examines the rudimentary chemistry of life; molecular biology studies the complex interactions among biological molecules; botany studies the biology of plants; cellular biology examines the basic building-block of all life, the cell; physiology examines the physical and chemical functions of tissues, organs, and organ systems of an organism; evolutionary biology examines the processes that produced the diversity of life; and ecology examines how organisms interact in their environment. Wikipedia: biology

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Cristal violet or sulforhodamine B for Transwell?

Hello, I will be doing a Transwell invasion essay but I don't know what to use for the cell cuantification part, I understand that cristal violet exhibits more linearity, and by doing a quick research, I haven't found Transwell protocols that use SFR, how ever my mentor states that sulforhodamine is more selective. I have the concern that it will also bound to the matrigel and cause interference.

What should I use?

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Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro on the truth and science about GMO, Bayer's Monsanto Roundup, and glyphosate

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IWRS/IRT/RTSM: Are they different or the same? in Clinical research

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Career advice with biomedical science degree, but not wanting to become one


Currently Y12 studying Biology, Chem, Business, Media

Most likely will pursue a degree in Biomedical science. However, i do not see it as a long term career + problems due to IBMS accreditations. I am appealed careers in finance in general although my options are not specific.

Wondering if this degree has enough transferability and might benefit me towards a long term career in finance + if not what future career options are there apart from science route?

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I Would Like To Know If And Where I Could Source Bioluminescent Plankton.

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Im a student that made a plant dictionary list cause why not[UPDATE]

So for those who dont know I originally made this plant dictionary/list and wanted to share to the world cause idk Im kinda proud of it and I think it could be helpful😀 Anyways Ive updated it from feedback and suggestions I received from Reddit like adding filters(more coming), better search and an auto scroll. Hope you guys like it and if there's any other feedback lemme know! Cheers🥰


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