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wanting to be a Marine Biologist

I'll be taking a bs biology majoring in microbio and biotech course in college since there are no universities near me offering marine bio as an undergrad course.

I was just wondering if it would be able to land a marine biologist job or it would be easy to apply for one. And is it also necessary to take a Master's degree in Marine Science?

03:59 UTC


Are there any non-human animals who are as smart or smarter than humans?

I know that there are many highly intelligent non-human animals. But is it possible for non-human animals to be as smart as humans. I've heard that elephants and cetaceans are close to being as intelligent as humans.

02:33 UTC


Why do mycelia of the same species compete against each other ?

In three separate experiments with the same species of mycelium, I noticed that one mycelium consistently outcompeted the other. Even when reintroducing a clone of the original mycelium in the third experiment, this dominance persisted. What biological factors could be driving this dominance, despite genetic identity?

01:03 UTC


Girls usually reach their adult height at 14 or 15, so why are there still increased risks of health complications for girls who give birth at, say 17 and their offspring?

I would cite a source, for the 17 year olds giving birth claim, but I can only find more broad information about ''teen pregnancy'' as a whole.

00:32 UTC


Career path ideas?

So I’m currently a biology major in the U.S., and am considering a forensic investigator career path, but honestly I haven’t found anything I’m passionate about doing, I just don’t want to be bored and sat at a desk. I’m finishing my generic college classes at the moment so there’s still time for me to swap things around. I don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life. If anyone could offer any tips I would be so grateful. 🥲

23:08 UTC


Summer readings

Hello, I’m ª biotechnology student in my second year out of 4. I love learning about biology, but specially about genetics and viruses. As my summer has already started, I would like to read a good book through the summer so that I can still learn some things while I rest. I quite liked the emperor of all maladies and the gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee, any recommendations? 🫶🏻

22:06 UTC


Would having more muscles make you stronger

You have the same muscle mass but more different muscles in your body

19:40 UTC


considering alcohol dehydrates you, would it still be an option if stranded alone in the desert

meaning, in a scenario where I'm alone in the desert eith nothing but a bunch of beer, vodka, whatever, would I have a better chance of survival not touching anything until I get a proper chance to hydrate myself?

16:37 UTC


Do plants use ammonia/ammonium or nitrites?

I am studying about the nitrogen cycles but I am not sure which chemical compounds do plants use. Do they use ammonia/um and turn them into nitrites or do (for example) legumes have bacteria that make ammonia, other bacterias turn them into nitrites and then plants use them. I am so confused, any help is welcome!

15:35 UTC


What are viruses and why do they exist?

Viruses can't reproduce, don't have any metabolism, and are not even alive, right? So What are they? Why do they exist? What created them? Where did they first emerge from?

15:09 UTC


What uni/career if I'm interested in human physiology and research?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I need to apply to university next year. I think I'm interested in human physiology and research in general. What are some possible career options? If I want to do research in the future, does anyone have university recommandations for me? I'll start with those. Preferably in Europe with classes taught in English, and not too expensive. My grades are just above average in my school. Thanks.

14:42 UTC


Book recommendations to get caught up for college

Hello, I'm looking for bio and chem books to get me caught up in preparation for starting my first semester of biology next spring. I won't go into why but I don't remember anything from middle-high school, so keeping this in mind when making recommendations is appreciated. Thank you!

14:25 UTC


Pain delay

Sometimes when you get hit, you feel sharp pain for a split second, then there’s a short period (about a second or two) when you feel nothing and then the real pain sets on.

What happens during that short delay?

13:49 UTC


Can someone explain the difference between polyploidy and aneuploidy to me?

I saw that aneuploidy is one or more missing or extra chromosomes, but polyploidy is extra chromosome sets. I still don’t really understand what’s the difference between extra chromosomes versus extra sets? Pls explain to me like I’m a child!!

06:14 UTC


Essential Cell Biology by Bruce Alberts?

I was wondering if Essential Cell Biology was an easily understandable book for people before college. Thanks for any feedback:)))

06:13 UTC


Main cause of death of social mammals?

What's the main cause of death of social mammals such as the meerkat, otter, rhesus monkey, macaque, baboon, or apes?

Would it be old age, disease, predators, accident, murder, childbirth, starvation/dehydration, poachers, unknown?

00:06 UTC


What is working as a biotechnologist actually like?

Hello there

I (20F) have graduated from a high school a year ago and then moved abroad to work, travel and to save some money. Now I am thinking about going back to school and applying to uni. I was always interested in science and biotechnology seems like a reasonable choice for me. However, I am aware it is not an easy field to study and that it requires some effort and dedication. I don't really know what the job of a biotechnologist actually looks like after getting a degree tho. What is your day to day work like and do you still enjoy it & find it interesting even after doing it for a while?

23:32 UTC


Tropic vs Direct Hormones

Hi! I was wondering how GH is considered a direct hormone when its release is stimulated by GNRH from the hypothalamus?

22:31 UTC


What is better phrasing than "doing as nature intended" or "think we know better than nature"?

They feel like phrases that we tend towards when struggling to verbalize our thoughts. Like when people say "natural".

People who say things like that seem be correct in their observations. Just not quite verbalizing them precisely.

People often use the phrases when talking about things like appendix removal, intuitive eating, barefoot shoes, and toxic artificial chemicals (I'm aware not all artificial chemicals are toxic, and I know the dose makes the poison and stuff, but it's more convenient to just say something like DDT is toxic).

21:48 UTC


How much research is ‘left’ around plant genetics?

Hi all, I’m currently just finishing up my A-Levels and I plan to go to university to study Biology and then hopefully onto further study. I have been particularly interested in the genetics of plants and especially in the reproduction/selective breeding part of it. Is there a certain job or field of research that you would recommend to look into for this sort of thing, or maybe some of you already have experience with this?

I’m also curious on how much there is ‘left’ to understand around the genetics of plants and such, is there any topics we know barely anything/nothing at all and any promising research coming out lately? As I’d hopefully like to go on to complete a Master’s/PhD in the future, I was just curious about what the current situation is like and also how niche of a thing this would be particularly in England? I’m aware that the US have quite a lot of botanical research programs, and I am aware of the projects Kew Gardens do but I’m not sure how difficult getting into this sort of career would be as I hear a lot about Biology degrees ‘not being worth it anymore’. Thanks.

21:41 UTC


Seeking advice for a botanical project

I have a little project, which I, maybe, am a bit too passionate about.

I wanted to compile a list of cultivated plants (for r/worldbuilding purposes), beyond what you can find in Wikipedia. Here is what I got for now:


So far I was tried to list them by (sub)species, but I ran into a problem: many species seem to be poorly defined and even scholarly articles use contradicting naming schemes. This is an especially big problem with obscure plants, less studied plants.

So I was wondering if you could advise a unified naming scheme of plants that I should follow, or if I should try to list crops by some different system altogether?

21:29 UTC


Learning sources for neurobiology

Hi, i would like to ask for sources which can help me understand neurons and differentiation of stem cells to neurons so i can handle keeping them alive in petri dish. What books and other sources do you reccomend me for this interest?

18:58 UTC

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