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AMA with Jake Wyatt (showrunner), Ishmel Sahid (Jimmy Olsen), and Kiana Madeira (Supergirl) from My Adventures with Superman!

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    Injustice- gods among us

    So I just finished reading injustice year 5, where do I go now? I can’t find year 6 online but the story doesn’t seem finished it ended at a pretty bit cliffhanger

    17:43 UTC


    Anyone have insight on Swamp Thing?

    So I’m trying to decide between Swamp Thing comics. I really like compendiums/omnibus/collections rather than individual comics themselves. I’m a huge fan of most of the New 52 runs. Should I just get the New 52 Omnibus to start out with? There’s also a box set which I’m not totally sure what that is. There’s an Absolute Swamp Thing too I could be interested in.

    17:40 UTC


    Are you excited about the new Suicide Squad Anime coming out?

    Looks pretty interesting to me in my personal opinion

    17:22 UTC


    Weekly Discussion Thread: Comics, TV, and More! [June 24, 2024 - Ground Zero Edition]

    Hey there honorary Justice League members - it’s a new week which means it’s time for a new discussion thread!

    For those who don't know: the way this works is that several comments will list this week’s releases, for any given title discussion you should respond to that comment. For example, Wonder Woman discussion would go in the replies to the "Wonder Woman" comment. Clicking the titles in this post will take you directly to that comment, too. In other words, you should only be replying to other comments. Do not post top-level comments.

    Keep discussion civil. Do not harass other users for having a different opinion. Do not use this thread to push your personal one-sided grudges against creators. Reacting to a panel on Twitter is not the same as reading a book.


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    #TV Shows

    ^(Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane's Boss Perry White's Subordinate Steve Lombard's Boss' Jimmy Olsen returns!)

    ^(This Week’s Soundtrack:) ^(Hall & Oates - Private Eyes)

    17:15 UTC


    [Artwork] Drawn by me. Some Superman fanart I just finished.

    1 Comment
    16:41 UTC


    Whatever is going to happen with the Charlton Comics characters?

    So they changed Blue Beetle, I am undecided about the more futuristic version but am much more nostalgic for the 80's/90's Blue Beetle.

    I'm really wondering what are they gonna do with Capt. Atom and the Question. Denny O'Neil's Question was just sooo good. That made me wonder what they will/could do with the character. Did they lose the license or something?

    16:13 UTC


    [Discussion] Composite Superman

    Composite Superman

    This Is a subreddit devoted to my favorite character, Composite Superman!

    In 1964 in World’s Finest #142, Joe Meach, a janitor at the Superman Museum, was struck by lightning as he stood near small statues of the Legion of Superheroes (the statues were life miniatures), and imbued him with the full powers of the Legion.

    He used the powers to transform himself, turning his skin green and creating a costume that was half Superman and half Batman.

    The powers were temporary and faded, as did his memory of the incident.

    Years later, in one of my first comic stories, World’s Finest #283-284, an alien named Xan recreated the incident, giving himself the powers.

    There have been other versions since, but Meach’s original has never appeared in modern continuity, unfortunately.

    I’m still waiting for a great writer to use him in a major DC event!

    1 Comment
    15:16 UTC


    [Artwork] John Constantine, the Hellblazer! By Matt Wagner

    1 Comment
    15:44 UTC


    [Comic Excerpt] Superman has some words with Zod [The Phantom Zone #4]

    15:32 UTC


    What were people's general reaction to Catwoman fleeing her wedding with Batman?

    All that pile up for her to run in the last second, I feel salty for Batman.

    15:18 UTC


    [Fan Art] Pizza for all! by Emma Kubert

    14:58 UTC


    [Fan Art] Starfire by me

    14:50 UTC


    Who’s a underrated female character you think needs more love

    exactly what the title says

    13:00 UTC


    Have a question? Ask the veterans of DC Comics!


    Let's face it, comics can be confusing. No matter how big or small your question may be this is the place to ask and /r/DCcomics will do our best to answer it for you!

    As the /r/DCcomics community continues to grow we are receiving an influx questions from readers of DC comics, or simply new readers to comics entirely. As Stan Lee has said, every comic book is someone's first, and even though he maybe be one of those other guys it certainly applies here as well. With this spirit in mind, these Q'n'A topics are intended to give those who may be puzzled a centralized place to connect with other knowledgable readers and clear up some confusion.

    A new Ask the Veterans thread is posted every Sunday, and in the future answers to these questions will be organized into this subreddit's wiki page.

    To those answering

    Avoid vague replies like "yes" or "no". Rather do your best to explain your answer, and if necessary provide a link that may help anyone interested in learning more. Remember to >!hide spoilers!< when discussing major events that have taken place within one year of its release..

    Other online resources that may be helpful are listed below.

    For news and updates on this subreddit and DC Comics, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

    Also be sure to join our Discord server for suggestions and advice in real time!

    12:00 UTC


    Necesito ayuda

    Tengo una idea para crear un personaje, en superhéroe. El problema es que no se me ocurre una historia elaborada y no sé dibujar. Adí que, si alguien pudiera ayudarme con eso, estaría fantástico.

    11:42 UTC


    [Film/TV] "Batman 1989" has turned 35

    10:47 UTC


    Where to start?

    I’ve been out of the monthly comic game for a long time. Pretty much I’m really only interested in Batman and the Gotham universe. Where should I start to get up to speed?

    10:44 UTC


    [Fan art] Hope From Another World *not drawn for scale

    1 Comment
    10:27 UTC


    Arrow Rec

    Suggest me where to start green arrow comics. Thanks.

    09:44 UTC


    What's the most powerful weapon that any average joe can wield without drawbacks?

    It can be living or none living. The wielder is a normal human being without any magic potential and isn't as smart as batman or mister Terrific. But a person you'd see working at a store.

    1 Comment
    08:34 UTC


    New To Comics, Any Current Flash Run?

    Title is pretty straight forward, any good flash run? or a new one that just started that I can pick up?

    07:07 UTC


    [Discussion] DC Comics Time Passage?

    Does DC follow so-called ‘Marvel time’ or are there enough resets that time moves relatively consistently as it does in real life? Like within each era, time moves consistently before being reset whenever a new continuity reset occurs?

    Within the same era (lets say Rebirth for example) if Damian is 11 in 2017, and they mention it being 2017, then will he be 13 if they mention if being 2019 or does he stay 11?

    Alternatively, if a comic is stated to take place in 2017, and the comic’s events take place over the course of mere months, then will a comic from that same series reference it being the year of release (being 2019 in this example) or 2017 since in-universe only a couple months have passed.

    I’ve never heard anyone talk about DC’s time and I feel like it wouldn’t be hard to reset after each Crisis. “The universe underwent a crazy event and now Earth-1 has various differences.” Then Damian is 11 in 2024 instead of 2017. Like does time move normally before each reset. That’s what I’m curious about.

    06:21 UTC


    BFFS pencilled by Gabriel Fonseca colored by davipinheiroart [Fan Art]

    1 Comment
    05:15 UTC


    [Discussion] Superman #1 by John Byrne


    So I decided to take a break from Infinite Crisis tonight and jumped into Superman by Bryne Vol 1 HC and hot damn was this issue just perfection from beginning to end. I have a problem reading in my head, always have, so I have to read aloud to retain information. Over the 14 years me and my wife have been together she just ignores it most of the time but I found her rolling over while I was reading, parked behind me, and read the comic along with me.

    Some things I thought were funny as someone who has only read Superman by Tomasi and other from that only know Superman from Zach Snyder's DC universe and Superman Returns.

    1. I didn't know that Kryptionans didn't have feelings and it was in fact that moment when Jor-El tells his wife he loves her that my wife began to take interest.
    2. Clark Kent saying he was adopted caused me and the wife to both chuckle. As Pa Kent says afterwards that sure is one way to put it.

    3)Him deciding to leave town is sudden. He really learned the truth and said. No football, no showing up other people, I am out to help people.

    1. Him showing back up at home after saving the plane with Lois in it is actually a terrifying frame. Him sitting in the dark room.

    2. Did he ever save that passenger plane or did I miss something?

    3. So one of Clarks powers is that if he wears something that is skin tight it doesn't get damaged. That made me pause for a second not going to lie.

    4. The most important question. How the hell did he bring up the titanic? In the small newspaper clipping it looks like its put back together and on the ocean. Did he go down their and weld that ship back together, dump the water out, and leave it their for someone to find. Also what museum has the space to house the Titanic if that is so.

    All I know is I am excited to read more of this series. The only problem is my wife says I can't read it without her for the time being so that means I got to find something else to read while I wait.

    05:13 UTC

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