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A subreddit for campers concerned more about the act of camping and less concerned about hiking long distances or light gear. Primarily for tent/hammock camping. No RV camping here.

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A subreddit for campers concerned more about the act of camping and less concerned about hiking long distances or light gear.

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What’s everyone’s favorite tent?

Just wondering what everyone’s favorite tent is and why.

Whether it’s because of comfort, price, durability, quick set up, light weight, etc.

My go to has always been ozark trail 2 person dome tent. Nothing special, cheap and gets the job done.

15:28 UTC



Just watched the sunrise at the beach. Totally worth waking up at 5:00am

15:04 UTC


Recommendations get asked here daily on coolers.

I think igloo are the best cheaper roto cooler. But Coleman are the same. IMO

And they have a code sale going on at their site.

I don’t thinks this is an ad. I’m really trying to answer the daily question while pointing out that there are some cheaper cheaper options at the moment.

But let me know, MODS. Just trying to help.

1 Comment
14:52 UTC


I just found the perfect place to go camping

I really to always go camping , but i don t like being in a big group , this time i was solo it was fun there was tall trees and if u go all the way right u find the beach and the sea , i took my fishing rod with me and i did some catch and cook i would defnietly do it again

14:12 UTC


Help- suggestions for 4th of july meals- using almost all shelf-stable foods

I have a conundrum and I thought this community might have some good ideas. I would love any meal or dish suggestions that could mostly be made with shelf-stable foods. I do like to cook, but this week is going to be challenging. Special extra credit points for any ideas for 4th of July. I really don't want to pay to eat out or do door dash if I can avoid it.

I'm not actually camping, but all this week we have construction going on in the house. I will not have access to my kitchen. I won't even have access to my 2nd freezer in the basement or the mancave minifridge to store anything since construction will happen on both levels of my house and the workers can only give me vague timelines.

I do have a yeti cooler, slow cooker, outdoor grill and a toaster oven and we have access to running water in the bathroom.

Since we're having to pack up breakables, etc. all of the good recipe ideas that involve some prepping ahead of time aren't really an option.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!

13:58 UTC


Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest lakeside camping

I'm looking to visit Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest for the first time, and truth be told - I'm very unfamiliar with the area. I'd like to find a nice lakeside campsite where I can SUP, plus some nice easy trails in the area. I'll be traveling with my mom and my 9 year old nephew so I'm pretty anxious to get this right. Car + tent camping.

For context, I'm in Colorado and we usually take trips in RMNP and Indian Peaks, but this year my mom suggested we try something new. My mom and nephew will be coming from the Midwest. Thanks!

1 Comment
13:31 UTC


Sleeping mattress advice

Hey everyone,

I come to you for recommendations on an inflatable sleeping mat/pad. I take motorbike trips and use a tent for camping when I can. I have a big 2 weeker through Maine coming up and I need to get a good sleeping pad.

Here’s what I’ve used so far: foam mat, small “lightweight” inflatable with the octagonal “pods” and a generic 4” thick inflatable from Amazon.

Foam mat is a no go. The lightweight one works great in my hammock tent but not so great on the ground in my regular tent. The 4” thick one works well so that’s what I think I need/want. I’ve seen some like that (rectangle shape, 3.5-4” thick) that have memory foam built into them. This sounds good.

REI is having a 4th of July sale. I’m wondering if I should spend more and purchase something from them? If so what do you recommend? Nemo seems to get good reviews on the web. I’m reluctant to buy something cheap from Amazon. I don’t mind spending some money on a quality piece of gear that’s gonna last me more than a couple uses. That’s been my experience with the last air mattress I purchased from Amazon.

Thanks in advance.

1 Comment
12:11 UTC


Footprint for the North Face VE-25 Tent?

I believe that older versions of North Face's VE-25 tent came with a footprint (a tarp of ground-cover sort of thing that you place under the tent before setting it up for the sake of additional durability).

Where can I buy one of them now to suit this tent? The newer versions don't have that (at least, I don't think so).


11:59 UTC


Sleeping in the heat?

Where I live, it is 90 F in the evening and humid. I am testing out a sleeping system and even a hammock with just a sheet is still difficult. No under quilt, of course. Is there anything else I can do? Open to buying gear or new sleep systems.

11:22 UTC


Best beds that don't take up much space?

Hey y'all, I just started getting into camping with my boyfriend and realized we can no longer stand our blow up mattress as we always end up waking up on the floor. I drive a vw beetle so I dont have much room to work with when packing. We've been keeping an eye out for used cots on marketplace but if i'm being honest they all don't look very comfortable. Do yall have any good recommendations that don't cost an arm and a leg but are still comfy and small when packed away? Thanks!

11:10 UTC


What pegs to use?

I’ve just got back from a 3 night camping trip with my family, it was the first time we’ve ever camped and we loved it. However, as I’m a very inexperienced camper, when setting up I had no idea what peg to use for what part of the tent. These 3 pegs came with our tent, believe the steel one is commonly used for the guy lines. The other two though, especially the grey one in the middle, no idea. Any advice or help is much appreciated.

10:52 UTC


Search for White Gas in Spain

Hi there! I‘m currently on a roadtrip in Spain and I need to refill my primus omnifuel II with white gas. I don‘t wanna use petrol in the primus since the harm of additives etc. Has someone experience with this or any idea what product is available to replace primus power fuel or white gas?

10:40 UTC


How you train your pets not to wander off while camping

I would like to ask how you train your pets not to wander off while camping because I had an experience where my cat got lost and didn't come back. I waited an extra day for this reason, but he never came back.

06:08 UTC


Hot Tents Search

Been wanting to look for a hot tent for a few days of Winter camping. Any recommendations?

05:08 UTC


Where do you buy fire starters?

Somebody says Amazon have better price but some chooses supermarket?

04:21 UTC


Oregon camping that allows wood or propane fire

Hoping to get some advice on where a few friends and I can camp over the next few days in Northern/central Oregon around the Deschutes, but pretty flexible on where. Was going to go to Beavertail but didn’t realize all BLM campgrounds are on fire, including propane. I realize it’s fire season but we all like to be able to enjoy a fire in the evening and I have a portable propane to I realize it’s fire season, but we all like to be able to enjoy a fire in the evening and I have a portable propane to maintain fire safety. Lots of forest points for any river or lake fishing nearby. Thank you so much in advance.

02:40 UTC


Cooler opinions

Looking for a better cooler in the lower price range. I know yeti and Rtic are great but kinda spendy. Any hidden gems for like 100-150$? Needed for a 2 day camp trip.

00:29 UTC


Camping Spots Southeast

Hello! Looking for some good camping grounds in the southeast. Between southern Alabama and maybe GA? Looking to do this in February. Anyone know if we'd regret the nights? Not afraid of cold just dont want to be foolish. Thank you in advance.

23:10 UTC


Four person tent

Has there been a recent request on this one? I’m in the market. Typically three season camping in mid-Atlantic USA. Weight isn’t as critical. I expect a 4P will have enough room for my two cots. I’m replacing an old Eureka model that’s seen a lot of years and the zipper and rain fly are seeing some wear. I’d love a vestibule. Something with some good water defense features that’s also breathable. Budget is $300 or less preferred. I see rei has some sales going, I do have a membership. If anyone has any recent success (or disappointments) to share, I’d love your opinions!

22:47 UTC


Power station recommendations?

Are there any other portable power stations similar to Jackery that people prefer?

22:23 UTC


Keeping Cool Stuff Cold

We were in the Grand Canyon area for five days and blue ice just doesn’t cut it. How do you keep cold stuff cold in yeti coolers for a relatively long term? We keep our coolers in the shade and have solar reflective covers for them. But still….

22:18 UTC


Campgrounds with bad names.

What campgrounds have you come across with questionable, inappropriate, or just plain weird names?

I was researching potential campgrounds in western Tennessee and I stumbled across this one.


It looks like it has a few nice sites along the lake, but damn, do you really want to stay at a park named after the first Grand Wizard of the guys in white sheets?

At least the Dick Bong State Recreation Area in Wisconsin was named after a legitimate hero.

Any other clunkers out there?

21:43 UTC


New Tent

Hey everyone, I am looking to get a new tent for camping as my old 3 man doesn't have enough space when going car camping. I'm looking for a tent that fits the following criteria:

  • Well made, ideally will last for many seasons
  • Able to stand up in (I'm 6 feet tall)
  • Can fit a queen air mattress in comfortably with room for walking around and two duffel bags
20:43 UTC


Is this fixable? If yes, how?

This is a Six Man Cabela’s four season Alaskan Guide tent. It’s for our scout troop. It runs about $750, so we can’t really replace it. Thoughts on fixing? Thank you.

20:00 UTC


Camping spots in Washington/Oregon

Planning a trip through central/eastern Oregon and Washington. Looking for recommendations of some dispersed camping spots in Klickitat, Skamania, Yakima Chelan counties in Washington and Klamath, Lake, Crook, Wheeler, Grant, or Douglas county in Oregon, we want it to be as dispersed, we don't need hookups, rather not pay campground fees, we will be tent camping.

19:40 UTC


Water filtering?

Hey there im going up to Scotland for a few days and wont be able to carry enough water for multiple days, however ive never really done much bushcraft before and just want to clear a few things over. Im going to a lake but if i can find a running source ill use that instead. Ill boil the water or use purification tablets but i was just wondering what i can use for filtering? Do i need to buy a straining bag or can i just use a peice of cloth or bottle of charcoal. Thanks.

19:39 UTC


Wild camping austria

End June, i am going to Austria with my boyfriend. We are both soutleaders (22 and 24 jr). I would like to suprise him by wild camping for one night in the area of Flachau or Zell am Ziller. Is there anyone who can give more information about wild camping near those places or someone I can come into contact with in whose meadow/alp we can sleep for a night in our tent?

I read that wild camping is allowed in some places in Austria but strict rules apply.

19:32 UTC


Snakes while sitting around after dark in desert?

I’d really like to do some stargazing and astrophotography in Joshua Tree. Since it’s so hot right now, I’d like to arrive in the evening and watch sunset and then stick around for dark stargazing. So I’d probably be in the park like 6pm-11pm or so.

I would most likely just find a nice pullout area to park and sit near my car once it’s dark.

My extreme fear is that as it gets dark, and the longer I sit, a snake (or other critter) might happen by or approach my area.

I know snakes don’t want anything to do with me. I’m not afraid of a snake hunting me. But I am terrified that one might just be in the area, or be so unperturbed by my idle presence, that when I do move I might startle it and then be in a situation I don’t want to be in.

Like, the thought of sitting in a chair in the dark out there is truly terrifying. All I can think is that a snake will be near my feet and when I shift I will startle it. If I’m camping and have a fire, I’m not too concerned, but that would not be this case.

I know I could move often and it would likely solve most of the problem, but the point of stargazing is to just soak it in and contemplate.

I know light could also help, but light affects your eyes while stargazing. I have a red flashlight for stargazing to help with this.

I also know that the risk of snakes is just part of doing something like this, and if I want to do it I simply have to accept it to a certain extent.

Any thoughts or ideas or experiences that might be helpful or insightful? How do you all deal with the possibility of snakes entering your area after dark when you’re mostly just sitting around?


19:27 UTC

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