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Greenville SC?

I’d moved here less than a year ago and am looking to get back into camping, I have everything ready to go gear wise just no spots, no car or license and no friends to go or drive me. I’m 21 and don’t drive but can walk or ride a bike and pull a small trailer or cart no worries. Is there anything kind of close where I can go?

20:01 UTC


Presidents Traverse / AMC credit

Hello -- apologies if this isn't the right forum for this. I have an AMC credit that I have to use this year but just learned that my 80 yo mother needs knee-replacement surgery and I'm her only caretaker. I won't be able to use the credit before it expires (December 2024) and am hoping someone might be planning to use the huts/lodges and would want to use my credit for some fraction of the value. If so, let me know and we can work something out. Thank you!

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18:59 UTC


Alternatives to Pack Wizard?

Hi all, I’m new to backpacking and would like to use an app/website to refine my pack. I find it helpful to have things laid out visually and having all the data linked to each item.

I came across Pack Wizard but their database doesn’t seem to have quite a few of the items I was considering.

Are there any alternatives you guys can recommend, or should I stick it out with Pack Wizard?


12:23 UTC


what are your favorite socks for long hikes/ multi-day trips?

what are your favorite socks for long hikes/multi-day trips?

10:25 UTC


Grizzlies in the Sawtooths, ID?

I’m planning to do a backpacking trip in the Sawtooths by Stanley in a few weeks and wanted to see what the consensus is on grizzlies.

My quick research says they’re not in then area but it sure does look like prime real estate for brown bears from my experience.

They’re definitely black bears but I’m wanting to forego a bear can unless it’s totally necessary - what do we think?

04:50 UTC


Any older backpackers have success finding a new backpacking crew? How about guided trips?

Old(ish) 50 yr who's been backpacking since 2001. I had a close friend of mine who was my backpacking partner, who has essentially retired from the activity due to a medical issue.

I have no one else who I can ask to go backpacking with. My wife likes hiking, but hates camping. None of my other friends are interested.

I've done a solo trip or two, and while its ok, its not the same as having people around to bullshit around camp with, and I acutely feel it when it gets dark and I end up being "homesick".

Unfortunately, I live in a place with no real outdoor backpacking scene where I could meet people. There are local meetups, but they are all geared towards local outdoor activities such as beach meetups, fishing/snorkeling, or day hiking in the Everglades. So the advice of "just do Meetups" doesn't help.

Was wondering if anyone has had success with guided trips (REI, Wildlank Trekking) as a means to meet people who have become your "wilderness tribe"?

21:02 UTC


Northern California trip for 4th of July

Looking for trail options that don’t require permit or is an easy permit to get (such as trinity Shasta, Tahoe national forest, granite wilderness area). Hoping to do 2 night from 7/4-7/6. I know it’s going to be super busy where ever we go, but alas we are slaves to the 9-5 work week so holiday weekends are often when we can go.

Looking for a trip that would be around 5-6 miles per day, everyone going is still novice to backpacking but have a lot of backcountry car camping experience.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

19:17 UTC


Solo Backpacking Risk Assessment

Hey! I have been backpacking for 6+ years. I have progressively taken on more difficult backpacking trips as my skills have improved. I have done multiple solo trips in the Sierra Nevada as well as the Andes of South America. This includes trips as long as 7 days with some off trail sections, including climbing some of the highest peaks in these areas. I have also worked as a wildlife biologist and navigated off-trail each day as part of my job. As many of you may be able to relate to, I get the most satisfaction from challenging myself and attempting to access more remote areas as my experience grows. I typically backpack solo, as convincing my friends to climb high passes for days on end has proven difficult to say the least. My question for you all is how do you assess where your limit is as a solo backpacker? I would like to attempt to reach some very remote areas of the Sierra Nevada (enchanted gorge/blue canyon) this summer, including a 20 mile off-trail section. However I think doing something like this is likely pushing the limit of reasonable risk, regardless of my skill level. I do have a satellite communication device. Looking for advice from any long time backpackers out there. How do you asess risk? Are there certain trips you just won’t do solo?

17:49 UTC



We are looking to do our first overnight backpacking trip at Dolly Sods, West Virginia. The trail head has no parking that i can see on google maps, were do yall usually park when this is the case?

16:51 UTC


Wildlife Safety Course For Hikers

Hi, I have been hiking and camping in Alberta forests for years now. I want my partner and I to take a wildlife safety course (he has not done much hiking and has never even held bear spray). I know there’s lots of courses out there for workers, but is there something more suitable for hikers? Please comment some recommendations. In-person or online are good.

16:19 UTC


4-6 days, October, Kentucky Appalachians- help me Minimalist pack.

What I have so far:

• alcohol stove/ Foster's cook pot

• 3 ways of fire (lighters, matches; I always do this)

• First aid kit

• knife

What I'm considering:

• Gatewood Cape by Six Moons (with serenity net), or other 6 moons' like the scout.

Open to everything else

15:27 UTC


Grand canyon cancelled

My friends and I have been planning Rim to Rim for over a year and I have spent thousands of dollars on new gear

It was supposed to be our first overnight, we were going to do 3 nights to make it as easy as possible

Well none of us made the lottery and the sites we want are all booked (October) so I am beyond bummed

We are looking for something else, preferably 3 nights,4 days. Moderate difficulty. I am in Detroit, the rest of the party is in Tampa but we can fly if need be that was the plan for GC

Preferably something that doesn't require lotteries I have had an ass full

Thank you ahead of time

23:46 UTC


Overrated, underrated

What do you think is the most overrated and underrated things about trekking, mountaineering, camping, etc

Id say overrated: cooking with gas and pots/pans on a long backpacking trip

Underrated: getting naked at the summit of a tall mountain and letting the breeze hit your natural form

20:36 UTC


Hiking guidelines.

18:02 UTC


Sawyer-compatible collapsible bottles & gravity bag

I'm looking for recommendations other than Platypus for a collapsible raw water bottle and a gravity-feed bag that are compatible with the Sawyer Squeeze. I already have 1L Platypus collapsibles for clean use and the size of my clean camp canteen is 2g.

17:56 UTC


Best Wind River trip?

I lucked out and have 3 weeks off in August, and would love to check out the Wind River range. I was thinking about doing the High Route but I will be solo, and all the off trail sections seem a bit daunting without a trail buddy.

Does anyone here have experience in the Winds? Should I just section hike the CDT portion that goes through them, or are there better routes/trails? I really want to see Cirque of the Towers and/or Jackass Pass, or any other amazing spots y'all know of.

I will be flying into Denver (or another airport if you all recommend) and driving to the trailhead from there. I am willing to arrange a shuttle but a loop is always very convenient.

Also, if anyone wants to hike the Winds between August 9 and Labor Day, send me a DM!

17:15 UTC


Criticize My Gear! (Please, if you'd like to and have the spare time)

Hey there. I'm looking forward to doing some hiking and camping this year for the first time since I was a kid. I've been assembling my gear and the last things that I'll be purchasing are a tent, sleeping pad, and a pack. My intention is to hike out to places and experience some solitude and communion with nature. I'm not concerned with covering distances, more of an emphasis on being alone in the woods, or maybe with my dog.

I also am a hunter, and sometimes will be doing some small game hunting in the mornings and evenings depending on where I camp to and whether my dog comes with me or not, so that is something I'm taking into consideration as well. I'm sure that it would be best to have separate packs for regular camping vs hunting camping, and down the road I'm sure I'll end up buying more crap, but for the next few years ideally this setup will allow me to go on whatever adventures I'm planning on.

I live in central MN, it gets cold! So two things I have in mind are bugs and cold weather. I have a cold weather sleeping bag that is rather large, so I will need a pack that can accomodate that. Once again, I'm sure it's best to have a separate winter pack with its own winter specific setup, but up here it gets pretty damn cold in the fall too, so this will have to be a 4 season setup, and down the road maybe I can invest in separate packs for separate seasons.

Here is what I have so far: https://lighterpack.com/r/s8bzsk

I still need to choose a pack, tent, sleeping mat, and a non winter blanket. The sleeping mat will also need to be winter appropriate. For a tent I do currently have an old 2 person tent, it just doesn't seem to pack down all that well. I've been considering some kind of small completely enclosed pop up tent, or perhaps a canvas tipi style tent that just goes up with a pole in the middle. I'm honestly not sure what the best way to go with a tent is, I don't really care about how nice or comfy it is, I just want something durable and easy to to work with. Simple is good! I'm willing to spend on tent and pack if necessary. I was hoping that a pack like this would get me going, but maybe it's too small?


Any feeback or advice would be greatly appreciated, even if its just to tell me what an idiot I am. I enjoy learning and hearing others' perspectives on things. Thanks in advance!

17:04 UTC


Somewhat high-maintenance city girl going on a backcountry hike. Tips please

I’m going with my boyfriend who is outdoorsy and has done this before. It’s going to reach 95 degrees where we are. I am not in shape and am a little nervous. We are leaving Thursday morning for a campground then Friday night will be pure wilderness just us. I’m honestly getting really nervous. He and I are discussing things tomorrow but I’m freaking out now.

16:16 UTC


Anybody know of good wilderness portaging routes in Ontario?

I've been doing portaging in parks with my friends for a while, and we wanted to try a new challenge by going on an unmarked wilderness portage.

We're planning on using topographical maps and compass to help us navigate down and between rivers, but I would prefer to start with a route that has some proof of concept - just to know that it's doable.

We're looking for something within a 6-7h drive of Toronto, and would be looking to trek for 4 nights give or take. Does anybody have experience with a route that would fit this criteria?

03:54 UTC


Four Pass Loop Physical Requirements

I was wondering about the physical requirements and recommended requirements for Four Pass Loop. We are going to complete it in 3 full days.

05:42 UTC


Side sleeping; sleeping bags - tall people?

I was looking\drooling over the Nemo disco, but i live in Norway! So it might not hold for the Winter months!

Does anyone know of other sleeping bags thats for side sleeper or Works well for side sleepers, that works for 4\4 out of the year and not 3\4 ?

20:29 UTC


Rae Lakes Loop / June 2024

Anyone else hiking the loop?

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12:55 UTC


Backpacking For a Hike in Australia+New Zealanda With a Hugh Lens

Hello guys.

I recently purchased a canon RF200-800 Lens and I'm in the midst of planning a 2 month trip to Australia and New Zealand in august this year.

I've been looking at ways of carrying this beast of a lens along with a 24-104L for landscapes. So far I've come accros shimoda and f-stop bags and they look great but the sizes that fit my huge ass lens look clumsy and too big, and I was wondering if someone has experiance with backpacking such a big setup as well as food, water, a tent, a gas canister and portable stove.

if you have any tips I'd love to hear them!

Also, if any of you want to recommend a strap or some sort of system of holding and carrying on your shoulder such a lens whilst on a hike I'd also be grateful.

Thanks a lot!

*Huge. hugh lens would've been nice too.

11:01 UTC


Four Pass Loop Reservations Help

So my wife and I decided last minute to attempt the Four Pass Loop this summer. I say last minute, because backcountry camping reservations for August open up tomorrow.

The part I'm struggling with right now is that the trail goes through 6 different zones and I'm not sure which zones to attempt to book reservations for.

If we are starting at Crater lake and planning on 3 days / 2 nights, which two zones make the most sense to make reservations for backcountry camping?

21:14 UTC


Gila Wilderness 6 days 5 nights. Hiking up the Middle Fork, over the Mesa to Woodland Park and Lilley Park, down the West Fork

13:32 UTC


Getting ready for Isle Royale

04:18 UTC

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