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This is a place for backpackers, hikers, and campers alike to share their experiences with their pups out in the wild!

Welcome! This is a place for backpackers, hikers, and campers alike to share their experiences with their pups out in the wild!


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Backpacking with dogs

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great day! I plan on going on a 3 day-2 night backpacking trip with my dog somewhere in western North Carolina or Virginia. I was really looking into hiking out of the Grayson highland state park where you can then set up camp but I was worried about the lack of water sources near bye besides getting to a campsite. I was also looking at the big east fork trail but I’m open to any recommendations with preferably less traffic! Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

13:53 UTC


Booties for my dog going on a multi day hike.

I'm going on a 5-7 day hike with my dog and while I have a med pack for her, I don't have a booties for her to wear if her paws get hurt, so i'm wondering what booties you guys have used. Also if you guys have any other reccomendations for me to bring for my dog

23:08 UTC


A note of caution regarding Seresto collars

I was looking into tick protection for my dog and noticed that one of the most popular recommendations was the Seresto collars, usually on its own but occasionally in combination with topical/oral treatments.

Just as I was about to place an order for a Seresto collar, I found this notice issued just a few months ago (Feb 2024) that highlights a lot of potential issues with the Seresto collar. Here's the link: https://biologicaldiversity.org/w/news/press-releases/federal-watchdog-blasts-epas-failure-to-assess-safety-of-pesticides-used-on-flea-tick-collars-2024-02-29

I'm sure it works well and it's up to you to determine what makes the most sense in regards to your pet (and weighing the trade-offs of using what might be a less effective tick prevention method versus the potential harmful side effects of the collar), but I figured I'd share this so that you can ultimately make the decision for yourself and your furry friend.

Here are the highlights of the article:

Following more than 100,000 reports of Seresto’s harm to pets — including more than 3,000 deaths — the EPA announced in July 2023 that it would limit approval of the product to five years and require more detailed reporting of harm incidents from the flea collar’s maker, Elanco.

Among the report’s findings:

  • The EPA continues to rely on incomplete or outdated studies to keep the pet collars on the market;
  • The agency did not conduct a necessary risk assessment for use of the Seresto pet collar on domestic pets;
  • The EPA lacks proper standards for determining whether pesticides used on pets pose serious risks to people or pets;
  • The EPA’s incident reporting system lacks adequate information to assess the harms from pesticide exposure.

In 2021 the Center for Biological Diversity filed a formal legal petition urging the EPA to cancel the Seresto collar’s registration.

Today’s report comes just weeks after a judge granted preliminary approval to a $15 million settlement of a class action lawsuit filed by pet owners against the makers of Seresto collars.

15:05 UTC


Anyone take a restless dog camping before? How?!

I have a 10 month Aussie who I would love to tank camping but he is a nutcase sometimes and I'm not sure how to go about it.

My biggest concern is the sleeping arrangement. I tried to kennel train him, the first few weeks went smoothly but then he started to bark all night. I said fuck it and let him sleep in my bed, and I've slept great since. The issue is that once or twice an hour he will get up and wander around; drink water, sleep on the floor for a bit, look out the window, etc.

My goal is to have him sleep in a rooftop tent, but I have no idea how to get him to the point where that is a possibility as he is not there yet. My plan so far is to try a tent in my backyard, so that we can go slept in the house if need be. I've also considered taking the water dish away between 11pm-5:00am so that he gets used to not being able to drink during the night. I thought about keeping my bedroom door closed so he can't leave, but I'm also working towards him sleeping outside my room so I want to avoid doing that.

I have also thought about trying to kennel train again and then he could sleep in the box of the truck instead of the tent, but I think that is a pipe dream at this point.

Has anyone been in this situation before? Any tips on how to teach your dog to settle and slept through the night in a tent? Or any suggestions on other sleeping arrangements?

01:57 UTC


Raincoat with backpack

Im using a ruffwear palisades for my dog, wich im quite happy with. Anyone have any ideas for a rancoat or such that can be used with it?

I did have an idea for a raincover for the palisades itself by using a raincover ive got for a small bag. But if i had a raincoat that my dog could use it would be a better solution.

12:04 UTC


Cheaper dog packs?

I’m doing a multi day backpacking trip over the summer and I’m brining my dog. I currently have a ruffwear day pack for him but I need something bigger. The problem is the ruffwear ones are pretty expensive for me right now. I was wondering if anyone knows any brands that sell cheaper dog packs?

00:34 UTC


What are your favorite places to hike/camp/backpack in the western US with your dog?

My dog and I are planning a road trip out west that will be a mix of me taking time off work and weekend trips while we stay at hotels and such during the week, and we really can go anywhere! I've spend most of my life on the east coast, so I'm unfamiliar with what's out there and a little overwhelmed with all of the options when I try looking for places online.

I think ideally car camping somewhere near good hikes would be great, but I have backpacking gear so that's an option as well. For safety reasons it does make me a little nervous to be in a tent when there's wildlife I'm not used to, and as a woman I really like the option of just driving away if something is off.

My dog is also reactive to people, so trails less traveled and dispersed camping where you're not on top of others would be best. I'm a little concerned about wildlife (mostly grizzly bears in western Montana) and would love to hear how people feel safe hiking with dogs around the national forests there. Is bear spray enough? Should I just avoid it all together to be safe?

I'm thinking we'll probably spend the most time around Wyoming/Colorado/Utah/Montana, but I'm open to suggestions! So far on my "look more into" list are Medicine Bow-Routte National Forest, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest, and Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. I also would like to avoid national parks because of the crowds and they're typically not dog-friendly, but I have an America the Beautiful pass so if there's something I can't miss then I can make it happen.

As far as difficulty and what we physically can do goes, I try to keep both of us in decent hiking shape year-round. We've done fairly difficult ~14 mile hikes without issue, but I'm not sure I'd really want to do anything more intense than that.

Thanks so much! If you have any additional tips/gear suggestions let me know!

14:23 UTC


Portable anti venom?

Hi everyone!

I like to hike with my 18-pound dog. I keep him on leash but still worry about snakes because I’ve seen them cross the path.

I’m wondering if there’s a rattlesnake antivenom that I can carry in my backpack. A few years ago my vet gave me a syringe of Dexamethasone with instructions on how to use it in case of a bee sting b/c my dog almost died once.

Anything like this exist for snake bites?

Thanks in advance!

18:09 UTC


Bivy with a dog?

Still in the market for a new shelter and having a hard time deciding. Does anyone sleep in a bivy with their dog? Considering a mesh bivy with a tarp. My dog is about 50 pounds.

01:54 UTC


Tarp instead of tent?

I’ve been transitioning into the ultralight realm, and seriously considering a tarp over a tent for my next shelter. Do any of you who take your dogs out overnight use a tarp? Any tips/suggestions?

19:17 UTC

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