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Any wisdom on industrial sergers?

Wondering if any of you have experience or have done a deep-dive on older industrial sergers.. I see older Juki and Rimoldi machines for sale a fair bit and I'm wondering if they are headaches or still worth it 30 years old and which models are more worth having

04:50 UTC


Experiences with Rochford Bullet?

I ended up on Rochford’s mailing list and received a notice of an upcoming sale on their “Rochford Bullet 1000” line, and was hoping for some honest feedback. Thank you.

21:08 UTC


What adhesive do I use here?

Hard ABS plastic (a Pelican case knockoff) and polyethylene foam. I am trying to line the case with the foam to help keep temperature down (relatively) inside the case when it's stored in my car in FL heat/humidity. I have no idea what the best glue or tape to use in order to keep the foam attached to the case walls when I open it and when I take the contents out. TIA for any ideas.

02:50 UTC


Order of operations for a Alpha Direct/Argon67 Blanket?

Been spending some time getting to know my new Juki DDL9000 and 6714s Overlock machines and looking to make a blanket for my first project. Apologies in advance for the very beginner questions. It's been a journey just getting to know and cutting my teeth on these machines as my first foray in the hobby lol. I'll be using two yards or Alpha Direct 60 and two yards of Argon67 from Dutchware and trying to work through my process. Right now I was thinking about the following, but please weight in with any tips, advice etc.

1- Fold over and hem the edges of argon67 with the DDL

2- With the fabric reversed, use the overlock to sew the Alpha and Argon together, leaving enough gap to flip the seams right side out

  1. Finish the remaining seam with the overlock from the outside (or better/cleaner to tuck the edges in and hit it with the straight stitch?)

01:53 UTC


Ultraligh all-season modular Shoes - Brainstorming and looking for ideas

I would like to own as few things as possible and be as minimalistic as possible in order to spare carrying weight around.

But one of the many problems is the fact we need different types of shoes for different seasons.

So I am trying to come with ideas for creating a truly all season type of shoe that would be basically a shoe that can be turned in a sandal, or closed shoe or winter boots.

Preferably as low weight as possible.

So, what do you guys think? Has anyone ever done that? I am not even wanting to be original but simply would like to carry as few things as possible in a round the world trip carrying my belongings.

Bare minimum are the sandals are great for being Ultralight, but they do not protect your feet against the cold.

What if there was a sandal that you could attach some covers to it and it became a shoe and also a winter boot?

Do you guys think that's even possible?

My idea was attaching its different "modules" with waterproof zippers, in order to keep it waterproof.

But I am open and willing to listen to new ideas.

Please share your ideas, even if they are apparently stupid. They might originate a new idea that might not be that stupid

21:57 UTC


EVA Foam machine washable?

I’m trying to sew paddings for my clothes and came across EVA foam. I wanted to ask if it’s still machine washable if it’s sewn as an inside layer between two polyester/spandex fabric?

I was thinking a cold wash and delicate dry or air dry should be safe, but not sure.

20:12 UTC


backpacking field repair kit

I am planning to make a backpacking backpack to backpack with. But I am concerned about something breaking while in the mountains. I expect I will need to do legitimate stress/load testing before hand. And for my trips, I will probably take a needle and some thread (which I do anyways). I am wondering if you all have good suggestions on what else should go into a field repair kit?

Edit: or another way to ask is, where have you experienced failpoints on your diy backpacks?

16:25 UTC


Inkscape extension for (semi) automatic pattern making: Auto generate gussets and seam allowances

I've posted about this many months ago, but finally got around to giving it a small update, and an example video if you've no idea what I'm talking about



It is an extension for Inkscape (free, open source Illustrator alternative) that takes a path, curve or shape, and unrolls it to a straight line, maintaining the length. It can then extrude (add width e.g. gusset) and add an offset (seam allowance) automatically. Basically, nearly automatic generation of patterns for simple bags like top tube bags, frame bags, EDC pouches etc. Have a look at the myogtutorials link or the github page for a video and text description as I can't embed images on old reddit.

The new update can now add the seam allowance and node alignment marks to the original shape (e.g. bag side panel) as well as automatically adding the alignment marks to the generated gussets. It's still a bit experimental and the node marks can end up facing the wrong way based on the path direction (reverse the path to fix), but any suggestions, let me know! The options menu is a bit neater and hopefully more intuitive as well.

I've also got a couple of other Inkscape tools that might be useful, that are linked on this page https://myogtutorials.com/digital-tools/

  • Quick measure extension: outputs path length, segment lengths and cumulative lengths in text instead of visually
  • Multi-page tiled templates: A4 and US letter templates that you can just paste your pattern into and save as PDF to make a tiled PDF ready for printing. Was originally going to be an extension itself but Inkscape has a limitation that can break it for people, so its easier to just provide the generated templates themselves
  • Seamless tiled print generator: template for making seamless images for printing onto fabric (or doing whatever with really)

And also

  • Couple of basic pattern generators for zipped pouches etc
  • Webbing ladder printable template

Few other things in the works also :)

16:19 UTC


Raglan pattern for women

I own the learnmyog alpha reglan pattern and have made myself an Alpha Direct raglan.

I'd like to make one for my wife, but am unsure of the fit.

I found this Marie Claude pattern which looks like an option: https://jalie.com/products/marie-claude-raglan-pullovers-sewing-pattern

Any other suggestions? Or maybe I could make minor modifications to the learnmyog pattern to better fit a woman? (But wouldn't know where to start)

12:22 UTC


Another source of something like this

Does anyone know where to find more options like these. I am not sure of the specific name other than what is in the picture. I am hoping for a g hook with a closure system and the part to make it adjustable.

03:10 UTC


Ultrastretch as handles or straps.

Just got my hand on the UltraStretch from rockywoods and really love the handfeel. From reviewing this excellent thread from /u/craderson and the comment from /u/pocketlily about the UltraStretch, and having this fabric in hand, it seems like its really, really tough.

I'm thinking of using it, doubled or tripled over, as a handle for a bag and maybe even testing it out as part of a backpack strap system. This wouldn't be hauling 60lbs but it wouldn't be nothing either.

Anyone have any thoughts on the long term durability of this fabric and whether its a good or terrible idea to use this for any kind of load-bearing activity? Cheers.

17:02 UTC


Hip belt repair

Hey people,

on my last trip my backpack's hip belt began tearing. Luckily, I was able to finish the trip after applying some superglue.

That didn't last long though and I'm now looking into fixing the belt a bit more permanently (the rest of the backpack is in good condition still, ditching it would be a shame).

My goto method would be to hand sew it with some heavy duty string and a thick needle to punch through the fabric and glue residue.

But I'm not very experienced with these things so any suggestions on how to fix it are highly appreciated!




11:55 UTC


Custom Bike bag

I just finished making this bike bag. I look like a fire-bike and don’t look too closely at the seams but it fits and I finished it in time for my first bikepacking trip this weekend. As long as it holds everything I’m going to consider it a win.

I made it out of some cordurra, Velcro, zippers, and reflective strips in my stash. Used a piece of cardboard to trace and make the pattern.

There are a lot of mistakes but I don’t care. I’m just glad I finished it with plenty of time to spare.

03:36 UTC


zipper troubleshooting

I am trying to duplicate this tote bag-


I am having a hard time figuring out how to attach the zipper to the top.


It looks like the 1.5\"webbing is sewn to binding material, which is above the zipper.


I think I could sew the zipper below the top of the side panels, with wrong side Xpac to right side zipper, then finish the excess Xpac edge with binding, then the 1.5" webbing. How would you get a clean corner/ ends of the zipper? I'm guessing you don't want to have the zipper sewn into the seam on each end? I'm having a hard time describing the problem. Maybe I'm overthinking this?

I've made bike frame bags with zippers, and some dopp kits. Should I just treat it the same as that- sew it together with the panels zippered together first?

I am probably going to try to find a cheap zipper, and make a prototype with some cheap fabric. but any advice would be appreciated.

02:22 UTC


Liner vs mesh for internal pockets

Hi I was just wondering when people prefer mesh (non stretch) over liner for internal zippered pockets?

18:35 UTC


seeking advice regarding to Laser cutter

16:45 UTC


Packs for the kiddos

Pair of stitchback metamorphs for the children

06:28 UTC

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