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We discuss flashlights of all types!

EDC, keychains, headlamps, lanterns, weapons, work, and many others.

We discuss flashlights of all types!

EDC, keychains, headlamps, lanterns, weapons, work, and many others. Don't be shy to post your NLD (New Light Day), too!

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    My EDC today.

    I won’t criticize Chinese flashlights because I have them, and I won’t praise the Shorefire, because this model cost me a lot, but one thing is for sure, I’m tired of many modes, and the Shorefire gives me what I need, Small and Maximum.

    14:26 UTC


    Info on 7070 ffl emitter

    From ffl directly

    “FFL707A VS CREE XHP70.3 hi

    Brightness: FFL707A CRI95 is 7% less bright compared with CREE XHP70.3 4500K or 5000K CRI90. Around 3000lumens at 6V 6A.

    Compared with the low CRI XHP70.3 6500K, brightness have 30% to 40% loss. The sacriface is predictable, in return, the tint and beam quality is super pleasant.

    FFL707A tint is almost identical with FFL351A”

    **Sounding like the 505a, tint was the only thing in mind, efficiency out the window. Asked about Candela, the question was danced around. Im assuming less than a 70.3 however just an assumption. If i get a response I’ll add it in

    13:45 UTC


    Vapcell S4 Plus v3 - grease under temp sensor

    Just seeing if anyone who has just received a vapcell S4 plus V3 charger has had any issues with white grease / oil leaking from under the temperature sensor. I only noticed it after a couple of hours of use from brand new. Also, anyone have an ideas why it's leaking? I contacted vapcell so waiting for answer currently .

    12:19 UTC


    Hello everyone thanks for the new addiction. About to order 5 lights can you make sure I made the right choices for me and my fam?

    Main use for all will be camping / off grid living / van life in heavily wooded areas rife with bugs.

    For head lamps I could not decide between -h200 -army tek wizard c2 WR

    So I figured I’d just get both 1 for me and 1 for the wife. Basically I wanted really good head lamps that had really good red light built in and also waterproof with good battery life.

    For a throw flash light in case I need to see something at a distance at night and for campsite protection and just fun I thought a -ace beam L19 with an sft40 would be a great choice

    I also needed a good headlamp for my little one that was much cheaper as she is only 2😅 but also with red. Just so she can see around camp without being swarmed I thought the -wurkoss hd15R would be the perfect fit and could also be a cheap flash light for me or the wife to grab if we just need something.

    And for the 5th you all said I had to buy a TS10 in like every friggin post and I wanted 2 cheap carry flashlights just incase so I figured it fit the bill perfectly -wurkoss TS10

    So what do you guys think. Alternative suggestions? Something else I have to have?
    -heavily considered getting a green light for fun -heavily considered a K1 with an sbt90.2

    Thanks everyone. Excited to be here.

    13:31 UTC



    I have this cheap lamp that I'd like to upgrade, it's got a 10w xlm-l2 LED and a 4000mah battery. Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated. Tia

    12:21 UTC


    Anduril 2 battery check

    I got a d3aa When I Tripple click to do battery check I get 3 flashes ,pause, 9 flashes, pause then 6 flashes Never had a anduril 1 or 2 light do this what is the 6 flashes for ? As far as I can tell all else in the flow chart is normal. BTW I LOVE THIS LIGHT !!

    11:31 UTC


    Comments on the Wurkkos HD01?

    Anyone have any comments on the Wurkkos HD01, and how it stands up to the Olight Arkfeld Pro?

    09:04 UTC


    [NLD] HD10, FC13 shorty and D3AA

    HD10 6000k, FC13 SFT40 6000-6500K, D3AA SST-20 4000K. Got an 18350 tube for the FC13 to make it a little more pocketable. I think all of these are great lights, each with their own purpose.

    05:33 UTC


    D3aa diffuser recommend

    Hi I’m looking for a d3aa silicon diffuser recommendation.

    05:17 UTC


    SBT90.2 alternative

    I have a Manker MK37. nice light for its size for sure, but I don't like the LED very much. I have one of the SBT90.2 versions, and it must be around 6000K. I wish it was more like 3500 or 4000 at the most. Now I think the driver is a 3v and something like 20A. I have measured the fV, but I don't have equipment to measure the current. What I was wondering, is, I see that this emitter is pretty much only available in the 6000K version, so what other emitter can I swap into this light that would provide nearly the same amount of light out the front, but at a much warmer tint? any recommendations? it has a TIR lens meant for a 9090 LED, so a 7070 or a 9090 replacement would probably work best.


    03:08 UTC


    How to check the lumens?

    Teach your kids how to hold a flashlight

    03:05 UTC


    Will a Convoy 3x21 with single 90.2 have a longer runtime than 3xSFT40 @ 10%?

    02:31 UTC


    Oops... impromptu mule

    First ever Reddit post, just a public service announcement for whoever needs to hear this...

    Let's just say, hypothetically, that you're a little ticked off with life. You know what I mean... after a long day working in the summer heat, you can't sleep because your house is still 85 degrees in the middle of the night, and you're already doing all the tricks you can without having ac (like sleeping in your basement with fans on, and having windows open for a cool cross-breeze...) and then to top it off your flashlight spontaneously transforms into a paperweight with an aux light. (seems like it happens to me once a month or so on my KR4s: grease from the threads will work its way onto the conductive surfaces between head and body and interfere with button presses until I clean those surfaces)... well, if all of that stuff happens... don't spike your relatively new hanklight into the ground with all your strength... multiple times. after the fourth time, this may happen....



    Electronics still seem good (after cleaning the grease out, it works like new), and I'm surprised how cleanly the aluminum sheared right there. Obviously that is a thinner point, but still. Finish hardly has a scratch (thanks to carpet on top of concrete). Does anyone have any better advice than "try to JB-Weld it back together?"

    02:16 UTC


    Two recent order D4Sv2's, no red/blue police strobe

    Both lights were ordered and delivered in April/June 2024.

    Configuration 1: Dual channel D4Sv2, W1
    Configuration 2: Single channel D4Sv2, FFL351A 3750-4000K 95CRI, boost

    Configuration 1, I did not ask for the most recent version of Anduril.

    Configuration 2, I DID ask for the most recent version of Anduril.

    Both lights have a vapcell battery charged @ 4.1v in 26800

    Please tell me this is operator error.

    02:19 UTC


    Looking for a good headlamp

    I’m looking for a good headlamp similar to the 2163-21 REDLITHIUM™ USB Hard Hat Headlamp

    I bought the H300 with Nichia 144AR HIGH CRI and it was too much of a spotlight for me. I’m looking for more of a floodlight. Preferably one that had a hybrid mode like the Milwaukee headlamp. I don’t want it for a hard hat though.

    Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

    I have the Zebra light SC700d HI So if possible I’d like it to have a 21700 battery so I could easily swap/interchange them


    00:56 UTC


    Are two springs really better? What’s the best contacts for an abused torch?

    23:49 UTC


    Baton SR2 vs. Baton 3 pro

    What are the major differences? Is it worth it to buy the pro?

    23:32 UTC


    I have a type

    Streamlight… Always there when I need them.

    23:29 UTC


    Most throw for the least money? What are the options I should be looking at?

    20:47 UTC

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