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Need help with non-smart bulbs

Help with dimming non-smart lights

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve purchased anything smart. I’m not super up-to-date on the latest released products and how to tackle certain things, so I’m looking for advice here.

TLDR: timebased brightness scenes with hue motion sensor on dumb G9 bulbs

I use:

  • homeassistant, google home, and homekit. Everything is interconnected through homeassistant. Actively use all three. Google assistants around the house for quick commands and scenes. HKSV for fast video access & quick watch or phone actions.

I have bulbs, appliances and switches from ikea, hue, aqara and probably some off-brand stuff. I just buy what I need for the best price I find and fix its interoperability myself. I do have a strong preference for certain scenarios. Like: hue motion sensors are by far the fastest responding for me. And I refuse to purchase anything from Shelly as 3 out of 5 L1’s have died on me within a year and setup is just a major pain. Plus they’re the only items that just randomly go offline.

Now my problem: I used to have a hue bulb in the stairway activated by motion and this day/night colour scheme from Homekit. During the day I’d like it to be white & bright. Evenings more yellow. And after 12PM at 1% dimmed for bathroom trips out of bed. My spouse purchased a designer lamp that fits a weird G9 bulb. I see hue doesn’t have this fitting size and the light doesn’t fit a G9-to-e14 converter. So I just went out and bought a hue wall switch module. Only to realise that only works with hue together. Same for dimmer switches that have a “friends with hue” label.

I know I can get a sonoff or aqara relay behind the wall switch. Mostly leaning to this, but that still doesn’t allow me to set different brightnesses

So my question is. How can I setup the hallway g9 bulb (dimmable) with different brightness scenes that works with the hue motion sensor?

08:41 UTC


Smart version of this single-gang switch/receptacle combo?

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05:22 UTC


Is the Zemismart M1 Hub a TBR for Alexa?

I'm trying to start with HA and have come across the Zemismart M1 Hub which in some videos and reviews there's been indication that it is a TBR, but in others that it is not, or the setup the person is using already has HomeKit.

The only thing I currently have in my home right now is a bunch of Echo Dot's (not the larger Echo which is a TBR), and I bought an Aqara matter sensor to test things out and get more into HA. I realized after I bought the sensor that I didn't have a TBR and I can't add it into Alexa, so I'm trying to find a cheap TBR and I think the Zemismart hub is just that, but I can't find any solid confirmation that the only thing I need further to get the Aqara sensor working is just this Zemismart hub.

Is anyone able to help confirm that the only thing further I need would be this hub to get the Aqara sensor working with Alexa?

05:04 UTC


Outdoor/Indoor Speaker System for Small Recreational Property

I own a small recreational property that includes a 500 sq/ft park model and approx 500 sq/ft yard. I’d like to add 2 outdoor speakers and 1 indoor speaker but don’t want to spend a fortune. Andy ideas on a cost efficient but decent system that could be work in this situation?

04:36 UTC


simple and quick ( i hope )

Been out of automation since the early UPB days.. However, I have a customer that needs a simple conrol to dim two outlets at the same time..

Light load ( less than 1 amp each ) and I want them to be dimmable and paired...

What is the easiest way now days ? The dimmed receptacles will feed 2 separate lights in the same area that need to run in unison,,

Open to suggestion...

Thanx, dhsvcs

04:31 UTC


First Gen fire cube died. Are there better options for a quadriplegic man?

I will preface this by saying that I am not very tech savvy, but I CAN follow instructions if they're available. I also have Verizon Home Protect which can come to the house and set things up for free, but I want to be able to manage it as easily as possible.

I am a live in caregiver for an elderly quadriplegic man. He has been using a fire cube for the past few years, and it has gotten more and more glitchy over the past 6 months, today it died completely (keeps popping up the boot screen over and over.) His home has been my first living space with "smart" devices. He currently has: several echos (balls, dots and the column kind,) smart thermostat, and smart bulbs. He has NO manual dexterity to push buttons and speak into those types of remotes, which seem to be a majority of "voice activated" options.

Current setup: -Denon receiver for surround sound

-Xfinity cable box (this HAS to be able to be connected, he watches a lot of live TV.)

-55 inch Samsung TV (older, 2018 with smart hub, also would be willing to update this as the picture is quite dark on top intermittently. Anyone know if it could be replaced with an "all in one" type tv where the cube type device isn't needed?)

What types of completely voice controlled devices do y'all recommend? I know some TVs will run through Alexa, but I don't know if they'll work for the cable.

Thanks in Advance 🤗

02:23 UTC


Help with IFTT

I have a google & swann security camera system at my office in a different location to my home. I also have phillips hue lights at home.

Is there a way to set up an IFTT to turn my lights on at home if my cameras detect a person in my office?

I have tried the IFTT app but can’t get it to work.

01:46 UTC


U-Bolt Pro only partially unlocking. Anyone have this issue?

I just installed a U Bolt Pro WiFi lock and am having a very odd issue that I wonder if anyone else has had. The deadbolt is aligned well with the doorframe and the lock is capable of smoothly locking. But when I go to unlock it, the bolt only half-retracts which is not enough to unlock the door. Looking online I couldn't find anything describing this type of behavior.

A few details:

  • I have tried twice to do the calibration process.
  • There are fresh batteries in the lock
  • Even with the door open, to make sure the bolt is not catching, the bolt only withdraws halfway.
  • One odd behavior that may be related is that the locking process seems to go in two steps. First the bolt extends halfway and hen after a few seconds it moves again to be fully extended. Is that normal?

Thanks in advance for any insights that can be shared!

00:36 UTC


4 Gang light switch options

New to home automation and recently bought a Smart Things hub. I have this four gang light switch and would like to upgrade to smart switches. Middle two switches are three way. What would be my best option? I basically know nothing. Assuming I need to move to rocker switches?

19:58 UTC


Somfy blinds rts, not responding every time

Hi, I am in the UK, since customer service never existed, I thought it might be quicker to ask those who have these RTS blinds. Thank you.

My Somfy blinds do not respond to the remotes every time, so most of the time either up/down I had to press more than 1 time, sometimes even 4 times. But my curtain tracks always works fine.

Does anyone have the same problem and what is the fix or we have to just accept it? I’d like to buy the Tahoma hub for automation but since the blinds are not working as expected I am not sure the automation would work, so that will be decided later.

More detail of my set up below:

1x five channel remote - 1st channel controls 3 blinds, 2nd and 3rd channel each controls their own curtain tracks.

1x single channel remote controls a blind and a curtain track.

Example of problem: For the first remote 1st channel, sometimes 1 or 2 blinds respond but I have to press a few times again for the remaining blinds to follow. For the second remote it was always the curtain track respond but the blind needs a few more press of the button.

19:31 UTC


SOMRIG invisible to Tuya ZigBee Gateway

I have a simple ZigBee gateway from AlieExpress (G01Pro) which so far didn't have any compatibility issue with different plugs, sensors and bulbs (IKEA included).

Today I got some new Tradfri bulbs which connected in matter of seconds, but SOMRIG doesn't popup at all during the pairing process (4 clicks on the pairing button, pulsing LED goes on).

I use the Tuya app on Android to control the gateway. Any help is highly appreciated!

17:02 UTC


GE 40 Amp Smart Z-Wave Outdoor Switch for my swimming pool pump stopped working

Pool leak detection guys opened my switch up and messed something up. I'm not sure what they did. Now the manual rocker switch works but the programming button that goes to the exterior does not work anymore. Does anyone know what to do? I tried power cycling my hub and the switches themselves. When I try to turn it on in smartthings app it looks like it is trying to work but the switch does not change state, somtimes I get a "A network or server error occurred. Try again later." The smartthings app can see when I manually power on and off. Everything worked perfectly before they got in there.

16:38 UTC


Wanting to replace all in wall switches with smart switches.

I have an old Celeron based Nuc that I plan to install HomeAssistant on and then purchasing a zigbee antenna.

From what I'm seeing when looking around at pricing, if I want a zigbee switch with dimming, it's around $40-$50 a switch. Does that seem about right? It seems high to me, but I am willing to spend it if necessary.

Also, any recommendations? 😅

15:54 UTC


Making an old A/C unit smart

Hi everyone, I'm new to the sub.

I've been using HA for a couple of years now and am looking for a solution to control my old air conditioner unit with it.

In my previous apartment, I had an Aeotec heavy duty switch that I used to monitor power consumption and control power. The a/c unit there had a digital thermostat, so it worked the way I wanted it to. I'd just set the temp low and use an automation in conjunction with a thermohygrometer to switch it on and off with the Aeotec switch.

I've now moved to a larger apartment, and need a new solution since my Aeotec switch was destroyed by the unit in my new place. It looks like the failure was caused by the screw terminals inside the unit backing themselves out due to repeated thermal expansion/retraction. This new to me a/c unit has a manual dial type thermostat, btw.

Before I moved in, I was told that this unit was not functional. They offered to replace it with a unit even older than the one currently here, so I bought a nice inverter model from LG that HAS WiFi built in! The downside is that if I ask them to install it, I won't be able to keep it if or when I move out.

So now that I've realized switching a load on/off like that (~13A @ 220V) is a BAD idea, I need some help thinking this through.

I've had three trains of thought for the new solution.

  1. Set up an esp8266 or similar, flash esphome or tasmota, and use a servo to turn the knob to predetermined postitions.

Concerns/thoughts with this option: a) will i wear out the thermostat using it to turn the cooling on/off? b) I will probably have to print a couple of gears to make it work well. c) Providing power to the components may be difficult as there is no plain 110V outlet nearby, but the thermostat has potential to be powered by 24V AC, which could work. d) I'd have to purchase some extra components: servo, and driver. (Low cost though)

  1. Try to replace/wire in a different thermostat that is HA compatible with wifi/zigbee or whatever.

Concerns/thoughts with this option: a) This is an apartment. I do not own this a/c unit. b) I have enough knowledge with low voltage electronics that I can probably rewire it. c) If the thermostat is powered by 24V AC, this would be easy to do. d) making it look presentable and a way to convince my landlord that it is not a permanent modification.

  1. Suck it up and install the nice a/c unit that I bought and deal with the $300 loss. (I bought this unit at Home Depot on sale for 60% off of regular price.)

Concerns/thoughts with this option: a) The solution instantly costs me $300. (money is already spent, though) b) I won't be able to keep it if I move out. c) The maintenance guy will moan and groan about doing his job the whole time he's here to install it. d) The overall power consumption for cooling needs will probably reduce about 20% since the inverts are more efficient. e) Modifications to the through wall hole will be needed as the new unit is 1/4 inch taller than the currently installed one. f) Power savings over the next couple of years may not make up for the additional cost of replacement, actually resulting in some degree of financial loss. g) If I don't use this unit, I can probably sell it for exactly what I paid since it was on sale at a significant markdown.

My second goal to accomplish is adding in power monitoring.. This is a 220V a/c unit and most of the DIN rail mountable power monitors I've seen are only 120V.

Could I simply have it read one leg of the 220V feed and set up HA to double the readings from it? Or would I be better off trying to find one that does 220V in a proper manner?

Eventually I'd like to try and get my utility company to let me connect to my power meter to monitor my usage since it supports Zigbee. If they won't let me use personal equipment, there are commercially produced devices from Rainforest Automation that accomplishes this. This item will probably warrant a different post. 😉

Thanks in advance! Any feedback is appreciated.

15:48 UTC


Link ESP32 to echolight doorbell


I have ecolight doorbell and ESP32.

The ecolight doorbell is linked to a push switch, How can I connect ESP32 to the doorbell so it can monitor the voltage change or other thing to detect the push switch being pushed and send request to MQTT.


When someone pushes the doorbell switch, the ESP32 detects that and sends request to Home Assistant


15:38 UTC


Tuya and Google Home separating fan from light

Hello y'all, I have a Roomratv ceiling fan from Amazon. I do like the fan, but the commands from it is a bit finicky. There are times that when I use the command "turn on fan light," the whole fan will turn on. Also when going through the Tuya and Google Home apps, the light and the fan are put together. Is there a way to separate them completely on the app side?

15:35 UTC


Good use for high up sockets

Hi everyone,

I have recently moved into my new house (based in the UK) and am taking this as an opportunity to play around with some home automation. While I am still in the very early stages, I am looking into what can be done with the house as it is at the moment.

One of the things in the house is that the previous owners appeared to have wall-mounted TVs in various rooms, which we are not planning on / interested in. This means there are several double sockets high up on walls that are generally pretty useless for day-to-day applications, and so seemed ideal for some form of sensor for home automation. My first thought was to look for temperature/humidity sensors but I couldn't find anything obvious that would plug directly into the wall as a self-contained unit, most appeared to be battery-powered or have a cord to a unit with a display.

Has anyone else done something similar or have any ideas for what I could use these sockets for?

13:54 UTC


Advice for New LED Ceiling Lights, Physical Switches, Power Outages, Exposed Ceiling

I am remodeling my basement, tearing out ceiling tiles for painted-black exposed ceiling. My area frequently loses power. I want multi-color smart lights. So…


  • system that won't go bonkers after wifi / router loses power, or router reboot
  • solution that would work with exposed ceiling (not sure what to do with all the junction boxes such as with Lumary or Govee?)


  • RGB lights
  • ~4" (Hue canless seems to be 5-6" only?)
  • physical switch that won't bork the system when turned off (seems problem with Lumary especially)
  • dimmable physical switch
  • reliable apps (seems people complain about Lumary)
  • black rims rather than white (only seen these with Lumary)


  • suggestions given above?
  • do all canless LED ceiling lights have big junction boxes?
  • do any have a single junction box that connects to multiple lights?
  • would it be a bad idea to go with a retrofit lights for cans in a new installation, just to avoid the junction boxes?
  • any way to have a smart switch and dumb bulbs but also have RGB ? (guessing not)
13:38 UTC


Looking for hardware for Home Assistant "Assist", hopefully Sonos some time

Hey guys,

After Google shut down support for third party list apps like todoist, anydo or Bring!, Amazon now also announced they will shut them down by July 1st.

I have several Sonos devices in my home and switched from Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa on them because of the ongoing support for Bring.

A few month ago I started tinkering with Grocy, but needed the ability to control it via voice commands. I set up a few flows in Node Red and bought an Atom Echo. I'm not using it right now because I never got to set up Grocy properly and take an inventory of my whole stock. But it works as it should on that small device, using the Home Assistant Assist. It's an okay workaround, but ultimately, I'd like to be able to use it on some better hardware, preferably something I can use to listen to music. Best case, that hardware would be Sonos, of course.

So my questions are: is there some workaround I don't know about to use it on Sonos, without Alexa or Google Assistant? They keep on shutting down services and there are rumors about subscriptions for Alexas, so I guess I have to go without it? I've seen some tutorials including using dev accounts on Amazon Web Services, but I don't know how long that solution will last so I'm not too eager to put my time in setting this up.

Or is there some other hardware out there, better suited to play music than the Atom Echo?

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07:52 UTC


Recommendations for reliable radiator valves?

Hi everyone, I know this question has been asked before, but I couldn't really find any high quality recommendations so far, and recommendations differ from place to place.

I'm looking for radiator valves; I initially bought Shelly TRVs and liked their functionality but I ended up having to charge them very frequently (~once a month instead of once every 2 years) and sending them back as a result. My requirements are:

  • The valve must have a good battery life (1 year plus of real life battery life preferred)
  • The valve must expose battery level to Home Assistant
  • The valve must expose a climate entity to Home Assistant
  • The valve must be continuously accessible through HA. (No things that only ping once an hour and/or can't be reliably controlled)
  • Strong preference for valves that have continuous valve regulation (not just on/off but also 50% closed)

Considering the need for good battery life, I've mostly been looking into zigbee devices, though thread and wifi are also possible. I've found the danfoss ally as a good potential candidate, but would love to learn from your experiences, especially if you've maintained a fleet for a while in your house / organization!

Note: If you have a really strong z-wave recommendation, I am also open to looking into options there, but it's not preferred. (Don't have the network to back it up.)

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07:00 UTC


Recommendations for new home server

04:20 UTC


Smartening a dumb pull-chain ceiling fan?

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can offer some knowledge or advice.

I have a ceiling fan that seems pretty old (late-90's/early 2000's). It's got a pull-chain for controlling the on/off and speed of the fan. And it's also got three lights.

The only switch I have for it is something that looks like a "dimmer," with three settings on it. It dims the lights, but not very well.

Today, I went exploring behind the light switch and saw that it's controlled by this:


And... I mean, it looks like this switch is intended to control the fan, yes? But maybe the wires are just run to the lights in the fan? (though the pull-chains work, so it must be getting power from somewhere?)

It's not much to go on, but here's the thing: I'd love to install a smart switch. Based on this information, however, it looks like I don't have the right wiring to control the fan and the lights with one smart switch. Would you assume the same?

Any advice or suggestion, or even follow-up questions would be greatly appreciated. I'm just about resigned to the fact that I can't do anything without installing a new fan/running new wires... but maybe, just maybe one of y'all have some secret information I don't have...?

03:30 UTC


Air Orbe - Future of Controlling Smart Devices ?

01:55 UTC


What is this switch and how do I use it, new build house

I just had this house built? But I don’t know what the capabilities, brand, or is there is more to this switch that I know of. This switch controls a light in the patio in front of my front door.

What brand is it? Model? Can I connect my phone to it?

Thank you

01:16 UTC


Smart switch: looking for advice

This switch controls the lights and exhaust fan in my bathroom. Wondering if I can change it to a 2 button smart switch to decouple light and fan, should I get one with neutral or without ?

00:45 UTC


Roller shade speed based on tube size

I'm looking at getting some motorized roller shades. I have 2 small side windows and 1 big main window.

I'm getting quoted on two options, one where all tubes are the same size, and one where they differ. The different ones (1.375" vs 1.5") is because of adding a shade cover. This will result in different speeds. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Has anyone had experiences with this?

Because the 2 side windows are perpendicular to the big window (thinks |_______| shape), it might be fine. But will it be annoying? Will it be bad? How much is even the speed difference?

22:59 UTC


TaHoma app: What Somfy customer support says the "close" button should do

Yesterday I had the Somfy TaHoma Beecon hub setup with my drapes. The remote control works fine. Using Apple TaHoma app I pressed the close button and this is what hapend (see picture). Looks "open" to me. So my installer called Somfy customer support and they said "this has never happened before!". "You must have the meaning of open and close wrong". Argh, blame their issue on the installer!

Did this happen to anyone else?

Anyway, this is what happens when you press the "Close" button in the Apple Somfy app. If you press the "Open" button the drapes shut.


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22:17 UTC


Any recommended system for these tasks?

Right now I just use my Apple TV remote, Roku TV remote and Homekit for this stuff

Device list for things needed

Denon 3700

Apple TV

Epson 5050

Lutron and Hue lighting

Roku TCL tv on the wall as a poster slideshow

I'd like to do these activities...

Watch Plex...Turn on AVR, Projector, have Apple TV go to Plex app, Turn off TCL ROKU TV, Turn off Hue and Lutron

and then when everything powers down...

Turn off AVR, Projector, Apple TV, Turn on lights, TCL Roku TV and go to roku slideshow app and then go to the usb flashdrive plugged in for posters.

Would Control4 of Sofabaton do these? Is this out of the realm of possibility? Appreciate the help.

22:01 UTC

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