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This subReddit is for DIY home automation enthusiasts, specifically those using the openHAB project (www.openhab.org), to ask questions related to setup & configuration, post demos and examples of their own solutions, and discuss features, home automation equipment and other openHAB/HA related topics.

openHAB is an open source, DIY home automation system bus, developed by Kai Kreuze, and used by thousands of home automation enthusiasts. It provides a cloud-free, local, and extremely reliable home automation system, can run on multiple platforms (including RPI, Linux, Windows, Docker, etc..), and is constantly updated with new features and support for additional devices.


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Openhab on Raspberry for PV & Home automation

Hi, I bought a Raspberry 4 and wanna try to Install openhab for showing the Output of my Huawei PV (incl. Luna Battery), my Growatt Micro Inverter and to use with my Home Automation ( Shelly, Homematic IP and Hue).

Are there any good Guides or starter Tipps for me?

Thanks in advance

23:34 UTC


openHAB installed in Proxmox

New video out today - Learn how I setup Proxmox server and install openHAB and Home Assistant together! This is a great way to test multiple setups, or even host your home automation.

Welcome any comments on the video if you like, and would be interested in more openHAB content.

Let me know what you think!



14:08 UTC


OpenHAB 4.2.0 milestone 2 is out!

Hey everyone, Quick news today! New milestone is out!
Twitter news:

More information on the update itself:

Of note, I noticed a large amount of enhancements and bug fixes for the main UI, which is always cool to see, lots of bindings got updates too, including one for the Shelly pro 3em which is currently sitting on my circuit breaker box looking pretty so I’ll have to check that one out!

Be sure to head on over to the official forums if you catch any bugs:


17:58 UTC


Best Smart Lock I have ever tried!

Hey openHab community - I have not forgotten about you - I am working on some new videos and they should be out soon.

I just released a new review/install video for the Aqara U100 Smart Lock https://geni.us/YlOW74 its on sale this weekend so I thought I would share! Number of ways it can connect including matter and zigbee - I have not set it up in openHAB yet, but will be trying it for an upcoming video.

Check out the new video, and if you have not all ready - subscribe as openHAB videos are coming soon!


22:44 UTC


siemens logo 8.3

i try to connect my Siemens Logo 8.3 (0BA1) to openHAB 4. But the binding always shows a connection error.

Does anyone have any experience with this or have a tip on how I can integrate the whole thing?


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15:57 UTC


SmartHomeJ Tuya Binding Temp sensors


I'm using the SmarthomeJ Tuya Binding since a few months now. Recently, it can't connect to my temperature sensors anymore. It's always showing "Waiting for IP Adress". After adding the IP Adress manually they are staying shown as "offline". My door contact sensors are working fine. Has anyone else faced this issue?

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07:24 UTC


smart meter binding and sml from http


I have a Tibber Pulse on my electricity meter which has the local webserver enabled. The webserver has an endpoint /data.json, which - despite the json ending - returns binary sml.

I'd like to get this data into openHAB, but the smart meter binding needs a local port. Is there a way to read the sml data from the http endpoint and get it into the smart meter binding?

I know I can get the values from the Tibber Binding but the data returned by Tibbers API is often hours behind and also I like to use local data where possible instead of relying on cloud stuff.

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17:01 UTC


When is there a openhab milestone build oh4.2M1 released?

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20:24 UTC


Zigbee devices keep going offline


I have Openhab connected to Sonoff dongle-e and connected mix of aqara and sonoff sensors.

Everything works but there is one weird thing. On random, after weeks of working some sensors fail and go offine.

After they are deleted and paired again the work. I can’t figure out what is wrong here?

21:22 UTC


GUI to Text configuration flow - configuration export and load

I am currently running HA, but I've decided to try openHAB, because the Semantic Model and its separation from physical view on things, which is described in Concepts, fits more the reality.

I did setup openHAB, Mosquitto and Zigbee2MQTT for experimentation, using another ZigBee stick, and successfully created a thing and item, and locations.

However, configuration is quite a tedious process. And, I love to store the configuration containing my decisions of how things should be in versioned fashion using git.

Is it possible to have workflow like this:

  1. configure things in GUI (experimentation part),
  2. export the configuration to text,
  3. store (verify differences) in git,
  4. direct text config edit:
    • do manual edit (i.e. massive search & replace),
    • or add things textually (i.e. copy paste of some pattern),
    • or even generate things for patterns,
  5. load back to openHAB,
  6. store in git if all works.

I haven't found an export option.

16:45 UTC


Hubitat integration for zwave devices ?


I am testing openhab on my appartment. I gkt a bunch of wifi and zigbee devices mostly but recently added zwave device (shlag connect lock).

I purchased a hubitat hub to enable that.

Everything so far is connected to Alexa.

I dont see an obvious way to integrate my zwave devices to openhab.

Use cases i can think of so far are:

  • Managing lock codes from home assistant
  • Sending a telegram message when specific codes are used
  • Saving battery level to influxdb
  • Send telegram for battery alert

Sending telegram message when not home and lock is open

I plan do have most of my next devices (blind, ringbell, led strip,...) Onto zwave so that is an important feature i m looking for.

Any guidance from the community ?

Thx !

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21:08 UTC


Creating things from alexa or constructor binding ?

Hey there, really new to openhab, trying it since yesterday.

First feedback: i find the platform not easy to onboard. The model is not intuitive and the documentation is missing guidelines.

But nevermind, i got some devices in my house (wifi, zwaves, zigbee) all connected to my Alexa.

I got some TP link switches (HS200) for example. Should i create things using the TP link smart home binding or the Alexa binding ?

I don t understand what would be the difference ?

If someone can explain use cases i would (not) be able to perform in both situations that would be appreciated !

Thx ;)

16:28 UTC


OpenHAB 4.1 is out!

Good day / afternoon / night everyone!
Here it comes, the first minor release of openHAB 4 has arrived!

We have a nice blog post with tons of cool information so this time I’ll just point you directly to it so you can go through all of the goodies:


Keep in mind that this is a feature release, that while backwards compatible, it’s important that as you update, you also go through the breaking changes, on this page right here:


Additionally, head over to the community if you’d like to participate in the discussion, or need any assistance:


Now it’s time to wind down, enjoy the festivities and be merry :)

08:17 UTC


Latest milestone 4.1.0 Milestone 5

Hello everyone!

We have reached feature freeze for openHAB 4.1! You can find the release notes of Milestone 5 over at:

You’re welcome to help test the release before it is finally released on Dec 22!
Testing thread for the 4.1 milestone:

Interesting stuff I noticed:

Runtime changes: “Service to find suggested addons to install”.
“Service to suggest addons based on running processes.”
“Service to suggest addons via generic IP scan.” Can it be?! Oooooooh!!! It’s Christmas for sure :)

If anyone is curious about the current timeline here you go:

Dec 17: 4.1.0.M5 - feature freeze.

Dec 20: 4.1.0.RC1 - code freeze.

Dec 22: 4.1.0 - GA.

This is looking super good 😊

08:09 UTC


Tasmotized Geek Aire BF1S Fan and reverse engineered the MQTT topics needed for fully local control:

I've put all my configs out on github for how I setup the tasmota config in the fan as well as the settings in openHAB in case anyone else has that fan or one similar and could benefit from the legwork. I'm hoping to find someone that can help me convert that config to something that works with MQTT for homeassistant as I'm switched over to that platform now.


04:07 UTC


Latest milestone - 4.1.0 M4

Hey everyone,

Latest milestone is out, check out the release notes here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/releases/tag/4.1.0.M4

Interesting stuff I noticed:
Lots of enhancements to the runtime.
Lots of enhancements and bugfixes for the homeassistant mqtt (pretty sure this is also good for the zigbee2mqtt home assistant auto discovery - which is super cool).
Lots of bug fixes for Shelly devices (new devices added, security improvements, management optimization of bluetooth devices. Lots of cool stuff here) Lots of enhancements for the Main Ui too.

Its great to see openHAB getting so much love :)

10:13 UTC


Is there a new openhab milestone build planned?

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18:30 UTC


How to connect openHAB to Apple Homekit

Lingua originale:

Devo collegare 25 termostati (configurati su openHAB) a Apple Homekit, qualcuno sa aiutarmi?

English version:

I should connect 25 thermostats (set-up on openHAB) to Apple Homekit, does anyone know how to do it?

22:21 UTC


Energy monitoring using HLW8012 and OpenHAB

02:57 UTC


Noob Openhab/zwave pairing issue

Hi all, apologies in advance for being a noob, but... you know.

So I have Openhab with a UZB Z-wave plus stick running on a Win10 PC. It's paired with a few devices and worked fine for ages.

recently I got an UltraPro Z-Wave in-wall switch tried to follow the steps to pair it. I go into the Zwave stick, I hit scan, at which time (per the docs) all my paired devices should "appear in the inbox", yet nothing seems to happen except the Scan bar proceeds slowly across the screen.

Per the switch docs, I should click either "on" or "off" to trigger pairing when the controller is scanning. I do this, but nothing seem to happen.

Any advice on how to proceed/troubleshoot or what I'm doing wrong?


Edit, apparently I'm running 3.4.1. I guess an upgrade is in order?

00:55 UTC


Govee bluetooth devices initialize fine but never get updated.

I added my Govee Hydrometers through the Bluetooth Binding app and I got them to initialize a value but then they just never update no matter what value I put in for the Refresh Interval. can anyone help? I'm using a H5074 and a H5075

09:20 UTC


OpenHAB 4.1.0 Milestone 3

Oops, forgot to share this one with the community :( sorry!!

Coming up with 2 weeks of delay: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/releases/tag/4.1.0.M3

Things I found interesting:
Lots of enhancements and some bug fixes for the run time <3;
Lots of Hue enhancements;
If you’re using Shelly UNI with sensors, seems like your time has come;
Lots of enhancements and bug fixes for the Main UI, looking forward to that :).

Improving one step at a time :)

12:19 UTC


Settings Window covering device


I have a ZigBee window covering device which is closed with 0% and open when it's 100%. The normal setting is completely inverted. Can I invert it somehow?

21:56 UTC


HABly - Control openHAB with custom widgets for iPhone and iPad

Hey guys,

Apple approved my new app: HABly.
Whether you want to monitor temperature sensors, track energy consumption or control switches of your openHAB instance - HABly lets you create Widgets on your iPhone or iPad (iOS17). Lock Screen Widgets also work. It also works with your myopenhab.org account.
You can download HABly on the App Store: https://apple.co/3QjeeLB
(HABly is a free app, no in-app purchases, no ads, no data collected).

If you have suggestions for improving HABly or encouter any problems. Please let me know!

Kind regards


15:07 UTC


When is the next milestone build coming?

22:25 UTC


Why openHAB?

As I understand it, openHAB came first, but now seems to be less popular than Home Assistant. Since open-source things tend to go better the more popular they are, I'm leaning towards HA, but I'd like to hear from openHAB fans on why they think it's better. Any input? Online search results on the question have been very vague and uninformative.

01:35 UTC


enable ssh with Bash?

For the past few hours, I've been getting OpenHAB (via OpenHABian) installed and working on a Raspberry Pi.

If I connect a keyboard and monitor to the Pi, I can log in as openhabian (pw=openhabian) and get a Bashlike shell. I used passwd, and changed openhabian's password. I also figured out the 192.168 IP address it's using.

After flailing around a while, I eventually managed to figure out that I need to ssh to port 8101 instead of 22, and got a login prompt via SSH.

  • user 'openhabian' apparently doesn't have SSH login rights.
  • Eventually, I discovered that I could log in as user=openhab, password=habopen

except... SSH'ing to 8101 and logging in as 'openhab' provides a very, very un-Bashlike shell where not even ls works as expected.

Regardless of whether I'll eventually want to log in to that seemingly weird shell, I'd like to at least get some way to SSH to the Pi and get a Bashlike shell, just so I can neatly SSH from Windows instead of having to keep physically juggling cables to switch back and forth.

I can think of a few possibilities:

  • Enable user 'openhabian' to log in via SSH
  • create a new user (say, 'bashuser') with full admin rights (member of the root and sudoer groups?) whose default shell is bash
  • do something so that if I ssh to port 8101 and log in as 'openhab', I get the weird shell. If I ssh to the default ssh port 22 and log in as 'openhab', I get bash.

In the past, I would have just added a line to /etc/passwd and expected it to work. However, I've used Linux long enough (though not a whole lot recently) to know that newer (and especially specialized) distros really don't like when you go edit system files behind their back.

So... what's the proper, approved way to get a SSH'able Bash(-like) shell in OpenHAB(-ian)?

20:04 UTC


Musiccast binding question

Oh Newbie here so sorry if this seems like a basic question, but i am having trouble getting very simple rules to work with the musiccast binding.

Binding is installed and working, and i have added my equipment (each device on its own IP address so adding from binding was easy). I setup the virtual bridge as well.

Using OH 4 under Openhabian install (very recent so all up to date).

Now I want to create some simple rules to control music streaming under various scenes.

I was able to get power on and off working, as well as mute, but incannot get the Yamaha extended controls working because none of them appear in the drop down action list for the item of equipment. E.g., play, pause, play_pause, previous, next, fast_reverse_start, fast_reverse_end, etc. Are all defined commands from the http interface that Yamaha published. I can use these commands via http, but i cannot figure out how to make them work in a rule via channel control on a musiccast equipment item. Unlike power, they do not appear in the drop down list of channel actions.

If these are not imemented in binding fully, how can i extend the binding to add?

Fyi the http command would invoken as follows: Http://192.168.x.y/v1/netusb/selfPlayback?playback="next"

.. for the next track command

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19:18 UTC


Ecobee door/window sensor in openHAB?

I am interested in apt installing openHAB on my Raspberry Pi (already running pihole) so I can control my HVAC system's on/off state if a door or window is open. Is this a supported scenario with openHAB? I used to do this with Home Assistant but ran into too many headaches during system upgrades and recoveries. Thanks!

18:17 UTC

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