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Configure TP-Link TL-SG108E web interface to be accessible from only 1 vlan?


I'm new to the home networking space and was looking into TP-Link TL-SG108E due to its low price point as I'm on a low budget.

I had a question about security. If i setup different Vlans on this managed switch, is there a way to only allow access to it's web interface from one vlan (and not all of them)

Was reading some other forums and noticed this was an issue in the past. Not sure if this changed with the recent firmware update (2023-02-20) where it states " Upgraded the management protocol of Easy Smart switches to enhance security."

Appreciate any help

21:07 UTC


Deco s4

Hi guys, I’m trying to connect a Phillips hue bridge to my deco s4 via Ethernet. I have my system in access point mode. The main deco is plugged into the router downstairs in the living room, the second is in the kitchen down the hall and the third is upstairs in my bedroom. None of the decos are using EB, they are all hopping off one another. I’m trying to connect my Phillips hue bridge to the deco in my bedroom however I’m not getting a Ethernet connection to my bridge or my tv which I tried for testing purposes. Do I need to connect 1 deco to another and use EB to allow the deco in my bedroom to get a connection over Ethernet or should it work over WIFI?

My router is a virgin media hub five.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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12:13 UTC


TP-Link TL-R470T+ load balancing, high latency

I'm using TP-Link TL-R470T+ for load balancing two internet ISP, here is the situation:

Connection 1: DSL / Connection 2: LTE

The second connection is faster and more stable

The Load Balancer router increases download speed successfully but I'm having problems with latency, it's low for a minute or two and then goes up horribly and goes down again. Any suggestions how to prevent that? Is there any specific configurations? Or this router just doesn't work properly in the area it's advertised for?!!

11:00 UTC


Using an Archer AX53 in router mode behind an AVM Modemrouter with same address space

Hi everyone! I have been trying to get this working for a while and always fail. I have a main Router (Fritzbox) that connects to the Internet and an Archer AX53 and two Repeaters (all wired via Gigabit) in my house. If I use the Archer as "AP" then everything works, but most of the features of the TP Link system are unavailable. I would like to use these though, so I need the Archer to run in "Router Mode" but of course I want it to allow the Fritzbox to do all the DHCP stuff and I want both to run in the 192.168.178.xxx address space.

How can I achieve this? I found a tutorial in YT, but that was for an older TP Link and didn't work for me.


09:01 UTC


Help, TP-link EAP110 outdoor doesn’t share internet

hi, I’m using a TP-link EAP110 outdoor to share internet for several sensors in a factory.

  • when I configurated the EAP110 and prove it in my office it worked very well, but not in the factory i mentioned before. ( I mean in my office the Wi-Fi of the eap110 have internet, but when it is connected in that factory the Wi-Fi not)
  • in the place are an internet point that works when I connect my laptop, but not with the eap110.
  • the system manager of the factory says that the internet point has a dynamic ipv4.
  • the same thing happens with the tp link cpe220.
  • the ethernet cables area well and works well with laptops.

I’m not a system technician or communication technician so I don’t know enough about that kind of things.

01:28 UTC


HELP - ArcherMR600 + sim card 4gb Internet - NAT issues.

Before I go totally crazy can some please help me figure out why I cannot change my NAT type, Port Foward or DMZ my console.

As statued I'm running a Archer M600 with a Vodafone sim card as my internet (it was the fastest option available in my area). I recently got into online gaming but NAT 3 or Strict NAT is being the bane of my existence.

Is it even possible to get to NAT 2 on this setup?

01:05 UTC


At wits end trying to create a IP passthrough for Plex

Hello all,

I am my wits end right now. I have been trying everything I know to get this to work without success. I recently installed a Decco AX55 mesh router to better access some dark spots I have. The Decco replaces a Archer A7 router. It is connected to a ATT BWG210 wireless modem router. The ATT has all wireless turned off.

The Decco has my Plex entertainment system plugged into it. What I am trying to do is create an IP passthrough from the Decco to the BWG so that I can watch my movies abroad.

Decco AX55 IP


Needed port for passthrough 32400

Can anyone break down what im doing wrong before I pull out all my hair?!

23:57 UTC


RE705X VS RE815XE (Range)

Hi, I have this weird setup where I am running a powerline TP link deco setup in my cave. The garage, located in the same underground facility can pick up the signal using the wifi extender RE705X. I don't seek great speeds but in perfect condition I get a solid 20mbps (my line is rated at 150mbps) which is more than enough.The problem is when the parking lot gets full, reception obviously tanks and makes it unreliable (at night).

Will upgrading to a RE815XE improve the situation by getting something more constant like 99% of the time (Range not just speed)? The distance between the powerline router and the wifi extender is about 30 meters and one porous concrete wall.

The RE705X is currently mounted 3m high on the wall.

23:36 UTC


Parental controls just not working.

Hey, I was curious on if anyone has experienced an issue with parental controls not working for Deco? I tried to configure a parental control profile to block Discord on my childs device, but it isn't working. I tested with Discord on both my mobile device(iphone) and desktop PC and it just doesnt work for the site.I tried the main site address, login page address, even the IP but nada. Testing with other sites like facebook and youtube I can see it works initially, but after trying a couple times it just lets me get to the site. So it really doesnt seem to be working. Oddly enough I tested using my banks website and its blocking that properly. I apologize if this has been posted before, and thanks.

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22:59 UTC


Do not buy XE75 pro (returned it)

XE75 pro does not work with wan

Ie if you have a fibre box it fails to setup the wan, replaced with a x20 and instantly works

So annoyed returning to pb tech now (Nz ONT based fibre setup)

Update: for some reason x20 works with VLan disabled , but the XE75 pro MUST have VLan :10 selected

Was very close to not figuring this out till I saw a PB tech review stating exactly this!!!

PHEW it works now. Ahhhh see my reply further down for details

22:05 UTC


RE200 v5 bootloader request

Hello everyone, I've accidentally bricked my RE200 during a firmware upgrade, and after checking on serial it won't boot anymore.

The firmware available in the tp link website does not contain the bootloader. Is there any way I could get the bootloader for this device?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

18:23 UTC


Questions on BE 63

Hi, I am thinking of selling my Eero Max 7 I have as it has been a bit unstable with the firmware updates it’s received, it’s also a bit overkill and in my house it’s range isn’t the best, so rather then spend another £500 to £600 on a second one, I live in the UK, I was thinking of moving to the TP Link Deco BE 63 (65 in the UK) which for a 3 pack isn’t much more. I am about to get gigabit internet. I am hoping to get away with using only 2 units one in the hallway and one on the landing, I have a decent cat 6 cable to connect them for wired backhaul, and then I will plug in 2 devices upstairs, my PS5 and works laptop, and downstairs will have the security camera base station and phone plugged in. 2.5GGBPS should be fine, but I heard that they can use the 6GHZ channel and the Ethernet both at the same time for backhaul,and this slows down wireless devices? Is that true?

Also is TP Link more reliable then Eero? I have had random drop outs on my works laptop VPN and dislike how much Eero lock behind a paywall subscription. I was looking at ASUs but I don’t need all the options they have and their upcoming WiFi 7 Mesh systems lack multi gig ports, they have 2 10GB ports then the rest are gigabit, so future proofing is limited.

I have only ever had TP Link smart plugs, never their routers but I see they are popular. Also do the BE63 have fans in them?

I did have the Eero Pro 6, 2 of them but they run very hot and only have 2 Ethernet ports, I feel a bit disheartened with the Max 7, I think it’s spending that much for one of them and still it has a lot of features behind a paywall. Can you see the WiFi stats on TP Link and device usage with paying a subscription?

Also just to add, does the BE63 have 2X2 2.4ghz and 4X4 5GHZ and 4X4 6GHZ antennas?

16:10 UTC


I need help from you guys

This sure is a common but easy to fix problem(right?..) I bought a AX58 and I dont have internet, the light is orange, all the hardware is okay, even if I conect my old router everything is okay, so the problem is between the modem(NOKIAG-010G-P) and the AX58. Help me please

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15:51 UTC


Is there any plan for a pure router device for Deco, similar to the Omada ER605?

15:04 UTC


Deco BE95 WireGuard Support

OpenVPN turns my gig connection into a sub 300Mbps snail. Has anyone heard any info as to when WireGuard will be supported? I’ve seen there updated other Deco devices to support it so I would assume this version would be.

12:50 UTC


Mesh network speeds over distance?

TLDR: Can a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 mesh system like the TP-Link Deco X68 (AX3400) reliably deliver more than 400Mbps over a 12m (40ft) wireless backhaul?

I'm tossing up between 2x TP-Link Deco X68 ($307 AUD) and 2x XE75 Pro ($469 AUD) for a simple and uncongested, but reasonably spread-out home network over 1 floor, 250m^2 (<3000ft^2 ).

I've found a number of reviews on youtube for both systems, but no-one seems to give information on how a wireless backhaul performs that includes distances. My understanding is that distance + walls is the main factor here.

This is the scenario I'm in:

  • Starlink internet connection (tops out at around 200-250Mbps, theoretically). It's possible that a local broadband provider (NBN) will offer 400mbps Fixed Wireless connections in the near future, which I will switch to if it proves competitive.

  • 4 devices now, max 8 in the future - Mac Mini (6E), iPhone 13 mini (6), 3D-printer (2.4Ghz only), Sonos (2.4Ghz only)

  • Currently just using the Starlink Gen 2 router, which I understand is Wi-Fi 5, but no idea of the speed/strength.

  • When I check the wifi stats on the Mac Mini (Wi-Fi 6E), which is in the study about 15m away from that router through 2-3 wooden walls, it has the following:

    • Channel 149 (5GHz, 8MHz)
    • RSSI: -77 dBm
    • Noise: -88 to -92 dBm
    • Tx Rate: anywhere from 50 - 250Mb/s. < this seems to be all over the place, but I have no idea what I'm doing
  • The printer in the study seems to barely connect.

  • My phone gets about 10-20Mbps when sitting at the computer in the study, supposedly. It's pretty slow when using it.

My plan is to replace the Starlink router with an X68 or XE75 Pro, place another one right next to the door of the study about 12m (35-40 ft) away, with almost direct line of sight (imagine two doorways on opposite sides of a hall 40ft apart). The Mac and 3D printer will connect to that node. There is absolutely no option for a wired backhaul, and nowhere else to put the main router.

I get the impression that the XE75 Pro will be up to the task, but I have no idea what to make of the the X68 - will it keep up comfortably at that distance? Will I be spending an extra $160 for nothing if I get the XE75 Pro? I don't mind spending the money if it's the difference between 'maybe' and 'bombproof'.

Thanks for any insight you can offer.

08:10 UTC


Any update DNS over tls support in AX73 router

Any update on when dns over tls support will be implemented in AX73 router firmware. Are there any beta firmware update released with this feature. Even entry level asus routers support this feature since many years.

07:28 UTC


Is it possible to connect TP Link WiFi cameras to a TP Link NVR wirelessly?

We got 3 TP Link WiFi cameras mounted for a client by our cabler and I came out to configure them today and the NVR doesn't seem to have WiFi or the ability to detect WiFi cameras, we can see the SSID's of the cameras. This is the first time we've used TP Link stuff as we usually get Ubiquiti but the customers were cheap as and just wanted the cheapest available product. What is the process here?

03:07 UTC


CPE210 Issue

Hi, i need help with a CPE210 V2 that can't connect via LAN. Device was handed to me by a friend who never got it working by regular setup.

Device only shows Power LED on, LAN Led won't turn on even when LAN is connected to switch or PC.
LAN led will turn on only if i press the reset button with device power off, and turn it on while pressing the reset button. LAN and POWER leds both stay on.

Things that i've tried with no success:

- Normal setup with Lan network set to and trying to connect to device
- Connecting to to (Scanning LAN to find if IP was set to a different one.)
- Tried with Lan network and scanning LAN
- Tried the firmware recovery function with the tftpd32.exe program, and it never gets to find device or connect to it to recover firmware.

I tried all this with a tested and working power brick (POE/LAN) from another device, and tried with LAN directly from device to PC, and from device to Switch and Switch to PC.

Device wasn't disassembled before, screws were sealed. I did it and found out it has a serial port i can connect to, but i don't know the wiring diagram for it or how to do it exactly. I do have a FTDI FT232RL USB to Serial adapter i could use to connect and try to flash firmware directly to the board, but kinda needs the "explain like i'm five" steps for it.

Any help is welcome.

21:49 UTC


Be9300 access point Ethernet speed

Had a be9300 that I enjoyed as my main router, so ended up buying a second as an access point. Was able to set it up very easily as a wired backhaul, but the problem I’m having is that any device that I connect wired to it, the Ethernet speeds were slower than what I was getting before.

I have a 1.2gb internet connection, but I’m only getting around 300-400 downloads through the Ethernet ports on the one I’ve set up as an access point. I’ve literally tried everything I could think of. Even factory reseting both devices and switched out which one was the main router and still the same thing. The WiFi connection is amazing though, get above 1gb.

Anyone had this problem, any suggestions for a fix. Both device firmwares are up to date.

21:37 UTC


Setting up TP link network across a whole farm


I want to set up a WiFi system, covering a whole farm. I've made a map of the farm, which includes:

  1. farm house
  2. outdoor area (60m south)
  3. small cabin
  4. second house
  5. barn
  6. tool/machine house
  7. chicken coop
  8. outdoor area.


I've been using TP-link for quite a while, but never for anything like this. I see that they make outdoor products, but should I look into some kind of external antennas? It'll be possible to place outdoor antennas on top of some of the houses. I'd prefer if I don't have to run any cables from one house to another. Any ideas where to start?

19:27 UTC


How to extend antenna for a TP-Link 4G (TL-MR100) router?


For a project, I would like to use the router : TP-Link 4G LTE 150Mbps Wifi N 300Mbps TL-MR100 (i.e. https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B085PFRFKX) .

For technical reasons, I would like to install this router in a technical cabinet with other devices, in order to protect the router from the weather, as it needs to be located outside. Is there a way to extend the antenna so that it can be outside the electrical box? If so, what is the best solution?

Thank you in advance for your help!

16:04 UTC


Only getting 60Mbps from Deco M4R(EU) Version 2.0 - Even wired!

My triple Deco M4R system seems to be limited to 60Mbps. This doesn't seem to be a WiFi issue, because if I plug a laptop wired into port 2 on the primary deco (port 1 plugged into the upstream router that has 500Mbps connection) I still only get 60Mbps (WiFi is disabled on the laptop). If I plug the same laptop into the router directly I get 500Mbps.

How can I fix this?

15:52 UTC


DDNS / tplinkdns.com issue

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone has had this experience with tplink's dynamic DNS.

I've registered my router with the service and it works fine as far as that goes. I've done an incoming port forwarding rule to my server successfully, and that all works fine.

The problem is that name resolution is inconsistent. When I or friends attempt to connect to my service, we often get a "could not be resolved" error. But if we do an nslookup (nslookup x.tplinkdns.com) it resolves fine. And if we manually do that nslookup, then it gets added to the local dns cache and we can connect fine. That said, there is a very short TTL on the dns result, so we often end up having to do this frequently if we disconnect and then need to reconnect.

Note that this is happening even when not using a local dns server - I can be pointed to google at and this is the behavior we're seeing, so it's not like a local DNS server is screwing up. I honestly would have suspected something weird going on at the PC level, but this is happening to several people with multiple PCs in all sorts of different networking scenarios - home networks, cell networks, guest wifi while travelling, business networks, etc. And it is consistently ONLY my x.tplinkdns.com domain that is showing this behavior.

Obviously, I could fix this with a host file entry but then that defeats the purpose of DDNS.

If anyone has any idea what might be going on, I'd appreciate the input. Thanks!

15:02 UTC

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