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disconnect or fix C4 setup?

Hi everyone. First time, long time. I have an email into my dealer and I know that I'll be scheduling a service call.

I upgraded my Xfinity modem from an Arris Surboard with POTS to a Netgear CM1000. I think I received a DOA modem, but wanted to ask here to be sure. There's nothing that needs to be done on the Araknis router (I have 300) or the Araknis WAP, right? I should just be able to swap out the modems, have the new one activated and be good to go? All of my other "smart" stuff was connected to the WLAN and working.

I've had C4 for about 10 years now, and I love its consistency, however I feel like it's almost wasted on me because at this point I'm using it only to turn everything off or switch HDMI. I've never used any of the music functions, I don't have speakers around the house, and I never had any of my lighting connected. I'm thinking about having the Control4 part of my system disconnected, but I'd love to know what you all think. I'm pretty deep into the Apple ecosystem and have a Homekit setup that works great for me. I don't have any "scenes" in Homekit or C4 and doubt I'd use them.

When I have my tech out, should I have everything reconnected? I know this is really subjective, but I'd love to know what you all think.

I've LOVED having C4, and my installer/dealer is fantastic. It's been really hard, however, to justify the service call when it's a simple fix. Also, I HATE the remote. It's the big one with OS2.

17:40 UTC


C4 & Upgrade to LG G3 TV

We just upgraded from a LG C3 to a G3. Everything was working fine before the switch. With the IR sensor on the TV and the C4 remote, everything is turning ON, but the TV image is not switching. When I turn the whole system on (including the TV) the main TV home screen appears, but the audio from my Roku is playing. As a part of the TV home screen, is an HDMI icon. When I click on it using the TV remote, the image switches to match what's playing. ALSO, when I hit power off on the C4 remote, the system turns off, the IR sensor flashes, the TV goes black for a second, the Screensaver appears with the "no signal" message. So, the TV is not really turning off.

I would be so appreciative if someone could let me know if there's some setting on the TV that I'm missing to make all this work again. Thank you.

21:29 UTC


Any Mississauga Based Control4 Dealers?

As title says, I'm looking for a control4 dealer in or around Mississauga. Thanks!

09:48 UTC


Looking for an installer in Charlotte

I just moved and would like to add Control4 music capability and phase in other options later. I have over 30 speakers and would like surround sound as well. Can some recommend an installer in the area?

22:21 UTC


Xumo boxes

What is best way on the new xumo spectrum boxes. ir or ip? Any drivers out there? Or is it write my own?

16:54 UTC


Josh.ai Issues

I'm wondering what everyone's experience has been with a Control4/Josh.ai system? We've had our for ~8 months and are not satisfied!

  1. Voice commands are rarely recognized on the 1st attempt...if at all.
  2. Scenes will function normally for a short period of time, then will only partially execute. Example: our "Goodnight" scene essentially shuts everything down in the house and adjusts all thermostats. Additionally this scene is supposed to turn on the bedroom TV and tune it to a certain channel. Previously, it would turn on the TV and not tune to the correct channel. Now it doesn't even turn on the TV. (DISH Network, Sony Bravia TV)
  3. I can use Control4 to control music reasonably well. Sometimes Josh responds correctly, but 85% of the time it does not. (SIRUS XM and/or Spotify).
  4. Recently, Josh has started randomly muting our living room TV while we are watching anything, DISH or Streaming Services. Sometimes it will restore volume to the previously setting and other times not.

We are at our wits end with Josh. The sole reason we went with Josh.ai was because of the supposed superiority of the voice and NLP capabilities. Currently I feel Josh.ai is a POS!

Any recommendations are appreciated.

10:38 UTC


Qolsys 2 and control 4

Ok complete newbie here. Have a new build and builder is providing the qolsys panel. Talking to a home automation company to install Lutron shades and lighting and they are saying I will need the control4. Doesn’t the qolsys system do what control 4 would do anyways? Someone please explain what is the need to integrate control4 with qolsys ? Like the pros and cons? Thank you!!

20:16 UTC


2N EasyGate IP - Signal problem


I hope you can help me regarding 2N EasyGate IP. 

for some unknown reason, the device has a very weak 4G signal. signal strength is only 2 LEDs of 4. while on a smartphone the signal is of normal strength 100%. 

also if for example I move the device 1 meter in any direction, very often it immediately loses the 4g signal. and sometimes it won't connect again. 

Please tell me what could be a problem ? What I can try ? could it be a hardware problem ? 

Thank you

06:07 UTC


Becoming a Dealer and Training

I am new to Control 4 and I would like to get access to training and to become a dealer. I am a dealer for other control systems like URC, RTI, and QSys and Extron for commercial but I would like to get into Control 4 as I have 1 customer requesting it and I think it might be a good fit for other projects. I contacted Control4 through the online web page to become a dealer a few weeks ago and they have not gotten back to me.

Anyone know the process and costs to become a dealer? I know SnapAV is usually responsive and I thought they had the same sales/support team.

22:33 UTC



Hello everyone. Hoping someone can give me some help. Currently have a control 4 system. For some reason 2 of my zones is not working with AirPlay. I’m able to watch tv with audio but not able to play music with AirPlay. Has anyone had this issue before ?

13:13 UTC


Indoor Cameras?

Hi there-

I'm a Nest user unhappy with the increase to the Nest Aware pricing. I have a couple indoor cameras that I have turn on while we are away from home facing the entry points of our home. As I live in a condo, I cannot make any mods to the outside of our unit, so outdoor security cams are out of the question.

Just wondering if there are any indoor cameras that don't look too commercial that I could use via WiFi that can be monitored and integrated into Control 4.

Thanks in advance for the insight!

14:48 UTC


Core 3

Hey everyone, I’m looking to a control4 system for multi room audio (Sonos). We have roughly 7/8 zones. Would a core 3 be suitable for this or would we need a core 5? Thanks

18:10 UTC



Hey everyone , what are you all using for door locks and deadbolts ? On snap it shows all the door locks as discontinued .

20:01 UTC


Control 4 dealer in phoenix AZ

Looking for a reliable control 4 dealer who also deals with other home theater stuff. Particularly have some outdoor speakers connected to my system that aren’t working properly that need to be set up. Any suggestions on someone/a company that is reliable? Thanks.

23:28 UTC


Which controller or controllers should I use

Ok, new to control4 here, currently using URC remotes throughout my home but taking the control4 plung but I want to get some advice on which controller to use.

My set up has 4 rooms/zones with 4 more possibly being added later.

Each zone is tv/audio from the tv.

Music is powered by sonos

Big concern right now is tv control, plan on using the standard halo remotes. Eventually I would like to add lighting.

Which controller or controllers would you recommend? Could it all be run off a core 1 or would I need a core 3? Could I use a core 1 now and add a second when/if I added the other zones?

00:11 UTC


Screen logic

Does anyone one know if Control 4 will be able to work with Sceen logic in the near future? Would like to be able to ty my pool features into my control 4 panels.

23:15 UTC


Nvidia Shield Factory Reset C4 Remote

I factory reset my nvidia shield to fix some issues with the shield but now my control 4 remote no longer connects despite fixing the IP address.

Does a c4 engineer need to fix this or is there something I'm meant to install to enable the c4 remote without calling an engineer?


21:54 UTC


Temp & Humidity Sensors

What do folks use for Temp and Humidity sensors? I've got some museum-grade art that's in cases and I would like to get sensors in there for monitoring.

I've been looking at:

  1. The HOBO UX100 which is a museum grade setup, but there's no Control4 integration.
  2. The Unifi Protect All-In-One, which would likley integrate with existing Unifi drivers, but that seems end-of-life already.

I'm open to solutions. Ideally native to control4, but anything with a C4 driver is good. Battery powered is fine.

18:31 UTC


Replacing Control4 Tablet with Pixel Tablet

I was wondering if anyone has done this. I just purchased a house with a Control4 system in it, but it doesn't integrate with more modern devices, so I was hoping to replace it.

After googling how to remove the in-wall tablet, it seems extremely difficult to remove (and more so to add it back). That said, once removed, the plugs behind it look incompatible with other things. So I was wondering if anyone has gone through this before.

17:25 UTC


Control4 with Somfy blinds


I want to control Somfy blinds with Control4. Does anyone happen to have experience on how I can do this? In the Netherlands I cannot use the Somfy Tahoma box in Control4. I have looked at RTS transmitters, but what kind of driver and configuration could I use to control them in Control4? Is this possible with an API connection to the Tahoma Switch or is it better with direct RTS control?

09:11 UTC


Control 4 no longer controlling my Anthem receiver after power outage

Hi all - at a bit of a loss trying to figure out what to fix here. After a very brief power flicker within my home my Neeo remote seems no longer connected to my MRX 1140. My receiver works fine if done manually and the control 4 is able to control everything else ( Apple TV, TV, direct tv etc ). But it's unable to turn on the receiver and even if its manual turned on the volume etc will not work remotely so is not talking with the AVR at all it seems.

Things I have tried:
- Full power cycle on every device
- Made sure all connections and cords are correctly in
- Asked dealer and everything on there end seems fine and were able to get in but not resolve it remotely
- Checked the remote control setting on Anthem and its toggled to IP + RS32
- Receiver seems to be hardwired to ethernet and function when going into network setting

Any ideas on what else to try?

15:11 UTC


Apple TV iOS 17.4 Issue

Hi All - looks like my Apple TV might have updated to 17.4 overnight and now my Control4 is not responsive with it (everything was working just fine yesterday). I am using IR control and the flasher is responding to commands. Is anyone else having issues like this? Not sure here if this is something that needs a tech or if something has changed. I’ve rebooted the Apple TV and the EA-1/remote control. Every other source is still working as expected. Thoughts?

13:16 UTC


Comfort Icon not Displaying Properly

Anyone know why the comfort icon would stop displaying the temp and how to fix it?

02:05 UTC


Inherited 15 Year Old Control4 System

We bought a house that came with a Control4 system; it's probably 15+ years old. I seem to remember finding an old invoice and it was dated 2008 or 2009. We have many dimmers and a screen that doesn't seem to work anymore. We removed the thermostat a long time ago to replace with an Ecobee. We also replaced the old light bulbs with LED ones as the old ones were power hogs and actually one of my circuit breakers kept tripping - specifically if I had all the lights on and tried to vacuum the room for example. (I do hear a buzzing in one of the rooms so there seems to be a mismatch between the bulbs and the dimmer.)

The previous owners also connected fountains and gas fireplaces to the Control 4 (via the switches).

I love the dimmers, but they seem to be going bad one by one. One went bad last year (it was super hot to the touch and it flashed red if I remember). Now 2 more started going bad. One dimmer doesn't light up anymore. One still lit up but nothing happens when I try to turn on the light. My dimmers are all LDZ-102-X models. There are maybe 3 rooms with custom light switch panels. One panel had modes like "Home" "Away" "Party" (ha). The other panel turned on and off specific lights like "Niche" "Patio" etc. The previous owners spent quite a bit of money on this system. I believe there were a few invoices and IIRC, they totalled to $15-30K.

Anyways - It seems that my dimmers are no longer available and I have to buy them on Ebay.

My electrician thinks I should switch to completely different set of dimmers. I don't want to replace good expensive switches with cheap ones just to get them all to match. In a different property, I've used Lutron dimmers, and they're fine. They're quite expensive, but they're fine.

I'm going to call a dealer tomorrow and will see what my options are from their perspective.

If I can replace my controller and display for a few thousand and get it all to work.. replacing old dimmers with new as they all break down, I would be good with staying with the system. Should I expect the rest of my switches to go bad one by one? Is 15-20 years their expected lifetime? I'm not sure I want to keep scouring ebay for dimmers everytime one goes bad. I probably have 50 of these dimmers, and I doubt I'll keep finding them.

If I can't even replace my controller without a whole system upgrade (I'm seeing posts on this thread where that may be the case at a cost of $10K+).. well.. I will just say this isn't the highest priority in my list. I would rather install a pool heater first for that money. I could probably fit it in the budget within a year or so. I'm wondering if it's worth it.. I do love my home automation. I have Ring devices, Ecobee thermostat as I've mentioned, Hayward automatic pool controller, etc.

Wondering what you all would do. Any tips?

01:34 UTC


Philips Wiz Lighting: A Warning

By no means should Wiz lighting be used at a scale larger than a single room or two. I am currently attempting to integrate Wiz lighting in a 7500sqft home where every can light and bulb was replaced with a Wiz can/bulb.

Each bulb/can light gets its own IP address. There are chandeliers in here that have 20+ IP addresses each. The driver for them doesn't pull any kind of metadata. I'm losing my grip on reality. There's hundreds of them. My boss only quoted 1 day of labor.

19:28 UTC


Best Wi-Fi light switch

In a jam Have no zigbee in a basement Whats the best WiFi switch and driver for c4 controller

11:51 UTC


Composer HE Error: Lost connection with Director

Composer Home Edition 3.4.1. Attempting to connect to local connection I get the following error: The connection with Director was lost.

New to Control4. First user asking for Composer HE that my rep has encountered. Also, when connecting via the customers Web Portal It appears that I have a successful connection but when I click on my automations on When > Then I get prompted to create a backup. Clicking on the button does nothing. I am not able to edit any automations. However, existing automation appear to be running as designed. Any ideas?

23:49 UTC


Control4 App spotify connect trouble

Hi everyone. I have connect4 that helps to play music throughout my house and on listen it is linked to my spotify account. but now i can’t use anything but spotify connect and it seems the entire app wont let me play music at all. I went on my spotify account and unlinked connect4 to it but it still shows on the actual app and i can’t remove it. any advice ?

19:23 UTC


How to dissamble or open Control4 HALO remote

Hi, Did anyone tried to open HALO remote control? My one gone faulty, has no power nothing and it is out of warranty, i would like to check if possible to change battery or check charging cables.

14:03 UTC

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