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Mobile Credential - iOS - Invitation Link Issue

I’ve added countless employees in the past, but this week I’m getting an error with an employee’s iOS mobile credential.

I’ve tried to email and text the Mobile Credential link to the employee, but the Alarm.com app won’t open on their phone to accept the credential when the invitation link is pressed, only a browser opens.

I’ve tried installing the app and re-installing it. No luck.

Our alarm provider said it is a known issue and they are working closely with alarm.com. There wasn’t a timeline given for the fix, but this is a serious issue as it is how we provide employees access to sites.

Anyone else having issues? Does Alarm.com monitor this sub for problems?


15:07 UTC


Introducing Alarm.com Connected Fleet

A cloud-based vehicle management system on the ‍Alarm.‍com‍ for Business platform


Extend your security system beyond the walls of your business and into the drivers’ seats of company vehicles with Connected Fleet!

Total awareness You can now manage fleet maintenance needs, evaluate driving behaviors, and track vehicle locations in real-time with the Connected Fleet Enterprise and Single-System Dashboards.

Efficiency driven It’s easy to monitor your fleet's fuel consumption and efficiency to save money. Get notifications when vehicles are low on fuel or encounter trouble conditions, such as a check engine light or dangerous driving behaviors.

Scale to fit your business Whether handling small, mid-sized, or large business operations, Connected Fleet ensures our ‍24‍/‍7‍ security and management technologies for up to 100 vehicles per location – with an unlimited location capacity.

Less work, more results Fleet Trip Reports are available on demand for a breakdown of fleet operations. They can even have them sent to their email automatically on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

22:04 UTC


Switching from ADT Command to a DYI

I have seen this topic a couple of times, I have a ADT command panel ( which is pretty crappy ). I think in all I have about 20 first floor window and doors sensors. All Honeywell six sensors, how would I go about purchasing a Qolsys iq4 and not have the burden of changing all the sensors. All sensors include the 20 windows sensors, 2 PIR sensors, Co2 and smoke combined six detector. I don’t have any cameras connect in house nor outside to ADT. I’m just trying to think of the best route to go at this point. If I have to replace all the sensors and smoke/co2 it’s gonna cost a pretty penny. I only pay ADT 31 bucks a month with video included ( even though I don’t use the video ). So at a price point, it’s okay and it serves it purpose being I only kept it because of the ADC integration.

09:35 UTC


Summer 2024 SWE Intern

Is anyone here going for the SWE intern in Tysons, VA? I am currently looking for housing.

19:20 UTC


Need Temperature sensor recommendations

Just joined alarm.com with a Qolsys panel, and a Honeywell T6 Pro thermostat. I am looking for a temperature sensor I can put in the bedroom to adjust the thermostat automatically based on that temp. Does anyone have any recommendations?

22:23 UTC


Upcoming Alarm.com Automatic Firmware Update - 2GIG EDGE v1.2

As part of an effort to improve customer experience, ‍Alarm.‍com‍ and Nice North America (2GIG) are planning to send the latest EDGE 1.2 firmware update to eligible panels.

These OTA updates will be sent to all EDGE panels currently on firmware versions 1.0 and 1.1, and will be completely free of charge. The latest EDGE 1.2 firmware update contains several enhancements that significantly improve overall performance and stability.

To minimize any inconvenience, panel updates will only take place during daylight hours, and updates will only be sent to disarmed panels.

The panel will reboot when the update is complete.

Alarm.com will initiate updates on April 1st 2024 and expect to be completed by the end of May 2024.

21:47 UTC


Professional installation and adding more DiY sensors later

Hi all! I have a quote for a professional installation of IQ panel 4 with sensors. I'm wondering if i would save any money by cutting down on some of the sensors and purchasing/installing them myself later. Will this help with my initial cost and where would I purchase those sensors from (motion, fire, CO2 etc)? I assume these are powerG sensors.


22:30 UTC


New Rules for ‍Alarm.‍com‍ Smart Chime

Property owners with multiple video doorbells can now have each device play a unique chime. This ensures you always know which door to answer. Additionally, you can create time-bound rules — for example, silencing your chime every day during nap time.


What’s new

  • Increased control: Create time-bound rules to silence the chime during certain hours or play fun chimes during holidays.
  • Greater awareness: Multiple doorbells on a property? Now you can select different chime tones, so you always know which door to answer.

Alarm.‍com‍ Smart Chime

  • Easy customization: Home or business owners can choose from a range of unique chime tones right from the app or website.
  • Stronger signal: The chime acts as a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi repeater, ensuring the strongest possible signal inside and outside of the property.
  • Wide compatibility: The chime works with all Alarm.com video doorbells and is a required accessory for the 780B Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB780B).
20:17 UTC


So Frontpoint Contract Expiring... and...

Is it time to bounce? Frontpoint is gone and I have, for some reason, a distaste for My Alarm Center/Alert360 (could be unfair, but the merger or buyout seemed handled badly).

Feels like they are just collecting the money and nothing else. No gear list, no offers, nothing really in the web site.

What have you all done ?

A little background, I started with Frontpoint and Simon XT, shifted to their new panel/box (no sensor changes), So been with them for years (10). Heck, my original window sensors still operate and have not changed a battery and are still reporting and chime when opened (OK. have not done this year's test yet). Have some video and environmental (CO2, Fire, Flood), and my thermostat and could of outlets.

I have a lot of ground floor windows btw... lol.. so no really in the mood to swap a ton of gear out, just getting folks impressions of 360 and perhaps any Alarm.com alternative partners or a clean way to do a break?


19:26 UTC


Compatible ZWAVE Devices?

Looking at both the Alarm.com and Qoylos compatibly list, is it me or is the list like way out of date. The newest list I can find is dated back in 2021.

I am looking for lighting controls for my new system and almost all of them are no longer available anywhere to purchase.

I am a Smarthings user as well and that might be a way to get around the outdated list when the two accounts are bridged together.

Anyone else finding this as an issue?

I have the IQP4 panel if that helps any.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

15:01 UTC


Zwave thermostat saved me!! Love this monthly hvac report!

This monthly report from surety (alarm.com provider) alerted me to an AC problem. Unit is only a year old, under warranty. Hvac tech came out, found that the indoor coil they installed was leaking. They are replacing it under warranty next day, for free. I’m glad I found this before it got too warm this year. I’m in Texas and in just a few more weeks, it will heat up, and a bunch of people will find out their AC is broken, and parts will take a lot longer to find, and schedules will be busy with hvac companies. So glad to have this data and reports. Saved me last year too when my other unit was working, but had long cycle times, causing it to use lots of electricity. Fixed it, and back down to 15-20min cycle times.


01:50 UTC


Introducing Alarm.com Familiar Vehicle Analytics

Now you can know exactly whose cars are coming and going. Alarm.com Familiar Vehicle Analytics lets you identify specific vehicles as familiar to receive customized alerts when either known or unknown cars are detected.


As the first to know when familiar or unfamiliar vehicles arrive at your property, you can respond proactively to visitors or intruders before they even exit their cars. The goal is not just to provide you with more targeted awareness but to enable enhanced proactive response.


20:26 UTC


Can I connect to these?

Just bought a house with these all over. Can I connect to them? There was an ADT panel inside that wouldn’t stop beeping, so I ripped it out. Was that needed for these?

16:48 UTC


Consider switching from SMS to push notifications

From ADC:

We have communicated previously about changes to the carrier gateways that we rely on to send SMS and MMS notifications. Recently, T-Mobile made changes that impacted our ability to send messages with media attachments; a few weeks later, we saw full disruption to SMS messages sent via the Sprint gateway. (Sprint was acquired by T-Mobile in ‍2020‍, but many customers still have SMS numbers that they have set up to receive messages via the Sprint gateway.)

We expect these types of disruptions to continue for SMS users; while we have no plans to remove SMS/MMS capabilities for now, we will be making an active effort to encourage the use of push notifications wherever possible.

As part of this active effort to reduce SMS usage, we will soon be launching an optional Push Notification Migration Tool within the app, encouraging select customers to migrate their notifications from their SMS contact over to their push device. If they choose to migrate their notifications, their SMS contact will be removed from the notifications (but not from their address book) and replaced with their push notification device. Initially, we will target only the simplest scenario - customers with exactly 1 SMS contact and 1 push device – and only for SMS contacts that are designated as belonging to networks that have been more problematic for SMS recently – Sprint, T-Mobile, and Rogers. We’ll keep an updated status of rollout at the top of this article. We understand some customers will continue to want to use SMS, so this tool will be an optional prompt that can be dismissed when presented to the user upon login.


21:54 UTC


Need help with 2gig Edge jumper wire for external antenna

Hello, I have a 2gig edge panel with poor signaling and have bought an external antenna to hopefully fix the issue.

The problem is I don’t have the jumper cable required to make it work. 2gig is no help and told me to just buy another panel.

Does anyone know where I can get one of these jumper wires from? Or what kind of connectors do that I may be able to use a 3rd party wire, thanks!

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16:18 UTC


Alarm.com Video Settings for Mobile App Redesigned

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19:22 UTC


Wifi to PoE conversion

I have 3 caméra ADC-VC827P plugged with the poe to wifi bridge ADC-W110 adapter My NVR is the ADC-CSVR126 2TB

Im losing connection something and wanted to hard wired it. Bought everything to convert it but it seems to not work. I bought a Poe Switch because the NVR don’t have PoE ports

My switch is TP-Link TL-SF1009P

I wired the camera to a Poe port on the switch, Wired the switch to my router and my router is wired to the NVR

Now, I can’t manage to get the video on the alarm.com app/website

I can’t figure out what I missed

Can you please help me with this ?

I can provide further information


17:18 UTC


Third party cams w audio


Has anyone been able to get third party cameras working with audio? We have video but the audio doesn’t work. Alarm.com has given mixed messages about this and wondering if anyone here has tried with success?


17:02 UTC


With Alexa is there any simple way to "arm away"?

I have to say "hey Alexa ask alarm.com to run away scene"

Is there anyway I can say "hey Alexa arm house"?

Either through changing a setting somewhere or just redirecting the phrase "hey Alexa arm house" to "hey Alexa ask alarm.com to run away scene"?

Edit: Creating a routine worked!

05:33 UTC


Power G Deadbolts

Any use one of these new Power G Deadbolts? I have a Yale deadbolt connecting to my Qolsys via zwave and I works fine but I really want a deadbolt that will Auto Unlock when I’m in range and I can’t seem to make this work with my current set up. I’ve tried creating a Siri shortcut and it will work with my garage door but not my front door.

I’m considering replacing it with a deadbolt that is compatible with Apple Homekit which I think will do what I want but seeing as I work for a security integrator I would prefer to keep my security automation within ADC.

Anyone have any experience with the power g deadbolts or have any other thoughts?

01:57 UTC


Apple Watch notifications

I’m going nuts trying to get notifications from the Alarm.com app to show up on my Apple Watch. I’ve checked all the obvious settings: Push notifications are enabled on the app. Notifications are enabled for the app on the iPhone. Background app refresh is enabled on the iPhone. Mirror iPhone alerts is enabled for the Alarm.com app in the notifications section of the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.

Am I missing something?


03:38 UTC


Los Angeles installer

I reached out to a vendor that was listed on Alarm.com. I got a proposal that had very inflated hardware prices and a bunch of things that I didn't need. It was a turn off.

I am pretty tech savvy and considering the DIY route. I would get the hardware myself and a plan from one of the virtual providers like alarmsystemstore.com or alarmclub.com (I wish Surety had commercial plans)

My system would be made up of video cameras, SDVR, an access control panel (ADC-AC-X1100-2PSE) & readers (ADC-AC-ET10), and a IQ Panel 4 and would eventually have multiple locations.

But it would be good to have help with the install. Anyone recommend a vendor in the Los Angeles area that is willing to help with just the install? [door strikes/hardware and wiring are already in place]

01:57 UTC


2TB Drive recommendations for SVR-122

I see an older thread, but there isn't a lot of data, I thought I would make a new post to ask again. Has anyone found 2.5 drives that work other than the WD Blue? I am sure the Blue would work, but its not really rated for surveillance applications.

Alarm.com apparently uses this one, but its basically impossible to find. ST2000VT000

The closest I could find is the Skyhawk, which should work but I am concerned about compatibility: 2TB ST2000LV000.

Has anyone tested that model or any others?

15:15 UTC


SD Card or SVR?

Alert: noobie question! I am looking at getting a few ADC-VC838PF cameras for a commercial setting. I read these cameras allows recording to an installed SD card. If I do that, trying to understand the benefit or purpose of a getting a Commercial Stream Video Recorder?

01:01 UTC


Buying a new house w/ Alarm.com devices and need advice

I am buying a house that includes a Qolsys IQ, Honeywell Pro Z wave thermostat, kwikset home connect 620, Deako smart switches, and an Alarm.com doorbell.

I am coming from Google products that I am abandoning as well as an Abode alarm system.

My main goal is to have everything controlled with as few apps as possible as well as HomeKit, google home, or Alexa (whichever works best). I assume I will pay for home security monitoring from Alarm. Com since the house is set up already for it.

All that being said I need recommendations for camera systems. I don’t love the idea of getting cameras from alarm.com, are there any systems out there that are cheaper and can integrate well? I am considering getting a camera system I can integrate into HomeKit along with a bridge for the alarm.com products.

In addition to that main question can you arm/ disarm alarm.com with any of those smart speakers?

Any help is appreciated.

02:20 UTC


Cameras showing wrong date/time


I work for an org that utilizes alarm.com security and we discovered that at some of our locations the date and time on our camera feeds is showing as 1970. I have been working to try and get this fixed with our rep, but everything they tell us hasn't worked or they just do not respond.

So far we have verified the main switch stack that the camera switch is hooked up to has the correct date and time. I have power cycled the DVR, camera switch, and switch stack. I have checked the NTP settings of the switch and everything looks fine.

Has anybody else had this issue before and if so how did you resolve it?

Thank you!

14:26 UTC


Anyone know if possible to completely silence touch screen UI beeps when using 2Gig GC2? I already have the volume turned down all the way.

Not the trouble conditions.

Not the exiting sounds.

I just want to silence when I use the system early in the morning and every time I touch the UI it beeps so loud.

Yes I already have the volume turned down all the way.

15:51 UTC


MyQ Garage Door Status Sync

I have a MyQ garage door system and was previously controlling them in the MyQ app. When I switched from MyQ to alarm.com, it seems to work fine, but if I use the physical garage door opener as opposed to the app the status is not kept in sync. Is this a bug or expected?

19:48 UTC


Canceling alarmdotcom

Hey, I’ve been thinking about canceling my alarmdotcom subscription. I don’t use the system to arm and at the monthly price point I’m not getting the value I need.

Has anyone had luck re-programming the contact sensors and CO sensors to something else without a monthly fee?

12:22 UTC


ADC mobile Live View

Customer has : iPhone XR on late ios 16 Reports when on cellular camera live view fails immediately. Will always fail. Another user in the home uses a different model phone and reports can see live view. Customer CAN see cameras on mobile on wifi but the second she turns on lte poof disconnects. Ran speed test, reports atleast 50 mbps Downloads app like nothin. I can login as customer and view cameras no issue.

Had update for ADC app on customer phone. Updated to newest firmware, still no resolve.

Edit: found answer to issue while posting, deleted app, redownloaded. Even after just downloading that update. This fixed it.

GGs ADC. Rule of thumb either delete the rule, notification, device, app and rebuild/download. If that dosnt work you probably won’t get it to work without support

19:13 UTC

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