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Anything relating to defending your home and family.

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Anything relating to defending your home and family.


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U.K Self Defence - What can I wear to defend myself?

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11:09 UTC


Swann vs reolink

Hi team - looking at POE Reolink or Swann system, with the addition of a battery Swann swifi cam. Want to know if the apps are the same and have the same features etc? I do want rich notifications but if Swann’s app isn’t as good then perhaps Reolink is the go.

Context: I have a full Reolink system set up at a different property, with 4k POE cameras x 5 and one Reolink duo 2 wifi. The poe cameras are good - good quality, timing can be wrong and a little annoying but not a big issue. The duo 2 is on a gate approx 150m from house, and for notifications it is good, however does not provide rich notifications which would be very, very useful.

The rich notification is the reason for wanting to go with swan and using one of their swifi cameras. I could combine a Reolink poe but thought i might aswell get all one system, hence the swann poe nvr instead.

So to help make my decision - is the Swann app and Reolink app similar? Do they have the same options for choosing zones and both have ai recognition for cars etc? Does anyone have a good solution for getting rich notifications?

I ask as whilst the info is somewhat available on their sites, I do find it interesting how long it took for me to understand when swann says ‘upscaled 4k’ it’s not actually 4k.

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

02:50 UTC


Looking for a single outdoor camera for my entrance and an indoor camera for my pets. Any assistance appreciated!

Hey Guys,

I am looking for 2 cameras:

An outdoor camera that has a view for my font entrance area. (Stairs on a second floor).

-If possible, something that requires little to no drilling, as my condo is part of an HOA. I doubt they'll allow me to drill into the walls. But if need be, i can figure something out.

-It alerts me to motion

-If possible, works on wifi.

And a second Indoor camera for my pets:

-Mostly just something that live streams that i can just open my phone and check into.

-Id like to mound it to the top corner of my wall so i have good coverage.

-Maybe something I can talk through.

-Side question- Do cameras that live stream take up a lot of internet data?

Thank you very much!

17:30 UTC


Unique security camera setup

I need a wired security camera that runs to my computer that I can view remotely through my cell phone. Reason I need it wired is because my wifi is trying to deal with too many wireless connections already and I don't want to test it any further. I don't want this camera randomly kicked off because of too many connections. I don't have control over the wifi so I'm pretty much stuck with this being my only option. I appreciate other suggestions but this is how it's gotta get done.

What kind of setup am I talking about here? I'm not sure what software or what camera is suitable to my needs.


00:52 UTC


[Discussion] Looking for better camera at night

I am running an IPC-HDW2431R-ZS in my living room. The angle is good, during the day the image is good, size of camera is good... but at night i would like color image and not so grainny / pixelly.

Since i have had this camera for a few years now there must be a better solution. I know about the 5442 serie but that is EOL for a while now right?

Budget is 300 to 400/ 500 euro. Closer to 300 would be nice.

Any good suggestions? There are so many cameras i am a bit lost. I know about not chasing the megapixel, so not looking for 8MP. 4MP is fine , but if 8MP is in the budget why not. I also would like a microfoon, without having to connect anything extra other than ethernet. I also need PoE.

Recording is doing by synology surveillance station.

23:58 UTC


Small Safe or Diversion/Hiding?

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased a small safe/lockbox (Vaultek 10 Series) and I keep going back and forth on whether it was the right decision. Basically, in reading online, I’ve learned that if someone wants to take the safe, they will. If they want to cut the cable, they will. If they want to pick the lock, they will.. and so on. And that the best thing to do with a small safe is hide it so it is isn’t found in the first place.

So, is there a point to having a small safe like this (in the context of securing nonfirearms, e.g. passports, important documents, jewelry, etc.) if you need to hide it so no one finds it anyway? Would it just be better to hide stuff around?

For example, if I hid account numbers in something small and random like a sock or a pasta box (not really but you get the point), vs. in a small safe that is larger than that sock or pasta box and will let anyone who finds it know it’s probably valuable.

Let me know if I’m making sense and pls be nice lol

21:53 UTC


Lockboxes for weapons

I lost my last account for asking a question about a weapon. No one on Reddit would tell me what I said wrong and I know I did not say anything wrong. That being said. Will I get jammed up for taking about lockboxes and explaining what size weapons I will lock in them?

21:06 UTC


Outdoor camera-no wifi

I am in search of an exterior camera for a part of my property that is too far from the house to use wifi. I am not terribly concerned about the cost (although I wouldn’t say that price is no object)-more concerned with ease of use, and dependability for a portion of our property where dumping and trespassing is an issue. I have heard that Wyze makes something that would work, also Reolink, and Arlo. Any thoughts?

12:46 UTC


How easy is it to open the vinyl window lock from the outside?

05:59 UTC


help wanted: can't get IP camera to show video feed on Swann DVR

The short:

  • ADS-456CAM works with home assistant using ONVIF through port 85
  • I need it on my Swann DVR8-5580RN but there it just gives a blank camera feed


The long:

So I have a Swann IP camera (ADS-456CAM) and I'm trying to get it to work with my Swann DVR (DVR8-5580RN).

I was able to add it to the DVR with recognition that it exists (some data get's prefilled and when I selected the right port/protocol it stopped saying can't reach camera and instead shows a blank camera feed). I found the ports that were open on the IP camera (21, 22, 85, 443, 554, 7001, 8000, 8200)/tcp and just tried them all with both the connection set as "private" and "ONVIF" until I found ONVIF on port 85 to "work".

So now I have the camera in my DVR but it is just blank. Idk they are both Swann units so surely they should be compatible. On the side, I connected using VLC, ffplay and my home assistant to the rtsp stream on port 554 and I also got a working ONVIF stream on home assistant as well so it can be accesssed and it does work.

The camera does have a local website I can "use" but its so slow + any requests I try send aside from login (basically just trying to change settings) I get a 400 error in the network console saying too many headers. Also the live view on this site does not work because of a plugin not loaded error.


I contacted Swann support but they told me they can't help me bc the devices are too old. So coming here hoping someone knows something. tyty

05:40 UTC


Standalone motion sensor that doesn’t require a “hub” to alert my phone?

Looking for a single motion sensor unit; ideal features:

Small Battery powered Can alert my phone when triggered Standalone (doesn’t need any other hardware; just it and my phone) Inexpensive

Does this exist?

05:20 UTC


What's the best standalone 4k security camera $500 can get me

My car got hit and run and despite me having a camera, it was such poor quality that it couldn't even see anything on the plate other than just white, and because of that I now have to pay for all the damages myself.

The only thing I want is for it to be able to catch a license plate or at least make it possible to read a digit or two from about 10-20 feet away.

If I can get a camera cheaper than this that serves that purpose I'm all for that.

21:43 UTC


Wiring Cables Through Wall for NVR

First time doing this. I want to put the NVR and monitor in my centrally located kitchen. Unfortunately, the WIFI is upstairs. There is an unused telephone jack that I am thinking of using to try and fish a cable through that jack which goes right upstairs. How likely is it I am going to hit a fire block? Trying to do this without cutting into the drywall..

Next question is if my cable is not long enough to go to the other side of the house..how do I extend the cable? Through a POE Switch? Can a POE Switch work as an "extension cord" without having to plug into a power source? (it would be in the middle of an attic most likely with no access to an outlet).

17:22 UTC


need a recommendation for a good peephole camera - wifi

I need a recommendation for a good peephole camera that is wireless/digital for my New York Apartment. I need something that will record when there is motion – preferably using our wifi signal and that is, of course, undetectable.

We’ve suspected, for a while, that the new owners have been tampering with the doorknob to our apartment door – so much so, it fell off and then, they refused to fix it. A few weeks ago, they severed our internet cable on the roof.

We’re rent stabilized and the new landlords/owners are trying everything to get us out – along with the other rent stabilized tenant. The landlords have so many construction violations, HPD told us they now owe more than a million dollars in violations.

We can’t mount anything outside of our door, but some type of camera that can be inserted into the peep hole, and will detect motion and record, would be ideal. Thanks

21:11 UTC


Activity Outside ‐ What do I do?

Seems like a lot of posts lately asking "what should I do" if someone sees "suspicious" activity going on outside. A large portion of folks seem to be like it's "Go Time" as one person recently put it, and they go charging out into the night uninformed and armed.

That is a dumb response.

Here's why: A. You don't know what they are doing. Maybe their dog got off the leash while they were walking them. Maybe there are 5 people and you saw just one. You have no idea what you are up against. B. Most Castle Doctrine laws pertain to the house, not your yard, too. And the jury that may be deciding your fate is certainly going to be more compassionate to your position if someone broke into your house and you defended yourself than if you were safely in your house but you decide to abandon it and go looking for trouble. C. It's just stuff. If they are outside, you are safe, so stay inside and call the police. Yeah, it may take time for them to get there. So what? It's better than someone getting hurt or killed. D. What happens if they have a gun, too, and you confront them? Bullets start flying? Maybe one hits you. Maybe one of your's or one of their's flies through a window and hits some innocent kid. All over stuff (because it's just about stuff when you leave your nice, safe home looking for trouble - trouble didn't find you, you went and found it).

Stop with this hero complex bullsh!t. Be a REAL hero and stay inside, keep yourself and the family that loves you and depends on you safe, and let the trained law enforcement officers of your area come handle the situation outside. They will be much better at it than you will.

19:51 UTC


Attempted car break in last night.

And my fiancé asks why do you need a gun in every room?

14:55 UTC


Why are many different people knocking on my door in the middle of the night?

Two years ago, my dogs woke me up around 1am, so I went to the front door, looked out the window, and saw a man standing there in the dark. I wasn't about to open the door, so I went into my front office and waited. A couple minutes later, he left. Exactly an hour later, I hear another knock at my front door. I go to the door and there is a different person standing there. I ask, through the window, what he wanted. He said he was looking for someone, I think Chris. I said you have the wrong house and he said sorry and left.

The next day, I went out and bought a Ring doorbell camera and installed it. The following day, around midnight and then again 1am, TWO separate knocks on my door with different people.

Most people I've confronted, through the Ring intercom feature, have just ignored my questions and have quickly walked away. One guy said he was here to pickup concert tickets. I said, "Really? At 2am?" He got in his car and drove off.

This has been going on, every few months, for the past couple of years. It just happened again last night, which is why I'm finally posting this question. I've say 10+ different people have knocked on my door.

Any ideas what these people could be wanting? I feel like someone is scamming them and giving them my number.

00:52 UTC


Does this camera exist?

I need a camera to monitor my backyard since my neighbors dogs are breaking through the fence. I also need one that will activate with dog barking to keep track for the ongoing police report. I need non-wifi, preferable onto SD or micro SD and one that isn't hard wired. Any suggestions? We tried a trail cam but it only picks up on drastic movement and not sound.

01:20 UTC


Buying A Safe

I am trying to get some input on the gun safe I'm thinking about buying and whether I should get something sturdier. Looking to buy a Champion Challenger 30. Based on my research, this is a solid safe especially for the money but correct me if I'm wrong. Of course, I am getting some mixed reviews. I will use it to store a number of firearms (around 10), important documents, some jewelry, and petty cash. Originally, I had wanted to spend around $3k or more to buy an American Security but decided I don't need something that sturdy.

I live in a rural area. The rate of violent and property crime here is significantly lower than the national average for the United States. I also live on a private road with 3 other neighbors. Additionally, I have a home security system (ADT) that is accompanied with cameras and shock/motion sensors for all windows and doors of my home. My wife and I work remotely so we are home most of the time. Any safe I buy will be bolted down in my home on a concrete slab.

Due to my situation, I think the Challenger 30 is more than sufficient security for the valuables I intend to put in it. I'd like some input on my choice of safe especially if anyone disagrees.

19:41 UTC


Would you get tased for $500?

Not sure where else to post this, but I was offered $500 to get tased for a video. Yall think it’s worth it?

View Poll

18:17 UTC


Paladin mesh fencing

I'm just wondering the pure labour cost of a paladin mesh fencing being done its around 2.5 m L and 60 m in total of the fencing is needed if someone could just let me know how much it would cost that would be great. Thanks

15:23 UTC


Weatherproof outdoor camera with reliable continuous streaming?

Looking for a camera to monitor an animal pen about ten feet away from the house. Needs to reliably stream video and audio, day and night, to a desktop computer, with overnight recording and local storage. No subscriptions. Needs a crisp image but doesn't need color night vision.

The camera will be sheltered under an overhang but our weather includes temps from 20F to 120F, lightning/thunder storms, and occasional light snow.

08:49 UTC


Guy in a mask and gloves creeping around our house late at night.

I was fast asleep when I woke up to my older sister standing in my doorway yelling my name. Took me a second to orient myself to hear what she was saying.

He can be seen adjusting his mask, then walking away and coming back to go towards our backyard. He must've crossed the street and circled back through the neighbors yard based on the video. He never re-appeared on the camera, meaning he egressed from our backyard or the neighbors backyard. And no, this isn't one of those "quick shortcut" spots. There's nothing behind our houses but a Catchwater Drain.

The last clip is me just taking a look at the grass and making sure it's still green.. nothing to see here.

This is our only camera, so I made the decision to go outside and clear under the carport and the backyard. From a legal standpoint, I know it wasn't the best decision, but I was in go mode. I'll be ordering additional cameras so I'm not put in that situation again. Let this also be a warning to the rest of you single-camera users, especially if it's only a doorbell camera. Get more, immediately.

Now I'm sitting here awake watching the camera, missing out on sleep because some loser is prowling around the neighborhood. Just get a life dude!

Some further context: We live in the 2nd most dangerous city in the country, all threats are to be taken seriously. This is my mom's house. I'm leaving in about 10 days to go back to the military, so this incident of course has me concerned. I'm going to be helping my sister get a gun before I leave. She at least cares about her safety and takes it seriously, but I can't get my mom to do the same. I paid for my mom's carry license class a few weeks ago, but she still hasn't shown any interest in purchasing a firearm or getting some additional training. It's an ongoing headache.


07:08 UTC


KSG410 Pump Shotgun is perfect home defense shotgun for all ages/sizes

KSG dual tube, 14 round capacity, .410 shotgun. Shot it at the range today for the first time, No recoil at all, pump was very smooth, no problems at all. Gun feels very sturdy. Perfect for all ages/sizes. Anyone looking for a nice semi-cheap (around $500) small pump shotgun for home defense needs to check this out.


05:21 UTC


Temporary peephole?

Are there any options for a temporary peephole? When cameras and drilling into the door isn't an option. Thx

01:17 UTC


How to secure a network cable running outside to an IP Camera?

I'd like to put up a POE floodlight camera (https://reolink.com/us/product/reolink-duo-floodlight-poe/) and I have a drop for the POE cable to a specific part of the wall near the garage opening (the builder put in drops for security cameras if we were to get them).

I'm worried though that someone could simple snip the wire and the whole thing would shut down. So I'm wondering about a cover or anything like that... suggestions?

19:38 UTC

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