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Does anyone know how stop TikTok from redirecting to Facebook after posting?

I have tried everything I could think of but cannot stop TikTok for redirecting to Facebook. It is trying to get me to post to Facebook and I don't want to! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

22:43 UTC


Help needed - Email Usage and Preferences

I would like to understand better how you interact with email and your inbox. Below are a few questions I would appreciate your input on:

  1. How many times a day do you typically check your email?
  2. What are the most popular times during the day for you to check your email?
  3. How much of your workday do you spend in your email or inbox?
  4. Could you provide insight into what you primarily use email for in your work?
  5. Do you have a preferred time frame for responding to emails?
  6. Once you've completed your email tasks for the day, what typically follows in your workflow?

Thank you for being an incredible community. Cheers!

22:28 UTC


AI Tools for Real Estate

Hey! I wanted to ask what are some tools you guys are using for real estate to make the job a bit easier? I have been thinking about using a cold calling AI system, but first I wanted to know what would you guys recommend?

19:30 UTC


In what way would a data marketplace most improve urban planning and real estate investment?

13:51 UTC


How to save searches for rural areas?

Hi, I’m using Realtor.ca for searching new listings in rural areas. For example within a township or rural municipality. After saving my search criteria I set it up to email me with notifications. This works well for cities or towns, but when trying to save for an area or region the only setting is, where your map is positioned (drag and zoom). There is no where in the text search criteria to specify a region. How do I save the geographic reference area on the map for a saved search? Thx

11:50 UTC


Facebook is amazing for finding real estate!!

I’d like whatever she’s smoking please

00:24 UTC


Offering free Yardi help to enable reporting and analytics

Hi everyone!

I want to help you with reporting and data analysis in Yardi. I don't think Yardi makes it easy to manipulate data and actually make it usable without spending hours cleaning it. Even if you get ySQL access you have to figure out their data dictionary which is a pain. I have experience creating reporting automations with Yardi and turning their stock reports into clean datasets for further analysis and use. If you have the slightest bit of interest in upgrading your analytics with Yardi feel free to reach out, I want to help you for free!

What I envision

My goal is to help you/your company with high level data cleanup and ETL processes to enable the development and deployment of custom reporting and dashboarding outside of Yardi.

What's in it for me?

I have a FT job so I don't need the money which is why I can help for free. But eventually, if this is of value I'd consider offering a data tool/automation service at scale.

My Experience

Used to do consulting work with Yardi which mostly consisted of cleaning up stock reports to use for analysis and custom reporting. I mostly have experience with Voyager but would be happy to talk to Breeze users too! I have a data engineering background and would like to eventually help companies in the RE industry utilize their data more effectively.

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20:56 UTC


How to find the hottest real estate markets right now?

There's a TON of free resources available curated by top data teams across real estate listing platforms. I unfortunately see a lot of people fall to trap of paying for the same exact data source on other websites (i.e. Reventure App).

With Google Sheets and Tableau public you can visualize the data for free.

Here's the top free data sources published monthly -

These sources can at least provide you a start to using a data-driven approach in searching for markets in real estate.

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20:36 UTC


How can I get Zestimates for a large number of property addresses at once?

I have a list of about 1,000 properties and would like to get the Zestimate. Is there a service or method besides manually looking up each individual address?

15:19 UTC


Tracking when properties are listed and under contracts

Hello. First time poster here. Apologies in advance.

Our business relies on knowing when many properties (across the US - perhaps centralized in several geographical areas) are listed for sale. We're not a vendor in the real estate market, we've made investments in these properties that make it difficult to capture the our return if we don't know if a home is sold. Best is for us to be alerted when one of these properties is listed for sale or under contract. We only want this info for these certain properties we are interested in.

I've checked in with the folks at Attom but it's a bit pricey. Zillow and Realtor sites could work, but I am not aware of any way to add a list of our properties in Zillow or Realtor other than doing in manually and not sure either site would alert us if one of our interested properties go on the market.

Any suggestions on getting alerts about certain properties being listed or under contract would be much appreciated.

14:01 UTC


Introducing Cashflow Analyzer Pro with Cashflow Deal Instant Analyzer the ultimate tool for real estate investors!

Cashflow Analyzer Pro with Deal Instant Analyzer provides a detailed real estate investment analysis, considering all potential income sources that your investment can generate and accurately calculates the ROI. It breaks down components such as cashflow, principal paydown, home and renovation appreciation, initial equity, and potential tax savings, showing their individual gains and ROI over a 30-year period. This helps in identifying which factors provide the highest returns for making informed investment decisions.

One feature I like is the ROI Indicator, representing ROI quality through color-coded cells: Green for strong ROI, red for poor ROI, and orange for acceptable ROI.

Additionally, you can also explore different scenarios, like using HELOC, Cash, or other loans for funding or renovations, and the calculator will take into account the payments you need to make for these funds.

The tool can even simulate variable rate changes over the years, enabling real-time ROI tracking by monitoring changes in home value, rent, and interest rates, to evaluate their impact on returns.

Plus, it calculates various metrics like Cash on Cash ROI, CAP rates, Rental Yield, Debt Coverage Ratio, BRRR strategy, Net Profit If Sold, and more.

I highly recommend checking it out at assetafc.etsy.com

Hope you find it helpful!










17:58 UTC


Best way to remove furniture from listing images

What is your favorite software or app to take a photo and delete all decor from image easily? I’m looking for that “ blank slate” image.

02:45 UTC


RealEstateContent.ai - Automating your social media for realtors

Hey everyone I made a post around 3 months ago here, when the team I work for launched the product RealEstateContent.ai. A lot has changed since it was launched 3 months ago so I figured it was a good idea it here again. Hopefully, some of you find it useful.

Here's a demo video we made that shows some of our new features:


20:08 UTC


NFC & QR Code platform - Thoughts?

Have a prototype of a platform that I’m building to make it easy for realtors to deploy NFC and QR code experiences alongside marketing data and analytics.

3 ideal clients:

  1. Realtors who do print and signage marketing using static QR codes can upgrade and expand the usage and data they get from interactions

  2. Realtors already using dynamic QR Codes can unify and expand into a platform that opens up other use cases (like vCards, NFC Reviews, LinkInBio for social) in a single platform at a reduced cost compared to QR Code only competitors

  3. Larger brokerages with custom CRMs can integrate into the platform and use UTM and Retargeting capabilities alongside automating lead collection and data flow via APIs

Any feedback on competitors, value, blind spots on the tech? Here’s the landing page if interested: https://www.rehash.tech/adaptix-real-estate

19:42 UTC


Neighborhood Grade Map for Real Estate Investing

Map is for Tampa, FL.

The Neighborhood Grade Map encompasses multiple data sources across economic, amenity, and market based data. Data is aggregated in Python 🐍

For more city maps across the US - Coffee Clozers 🏡☕️

01:22 UTC


AI Automations to Nurture Leads for Real Estate Agents

Hey folks!

I’ve spoken with several agents during customer discovery and noticed a very keen problem that most agents seem to have: They have a lot of different sources for generating leads, but are not consistently nurturing them - especially leads that may not be looking to transact as a buyer or seller right away. This appears to be a major problem for new leads, but especially for past clients which may have referrals in their network or may be looking to transact, or leads which may not be looking to buy or sell in the next 3+ months.

This is why my co-founder and I are working on a solution that leverages AI techniques to automate lead nurturing by email and SMS for real estate agents. For any leads that come into an agent’s CRM, our AI agents will answer questions about individual properties on behalf of the agent (we have MLS IDX feed integrations), provide property search alerts and notifications on new open houses, as well as answer generally real estate process questions on behalf of the real estate agent.

For those of you asking what makes our solution different from other CRMs that offer AI features, our level of automation is sophisticated to the point that we are effectively a white-glove solution to answer a prospect’s questions and continue to nurture them until they are a hot lead or require the attention of a real estate agent. Effectively, as a real estate agent, you won’t have to talk to a lead until we pass the lead to you.

To start with, we’re We’re working with agents/brokers primarily in the Bay Area, CA and Atlanta, GA, but are also expanding to Hawaii, New York City, and Florida soon, so if you happen to be a real estate agent or broker in these areas, we’d love to chat with you! Here’s a link to set up a meeting if you are interested. Thanks! (We’re also open to feedback and I’m happy to answer questions in the thread.)

20:21 UTC


Validation for a DIY Product

With the recent NAR settlement I suspect more people will look to become DIY homebuyers. I want to create a website that tailors to home buyers.

It’s a platform with e-learning to educate DIY homebuyers about the home buying process so they don’t need to rely on buyer real estate agents and save them some money.

The website would also connect them with local real estate attorneys, inspectors, etc. it would also have an mls that will allow users to see what properties are available to them and schedule tours. And an “ai agent” that can answer faqs.

Does this seem like something you would find useful for DIY buyers? What challenges do you see immediately with this issue?

18:07 UTC


Real estate Developers! Seeking Feedback: Exploring a New SaaS Idea

Hi everyone,

I am working on a simple-to-use project management platform for real estate developers. In the platform, you can:

  • Assign tasks to people on and off the platform(by email/text message)
  • Store related CDs and other media (photos, videos)
  • Create custom views for Investors, GCs, and Developers

The goal is to have everything you need to navigate a project on a single platform. Let me know your thoughts.

19:26 UTC


Seeking Task Management Software Recommendations for Multiple Projects - Any Suggestions?

Does anyone use software to manage their daily tasks? I need to become more organized now that I have multiple projects. I would appreciate any recommendations!

02:05 UTC


Validation for my Saas Idea

Hello all, I am a software developer trying to think of an idea to build a micro Saas as a side justle, and in the process of brainstorming I came up with the idea of a software tailored for real estate agents. Sources from the web tell me that one of the problems that real estate agents face is creating a database. The 5 biggest challenges real estate agents face (and how to fix them) - PropertyPro Insider

Seeing this then led me to ask questions that I would love to hear feedback from actual real estate agents.

  1. Is it really true that creating a database is a painful process for agents? Is it a pressing problem that needs to be solved?
  2. What does the database include and what type of information is inside of it? Will all real estate agents have different databases with different information?
  3. What is the purpose of having a database for agents?

The idea is to create a small software that automates the process of making a database. With just a small amount of user input, the software would create a database for the agent. It would also allow client tracking, work progress pipeline, offer property listings, etc...

If people are willing to give me some feedback and answer my questions I would really appreciate it, as I am trying to see if this idea is worth it, and if this is actually a real problem that needs to be solved.


09:58 UTC


Tools or similar for real estate investing in Europe or Spain

Hi all, First post here. I was wondering if you guys know any tool or similar for investing in The area. BRRRR strategy or similar. All I find is for the USA? Thank you in advance!

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18:35 UTC


Looking for beta testers: Receive profitable rental properties directly in your inbox

The Problem: It's difficult and time consuming to analyze rental properties one by one.

Solution: A fully automated investment analysis tool that finds cash flowing properties for you.

Doors is your own personal Investment Analyst. Powered by AI, Doors runs deal analysis on thousands of potential rental properties to determine profitability and ROI, .

How it works:

  1. Set your investment criteria (location, price, type, etc)
  2. Doors finds every property that fits your criteria and analyzes it for profitability, using local rental estimates, comps, vacancy rates, taxes and more.
  3. Cash flowing properties are delivered directly to your inbox, so you can act fast.

🎟️ Looking for 25 investors to join the beta and receive free lifetime passes in exchange for feedback.

Get Early Access

05:56 UTC


An E-Realtor App

Would you use an app where it connected you to be completely virtual with a Realtor (going on your own tours BY YOURSELF, but having a realtor guide you through submitting an offer based on analysis's the REALTOR came up with, asking any real estate questions in your chat or booking a video call)? Would guarantee to put money back in a pocket of a buyer with good negotiations & due to low asking commission from the seller, working that as a negotiation piece to get a better deal.

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01:05 UTC


Feedback Wanted: Realtor's AI Agent Suit - automate from Cold Lead to Property Visit.

Hey RealEstateTech Community,

I'm working on a new project to help realtors work smarter, not harder. It's called "Realtor's AI Agent Suit - automate from Cold Lead to Property Visit." It's all about using AI to make dealing with clients easier from start to finish. Before I go all in, I'd love to get your thoughts on what I've got planned:

  1. AI Lead Caller: This tool calls and qualifies incoming seller and buyer leads. Asking questions to confirm if the client is really interested. Qualified leads are then handed over to professionals for further action. The tool can even book appointments for property visits directly on the call.
  2. AI Receptionist: Answers incoming calls, gives out info and books property visits. Putting calls through if needed, ensuring you don't loose potential client.
  3. Done for you Setup and Integration Services: We'll connect it with your current tools, like CRM. Works with Realtor.com, Zillow and all your social media, too.
  4. Dashboard: A tool to help you see how well everything's working. And to log every communication between clients for easy retrieval.
  5. AI Chatbot: A chatbot that works with WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook or any other. The chatbot can answer questions, guide the visitor with the search, showcase properties, book visits and more.
  6. Training and Support: We're here 24/7 to help with any custom stuff you need or to answer questions.

We think this could make a big difference in handling the early steps of talking to clients so you can focus on selling homes.

I'd like to know:

  • Would you use something like this?
  • What else should we add or make better?
  • Any worries about using AI like this?

Thanks for helping me make this even better for realtors!

21:51 UTC


I’m a Psychologist helping Entrepreneurs with Mindset Barriers - I give away Free Calls

Hey everybody,

great business group, love it how supportive everybody is.

I am a German Psychologist and I work with Entrepreneurs for a couple of years already.

Years ago, I especially helped Entrepreneurs to build habits and become more effective.

Nowadays, I´m working on a new project.

I´m working out a new framework helping Entrepreneurs with Mindset Barriers.

For example, feeling Overwhelmed, lacking Clarity and the Imposter Syndrome.

I tested this with a couple of old clients and it showed great results.

Before I am turning this project into an offer and running ads at full scale, I would like to test this with a couple of more Entrepreneurs in real life.

If you feel like this resonates and you would like to be one of the first 2-3 practical testers, then you are welcome to contact me.

By the way, participation as a tester is free of charge and involves a 30min. free call in which we fully dive into your challenges. I create an open space for everything that comes up in our conversation.

In return, I only expect feedback.

You can check out my work here:


Here is the link to sign up for a free call:


Talk to you soon!


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16:57 UTC



Looking for Military, Veteran, or their spouses who are in Real Estate and have actually moved several times. Not looking for “my cousin was in the military and therefore, I’m a great agent to work with”…

13:38 UTC


Is this commercial leads site MyEListing worth it?

It’s a 4 year old start up that basically made a free commercial only Zillow for agents/buyers, and they survive by sell leads like Zillow.

After a demo it’s $50 a lead but the thing is they explicitly ask the lead if they are an agent, and if they have an agent. If no to both questions they send the lead to you. I’m leaning but I have never had leads work for me. Has anyone tried this?

Link to the program: https://myelisting.com/getclients/

They require demos but once you do a demo they send you this page: https://myelisting.com/getclients/signup/

I just don’t want to get burnt again. They were nice but everyone is nice.


19:36 UTC


Capture lead interest by sending PDF brochure with this free tool

Hi Real Estate community,

We would like to share the tool we build which help to gather more insights and leads on the share documents.

You can:

  • share offer or brochure
  • capture email for each visitor
  • capture the time on each page of your documents
  • get feedback and reactions from visitors


12:28 UTC


Reisift: 25% Off for 3 Months

20:58 UTC


First time developer looking to plan and build triplexes on an inherited lot!

Just like the title says! Looking for software recs for laying out the plots and recs for where to buy plans! Thanks in advance!

00:49 UTC

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