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Automated SEO, What’s next

Long story short, I created a suite of automations for SME’s and the biggest traction I’ve gotten has been with RE agents. So I’m doubling down.

The main thing that’s been “flying off the shelf” has been this SEO automation I set up.

Whatever state you’re practicing in, I generate a list of every municipality, even neighborhood (e.g Philadelphia has “Old City,” “Mantua,” “University City,” “Fishtown,”) for the larger cities, get the trending keywords, and then generate SEO optimized blogs - 100% automated and runs on a loop, so new trending topics? New blogs. (a little apologetic for the plug, but it’s valuable, why wouldn’t you want to at least know about it?)

What other processes do Agents/Brokers do that are just ancient and inefficient? I get the appointment scheduling and that general stuff (why yes, I do have automations for that as well) but what else?

Feel free to list below - I’ll literally make it, test it (if I can find some free API’s) and give you the automation for very little (to cover any of my costs) if you think it’s worthwhile to scale.

Don’t have a fkn heart attack that there is a slight promo here, if you’re reading intently, I also asked a question, I genuinely enjoy making these workflows.

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Current Problems Faced by Real Estate Agents and How Important AI Would Be

Hello real estate agents. I'm a part of a research and development team at a Research University in Atlanta, GA currently conducting surveys to gather information on the problems that agents face in their day-to-day work and if and how AI would be able to solve those. We've gathered some info and we'd be grateful if you could verify some of it for us!

So far here's what we've got:

  1. CRMs not very effective: would you say that your CRMs are meeting your expectations? Or are they inefficient in that you've got to manually enter every single update, manually micromanage every lead, etc?
  2. Difficulty in Workflow and Transaction Management: is it true that managing your workflow related to follow-ups, progress notes, closing paperwork, and transaction tracking creates a lot of clutter or is it streamlined?
  3. Scheduling: we've been told that sometimes scheduling showing and open houses can be a bit of a pain when it comes to finding the right time for everyone, staging the home, and blocking off your calenders manually. How big of an issue is this for you?
  4. Creating Listings and the MLS: how much time do you spend on this per client? Some agents have told us that they list to 100s of MLS and it takes a lot of hours of manual work to do so

Do you think that AI would be able to assist in solving some of these?
Besides, is there anything that you personally face that I missed out on?

edit: posting to multiple MLS'es isn't a common occurence. We were misled aparently

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Variance in Lead Gen Platforms for Agents

So for some context, I run Camphor, an AI-powered lead nurturing platform, and onboarded a lot of agents in the Bay Area, CA and Atlanta, GA, most of whom are with Keller Williams and Compass. We've had a lot of success with our customers. In fact, we published a case study for how we were able to generate 40% conversion rates for meeting on the calendar using email, SMS, and voice AI agents that integrate with the RE agent/team's CRM (Follow-Up Boss, Lofty, Firepoint AI, etc.) + their MLS + productivity tools ranging from their emails to calendly links to DocuSign for contract management. (You can find out more about our concierge service here.)

That said, we noticed an interesting trend regarding lead quality. We published a guide on this, where we found that leads coming from subscriptions or one-time lead dumps have the worst conversions. We were surprised though that depending on the zip code, agents who pay monthly subscriptions for market share on for Zillow Premier Agent, Zurple, and Zbuyer were not seeing great conversions either. The agents we saw that had the best conversion rates may have been on Zillow Premier Agent, but they also used Zillow Flex or are featured agents on BiggerPockets and have referral fee splits with these platforms. This is probably because these platforms do more validation but obviously we don't have direct visibility into what is going on under the hood.

Any thoughts from existing real estate agents regarding your experiences with lead gen platforms? (As an aside, if you are interested in lead nurturing as well to get the most out of your deal flow with your leads, feel free to contact me here.)

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Which dialer has produced the best results for you?

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Finding the perfect parcel for your project - pass the sniff test in seconds

I found 4 parcels in 3 seconds that are 1. Currently single family home 2. Zoned such that office is use by-right, and 3. Over 15,000sqft.

That^ is the exact kind of scenario we're solving for, and we also use AI to answer questions about zoning, using that municipality's zoning documentation, as well as pulling in other municipal resources - comprehensive plans, plat maps, GIS tools, etc.

This tool is live in CO, who wants to give it a whirl?

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Exploring AI in Real Estate: Share Your Thoughts and Experiences!

Hey, Everyone. I am a master's student based in Toronto working on a real estate app. You can read about my company in the description. I want to ask all of you few questions to get your insight.

  • What are your overall thoughts on the integration of AI in the real estate industry?
  • Have you used any AI-powered real estate platforms or tools? If so, what was your experience?
  • Which AI features do you find most useful in real estate technology (e.g., property recommendations, virtual tours, price prediction)?
  • How do AI-powered real estate tools compare to traditional methods in terms of efficiency and user experience?
  • Would you be willing to rely on AI-driven insights for making significant real estate decisions? Thank You everyone :)
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Would you use Megan’s Assistant or nah…..😅

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I'm looking for a startup Idea that could be dope for Real Estate agents.

I came up with a list of ideas and wonder if any of them sound appealing to you.


1. Property Sharing Platform

Idea: Create a platform where multiple agents can list and share properties, allowing them to collaborate and co-market listings.
Incentive: Agents can expand their portfolio and reach a broader audience, increasing the chances of selling or renting properties faster. Revenue sharing from pooled marketing efforts can lead to reduced individual costs and higher returns.

2. Client Pooling for Group Investments

Idea: Develop a marketplace for clients interested in pooling their funds to invest in larger real estate projects, like apartment buildings or commercial properties.
Incentive: Agents can attract more clients by offering investment opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach for individual buyers. This can lead to higher commissions from larger deals and a reputation as an innovative agent.

3. Secondary Market for Rental Properties

Idea: Establish a secondary market where tenants can sublease or sell their rental agreements with landlord approval, using a marketplace model.
Incentive: Agents can earn commissions on secondary transactions and maintain relationships with property owners, ensuring continued business and providing a valuable service to tenants.

4. Vendor and Service Provider Marketplace

Idea: Set up a marketplace connecting property owners with vetted service providers (e.g., cleaners, maintenance professionals, landscapers).
Incentive: Agents can earn referral fees from service providers and offer added value to their clients, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Virtual Staging Services

Idea: Offer a marketplace for virtual staging services, where agents can easily find and hire professionals to stage homes digitally.
Incentive: Agents can present properties in the best possible light without the hassle and cost of physical staging, attracting more potential buyers and speeding up sales.

6. Auction Platform for Properties

Idea: Develop an online auction platform where properties can be sold to the highest bidder within a set timeframe.
Incentive: Agents can create excitement and urgency around listings, potentially driving up prices and earning higher commissions.

7. Crowdsourced Property Development

Idea: Create a platform for crowdsourcing funds for property development projects, allowing multiple investors to contribute.
Incentive: Agents can facilitate large-scale developments without relying solely on traditional financing methods, earning commissions from multiple investors and enhancing their portfolio with unique projects.

8. Referral Network

Idea: Build a referral network marketplace where agents can refer clients to other agents in different regions or specialties, earning a referral fee.
Incentive: Agents can monetize leads they cannot service directly, fostering collaborative relationships and expanding their professional network.

9. Lease-to-Own Marketplace

Idea: Offer a lease-to-own marketplace where clients can find properties with lease-to-own options, facilitating gradual property ownership.
Incentive: Agents can attract clients who may not qualify for traditional mortgages, increasing their client base and generating commissions from lease agreements and eventual sales.

10. Property Swap Platform

Idea: Create a platform where property owners can swap homes for a set period, similar to a home exchange program.
Incentive: Agents can earn fees from arranging swaps and provide a unique service that differentiates them from competitors, appealing to clients looking for flexible living arrangements.

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Feedback wanted

Hi real estate agents technology

I am working on an ai chatbot that connects a buyer to their specific realtor based on the location, interest, and …

Your feedback or criticism will be much appreciated

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I am new to real estate. How do you promote your listing?


I have a bunch of listing for which i want to get leads. I want to know what are the best and more effective ways to showcase my listing and get more eyeballs.

I want to leverage social media. but don't know where to post and what to post
willing to spend some money but would like to not waste it.

Thank you

05:02 UTC


SEO on Real Estate Business Success - 1/4 (25%) Survey Findings

This post is regarding myself conducting research entitled "SEO Monopoly: The Critical Impact of Search Engine Optimization on Real Estate Business Success". The goal of my research is to confirm if there is underutilization of SEO in the real estate industry, which creates an "SEO Monopoly." This term, in my own words, refers to the dominance of a few SEO-savvy businesses in search engine rankings, capturing the majority of online traffic and market share.

Original Post Link

2-Min Survey Participation: https://sprw.io/stt-QTq3e

Here is a quick rundown of what I got from 30 responses so far. Please excuse my grammatical lapses for now (This will be proofread once I create the official research paper)

Let's get to it!

Question 1: What is your role in the real estate business?

There has been a healthy variety of respondents for the first question which is dissected as follows:

25% - Agents
25% - Business Owners
15.63% - Marketing Managers
9.38% - Brokers
31.25% - Others

  • Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management Brokerage Owner
  • IT Dept
  • Protect Product Manager
  • RE Private Credit Investment Management
  • IT at a Brokerage Social Media, websites, SEO for those websites, internal applications development for a real estate company of 3 agents and 1 broker.
  • SEO Consultant for real estate brands (local and national)
  • Board member for Real Estate Agency
  • MLS staff

Question 2: How many years have you been in the real estate industry?

7 respondents have already been in the business for 10+ years and 6 other respondents are newcomers to the industry. The rest of the figures are shown below.

How many of the 30 do you think use SEO Strategies for their real estate business? Let's find out.

Question 3: Does your real estate business use SEO strategies?

17 answered YES and 13 said NO.

For those who said YES let's see what their best strategies are and for those who answered NO—let's find out what other methods does they strive at...

Question 4 (For those using SEO Strategies): What SEO techniques do you find most effective? (Select all that apply)

Out of 30 respondents, 13 had answered NO on the previous question and this indicates that they do not use SEO Strategies, thus this question has been skipped by 13 respondents. For those who have answered YES, the top strategy is Keyword Optimization followed by content marketing.

Next question...

Question 5 (For those using SEO Strategies): How significant is the impact of SEO on your lead generation?

Out of 17/30 respondents who are using SEO strategies, only 1 has implied that SEO is highly impactful for their lead generation. 6 answered that SEO has been slightly impactful on lead generation, and 3 respondents who are using SEO Strategies answered that SEO does not impact lead generation at all.

How about sales conversion? Would the number be lower? Let's continue...

Question 6 (For those using SEO Strategies): How significant is the impact of SEO on your sales conversion?

17/30 Respondents (Respondents using SEO) - 5 implied that SEO has no significance on their sales conversion and 7 implied that SEO has slight significance. Only 1 respondent implied that SEO is of high significance in Sales Conversion.

The sentiment is weak on this one. For the 17 using SEO, let's find out how they think they compare to their competitors...

Question 7: How do you rate your SEO performance compared to competitors?

There is a slight balance with the answers for those 17 respondents using SEO Strategies.

How many do believe that SEO given a significant edge in the competition?

Question 8: Do you believe that SEO gives a significant competitive advantage in the real estate market?

This is where all 30 respondents go back to sharing the chance of answering the same question. 17 believe in the power of SEO while 13 are bearish with the idea of the aforementioned strategy.

But what stops some from implementing SEO? Let's dive deeper...

Question 9: Besides SEO, what other marketing strategies do you find most effective?

"Lack of expertise" takes the top spot for the reasons of not implementing SEO followed by "keeping up with SEO Trends".

For the exciting part—here's what others have to say~

"Top ranking agents seem to be the ones that have been around for 10+ years. Ranking for good keywords as a beginner seems like it will take a long time."

"1 particular brokerage seems to always outdo me."

"Will never usurp zillow"

"Considering the conversion funnel for folks choosing a real estate agent having a presence in search only captures a tiny portion of the market - folks moving into new areas."

"Most agents want listings. Very difficult to get listings via inbound channels from unknown people in most brokerages. And for most agents. Also, the dynamic of a brokerage vs agent is unique in that the agents are independent."

"Local Realtor has to compete with Realtor.com, Zillow, etc. it’s impossible."

Great insight so far...

Question 10: Besides SEO, what other marketing strategies do you find most effective?

While some variables are visible on the chart. Here are some interesting answers:

"we're strictly doing nothing for advertising. Rebuilding website to better use SEO tactics that I didn't know about when I first built the site, ran an A/B test for a couple of months to verify some tactics. Worked, now doing the whole site."

"Real estate agents best marketing strategy is word of mouth and local social media presences."

"Brand building, reputation, high touch personalization staying in touch with existing contacts and clients, building referral network"

Moving on....

Other answers show importance on Sphere of influence, database marketing, Social media Referral, Cold calling. and word of mouth.

Question 11: Besides SEO, what other marketing strategies do you find most effective?

Sales growth is top priority among the choices, followed by increased inquiries

Question 12: What new marketing trends or technologies are you interested in exploring?

A.I has been the fastest emerging technology everyone is trying to jump on so it won't be a surprise it is the top choice alongside Video Marketing. The next technology that pique the interest of people in the space is Data Analytics.

As mentioned, this is only a quick rundown from 30 responses. No conclusions are made since this is only about 5% of my research done. I would yet to complete 100-120 responses to ensure a safe margin of error, would also have to interview some professionals in the Real Estate and SEO space separately, and create a formal paper that discusses how the data was collected, explain the correlations, show related literature, show frameworks used.

**If you like what you have read so far, I would appreciate you taking the quick 2-minute survey which will truly help me with my findings — https://sprw.io/stt-QTq3e **



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Hello,how are you doing. Actually I really need someone who can work for me all you have to do is post advertisement on your facebook marketPlace then get paid $300. Can you do this just Dm

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How many calls do you miss?

Hey all! I'm just starting to get active on Reddit and I'm excited.

I'm building out a product to help realtors answer calls. But first I want to see if this is an actual problem!

Here's a few Qs

How many calls do you guys miss?

How much GCI do you think you miss out on from missed calls?

How much time would you save if you ONLY had to answer meaningful calls and/or follow up with people based on the calls?

22:03 UTC


SEO on Real Estate Business Success

Hi Everyone! I'm 25 and have been in the SEO Space for 2 and a half years (Real Estate Niche). Also, currently on my 4th year as a Marketing Student.

I am conducting research entitled "SEO Monopoly: The Critical Impact of Search Engine Optimization on Real Estate Business Success". The goal of my research is to confirm if there is underutilization of SEO in the real estate industry, which creates an "SEO Monopoly." This term, in my own words, refers to the dominance of a few SEO-savvy businesses in search engine rankings, capturing the majority of online traffic and market share.

Would also like to test and see:

✅ Relative Advantage: The degree to which SEO is perceived by real estate businesses as better than existing practices.

✅ Compatibility: How well SEO fits with the current real estate business practices and values of real estate companies.

✅ Complexity: The perceived difficulty of real estate businesses in understanding and using SEO.

✅ What emerging technologies piques the interest of real estate businesses.

I believe that I am on the right track of wanting to dive deeper into the research, HOWEVER — I would want to solely target my survey for U.S Real estate professionals and I am not based in the U.S. I am at my wits end (even tried hiring Fiverr surveyors just to end up being scammed lol)

Heres the survey link if anyone wants to take a look at it. It won't take 2 minutes. Also willing to share the draft of my research


I am willing to collaborate with anyone who can genuinely help me get genuine answers :)

19:30 UTC


MLS API Feed Question

I'm curious about where the companies selling MLS feed services get their data. Anyone know?

18:00 UTC


Real Estate agents, how do you handle client documents ?

Hi everyone,

A real estate agent shared his struggles with collecting client documents via email, especially when clients are unresponsive. He asked me to explore a solution to save time on document collection.

Before diving into development, I'd like to know if this is a common issue. What about you, fellow Reddit real estate agents? What are the biggest challenges you face when collecting client documents?


12:58 UTC


Potential Negative Equity Properties?

Hi all

I’ve almost finished building a tool that gets all the properties on Rightmove where the last sold price is greater than the current selling price (potential negative equity).



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Software ideas for real estate - feel free to steal

Sick of managing your properties with mountains of spreadsheets?

Ugh, same. That's why we made this blog - 15 Best Real Estate SaaS Ideas! Think tenant screening, property valuation model, easier communication - everything to make you a landlord superhero.

Feel free to steal any idea you like and build your product.

Blog in the first comment! What more ideas should we add to this blog?

PS: If you need any help building your software, feel free to reach out.

11:07 UTC


Feedback Needed: New Real Estate Platform Idea Where Buyers List Their Property Needs!

Hello Community,

I’m working on a new real estate platform idea and would love to get your feedback. Traditionally, real estate platforms allow sellers to list their properties for buyers to browse. However, I’m considering a reverse approach where buyers list what kind of property they want to buy, and sellers can then respond with matching properties.

Here’s a brief overview of the concept:

  • Buyers would post detailed listings about the type of property they are looking to purchase (location, size, budget, amenities, etc.).
  • Sellers (including property owners, real estate agents, and developers) can then browse these buyer listings and reach out if they have properties that match the criteria.

I’m looking to understand potential challenges and reasons this idea might not succeed. Your insights will be invaluable. Here are a few specific questions I have:

  1. For Buyers:
    • Would you use a platform where you list your property needs instead of browsing seller listings? Why or why not?
    • What features or information would you want to include in your listing to attract the right properties?
    • What concerns would you have about using such a platform?
  2. For Sellers:
    • Would you be willing to browse buyer listings and respond with your property offerings? Why or why not?
    • What information would you need from buyers to consider reaching out?
    • What challenges do you foresee with this approach?
  3. General Feedback:
    • What do you think are the major challenges and potential pitfalls of this reverse listing system?
    • Are there any existing platforms or services you think do something similar? How do they fare?
    • Any other suggestions or concerns you think we should consider?

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback. Your insights will help us shape a platform that better meets the needs of both buyers and sellers.

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Im looking for a good seller lead source. Is anyone here using Zillow, ClosingLeads.com or Deluxer for leads?

Im looking for a good seller lead source. Is anyone here using Zillow, ClosingLeads.com or Deluxer for leads?

16:53 UTC


Any CRE developer interested in testing my software?

It's a discovery software to minimize your construction costs. Lets you discover prices by having CMs compete for your job and discover value engineering ideas. The premise is that more info discovery = efficiency = best possible construction costs.

Looking for honest feedback here... Thanks!

04:23 UTC


MLS Innovation

Hey everyone,

I've been thinking a lot about the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and its role in the real estate industry. It’s undoubtedly a vital tool for agents and brokers, but in many areas, it operates almost like a regional monopoly. I’ve noticed it often nickel-and-dimes users with various fees—application fees, assistant access, IDX (Internet Data Exchange) fees, and more.

Why Do We Tolerate These Fees?

Agents and brokers seem to accept these multiple charges without many alternatives. I'm not suggesting we get rid of the MLS, but I'm curious why there aren't better options available. Here are some points that have been on my mind:

1. Network Effect and Entrenchment

MLS services have built extensive networks over the years, making them indispensable for agents. Their large databases of listings are crucial for transactions, which means new entrants have a steep hill to climb to offer similar value from the start.

2. Regional Monopolies

In most regions, a single MLS provider dominates the market. This lack of competition allows them to impose various fees without much resistance since agents have limited choices.

3. Lack of Innovation

Many current MLS portal solutions, like Paragon and the new Paragon Connect, don't seem particularly innovative. Surprisingly, many of them don’t even support RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) Add/Edit functionalities yet, which seems like a significant shortfall. Software platforms of this size are technically enterprise level software and yet they have no API access other than reading data? Maybe expected usage or ask is too low since it's technical?

4. Barrier to Entry for New Competitors

The established MLS organizations benefit from their existing user base and comprehensive listing data, making it tough for new competitors to offer a similarly valuable service. This is a classic example of the network effect where the value of the service increases with the number of users.

5. Adoption Costs and Inertia

Switching to a new MLS system can be costly and time-consuming. This includes training, data migration, and adapting to new workflows, which discourages agents and brokers from moving away from the established MLS despite the high fees.

What Could a Better MLS Look Like?

I wonder why we don't see more "open" MLS organizations with features like:

  • No setup fees
  • Flat monthly rates based on agent or broker status
  • No additional fees for IDX, VOW, etc.
  • No assistant fees
  • No mandatory association membership
  • Instant validation for real estate professionals
  • API access for integration and customization

Open Discussion:

Are there existing MLS systems with these features? Or are there reasons we haven’t seen such a model take off? I’m really interested in hearing your experiences and thoughts.

02:29 UTC


Saw FlyHomes pivoted. Does this mean AI is the sole truth?

I saw that FlyHomes pivoted. Their focus on "buy before you sell" changed to "AI powered home buying and selling."

Not just that, I see Zillow coming up with their own AI stuff. And many other startups emerging in this field with AI as their selling point. Some even have gone as far as building their own AI real estate agent.

So is AI the future of everything now?

16:25 UTC


How big of a pain is scheduling and calendar management for you?

Hi everyone,

In an attempt to scratch my own itch / solve for my pains, I'm working on developing a technical solution to help busy people manage their time and appointments more efficiently. I thought it would be really helpful for professionals with complex schedules, e.g. arranging a viewing with a purchaser and a buyer, and joining their schedule. I thought real estate could be a great fit, but clearly I'm not from the field.

Do you find scheduling a big pain, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks in advance!

15:47 UTC


How to Streamline Your Property Management Tasks with Real Estate Data Solutions

Hi everyone, 

We're looking to streamline our property management tasks and have heard that real estate data solutions can be a game-changer. Has anyone here implemented such solutions? What tools or platforms do you recommend, and how have they improved your efficiency? 

We're particularly interested in automating routine tasks and gaining better insights into property performance. Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance! 

06:23 UTC


Full CAFM/ ERP platform built and ready for market - looking for a brilliant US based partner to help build the business.

Hi everyone. I am a software developer and CEO with previous experience in building propTech, specifically platforms for Facilities Management and Community Management.

I have spent the last 10 months building a new FM/ CM Platform (web, android, iOS). It's scalable tech and has lots of innovative features to stand out in the crowd.

I am looking for an expert in the industry to work with me on building up a tech business in the US.

The ideal person would know FM or CM inside out, have some creative flow,, be able to raise funds in the US, have a methodical approach to business, structure and process and have the limitless energy needed to build a business!

Let me know if you are interested, we can have a video call to discuss.


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21:12 UTC


Property Managers, lend me your thoughts!

I am building a software startup tailored towards managers to better help them streamline their current tasks, especially for lease agreements. Would love to hear more about the current pains within the industry, what isn't solved by today's solutions, and see if I can help with that!

22:09 UTC


Auto-replies vs AI: immovable object meets unstoppable force

I'm a founder building AI SMS agents, and my co-founder found something hilarious tonight in AWS

Our agent was texting a lead for one of our customers, but something about the conversation looked off...

AI: Hi, interested in our program?

Lead: Texting is not supported at this time. Please call {business name} at 123 456-7890. Thank you!

AI: I understand - since it's outside our business hours, we're unable to call right now. Could you share when you might be available for a quick call?

Lead: Texting is not supported at this time. Please call {business name} at 123 456-7890. Thank you!

AI: I understand - since it's outside our business hours, we're unable to call right now. Could you share when you might be available for a quick call?

Lead: Texting is not supported at this time. Please call {business name} at 123 456-7890. Thank you!

AI: I understand...

It went on and on...for 400 hundred messages!!

And so that's the story of how a non-texting number with auto-replies turned our OpenAI billing chart into $GME's for a day 🫡


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08:32 UTC


Advanced listing and investment income filtering platform?

Does anybody know of a tool/website that provides advanced listing filters and possible notifications?

I'm curious if something exists that might have features like: rent estimate based on comps, estimated ROI, projected rent/PITI ratio, time to breakeven, # of units, ADU onsite, maybe image recognition features, and potentially other advanced filters.

Does something like this exist? I haven't been able to find anything yet, I would like to use it if it exists. but I think I could build something that can do most of this so I'm considering it and wondering if there's demand for this type of thing. What other features would be desired or you like to see?

21:13 UTC


Inbound AI Caller - Appointment Setter

Hey all,

I've been building an AI appointment setter for realtors and I've made a quick video about how you can do this too. This is definitely for those who are visionaries, early adopters of new technology, and those who want to gain a competitive edge.

These new AI agents can help you save time on manually cold calling, increase your efficiency, and ultimately get you more listings faster than you could've before.

Feel free to check it out here:

How You Can Build an AI Real Estate Agent

If you have any questions or feedback please let me know here or leave a comment on my video.


11:42 UTC

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