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Neon Flex not functioning with IOS LIFX App

Hey All,

A word of caution when looking to purchase a LIFX Neon Flex.

I've owned a LIFX Beam for years and was happy with its performance, so was excited to see a rope version be released. I purchased the Neon Flex back in December 2023 and have been unable to get the LifX app to see the device.

When I set it up, it connects to the HomeKit (and has limited control, nothing like the app can do), but the LIFX app cannot see it. I've been communicating with the Support Team since the initial setup, but nothing has solved the issue. I've changed my router config, even the router itself (which is ~15 feet away and in line-of-sight of the device) with no resolution. When i do the RouteScan it indicates I have Client Isolation enabled, when I do not. Support continues to ask me to check/change my router config, even so far as asking me to bring it to a friends house and try there!? I even had to ask for a replacement controller to test because the troubleshooting was going in circles, but that still did not correct the issue.

At my wits end, I resigned the fact that this device will not work for me, and asked support for a return and refund, but they insisted I continue troubleshooting. When i declined, they stated "offering returns or refunds isn't standard practice in cases where the issue appears to be network-related".

I don't see how this can be network related when I've changed everything about my network and the light connects and is controllable via HomeKit.

So buyer beware and if a device doesn't work, be sure to return it immediately and not even try to troubleshoot.

16:35 UTC


Has anyone bought the path lights?

I'm thinkin about it. They're 12v though, and I'm not familiar with setting up a low voltage system.

02:37 UTC


Introducing our new Super Bright Lights!

As promised, here is the next instalment of our new product releases for 2024!

LIFX Introduces Its Brightest Bulbs to Date, the Ultimate Upgrade with Vibrant Color

LIFX’s new indoor and outdoor smart bulbs include a dynamic, intuitively designed app and its signature SuperColor technology, now available exclusively at The Home Depot.

LIFX continues to redefine how people think about lighting with its newest innovations - the dazzling Super Bright 100-Watt Equivalent A21 Smart Light Bulb and Super Bright 150-Watt Equivalent PAR38 Smart Light Bulb. These ultra-bright, 1600-lumen bulbs replace traditional 100 to 150-watt equivalent incandescent bulbs, offering a blend of unparalleled functionality and customizable style that resonates with today's decorators and modern smart home trends.

LIFX's color vibrancy tests demonstrate a superiority five times greater than competitors, ensuring unparalleled performance for every indoor and outdoor space. These new bulbs are even brighter, making them LIFX's most powerful light bulbs for every indoor and outdoor space. No matter the color you choose, the bulbs maintain vibrancy and consistency so you can create endless designs and intensity options to suit your lighting needs.

Matter, the latest standard of smart home connectivity, ensures LIFX's new products will integrate into any existing smart home ecosystem, working with other IoT devices for effortless control and customization across scenes. This interoperability means you can use your lights with voice, apps, or automation with the platforms of your choice, now and into the future. Consumers also have access to LIFX’s dynamic mobile app, available on iOS and Android, enabling users to create effortlessly captivating home lighting scenes. Once connected, users can explore a rich palette with millions of colors, a wide range of cool to warm whites, themes, and blending options at the touch of a button, and sync lighting effects across all of the LIFX products in the home.

LIFX's 100-watt equivalent A21 indoor bulbs are currently available exclusively in-store or online at The Home Depot with a starting price of $39.98, and the indoor/outdoor 150-watt equivalent Par38 Multi-Color LED bulbs, with an IP65 rating, are currently available exclusively in-store or online at The Home Depot with a starting price of $34.98.

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements in the coming weeks!

22:54 UTC


I think I'm being gaslit by my smart bulb


The old bulb was definitely on it's way out. I went to bed and woke up to find the bulb started working again at some point in the night, and responded to the app. Came home and found the bulb stopped responding again. Installed the new bulb and it immediately worked like a dream. I can't help but a bit salty about it being an unplanned £60. Delighted with the fact it works straight out the box, and the colour shows better on my webcam than the last one.

Owned a lifx bulb for getting on 4 years now and love the functionality and colours. Heard Lifx was acquired by someone new in 2022?

Do lifx bulbs die suddenly, or are there more gradual signs?

I've been having serious connection issues this last few months, where I need to re-launch the app 3-4 times before the bulb re-appears on the network, and last night it seriously went off the deep end. Tried all the troubleshooting such as slowly cycling power at the wall 5 times, manually disconnecting it from the lifx cloud via the app, and it just didn't respond at all. It refused to reset.

Customer service saw heard the video of me flicking a switch in the dark and declared the bulb dead, which was really frustrating.

Ordered a new one on next day shipping and went to bed. Woke up to find the light had magically fixed itself through the night, was visible on the app and it responded to commands as if nothing ever happened.

I feel like I'm being gaslit by my smart light, and I'm now uncertain whether to return the fresh bulb. Because there's a lot of other things I can use £60 on.

08:18 UTC


Neon Flex in Home Assistant?

Hey guys, can anyone confirm if these connect to Home Assistant without the use of Homekit?

I have a bunch of their lights and they're great, straight into Home Assistant. Then I got a light switch which you can only connect to HomeAssistant via Homekit, but you can't get the Homekit code without owning an iPhone since they stopped printing the pairing code on the device or in the booklet in the box. As you may have guessed, I don't own an iPhone and neither does anyone else in the house. This was, in my opinion, an idiotic oversight on LIFX's part.

I'm keen to get some of these Neon Flex for a new room build but have no interest if I can't connect to Home Assistant.

03:57 UTC


Wish the string lights had more customizations

Wish we could set individual colors for each light on a set. Looking through the themes, I see at least the Christmas one is awful. I want the traditional red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple, but instead it seems more like a tropical theme? Also, Christmas has basically the same colors as Kwanzaa?

Let us 'paint' individual bulbs, Lifx! :D

21:14 UTC


Anyone having trouble sticking their Neon Flex?

I recently purchased the neon flex and have stuck it behind my tv using the equipment that come with the product but I can’t for the life of me get it to stay on there. I also got myself some heavy duty 3m double sided tape to see if it would help stick but no luck. Anyone else having similar problems or managed to find a fix?

03:13 UTC



If anyone from LIFX sees this I would like to suggest an idea.

A theme section dedicated to the Cyberunk genre. It makes sense considering smart lighting is the future often depicted in most Cyberpunk works. Sometimes creating themes can be boring and time consuming, so a quick option would suffice, here are my ideas of theme names with a description.

  1. Dytopic Rain: Dark and muted Blue/Purples with Cool White-Tones to mimic the gray subtle and eerie skies of a dystopian city.

  2. Simulation: Dark Greens and Muted Greens with Cool White-Tones inspired by (The Matrix).

  3. Sunny Nomad: Warm-Tones mixed with White Cool-Tones and a touch of Yellow/Reds/Orange to mimic the lifestyle outside of a dystopian city.

  4. Digital Painting: A Blacklight Hue with various High Saturated Colors to mimic the digital life in the city of the future.

  5. Utopia: A array of Light Blue, Purple, and White-Tones to represent the opposite of a dystopian city, this is where the elites live.

  6. Metal: Black Spots with White spots in various areas to imitate an eerie back alley in the dystopian futuristic city where machines walk the streets, works best (light strips, beam, tile, and rope).

  7. Intensity: High Saturated Orangish-Yellow that is inspired by the film (Blade Runner 2049).

  8. Artificial Color: This would be pressed but it would work by running a LIFX AI when pressed, generating color based off Cyberpunk themes, it doesn't need text or anything, just keep pressing and it keeps changing, coming up with infinite themes.

09:32 UTC


Gaming setup

08:40 UTC


Using Lifx strips in EU

So I'm planning to expand my Lifx family and get 2 additional Lifx strips but as you already know they're only available for the US/Australian markets nowadays. Will these work properly in EU or I should stay away and get a different brand? I know that I'll have to get a travel adapter for these to work with EU sockets, cause they only come with the US one AFAIK, right?

And if you had to choose a different brand, which one would you go for? Thanks in advance for your help!

15:27 UTC


Strange beam issue..

I have a beam (about 3 years old) that has suddenly stopped functioning.

It powers on and used to run through the daily scheduled scenes, however, I noted that it wouldn’t turn off.

Reset it and now I’m unable to add it back in. I can see it on the wireless network - but it just won’t appear in the app.

I have about 20 other devices - no new network changes have been made.

Is it fried? Has anyone else had this? This is the third beam I’ve had over the years with some funky wireless issue. 😫

11:01 UTC


Errbody needs them a Tile stockpile; cuz Nanoleaf ain't shit

17:21 UTC


LIFX much more reliable lately

I’m not sure what has changed but over the last few months my LIFX lights have been working really well almost never losing connection. I have 180 feet of light strips and 18 down lights in my my basement and just about every time I turn them on/off, set scenes through Siri, shortcuts, Aqara Cube ( so cool but only changes color not LiFX scenes), Lutron or any other way they always do what is expected. I used to have intermittent connectivity issues in the past but this year they have been rock solid. I didn’t change my wifi still using Orbi. I wonder if it was an update that LIFX did. Either way super happy they work so well. I’m all in on LIFX. They have without a doubt in my mind the brightest and best colors of any brand. I just bought the flex from LIFX and Govee and LIFX is sooo much brighter. Keep it up LIFX!

14:06 UTC


1600lm bulb has green cast?

Testing out my new 1600 on the opposite nightstand in the bedroom of my 1100 lumen bulb. At 69% (of 1600 = 1100, rounded). Both at 3000K. New bulb seems to have a green/yellow cast. Is this normal? I mean, I guess it doesn't really matter if this one's going in the bathroom but I was thinking of mixing new with old in another room. Hmm.

04:17 UTC


Need a lifx power supply. Does anyone have a success story???

Hello. I live in the UK and my whole house is covered in Lifx products before it went into administration here. Like a lot of others, my power supply has now died for my light strips. I wanted to know if anyone has any success stories of getting a replacement or a fix, so that I don't lose out on hope.

02:57 UTC


I Developed Spatial Entertainment Effects for LIFX - No Box/Camera Needed - Looking For Your Feedback - See Comments For Details

22:03 UTC


Lifx...what's wrong with you

I have been using lifx since 2017. Started with 50 bulbs

Quite happy to see they have launched par38 and a21 bulbs with 1600 lumens

Always excited about bright light

But why on earth would you restrict to usa use only. It's 110 volts

All your bulbs were global voltage till now

So why kill more than half of your world market

09:52 UTC


Lights dissapeared from App

I have 6 Lifx Lights around the house, I had added them to the App and setup groups (Living Room/Bedrooms etc etc). All fine and dandy, Today I opened the app and there are no groups, no light ,no nothing "Nothing to see here" it says. This happened in two different phones where I have the app running, looks like a recent updated might have broken things. Anyone experiencing similar issues ?

1 Comment
15:12 UTC


Using lifx to create a fake window

Hey everyone,

I am wondering if it is possible use use lifx lights such as a lightstrip, to create a fake window.

There's a few videos on YouTube of people doing something similar, but with laptop screens.

However I am wondering if it's possible to do so, but with lifx strip and software. More specifically, can the app/software be used to have the lightstrip mimic sunlight, including sunrise and sunset, like naturally outside.

The idea would be to use the strips in a opaque enclosure that mimics a window.

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22:30 UTC


New LIFX Bulb: PAR38 Multi-Color 1500-9000K, 150-Watt Equivalent, IP65, Matter

Another new LIFX product! Currently listed on Home Depot's website.



Item Description:

The LIFX Color PAR38 is the smart LIFX PAR light for indoors and outdoors. Can this light be a Can Light. Yes, it can. Can it be a Flood Light. Yes, it can. Can it change millions of colors. Yes, it can. Can it take rain, hail or shine. Yes, siree it can. The LIFX Color PAR38 smart light bulb is a modern, powerful bulb for every space, inside and out. with billions of colors plus a massive cool to warm white range, the PAR38 can reach up to 1600 Lumens.


We don't fear rain or hail, either. The PAR38 bulb is IP65 rated, meaning it's protected from dust as well as water. It powers through temperatures from -22°F up to 104°F. And to top it all off, the LED floodlight bulbs are up to 80% more efficient than regular light bulbs. Save on electric bills and produce fewer greenhouse gasses all while having a brighter home. That's a win for your wallet, a win for the planet and a win for your space.

16:30 UTC


VERY unresponsive, anyone else have a similar issue?

I have a Z LED Strip kit with a few extensions and I'm finding that over 80% of the time, the app is EXTREMELY unresponsive. Yes, the device is 7 years old, however I have had these issues from day one. I'll find that the app will successfully turn the strip ON probably 90% of the time, but will then not change the colour, brightness, turn off etc.

I am forced to turn it off at the powerpoint and then come back another day to turn it on, where it will start working again for an undetermined amount of time. I've tried rebooting, resetting, renaming, reconnecting, changing my router settings, everything I can think of.

A friend of mine had had to warranty replace his <2 year old device TWICE, is LIFX just a really unreliable brand?

08:00 UTC


Blacklight Discussion

Color 239° is the fullest blue, as it blocks the most yellow. This was observed using my eyes. Give it a try. (AKA closest to blacklight you'll get) Discussion closed

06:27 UTC


How do I scan the QR code in LIFX app?

Unable to scan the code in the app. What am I doing wrong? My iPhone is connected to 2.4 ghz network also. I initially got the option to scan the code, it failed. Now I no longer have the option. I also reset the bulb. Please need help. So frustrating.

22:44 UTC


Syncing bulbs to computers display

I'm trying to figure out a way to sync my normal bulbs to my pcs screen, ive tried this github program but it fails to detect the lights along with the hue essentials app which detects my lights but the sync feature doesnt seem to work with lifx. Does anybody know of a way to do this?

05:53 UTC


I can't leave the LIFX app open or else I get connectivity and reliability problems

u/lifx please fix this.

TL;DR: I can't leave the LIFX app open or else some of my lights stop working correctly when trying to operate them using Hey Siri. I don't know if this applies to the Home app too yet because I just woke up and I just want to get this posted, and I never go into the Home app to operate my lights. I usually use Siri, but sometimes I use the LIFX app, especially because iOS 17.4 broke the ability to run Shortcuts that do multiple things. Only the first thing gets executed. heh So last night I had to use the LIFX app because of this problem.


For a long time now (probably a couple of years now?), I've always avoided leaving the LIFX app open (iOS) because I found that leaving it open causes problems with connectivity and reliability. So every time I use it (which isn't often), I swipe it away to Force Quit it. Last night I forgot to do that and I learned the hard way that it's still a problem. I decided it wasn't worth my time to mention this anywhere because leaving the app closed was a solution and that meant I could just forget about it and move on.

Well imagine this: I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I had go to the bathroom. So as usual, I asked Siri to turn my lights on so that I could see. This meant they would come on at 1% brightness and they'd be red to avoid waking me up. I have 3 floor lamps. Only two of them came on. Siri said the 3rd one isn't responding. So I stayed in bed asking Siri to turn the lights off and on and off and on and off and on which usually works, but that one light stayed off and of course Siri was being extremely annoying telling me the one light wasn't responding. Eventually Siri stopped reporting that the light wasn't responding as though I completely removed it.

So then I asked Siri to turn the malfunctioning light on, but it said it's not responding. heh I then tried asking Siri to turn it off, on, off, on, off, on which has worked in the past when the problem got this bad, but that didn't work either.

At this point, I was standing and I was wide awake and I was PISSED*.* I unwillingly went over to the floor lamp and turned it off, waited 30 seconds, turned it back on, waited 30 seconds and tried again; still nothing. I did it again. Still nothing. Now I was no longer just simply pissed off, I was extremely enraged. All I wanted to do was get up, go take a piss, and then go back to sleep which felt very easy at the moment I woke up and realized I had to take a piss. When I went to bed a few hours prior to this, I was happily putting a bad day out of its misery so this only served to make me even more pissed off.

You may be wondering why I didn't just grab my iPhone to fix it. Well my hands were a little bit sweaty and grubby and I absolutely did not want to touch my iPhone with my hands being like that nor go wash my hands first which would require bright light which would wake me up even more.

So I grabbed a facial tissue to operate my iPhone (and the stupidity of that pissed me off even more). Sure enough, the LIFX app was still open. I closed it and that fixed the problem but now I felt like it was the middle of the day. I was ready to put both of my fists though every wall in the house. You'd think that this problem would've been fixed by now, but I discovered the hard way it's still doing this.

It took me a couple of hours to get back to sleep and I was in bed for far longer than I otherwise would've been.

So LIFX, I say again: please fix this. I should never have to worry about whether the LIFX app is open!

For those of you who might recommend making sure the app is enabled in the Background App Refresh settings, it's not there. Yes I'm sure. I'm looking at the list right now for like the hundredth time now because I think maybe I missed it but no... LIFX doesn't have Background App Refresh - if that's the correct way to say it.

18:48 UTC


LIFX disappeared from Google Home

I can view and control my devices through the LIFX app, but they all appear offline via Google Home. I was going to try relinking my LIFX account to see if that would reset the connection, but LIFX doesn't even appear in the long list of "Works With Home" services. I still have three other services listed in my "linked services", but LIFX is gone from there as well.

To me, this looks like some kind of cloud service issue gone wrong from LIFX... I did the usual trouble shooting, power cycle, reboot router, etc. to appease anyone suggesting it, but given the symptoms, I didn't expect it to help.

I don't see other threads about this though, I'd imagine if it was widespread someone would have already made one? Anyone experience something like this before?

Edit: So it looks like power cycling one of the bulbs at the switch somehow killed it for good. Factory reset doesn't work. So I'm down a bulb and looks like $60+ to replace it since there doesn't seem to be stock sold by Amazon, just resellers. Starting to feel regret again for buying into this ecosystem after having a relatively smooth ride for the last couple of years (and the years of pain prior to that).

22:30 UTC


Do LIFX products go on sale in Australia?

Looking for 18 LIFX downlights in particular, but need to know if I can wait for a better price.

I know Hue goes on sale so I can considering them too at this stage.

14:34 UTC


LIFX 1600 lumen a21

Anyone know about this bulb? I haven’t found any info on it on Amazon or on LIFX website. Is it a discontinued product?


06:59 UTC


Use better hardware, LIFX

As the title says. Both types of screws provided with the neon are useless. I predrilled the holes and both lots of screws get stripped before you can even screw them in. The only way to get them out, because of the bracket, is with a hacksaw blade. And while I'm here, please make the brackets available for purchase separately. 5 is not enough. Frustrated rant over

05:34 UTC

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