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Looking for PAR30 short neck smart bulbs

I've been looking for these for years but never came across any - do these exist?

00:02 UTC


Cheap Motion Sensor LED Strip

I'm looking to put an LED strip around the bottom of my bed that will turn on when my wife or I get out of bed during specific times of the night. I do not want to spend a bunch and am looking for the dirt cheap options. I love Nanoleaf, but they are more than what I am wanting to spend on this use (yes, I know they are not that expensive).

Any suggestions?

Edit: I'm on iOS if that makes any difference.

18:02 UTC


I have two line wires and one load wire. What smart switch can work with this?

I ordered a smart switch to install in my bedroom so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed to turn off my lights. I have two light fixtures on a 2 switch 1 gang outlet. There are two line inputs and only one load. The switch I ordered has two loads and one line. All the other ones I’ve found that will fit in my 1 gang box have the same 2 load 1 line. Is there any switch that will work with this setup or am I screwed? My house is from the 50’s and you know things were done differently back then

00:42 UTC


Which brand allows me to manually enter numeric values to get the color I want?

17:05 UTC


Seeking illumination

Dear hive mind, Two questions: Would anyone please explain to me why you need to buy multiple smart switches for a three-way light? That is to say if you have light fixtures controlled by more than one switch, why do you need a Smart switch to replace all the connected switches, instead of just one? Secondly, I have a bathroom with mirror lights and an overhead. Would it be a simple matter to disconnect the overhead light from the switch, effectively disabling it?

Thank you for your time!

15:54 UTC


C By Ge

I have 10 C By Ge smart bulbs and they will not stay connected. They work for a day, the next day Google cannot find them. Any advice on something I should do besides resetting them. Should I just trash them and go with a different brand?

17:13 UTC


ISO very bright (100w equivalent+) light that integrates well with Google routines for wake-up (scene increasing in light over set period, or)?

I'm pretty naive with this though I do know a fair amount about LEDs. The "wake up" lights I've seen are so dim, they're not going to do squat for me, I'm afraid.

Hoping to find a tunable white bulb that is at least 100 watt equivalent and that has a scene that I can just add to my Google Home wakeup routine. So to be clear, would move from dim, warm light to very bright, cool light over 60 minutes, at which point I'd say me alarm to go off.

I purchased the Feit 100w based on the brand and some reviews that said it is the brightest smart light available, but the app had REALLY limited functionality that made me realize that I should check out the app of a light before I use it.

I previously had the decidedly low tech Lighten Up! with a 150w incandescent. It worked fine for about a year and a half until the LCD input screen faded so much it's not usable. It's also a little bit of a pain to set up if you have an irregular schedule.

Having something that works well with Google ecosystem but that doesn't require a bridge or whatever--I'm on a budget do just want to buy one light (though 2 is a possibility if there's nothing that's that bright, if they can't be programmed to work identically)...

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give. Will cross post in /smarthome, too

01:56 UTC


Multiple apps / best app

I have a few different brands of smart lights in my home. I have wiz, Lumary, and ligjtify. My question is there a universal app that everyone recommends that the best. And secondly can the lights only be paired to one app at a time or can I have more than one app paired to a light.

12:55 UTC


4 inch recessed lighting

Currently updating home to include smart lighting.

Initially bought Feit recessed 5inch /6 inch conversion lighting, not realizing that I had 4-in recessed lights.

I have googled 4-in recessed smart bulbs, looked at Amazon, scoured the internet and have come up with nothing.

Have any of you used smart bulbs in a 4-in recessed housing?

23:33 UTC


Recommendation needed

Hi would appreciate some advice. Looking for smart lighting system for new construction home — around 100 switches/dimmers and a couple of scene keypads.

I like the Caseta switch design, but they max out at 75 devices. Looked at RadioRa2, but we don’t love that the LEDs on the Maestro can’t be turned off. And we’re not into the Grafik switch.

Any other recommendations for what system we should consider? Thank you!

19:13 UTC


E12 WiFi LEDs not powering on

I have a set of outdoor lights fixtures in my fence that have E12 bases. I presently have 120V LEDs in them. I bought a set of cheap E12 WiFi LEDs to use outside. They power on fine in any E12 base in my house but not in the fixtures outside. Is there a specific power issue here I don't know about and if so - is there a WiFi LED E12 that will work? Thanks for the assistance.

19:15 UTC


What Is the Difference between WiFi and Bluetooth?

09:18 UTC


A Smart Lighting Guide Beginners May Need

08:38 UTC


To those who need to cut and reconnect strip lights(from Novostella).

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09:07 UTC


What is a good smart light for my bedroom around 1600 lumens???

And by smart light i mean the ones with lots of colours and are controlled by google home or phone app

10:20 UTC


Lightify Switchoff

So, anyone doing anything for Lightify switchoff?

Me, just upgraded everything I can and waiting to see how it plays out.

Such a shame.

Was going to post on /Lightify, but it’s already locked down.

14:08 UTC


Aurora lights pro

Has anyone ordered from this company? I keep getting adverts for DIY Ambilight starter packs and I'm wondering if it's legit or not; seems to good to be true.

18:55 UTC


Sylvania Smart+ Outdoor Accent RGB Lighting Kit with Phillips Hue Bridge

I cannot get the phillips hue bridge to pair with this outdoor light strip.

I plugged in the bridge and downloaded the app. I successfully added the bridge. After activating the bridge I try and add light, but after 2 minutes of search I receive the “no lights found” message.

I’m so confused. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

02:30 UTC


Kitchen lighting

How safe is it to put LED strips close to an oven hob? My Meross light strips say "Operating temperature: -25 to +60°C".

11:17 UTC


4 energy-saving strategies for businesses

Energy is one of the major expenses for businesses, especially those that are small scale. It becomes difficult for ventures to survive in this competitive economy if their cost of energy consumption is too high. So, it is of paramount importance to increase awareness about energy-efficient practices in the organisation. Energy-saving practices should be implemented on an individual employee level in order to increase energy efficiency.

There are numerous factors that we need to consider while thinking about saving the cost of energy in a business. Here are some steps that we need to follow to make our office more energy-efficient.


One of the best ways to ensure lighting efficiency is to upgrade normal lightning fixtures to smart lighting. The new LED luminaires and lighting technologies make it easy to transform the lighting system of the organisation cost-effectively. Below are some points that need to be considered while switching to a smart lighting system.

● Make sure that the light levels remain adequate while changing the technology.

● Replace incandescent lamps and CFL lights with hi-tech LED lights that come with dimmers and human-centric lighting systems.

● Replace incandescent "EXIT" signs with LEDs signs. LEDs consume about one-tenth of the wattage consumed by incandescent lamps and last 50 times longer.

● Installing the lighting occupancy sensor is the best option; it automatically turns the light on and off, depending on the occupancy.

Heating and cooling

A lot of energy is consumed when it comes to heating and cooling any space. Inefficient insulation leads to overtime working of the heating and cooling systems, as the newly heated or cooled air is not retained inside the building and escapes. It is essential to follow these points while modifying this system of the office.

● Create a preventive maintenance program for heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and equipment.

● Repair leaks in air ducts, piping, fitting, and coils.

● Replace the old motors with premium efficiency motors that run at a low annual cost.

● Reducing the energy install variable speed drivers (VSDs) on large motors.

Office equipment

The best way to improve energy efficiency at the workplace is to maintain the energy consumption of office equipment. Considering the below-noted points can be highly beneficial.

● Make sure to save energy during periods of inactivity. This can be done when the built-in power management system for office equipment is active.

● Reduce internal heat to conserve energy, switch off computers, printers, monitors, etc., during non-business hours.

● Make sure that the screensaver is compatible with the computers' power management features. This setup allows systems to go into the power saver mode.

Wrap up

Educating and encouraging employees to be energy conscious is another way to save energy at the workplace. This can be done by designating a responsible party to take charge of promoting good energy practices for the organisation.

Individuals within the organisation should work with the management to facilitate energy conservation strategies and ideas.

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10:30 UTC


Singer Bedroom Studio Set up


I moonlight as rapper, and I run a show where I perform and talk about the market. At the moment my show looks a little bare and unprofessional. After talking with my team I told them that manipulating the lighting inside would allow us to step up our image. The challenge is that I am not sure who to use. I want to set up a whole environment without breaking the bank. Can you throw me some recommendations on how to set up a studio set up with lighting.

I can keep you all up-to-date on the progress, but there are a lot of different companies doing smart lights. I'm looking at Amazon, GE, and Ring, I can't find any GE products on Amazon so IDK but what about the other two?

21:05 UTC


Turned my IKEA battery powered fairy lights to USB powered motion activated lights!

16:37 UTC


How to make light change colors at specific timestamps, like 0m33s, 1m30s and so forth?

I'm making a music video at home and want to change the light colors in the following sequence:

0:40 Green 1:33 Red 2:00 Yellow 2:50 Blue 3:50 Grey 4:50 White

Which light has this capability and which app/script can I use to achieve this?

09:46 UTC


I’m looking for a smart lamp with this size. It’s E27 but smaller. Does this exist?

12:42 UTC

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