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App not updated

Wink sent this response to my inquiry, "why is the Wink app not present in the Play Store when searching with my Samsung Galaxy S24 running Android OS 14.

22:32 UTC


Anyone interested in TAPT Light switches

I see that the rules are no for sale posts, so I will take this down if it violates anything.

However I have a unique item quirky/wink made and are ONLY able to work with wink that I would hope could be made of use of and not thrown into the trash.

If anyone is interested in these let me know.

~8x TAPT Light switches

23:14 UTC


Quirky GE Aros air conditioner with Sensibo Sky?

I have both the Quirky GE Aros air conditioner (without the remote) and a Sensibo Sky.

Anyone know how to make the two work together? Or if they can?

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23:40 UTC


Wink Subscription Price Increasing to $5.99

Wink's Monthly Subscription Cost is going up $0.99 for a total cost of $5.99, effective for existing customers on February 15th, 2024. But Wink is still sticking around! Wonder how much extra income they will really get from this. Depends on how many Wink Users are still using Wink systems and paying the monthly subscription. Hopefully it helps pay the bills and keep the lights on for the remaining Wink users who are still out there.


16:53 UTC


Commercial electric app issues

Commercial electric app issue

At my parents house for a few months and they have older tech. They have LED flood lights from COMMERCIAL ELECTRIC that have an app. I tried downloading the CE app and it says it's not compatible with my newer version of Android. Then saw a WINK app that can be used, but same issue. Not compatible.

Possibly because my folks have an older phone and tablet, so their android version worked because it's older.

I've searched online for answers, but can't figure it out.

Anyone else have COMMERCIAL ELECTRIC brand smart lights and are successful using the app?.

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20:12 UTC


App gone from apple App Store

I saw someone mention that the app is gone from the App Store so I checked and sure enough, it’s gone. Looks like the end is near.

17:20 UTC


Anyone else having problems with Wink today?

Not responding to Alexa or APP commands. Local automation still works. Sometimes hub says offline (in app), other times, status looks fine.
For you vultures who already left; I’m not looking for your “insights”! Just stay in the background and smile at how smart you think you are!

14:42 UTC


Random and Delayed ZWAVE Events

Hi All,

Lately I've been seeing the following issues with ZWAVE Devices:

1 As single event, such as my garage door ZWAVE sensor (garage opening and shutting) generates two event notifications (garage opened/garage closed), for each single event.

2 Significant/random time delays between the events and the notifications

3 Notifications that are not triggered by an actual event. I.E. I'll get a notification that the garage door opened or closed, when the event had not actually occurred.

13:52 UTC


Keep an eye on CC for Wink sub

I use Privacy for the $5 subscription have the rule set to not more than $7 every month.

Got a decline notification from Privacy for a $52.24 attempt on Gamestop.com .

Just keep an eye out on your cards for awkward charges..

Not gonna say it but probably ?

13:32 UTC


I think I made a mistake and now I don't know how to fix it.


During the last outage in October, a friend of mine asked for help with his Wink Hub 2. He didn't know that Wink was having an outrage problem and I wasn't familiar with the tech so I didn't know to check for that either. Everything else in the house was working fine on Wi-Fi except the Hub so I assumed it needed a factory reset. And that's where I made the mistake. After subsequently figuring out the issue was the outage I tried to reconnect since the outage was resolved but now the old hub details are still in the app but disconnected and the app only recognizes the Hub as a new Hub.

I've tried reaching out to support from last month and haven't gotten a response outside of the automated one. Sent a new support ticket again today a month and change late and I got the same automated one.

I'm not sure what to do next nd would appreciate any help I cm get.

21:13 UTC


Wink seems to be coming back from the dead

Got this email today:

On Oct 10, 2023, at 4:15 PM, Wink questions@wink.com wrote:
As of today a fix was implemented and systems are back online and operational.  Upon launching the app you may not see devices connected at first. Please allow the app a moment to load. If you still see no devices force stop or close the app and start it up again. 

If your Hub is still offline we recommend unpluging the Hub and then plugging it back in. The Hub should go back to having a solid blue LED within five minutes. If it is flashing blue, unplug the Hub from power and plug it back in. Next, power off and on your router.

The Hub should turn back to solid blue once you have an internet connection.  If you have any Zigbee light bulbs showing offline be sure that they are all in the on position they should all reconnect within a few minutes.       

Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.   

Not sure this means they fixed a technical issue or the got the past due bill paid......

21:17 UTC


And another major outage

Looks like things have been down since the 7th of October.

Why do we all keep using Wink? My excuse is I keep waiting for Thinka to be available in the U.S.

04:15 UTC


Mainline u-boot and Linux on Wink 1

Hi folks,

I have been working on getting mainline u-boot and Linux running on the Wink 1, and with an amazing amount of help from Fabio Estevam, have finally got it to a point where I think other folks might want to try it. I don't yet have access to the radios working, unfortunately, but that is next on my list!

This *should* be fairly foolproof, as the i.MX28 supports recovery over USB, and the (missing) microUSB connector also has fairly accessible test pads which one could solder a USB cable on to without too much difficulty. End goal is to get an OpenWrt build going, which can run things like ZHA or ZWaveJS, etc, and make the Wink Hub part of e.g. a Home Assistant installation.

Let me know if you are interested in trying it out, and I can walk you through it.

10:07 UTC


Wink Down Again August 29th

Well, it is time for another Wink outage. The Wink Status Page ( https://status.winkapp.com ) is showing an outage as of August 29th, 2023 for the Hub API and Alexa & Google Home Intergration. Is this the end of the Wink platform? Did Wink not pay their hosting again? I'm also curious to hear if anyone is still relying on Wink for there smart home!

17:24 UTC


Replacement aros circuit board ?

So my aros finally bit the big one. I can’t explain how disgusting the inside was from water and algae and whatever else getting trapped in the bottom pan. There’s no drip plug either. I’ve always stored this inside and have taken really good care of it. But this season was not the season. I noticed the unit was kinda Fritzing out a bit. Red blinking lights. Turning itself off etc etc. I took this whole thing apart and gave it the cleaning of a lifetime. I’ve never seen so much black mold in my life. I should probably can it but I did hit the whole thing with a mold and mildew killer and it’s looking good as new. Problem is…it won’t turn on. Not a single light.

I believe the condensation got to the board and corroded some leads. The fuse seems fine. I took it apart and inspected the board and there was some light corrosion but I don’t know…the thing looks fried.

Anyone got a spare board laying around in a parts only machine? I’d love to have it and give it a try. Otherwise it’s going to the scrap pile. Was a good ac despite all the issue with the app and stuff.

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13:23 UTC


Haha is wink down again?

While I may be only user not smart enough to get away from wink yet (fuck that’s a lot of work to go through and redo all my devices). Is wink down again for anyone?

13:14 UTC


Unreleased product

I worked at Quirky and then Wink back in the day. And I was cleaning out my closet and realized I had a unopened Norm thermostat! I don’t think this ever made it out into the public. Thought you guys might enjoy it

23:08 UTC


Looking for donor Wink 2's

Hi folks,

Following on from my teardown of the Wink 2 Hub (https://www.reddit.com/r/winkhub/comments/13wko51/wink_hub_2_teardown/), I'm looking for some donor items that I can use to get a copy of the flash via a hot air station. If anyone is prepared to donate/sell theirs for a good price, shipped to an IL address, I would really appreciate it. The plan is to remove the flash, verify some of the Uboot compile time settings, and hopefully find a way to get code execution on the hub from an external point. This will allow people to install a fresh new OS (probably OpenWrt-based) as well as access the radios using e.g. ZHA, Zigbee2mqtt, etc.

Much appreciated!

09:56 UTC


Old Wink office up for lease?

While searching for something in my email for work (at one point we used a Wink 2 hub to automate a customer display room - customers loved telling an Alexa to turn off/on the lights) I found an old email from Wink. On the bottom it listed a physical address in Schenectady.

A quick web search pulled up this: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1482-Erie-Blvd-Schenectady-NY/4148420/

18:17 UTC



Finally cancelled last month. HomeKit, Homebridge, HomeAssistant and Matter supported devices completed my needs.

Been w Wink for so long, but lack of stability and any inkling of innovation, caused me to move on.

Good luck all, but don’t see the company being around much longer.

01:20 UTC


Done with Wink.

Gave up and switched over to Hubitat after reading posts on here. Interface is not nearly as good, but it works flawlessly and is way faster. Haven’t had any of the delays or errors I did with the past 7 years of wink.

Just a note as i struggled a bit to figure this out when switching over. Hook up your Hubitat and just go to zwave settings to exclude. Go to your device and exclude, then go to add device and sync. Worked for all my devices and got them online in 10-15 seconds. Overall a great experience with a $3 fee only if you want to access remotely.

Hope this helps!

02:39 UTC


Where to switch

Hey Everyone!

Looks like me and a handful of others were the last ones to make moves elsewhere. I have Zwave GE switches, Schlage Zwave door handle and lock. Anyone have a good recommendation on where I should make the switch.

Thanks In advance

21:46 UTC


Wink Outages

I worked in IT for MANY years. This outage has been going on for a few weeks, much like the one last year.


If these outages are not warning enough for the remaining Wink users, I am not sure what is. Wink as a business cannot survive. No new customers, no new hardware, no new protocols. Increased competition with SmartThings and ever increasing WiFi-only, hub-less, hardware that comes available. And many of those are free options.

Wink has no urgency in fixing errors. Save your money. It will go down permanently eventually.

In any other IT universe, this would be a SEV1 emergency to get Wink fixed and up and running. The fact it is not tells you something.

If Wink broke because they just implemented a poorly tested fix, why don't they back out the new code to make things as they were before?

What are they doing that breaks something, other than not paying hosting fees? Are they making changes without adequate testing? Fixing bugs? Changing hardware? Adding protocols? I doubt any upgrades are being undertaken, nor are any implementations being made.

14:17 UTC


Alternatives to Wink

I'm still down, like many others, no support and no end in sight. I just can't continue with Wink. What are others switching to? I have Samsung at another property and it's ok, but I liked Wink more. I don't think I can use Samsung to control devices at multiple locations from one app, so hoping for a better alternative. Mostly I control Schlage Locks and thermostats and a couple lights. Cheers.

12:43 UTC


June 1st

Interesting Wink starts working again at the beginning of the month!

03:15 UTC


Resurrect Quirky Nimbus?

Howdy! I came across my Quirky Nimbus while cleaning and I was wondering is there is a way to resurrect it?

02:44 UTC


Brought out the aros last night

Brought out the aros again last night as it was around 88 in the house. Just picture me standing there looking at it. Admiring the contemporary design. Remembering what used to be during the golden age of wink. Now I can’t even change the temp or the fan speed locally with my phone via Bluetooth and it didn’t come with a remote. It’s now a primitive device. It still looks sexy. But primitive in its function. I have to get up like a savage to adjust the controls.

Does anyone have any recommendations on comparable models that tout the same functionality as the aros at launch? Geofencing, remote access via app, ability to sense temp and kick on?

12:38 UTC


Wink Hub 2 teardown

Amazingly, I have not found much available online regarding the internals of the Hub 2, and how it protects itself against the sort of hacking that happened to the Hub 1. I got my hands on one, and did some poking, and wrote up my observations here: https://sensepost.com/blog/2023/investigating-the-wink-hub-2/.

12:18 UTC


Can't even cancel

The subscription link won't progress to the splash page and I can't seem to get a response from Support via email to help facilitate cancellation of my sub that way. Any suggestions?

13:43 UTC


Wink relays

I moved about 5 years ago and pulled my single wink relay out of the home I sold. Cleaning garage today I found it and another identical new one in the box I'd never opened. A Wink Hub 2 as well.

Are these things still supported or operable?

They were cool and all that but doubt I'm redeploying them, ever. Finger on the Easy button!

Probably going to file it all into the round bin, like all of the years of Playboy. LOL.

19:11 UTC

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