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Room sensors through z-wave?

Hey y'all,

I have a Honeywell Pro T6 Z-wave thermostat and one of the rooms in the house (which also happens to be my WFH office) tends to get 5ish degrees warmer than the rest of the house, could I use a z-wave controller to set up a sensor in that room to have the AC kick on when it gets toasty in there? If so, what would be a good controller / sensor? Or would I just be better off switching to a Honeywell T9 / Ecobee?


00:57 UTC


Z-Wave vs Thread vs Zigbee

I recently set up a Hubitat C8 to control a Z-Wave Bulldog water shutoff device. And just for testing purposes, I added a couple of Hue bulbs via Zigbee. It all ties in nicely to Homekit. Now I'm thinking about making more use of the C8, maybe with some Z-Wave switches. Inovelli makes some of the best looking switches and they come in all three "flavors." I have a Thread (White) switch on order, but it may be a while before those switches start shipping. So I could go with Z-Wave or Zigbee right away. Thread will occasionally go wonky after a power blip, but for the most part it works well in my setup. I have Aqara devices, which run on Zigbee, and they're mostly reliable. The only Z-Wave device I have is the Bulldog, and I haven't had it long enough to know how reliable it is.

My question is for those of you who have Z-Wave/Zigbee devices and some Thread devices. Of the three, which is more reliable? Or are they all mostly the same?

16:11 UTC


Zooz Dimmer Switch Question

I have a Zooz Zen 71 Switch that works really well. I do hear the sound of the relay when the switch is turned off and on via Z wave and was interested in a quieter Z wave switch.

For those who have the Zooz Dimmer switches (Zen 72 or Zen 77), do you hear a noise or click when the switch is turned on via Z wave or are they pretty quiet?

02:54 UTC


Leviton DZ15S out of stock

I’ve been looking everywhere for the Leviton DZ15S switch, but no one has them in stock, including Amazon (I’m not paying scalper prices). Is there some issue with them? Are the Enbrighten switches any good?

15:21 UTC


Affordable Dimmers with physical toggle or dim indicator?

Hi! I’m rewiring much of my house and would like to use Z-wave dimmers in it. It seems the Zooz ones have a great balance of price and function, but their hold-to-dim dimmers aren’t intuitive and don’t indicate dim levels.

Are there any Z-wave dimmers in a similar price range that have a separate physical dim slider (like the new Lutron Diva)? Or at least dim level indicators.

Once I start getting to the $60 per switch price range I’d probably just go all Lutron TBH.


12:13 UTC


Does security level matter for repeating lock signals?

I have a couple of Yale YRD256 lock that for compatibility reasons with my alarm panel (Lyric) need to keep at S0 security. I do have a few light switches that support beaming technology within a couple of feet of the locks but they are S2_authenticated for security.

Wondering if they are actually repeating the signal properly or do I need to match the security level.

Reason for the question and maybe this is a completely separate problem, is I'm rarely seeing lock events show up in z-wave JS/z-wave JS UI in homeassistant, and also had this issue on a smartthings hub. but they always show up properly in the alarm panel.

00:28 UTC


Any suggestions to identify the device is malfunctioning?

I have few deadbolt locks (Yale and kwikset), which works perfectly fine after pairing. But after few weeks, it stops sending notification for the lock/unlock commands but performs those operations and sends ACK for those commands.

Similarly when I send set_code commands for more than 10 slots, the device just sends the ACK, it fails to send user_code_added event.

Also, can this issue be related to the installation of the lock in the door? I heard from somewhere that if the lock mounting gets loose or mounting is not proper, the lock might not send the response but will only send the ACK

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06:11 UTC


Constant Delays on Network

I have several Zooz ZEN32 Scene controllers that I use to control lighting scenes. I am constantly plagued by un-predictable delays that can result in scenes taking 30seconds to fully deploy. The unpredictable nature of the problem results in a very low WAF. I need help troubleshooting/solving the problem to put it to rest! I just don't now what to do at this point. It feels like it is often one specific device that is not responding correctly at any given time and drags the whole network down.

Some details of my setup:

  • ~120 nodes
  • Majority of the nodes are Zooz hardwired dimmers.
  • Multiple hardwired dimmers in every room of the house
  • All nodes 500 series or newer
  • Majority of nodes are 700 series
  • Zooz 700 Series USB stick connected to Pi 4 with USB extension cable
  • Z-Wave JS running on Home Assistant on a dedicated Raspberry Pi 4 in a closet in the center of the house. Hardwired ethernet. This device only runs HA + Z-Wave JS strictly as a Z-Wave hub, no other integrations/action is happening in Home Assistant on this device. This was done to get the Z-Wave USB stick centrally located in the house.
  • Second Home Assistant instance running on x86 VM that runs all the Home Assistant automations tucked away in a closet. Connects to Z-Wave JS on Pi using Websockets. Hardwired ethernet.
  • Lighting Scenes are implemented in Home Assistant as scenes or automations. Use modified version of this blueprint: Zen32 Scene Controller

21:33 UTC


Any good Z Wave soil moisture sensors?

As we're starting to move into spring and summer here in Texas, I'm trying to make sure I'm judicious with my lawn-watering, so I'd like to get some soil moisture sensors set up in my yard.

Unfortunately, all the ones I've found so far are Zigbee or Bluetooth, and ideally I'd like to use Z Wave because the far reaches of my yard are a fair distance away from my house. But I would consider any Home Assistant-compatible soil moisture sensor that would work for what I need.

Any suggestions?

21:06 UTC


Lorex, abode, Hubitat and WiFi Combo

Im trying to figure out the best soluation for home automation. I have Lorex PoE cameras with two integrated wifi (Lorex) cameras. Additionally, I have the following Wifi devices; MyQ garage door opener, Honeywell Thermostat, Hunter Ceiling fans, and Kasa Wifi switches.

I’d like to add zwave door locks and a home security system possibly abode to add door, window and motion sensors. I’m considering using Hubitat to connect everything together.

What do you think is the best solution in an effort to consoludate everything into one app? Is Hubitiat the answer? Thank you

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19:57 UTC


Switches show "identify" and "ping" buttons but no actual switch.

Hi all! Yesterday 3 popups came up on home assistant saying there was an issue or smth and i clicked fix for all of them, and now three of my zwave switches dont work. Ive reinstalled zwave js and switched to zwavejs ui, but nothing has worked. Can anyone help figure out why this is?


04:59 UTC


Yale and Kwikset deadbolt locks fails to send notification reports after few weeks

The lock works perfectly fine initially but after few weeks of proper working, the lock fails to send notification for the mode change (locked/unlocked) initiated through zwave but the lock responds to other commands like get_battery and set_config, even the lock sends notification for manual or keypad based lock/unlock operations.

Only after power recycling and re-pairing of the lock, it responds back.

Has anyone faced this kind of issues? And any steps to avoid this or recover the locks without manual intervention?

08:38 UTC


Converting an intercom wired relay signal to open a zwave compatible smart lock

I have just installed a hikvision intercom to tie into my existing cctv system. The intercom screen can unlock doors via a wired relay. Hikvision does offer compatible access control for my intercom like magnetic strikers with keypad access, but all these options would require me to buy a new front door, and remove my door jams to install. I cannot be f*cked nor do I have the time to do this. I have an existing smart deadlock which cannot be operated remotely. So my question is, if I were to purchase a zwave compatible smart lock, is there a way i can get my intercom to open it remotely? So essentially convert the wired relay to a zwave signal to open the lock. Please forgive my ignorance on the subject ive only just started looking into alternatives but have had zero luck.

12:11 UTC


New z-wave system, should I go with 800 series now or stick with 700 series?

Finally starting to put together my z-wave system. I'm set on running HomeAssistant in my homelab, and reading its docs, it says some 800-series feature aren't supported (yet?), and I think I've read some posts about compatibility issues for 800 series light switches. I don't necessarily care about long-range, and I think(hope) software catches up with NVM backup later.

Hardware-wise, I'm thinking about starting off with Zooz ZST39 USB stick and ZEN73 switches(both 800-series), or ZST10 USB stick and ZEN74 switches(both 700-series)

For a brand-new system, should I just jump into 800-series hardware and wait for software to catch up? or stay with proven 700-series hardware and call it a day?

17:52 UTC


Micro battery powered module??

I want to control a standalone light up flamingo that runs on a couple triple As. I’ll likely wire in a rechargeable high capacity battery and would like something like the appliance module I have on my fireplace but much smaller and dc powered. Any options?

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03:29 UTC


Z-Wave JS UI Home Assistant Add on serial port error

Setting up a Z stick 7 in HA and when instructions say to "select" port /dev/ttyUSB0, but there is no port to select and if I type it in, it gives an error no such file or directory. It is a new Pi4 with an SSD hard drive and HA OS. I am a Home automation newbie, as well as a linux novice so I have no ideae how to check serial ports.


00:13 UTC


ZST10-700 FW update soon?

I keep checking the ZST10 700 change log in hopes that Zooz will catch up to the SiLabs SDK that is currently at v7.21, 10 releases behind the current 7.18.3 on the Zooz site.

Anyone out there aware of Zooz's plans to catch up?

16:21 UTC


Kwikset 912 not firing events

I have the kwikset 912 Zwave handle and have it paired to the zooz 700 series USB, I’m using the Zwave.js add-on in home adamant to manage all my Zwave devices. Previously when entering a code on the keypad it would trigger an event in keymaster and run an automation. That doesn’t happen anymore. I tried using the state of the lock in the Zwave.js add-on but the state of the lock isn’t changing there either. I tried listening for events in dev tools but nothing fires. I’ve seen people have this issue a few years ago but the threads just die. Anyone know a fix or workaround? I tried using Zwave ui but apparently it’s above my level of comprehension.

UPDATE: Apparently swapping it with a zigbee card in another kwikset lock, pairing it, exluding it, and swapping it back to the og lock and pairing it again made everything fall back in place and it's working perfectly again.

00:26 UTC


Touch dimmers with zwave?

I just embarrassed myself with the electricians by asking them to help install my new zwave dimmers - not realizing that they are also not *touch* dimmers. They only turn on/off at the switch, and can only dim via zwave.

I've previously owned dimmer switches that dim up and down when you hold the button, and can also be controlled via zwave. Now I'm gunshy buying replacement dimmers until I'm certain that they can dim lights via touch and via zwave. Most products' boxes are not very explicit.

Can anybody recommend zwave-capable dimmer switches that can also dim via touch? Preferably fast/easy to ship on Amazon if possible.

Thank you!!!

23:34 UTC


Zwave temp sensor for thermostat

I have a Trane thermostat that unfortunately is placed in a part of the house that doesn’t get great circulation and so it doesn’t always take accurate temperature readings. Any recommendations on zwave temperature sensors that will connect to my thermostat (Trane ComfortLink II XL1050) and help it get more accurate readings?

21:06 UTC


Alarm system as secondary controller

I've got a zwave network with around 50 devices on a 700 series USB controller, with zwave-js and home assistant. It works great.

I need to add a security system with central monitoring for insurance reasons. I'd like to be able to reuse my existing mesh, motion sensors, zwave door locks, and open/close sensors, as well as be able to control the system via automations.

I've heard good things about abode, but I'm not sure their hub will work if its not the primary controller of the network. Excluding and re-including every one of my devices doesn't sound like a fun time, and even if I did, I feel like I'd be losing functionality.

Does anyone know of a security system with central monitoring that will work as a secondary zwave controller? I can configure the association groups, including lifeline, in each of my sensors as necessary.

17:15 UTC


Network slow with over 1000ms response and dropped messages when i let zwave decide routes

If i let zwave decide routes some devices are super slow and have high response times and dropped messages even though there are repeaters with good response times between these devices. If i manually set priority routes for the devices that are slow everything runs pretty well 20-30ms responses some further away are 100ms but hardly any dropped messages.

Why does the automatic routing seem so rubbish.

03:19 UTC


Are there any z wave temperature sensors with a probe? I'm looking for one that I can install in my furnace to see what temp it's coming out. In a perfect world one that plugs in but battery would also work.

18:38 UTC



I work for an alarm company and we are an alarm.com dealer. I recently moved into a new home and purchased a new alarm panel for the place. I have slowly been adding Z wave devices to my Qolsys IQ 4 panel. The ZooZ zwave switches I have been installing around the house have “advanced settings”. I would like to go in and change some of the parameters on these switches. The Jasco switches I brought over from my old house have the parameters as well.

What’s going to be the best way of doing this? Buying and setting up a compatible Z wave controller as my main and using my IQ panel 4 as a secondary?

Can I use my IQ 4 as the main and set up something like a Raspberry PI or ZooZ stick as a secondary?

I am open to options but I don’t really want to spend a crazy amount of money doing it. I have 60+ devices on my Alarm.Com account / network and I would prefer to keep it that way. I have more devices ordered and on the way.

I am honestly just trying to change the LED indicator light to a different color and adjust the brightness to match the Jasco switch’s. I have been trying to do some research but I haven’t found a good solution. Alarm.com should allow their dealers the capability to do this. I really don’t understand why they haven’t made this available yet. I’m going to have to reach out to the beta team and suggest this…

Thanks in advance for any advice, Feedback, and options anyone has. -Nick

10:17 UTC


How to set thermostat based on z wave temp sensor temperature reading?

How can I use the readings from my TH100nx zwave temperature sensor to set my XL128 thermostat? I think I’ve seen people mention IFTTT? If so does annyone know how to set up that anutomation? Or Any other ideas?

18:20 UTC


New to Z-Wave, device keeps duplicating

I'm brand new to Z-Wave (and home automation in general) but trying to get started with an Enbrighten light switch on a fresh install of Z-Wave JS. Unfortunately, every 30-60 seconds, a new Node gets created. I had 50 or so nodes and most of them were Dead but about 7 or so of them were still showing as active. I tried deleting and re-adding the switch, and factory resetting it and adding it again, but the problem persists.


What am I doing wrong, and how can I fix it?


03:39 UTC


Mail box sensor?

I live in a rural area and am looking for a battery-operated long-range z-wave sensor that will tell me when my mail is delivered. It could be motion-based, or a sensor that measures weight. Any ideas?

22:11 UTC


Zwave switch for 6 speed fan?

Has anyone found a zwave switch that can control a 6 speed fan? I have an inovelli fan switch right now but it will only do 3 speeds, I’ve found other switches that will do 4 but I’d really like to be able to use all 6 speeds.

23:04 UTC

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