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I need advice on best wired Doorbell Camera and smart lock that integrate well together and with Apple HomeKit

Price isn’t an issue, I just want the best wired Doorbell camera and the best smart lock, they don’t have to be the same brand, they just need to work well together and also with Apple HomeKit.

Subscriptions would be nice to avoid but I’m starting to realize it’s unavoidable in this space, or if you do then you lose feature rich services.

Eventually I also want outdoor camera and security lights that would play nice with these components.

Thanks for any help you can give on this.

12:16 UTC


Can i connect Aqara sensors directly to Apple Home through Apple TV without an Aqara hub?

10:48 UTC


Whole house report

I have an Aqara d200 smart door lock that has an away button mode from outside, now when the last person leaves home, and press this button it triggers “leave home” scene , which turns all light off, ACs and every not needed accessory. Now I’ve seen people that after leaving home, they receive a report or notification about “ opened windows, doors and so on” Any idea how is this configured?

1 Comment
10:40 UTC


Netatmo outdoor weather device


It's half past eleven for me now. I haven't had any new data from my outdoor device since 4pm yesterday.

It doesn't indicate any errors and apparently has a connection. I've already changed the batteries. Then I cleaned it a bit. But still no new data. What could be the reason for this? Does anyone have any tips?


09:41 UTC


Help homepod mini error 5320

tried resetting network setting also tried resetting homepod still error 5320. please help

09:35 UTC


Smart Bulbs GU10

Hi, I recently purchased the nano leaf GU10 essentials kit and I’ve honestly had nothing but trouble with them, they constantly disconnect from the HomeKit app and also their own app saying they are unreachable even though I’m in the same room..

Are there any smart bulbs out there that solely run off the Apple home app and don’t need a third party app first? Cause this nano leaf one is driving me insane, they only ever connect via Bluetooth, matter/thread barely, all I want to do is to ask Siri to switch them on instead of having to faff around logging into their own app waiting for them to connect to then turn my lights on. It’s becoming more hassle than it’s worth at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions of ones that have worked really well and aren’t as convoluted as the ones I currently have? 😅

09:19 UTC


Meross Plugs Unresponsive

I have a few Meross plugs, the old big ones and the newer slim ones. Recently the old ones would always be Unresponsive in HomeKit overnight (fine in Meross app). Only way to fix is to turn off and on the power for these plugs and they will be fine again till the next morning. I’m using UniFi DreamMachine, And AC Lite access points and Apple TV4k 4th gen as hub.

I’ve tried restarting router and access points and still the same.

Anyone else had this problem and fixed it?

07:08 UTC



Please help i have 1 yeelight strip i can't connect to and 1 gosund smart plug but not even 1 of them can't connect to homekit. everytime i connect it to my homekit it says succesfully added to homekit but but when i try to use them it can't response and when i reload my homekit i can't see them anymore. please help. i already tried connecting them thru the yeelight app or their official app. but still same results. please help asap

#homekit #help

06:11 UTC


How do i control my lights by PC status in HomeKit?

I have a motion sensor that turns on the light if i enter the room and turns it off after 5 minutes. How do i keep the light on if my pc is on or, maybe only if it's unlocked?

I know there are presence sensors but A: they cost more and i already have the motion sensor and B: I want to run my stuff locally and preferrably Matter only.

Ideally there would be some kind of software that i could run on my pc that emulates a presence sensor for HomeKit for best reliability?

02:53 UTC


No cameras in HK using airline wifi

I'm on American Airlines wifi. I can access the Home app and control lights and such, but none of the cameras work. Is this a known thing with airline wifi?

00:10 UTC


How Can I Enable Matter on My Nest Devices to Use with HomeKit?

Hi everyone,
I recently got a Nest Learning Thermostat and I heard that it was Matter enabled so I tried to set it up to use in HomeKit.

When I went to the Google Home app and went to Devices => My Thermostat => Gear Icon I didn't see anything related to Matter.

I read here that I need another Nest device to act as a hub so I bought the Nest Hub (2nd Gen)


I set it up and I don't see anything related to Matter in any of my devices.

Does anyone know how to get it working? Is there another setting somewhere I need to enable?

14:13 UTC


Device Compatibility List

Does anyone know if there is a list of devices that support the new HomeKit architecture that came out a year or two ago?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I meant apple devices not necessarily devices to use with HomeKit.

13:27 UTC


Thinking of creating a DIY smart aquarium light

I’m setting up a fish tank and would like to try using a Nanoleaf light strip for the light, attached to the bottom of a bracket above the tank: https://nanoleaf.me/en-GB/products/essentials/lightstrips/

I know water and electrics don’t mix, but I can’t find any smart tank lights, I was wondering if anyone has tried the same and had success?

If not, I’ll try the smart plug route but I’d like to be able to control colours etc using HomeKit

12:02 UTC


[Europe] Someone have an extra Aqara U200 they would be willing to sell me?

Sadly I missed the group buy. I’m located in Austria. If someone ordered more than one or it doesn’t fit their door I would be more than happy to take it off of you if the price is fair.

Seeing all the aqara U200 videos has really made me upset I didn’t get one.

11:47 UTC


Doorbell with face recognition

Is there a good enough HomeKit native doorbell which could replace Nest 2nd gen wired doorbell? Specially the facial recognition that comes with it to HomeKit using Starling hub. With better video quality and local recording.

11:37 UTC


Just realised I dont really need an alarm, as what I need is already built in (UK based).

This may be of interest to some, possibly blatantly obvious to most.

So house alarms, in the UK we have fewer options for real time monitoring I believe, I wouldn't want it anyway really due to cost.

I feel people pretty much just ignore any sirens/alarms they hear these days, how many times have you heard a car alarm and rushed to it to check its not being stolen or phoned the police because you believe it is? I'm guessing never.

So with those two points in mind, I feel the built in device level alerts are enough for a UK based free alarm system, I just set each window sensor to notify me when opened if no one is home, and that is enough for real time quick alerts if some one breaks in via the windows. I have cameras to check and can phone a neighbour or the Police.

I think I was too focussed on having an "Alarm system" I forgot what I needed was already built in...

11:04 UTC


Beta of Matter support in Flic Twist


My latest blog post. This time on the Beta of Matter support in the Flic Twist.

08:34 UTC


Aqara Contact Sensor

I’d like receive notifications if the door has been opened for a period of time but then be notified of a nighttime if it’s been opened regardless of time it’s been open?

06:51 UTC


Ceiling fan sold in the EU

Hi, I have been looking for a HomeKit compatible ceiling fan for years now. It is impossible to find anything. I live in the EU so please do not answer with Hunter fan, I hate them enough for not having HomeKit compatible fans over here. I can add some modules like Shelly’s in order to make the fan work if that’s the solution, I just want a fan 😭😭😭

22:31 UTC


POE doorbell advice

I just did an electrical/AV/smart home walkthrough on a new construction home. I'm so overwhelmed. The person who is prewiring for smart home devices/network/etc told me that given the construction materials we're using, he'd strongly recommend a POE doorbell. He thinks depending on WiFI would be a mistake. I do want a reliable doorbell that won't flake out. I was hoping to find a good choice that would integrate with HomeKit, because we're an all-Apple household and we don't want Amazon/Google devices due to privacy issues (I know Apple is only marginally better, but still...) Having HomeKit compatibility seems like a bridge too far - there just aren't many. I was really resisting getting into things like Scrypted, etc. Maybe it would be OK to just not have our doorbell integrate with HomeKit, and just use the native app. Or is Scrypted a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing? I am trying to avoid a) getting in over my head, tech-wise, and b) constant tinkering. Would very much appreciate any recommendations for a POE doorbell that I can rely on. Looking at ReoLink, but obviously that's not HomeKit compatible without some sort of 3rd party intervention like Scrypted.

22:02 UTC


Question regarding LIFX bulbs

So, I enjoy LIFX bulbs and think they've very simple to use, until they aren't. Recently (and this also might have to do with the tvOS 18 beta) I had nothing in my smart home responding to anything. After a few hours of playing with it, All my non LIFX devices came back online, and I've been spending my morning re setting up all my LIFX bulbs. Every single one. The only thing I can think of is the tvOS beta, but I have since removed those Apple Tv's from my smart home. So my question is: Do LIFX bulbs have a silent planned obsolesce? The bulbs I recently bought are working just fine, but the two I have in my ceiling fan are no longer working correctly/ at all and I've just ordered new ones. Does anyone have any LIFX stories similar to this?

15:34 UTC


Hue vs. Meross bulb comparison

I recently outfitted a small stage in our chapel with smart lighting for a drama team to use during our summer VBS. We have a DMX system in our larger meeting space, but I needed something quick/easy/simple/inexpensive, with HomeKit compatibility and white/color capability. I normally recommend smart switches and dumb bulbs, but when color changing is required, smart bulbs are the way. I didn't intend to make it a comparison, but that's how it shook out, so I figured I'd write up my experience to maybe help someone else.

I started with Meross bulbs, eight two-packs of MSL120BRHK floods for $280 (I made a couple different orders, and the price dropped a bit). Worked out to $17.50 per bulb.

A few days before the event, I realized that I would need additional bulbs, so I had to go local. Nobody had Meross, but BestBuy had Hue, so I bought a $200 E26 starter kit, which includes four "75W equivalent" color bulbs and a bridge, and a two-pack of BR30 floods for $100. That worked out to $50 per bulb, distributing the cost of the bridge evenly.

At current pricing, an all-Meross setup (eleven MSL120BRHK two-packs) would cost me $319, and an all-Hue setup (starter kit + nine BR30 two-packs) would be $1100.

Price point: Meross is crazy less expensive. It's not even close. For the price of one Hue setup, you could buy three Meross setups and take a group of friends to dinner.
Availability: Probably depends on your location, but in my area Hue is easier to find in stores.

The difference in setup is not really all that significant. You have to use the Hue app to add the bridge to HomeKit & WiFi, and then add each bulb to the bridge. You can add each Meross bulb directly from HomeKit. Either way, you'll need the manufacturer's app to do firmware updates at some point. I had an issue with one of the Meross bulbs and had to do a factory reset on it, which involves turning power to the bulb off, then on/off "five times within five seconds" per the instructions. By trial and error, I discovered quite by accident that you have to time the on/off pulses so that they take almost exactly five seconds. Do it too fast or too slow, and it just doesn't work.

Setup hassle: About the same.

The Hue bulbs have better color, no question about it. The Meross have good color, but side-by-side with the Hue, the difference is easily noticeable.

Color quality: Meross is fine, but Hue is better.

The Hue system, with the bridge, seems to work a bit more reliably with HomeKit than the Meross WiFi bulbs. I continue to have issues with the Meross bulbs randomly failing to switch between white and color modes -- e.g. if I have a scene that sets the bulbs to a "warm white," and then switch to a scene that changes them to a color, or vice-versa, one or more of the bulbs will often fail to make the change. It will stay white, or stay color, sometimes change to a random color. This could be a HomeKit issue, but I haven't seen the Hue bulbs do it. To fix it, I have to manually change the offending bulb(s) to another color, and then activate the scene again. Granted, I'm dealing with scenes changing 22 bulbs at once, plus a couple other dimmer switches, so it definitely could be a HomeKit issue. My guess, though, is that there's a glitch in the Meross firmware, where it comes to controlling whether the bulb is using the white LEDs or the color LEDs.

Hue also supports HomeKit's Adaptive Lighting feature, Meross does not yet. I don't need that feature in my application, so I didn't test it, but HomeKit alerted me that the Hue bulbs supported it and wanted me to configure it. I politely declined.

HomeKit performance/reliability: Hue.

Conclusion: In my application, if I had to do it all over again, I would probably bite the bullet and go 100% Hue, just for the more reliable color/white-switching performance, since it's for stage lighting. Hue has been doing this stuff longer, and the bridge arrangement seems to work very well. But the Meross bulbs are so much less expensive, and they work fine most of the time, so for the vast majority of applications I'd have to recommend them instead.

15:27 UTC


The SwitchBot Universal Remote with MATTER (sort of) - a Leap Forward or a Step back?

There’s a lot to like, but there are some questions as to what this kind of device offers. Essentially you’re getting a remote control that can control many IR devices, as well as Switchbot’s own devices. It can also control devices in Apple Home (via a suitable SwitchBot hub) but this is essentially done by exposing the remote to Apple Home, as four programmable buttons, each of which only offers single press.

15:27 UTC


Apple TV 4K 3rd gen - HomeKit or TV?

I had to relocate my router/hub location so am using our Apple TV 4K 2nd gen as the hub. It used to be connected to the main TV in the house AND be the hub, but now it’s just a hub since it’s in a different room than the TV.

The main TV is now using a 1st gen ATV. We got a new router so our ISP router is now in bridge mode and is modem only. Doing so disabled WiFi from the cable box which is now sketchy to use, so we will be using an Apple TV box for the TV cable channels. This means the ATV on the TV will get more use as a TV box than it did before.

I’m getting a new 3rd gen ATV (hopefully Apple isn’t releasing a 4th gen next week). Where would it have the best improvement / make the biggest difference: as the HK hub or main TV?


13:20 UTC


Sunrise/sunset automation timing

I really wish you could select sunset/sunrise then offset by a specific number of minutes. For example I may want my darker rooms to light up an hour before sunset and my brighter rooms to light up at sunset.

13:13 UTC


UK led light switches

Just purchased my dream home and I am upgrading the lights from old halogen to LED downlight. In the process, i'm changing all the switches. I would like the switches to work by pressing them but also being connected to homekit.
I have started purchasing homekit switches on amazon but these work only for 1 way switches and for 1 gang plates.
I have many 2 way switches and up to 4 gang plates that i need to replace. What is the best way to go around this?

12:07 UTC


New IR Blaster from Nature with sensors and matter support


Nature Remo has introduced a new IR blaster that supports matter (20 devices can be added) and has temperature/humidity sensor!

10:58 UTC

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