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What is IFTTT? IFTTT empowers you with creative control over the products and apps you love.

What are Applets? Applets are simple connections between products and apps. There are two types of Applets: Do Applets and IF Applets.

Do Applets run with just a tap and enable you to create your own personalized Button, Camera, and Notepad. The Do apps are available for iOS and Android.

IF Applets run automatically in the background. Create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that.

Services are the basic building blocks of Applets. Each Service has its own Triggers and Actions.

Actions are the then part of an Applet. Some example Actions are “send an email” or “create a status message on Facebook.”

Triggers are the if part of an IF Applet. Some example Triggers are “You’re tagged in a photo on Facebook” or “You check in on Foursquare.”

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Guys please help me out. I wanted to set up a regular infinitely running timed interval automation.

So I am totally new to automation and I have never used the advanced things

I am a simple everyday guy who needs help with something really important - I want to set up a simple regular time interval automation command

(if it's half an hour, turn the ringer on -- then after another half hour -- turn the ringer on again (Even if it's already on)-- keep doing this infinitely

I've only used modes & routines & bixby routines apps, which are simple if-then statements and easy as heck, but apparently they don't have an option to set regular timed interval if then statements either or I don't know how to set it up. Please educate me.

I need to set this up because theres some issues with my device. This would really help me out.

Thanks a lot for reading. Hope somebody helps me. Wish you the best. Have a wonderful day ahead

00:31 UTC


[question] new to ifttt; bit confused with setting up offcloud.com rss

Here’s what I got an I’m not sure what to mention here for url since I get invalid url when setting up RSS and it says invalid RSS at ifttt at step 1 itself

How to automatically backup content from RSS with Offcloud & IFTTT? Sign in to IFTTT and create a new Applet. Add a trigger and select RSS feed item. Create an action and choose the service called Webhooks -> Make a web request. Specify the following parameters: URL: https://offcloud.com/api/cloud/download/?apikey=(removed)&url=(was already blank) After 'url=', set the right ingredient that defines the links you want to automatically process to Offcloud. Method: GET

Hoping someone can guide me

13:19 UTC


Android SMS - "New SMS received from phone number" doesn't accept text (Sender ID has no number)

I'm trying to forward the transaction notifications sent by my bank via sms to a spreadsheet.

To get the messages only from my bank I thought I'd use "... from phone number" but since those messages are from a Sender ID, when I type it into the "number" field, IFTTT refuses to accept it and says it only accepts numbers 0-9 for this trigger parameter.

Could you please update IFTTT to allow letters to be used as a phone number for this trigger? Or can we circumvent this rule and select this sender another way?

The "THEN THAT" part of the applet works fine because when I select "Any new SMS received" it works and the spreadsheet is updated.

I tried using the "matches search" trigger but that doesn't seem to work at all no matter what phrase I try...

16:08 UTC


Issue with iOS Photos

Hey everyone! I searched and scrolled through past posts concerning iOS photos and didn’t see any real answers to my problem.

I’m trying to do a simple “if I make a new like at tumblr then add photo to album” but it’s really really inconsistent. It works maybe twice so far out the 40 likes I’ve tested it with. Sometimes I just get a grey image that is blank, for a while I was getting File Not Found pictures.

I understand it might not work with animated or gif images (though if it can be saved in the app then I imagine it would work?) and primarily I’ve been liking static images that when I manually save are simple jpgs and the occasional png. Background app refresh is turned on with the IFTTT app and tumblr. I’m using a free account with ifttt. I didn’t have too many issues linking ifttt with tumblr though it took a few tries before it went through finally.

While we are talking about this I’m wondering if maybe my “then” action isn’t set right? In the configuration screen for it it says Photo URL and the text field needs something added to it. It’s not really apparent to me what any of the options do and I just put “url” there to get it to save. Anything different that needs to happen there? I didn’t see any documentation really explaining that part but I might have been looking at the wrong place.

Alright, thanks for reading through this big chunk of text. Any help would be appreciated!

15:18 UTC


WiFi ssid connection trigger doesn’t work

Basically I’m trying to activate a certain command when connecting to specific WiFi and can’t get it triggered. When I create the very same action but with any WiFi, it works though. What can be the issue setting it up with specific ssid? I can’t figure it out… Android device.

1 Comment
13:23 UTC


Instapaper to pdf to google drive

I was looking for a way to automatically convert articles in Instapaper to pdf and save to google drive.

Lo and behold, I found what looked like the perfect ifttt prebuilt recipe “If Instapaper “Liked”, save as pdf to google drive”.

I see the recipe trigger, but it fails in upload file from url step for google drive.

Any ideas?

17:00 UTC


Automate invoices from Apple calendar

Is it possible to automate an invoice every time an appointment ends on my calendar?

For example:

‘100 Tony’ is in my diary from 10-11am, at 11am (or even at the end of the week/month) can IFTTT ‘talk’ to an invoicing app such as Zoro or QuickBooks and automate a £100 invoice?

I tried, but I feel waaay out my depth!

Many thanks :)

07:53 UTC


Creating alerts from Outlook

Hey guys, Is is possible to create alerts on my Iphone where if an email comes in though my Outlook from a specific domain (example *@domain.com) that it will tell me an alert? I get way to many emails on my outlook and i'm trying to streamline so that i don't miss team member messages. thanks in advance!

20:13 UTC


Use "unlock the device" as a trigger

I want to do more flashcards and my idea is to open Anki automatically everytime I unlock the phone. Is this possible with IFTTT?

16:38 UTC


IFTTT SmartThings Int. And Washer


Hello fokes, I am Krushnali. I am an IFTTT user. Few days ago i create a simple button click applet to start my washing machine program (Switch on action, i consider starts the device operation). Washing machine is Samsung’s “8.0 kg Ecobubble™ Front Load Washing Machine with AI Control, Hygiene Steam & SmartThings Connectivity, WW80T504DAB”

Trigger : Button widget Int. Button Press
Action : SmartThings Int. Switch on

The applet failed on Action. I am not clear why the action failed.

08:29 UTC


YouTube live

I am subscribed to a channel and want to create an automation that sends an small as soon as a channel I am subscribed to on YouTube starts live streaming . I saw automations for when a video is published but none for above. Any advice ? Thanks

18:12 UTC


Creating multiple versions of an applet?

I have a small question, I am using on of the applets for my X account which automatically retweets the text of new tweets from a specific X account. It says that you can make multiple versions to retweet multiple accounts. But how do I make multiple versions? I'm new to IFTTT so I don't know how that works. The one that I have now does the job perfectly but I would like to have at least one more, can someone maybe help me with this on how to do it?

1 Comment
10:48 UTC


Spotify integration issue: "You must have an active device. None was found".

Hi, so I created an applet to run every morning at a fixed time to play Spotify songs, but every time I get the same error message: "You must have an active device. None was found", this is really frustrating because it has never worked? Any solutions for this and if not, is there any alternative to IFTTT that works? I'm using iOS.

Thank you in advance.

17:19 UTC


Is it possible to batch items and send one request with IFTTT?

Hello all.

I created an applet between Todoist and Monzo to move money into my ISA whenever I complete a task. I figured I would reward my productivity with a nice treat at the end of the year.

However, I'm completing many tasks a day, which means my Monzo account is flooded with these transactions.

Is it possible to batch these and just send one instruction with the total amount? For example, if I want to move £1 for every task and complete eight tasks, can I batch all these until the end of the day and then move £8 for me at the end?


16:01 UTC


Any way to react to certain kind of responses in a reddit group chat?


For example I want to be notified whenever someone writes a keyword in another app, like trello or something else.

I.e. someone writes "I Agree" and i get notified/get an action on another app through integrations

22:00 UTC


All of my Airthings IFTTT triggers stopped working yesterday

11:43 UTC


Filter code

I’m not good at coding let alone writing filter code is there anything that can help me write my filter code? I basically want to add code that doesn’t allow a calendar event added if there’s already one on that day with that name from my iOS calendar to my Google calendar.

17:06 UTC


Simple question. How many applets can i own or create per month for a pro sub ?

1 Comment
22:18 UTC


Can I use general/timebuzzer api as trigger?

Hey guys, I use timebuzzer and there is me ifttt integration. Can I still use timebuzzer via its api? Is there a guide for general API integration?

1 Comment
06:02 UTC


Auto Retweet

I pay full price and I can't get the Auto Retweet The Text Of New Tweets to work. IFTT customer support isn't very good at all. Can someone advise please? Thanks

15:35 UTC


Eufy, Timeframe, and Rachio Possible?

Deer come to the garden when I'm asleep and nibble on everything. What I'm trying to do:

<If android notices a eufy security notification from a specific camera...

And it is between 00:00 and 05:00...

Then start rachio zone "X">

Eufy isn't supported by IFTTT so that's why I'd have to go with Android notification from Eufy, right? I see no option for an "and" for a specific timeframe.

1 Comment
14:47 UTC


Sending my phone notifications when light comes on via Google home

Hey apologies if this is a well trod ground but I’m new here.

I want to get a notification on my phone (Apple iOS) when a light goes on in my house. The light is connected to Google Home and triggered by a sensor (Ikea). I can set it up to Google Assistant a prompt when the light comes on but from there I’m stuck

I don’t care if this is a notification through any random app, a text or an e-mail or whatever. I am traveling and it is for security purposes. The home setup is in Ireland.

This seems like it should be an easy thing to set up but I have had no luck at all - I can’t figure out how to set up an IFTT applet to do this in some way though I know it must be possible.

Can anyone help? Searching on Google has provided no answers for me at all as of yet.

16:52 UTC


Cannot connect RSS feed


Could someone help me provide adequate URL for the sake of getting RSS updates from the targeted website

I'm on Android but on iOS I used to use application where I would just paste it URL without any problems but now apparently IFTT tells me URL is not valid

I'm just going to take random link as an example https://boards.4chan.org/news/

Thank you

10:54 UTC


Need Help with “Automatically create a Discover Weekly archive” Applet

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with the IFTTT Applet called Automatically create a Discover Weekly archive. This Applet is supposed to trigger every time a new track is added to a specified playlist. However, I’m facing an issue where my “Discover Weekly” playlist does not appear in the dropdown menu when setting up the Applet.

The Applet documentation states: “Only the first 50 playlists shown at open.spotify.com will be displayed here. You can click and drag playlists to reorder them.” Despite this, I do not see an option to click and drag my playlists on either the Spotify website or the desktop version.

My “Discover Weekly” playlist is one of my most recently listened-to playlists, so I’m puzzled as to why it isn’t showing up in the list. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Do you have any suggestions on how to make my “Discover Weekly” playlist appear in the dropdown menu?

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Feel free to adjust any details or add any additional information you think is necessary!

1 Comment
22:18 UTC


Is there any way for my Linkedin Posts to be automatically posted on Twitter?


10:48 UTC


Cannot connect Blue by ADT

Good morning all,

I use Blue by ADT for my alarm system. Their 3rd party support page explicitly states that it works with IFTTT. Also, IFTTT has applets that are designed for the service. When I go to set up an applet, it asks me to connect my Blue ADT account by bringing me to their login page. I login and it brings me to my main screen. Nothing else happens. When I try and do the same through Blue by ADT's site, it brings me to IFTTT applet which asks me to connect again. Stuck in this loop. Any idea what I can do?

15:24 UTC

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