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What is IFTTT? IFTTT empowers you with creative control over the products and apps you love.

What are Applets? Applets are simple connections between products and apps. There are two types of Applets: Do Applets and IF Applets.

Do Applets run with just a tap and enable you to create your own personalized Button, Camera, and Notepad. The Do apps are available for iOS and Android.

IF Applets run automatically in the background. Create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that.

Services are the basic building blocks of Applets. Each Service has its own Triggers and Actions.

Actions are the then part of an Applet. Some example Actions are “send an email” or “create a status message on Facebook.”

Triggers are the if part of an IF Applet. Some example Triggers are “You’re tagged in a photo on Facebook” or “You check in on Foursquare.”

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With ifttt: How to create a Todoist task from a Telegram message and link each other by URL

Normally we work by creating topics on Telegram groups. Quite often we want to create a task after a discussion or decision in Todoist.

Then we link the latest Telegram message to the Todoist.

We do it manually by doing this:

TELEGRAM: Right click to a message on Telegram - Copy Message Link:


TODOIST: Create task - Open the task - Click the 3 dots - Copy link to task:


How could we create a task in Todoist from Telegram and link each other in both directions? For example, if we write on Telegram:

/bot-c-todoist Example task

That message would trigger an automation that creates a task with name "Example task" in Todoist and would include a link to the Telegram message "/bot-c-todoist Example task"

Also, a new message would be in Telegram that could be something like:

Task created in todoist with name: "Example task". URL to the task: https://app.todoist.com/app/task/example-task-74567641094

Is there any way to do something like that with ifttt or another solution?

todoist documentation for ifttt here: https://todoist.com/help/articles/use-ifttt-with-todoist-fUd624

12:30 UTC


It's just gotten really bad lately

Ever since they cut down the app count from 4 to 2 and started forcing a Pro membership for basic things like webhooks, it's been getting unreasonable to a point where I can't afford to keep paying for software which had been running free for years before this point.

03:51 UTC


When I upvote any album on Reddit, it should post that album as native pictures on my Facebook page.

Hello everyone, I have ifttt pro account and i need this help from community.

When I upvote any album on Reddit, it should post that album as native pictures on my Facebook page.

For single image i am able to aube this, but for albums i am facing issues

01:27 UTC


Skip during time period?

I want to get a phone call in the middle of the night if motion is detected by my ring camera between 11 PM and 5 AM. I’ve tested it, and it works, unless I have this filter in. When the filter is in, it won’t work at all. Help?

let currentHour = Meta.currentUserTime.hour();

if (currentHour < 5 || currentHour >= 23) { PhoneCall.callMyPhone.skip(It's ${currentHour}, only running between 5am and 11pm); // You can pass a message to skip() and it will be recorded in the Applet's // activity feed when an action is skipped. This is useful for debugging. }

02:55 UTC


If Government Alert then Hue Light…

I would like to be able to have my Hue lights temporarily run a scene or blink or some combination of the two if I specifically receive a Government Alert (Amber, Emergency, Public Safety, etc.) in iOS (or OS X). Any help would be appreciated. Received a tornado warning a couple of days ago and I think any additional warning is probably a good thing. For my neighbors and myself.

1 Comment
02:21 UTC


Applets (randomly?) stop working

I use a few applets as a Pro user - I.e. "goodreads" rss to "day one" started to use it early march - didn't change anything in between and stopped working with March 24 ("There was a problem with the trigger.")

Strava to day one, etc. doesnt seem to track any Indoor cycling activities. altough it should get a trigger by "any activity".

Also my Spotify to Day One (If new saved track, then create journal entry) stopped working yesterday - > "There was a problem with the trigger."

i'm using ifttt's service for a month+ now and it seems to be very unreliable. Is this a regular thing or am i doing something wrong?

12:13 UTC


Alarm based on Outlook Notification

I have a work iPhone. Not my personal choice. I know on Android there's an app that can read my notifications and play an alarm that I then have to turn off if it catches specific information.

I'm in an on-call rotation. I want something to look at my Outlook notifications (has to be Outlook) and if the email subject contains (P1) or (Urgent) to play an alarm that will not stop until I react to it. The purpose of this is to wake me up if a critical ticket comes in that has to be addressed.

It was suggested I look at ITTT, so I downloaded it and set up the free trial, but I can't seem to set Outlook as a trigger? It's just not there under Services. I can "connect" to other peoples outlook recipes, but that seems to require logging in with my work email which security restrictions prevent me from doing.

Does anyone have suggestions or alternatives?

02:31 UTC


How to get email field from airtable record

I am trying to send an email when an airtable record is created but these are my only options to choose from fields how do I make sure the to address is the email field in the table for the record.


1 Comment
22:49 UTC


My Youtube Videos are AutoPosting to twitter even when they arent live yet.

I am unsure why but my Youtube videos are autoposting to Twitter using IFTTT. But now they are posting even though they aren't live yet. in addition I am not getting any Thumbnails. Any see or have this issue?

03:01 UTC


Feedback of applet for daily quotes

Hello all, can you give me feedback about an applet I recently created for my site Quotlr. It is meant to send you a daily quote. For me it is working but one friend has some issues. Here is link to it https://ifttt.com/applets/exPRB3Vd-get-quotlr-s-daily-quote-notification

15:09 UTC


i need help setting up something

i need to to a command when i tell google home assistant to change pc display output it will change it in windows to the other monitor

1 Comment
19:21 UTC


How to limit the length of a caption when sharing from YouTube to Discord???

When sharing new YouTube videos, the caption includes ALL of the description... I would like to have it cut off after a specified character count. Otherwise, it shares all the credits and keywords and everything from the description. I need it to cut off after 250 characters or so.

1 Comment
14:12 UTC


Applet for turning lights on when arriving home after dark

So, I'm trying to figure out how to turn on certain lights when I arrive home after dark. I was able to get the applet to turn on the lights, but they come on at all hours, and they come on both when I'm arriving home and also when I'm leaving home.

Can anyone help me write the correct script that will tell the lights to come on only between 7pm and 5am and only when I'm returning home, not when I'm leaving? I used to be able to do this with just my Alexa app, but then it just stopped working for no discernible reason.

02:03 UTC


Not a valid feed, but why?

Hello, when I try to create a new applet - rss feed to Facebook page - it says my feed is not a valid feed. Can anyone tell me why?


It is validated.

17:33 UTC


YouTube to Discord Applets Stopped Working

We have been using IFTTT for several months to send messages to a specific channel on our Discord server when it is triggered by specific events in our YouTube channel.

As of this morning, 2 of our 3 applets have stopped working:

  1. New Super Chat message - This trigger fires when there is a new Super Chat message in a live chat during a live stream on your channel.

  2. New Super Sticker - This trigger fires when there is a new Super Sticker in a live chat during a live stream on your channel.

The only one that still works is:

  1. If New Public Video uploaded, then post a message to a channel

I am not able to recreate the applet. The error message I get is:

Failed to validate, please try again

I haven't changed anything on our end.

I have disconnected the YouTube channel from IFTTT (both from IFTTT and YouTube) and tried to recreate the applet, but it's still not working.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

23:29 UTC


IFTTT UK Legal Action

Is there anybody in the UK that would be interested in pursuing legal action against IFTTT? I am awaiting some legal consumer advice and it may be better to pool resources if any action us to be taken.

My grievances are that they have broken a pricing agreement and over-charged me for services without sufficient prior notification (and refused a refund).

I'd like an expression of interest below and then I will look to how we can formalise collective legal action if there is enough interest. Either way I will pursue IFTTT myself.

17:41 UTC


Uploading files to Google Drive from URL including user-agent ?

I have long used the "Upload file to Google Drive from URL" command to scrape security camera frames to create time lapses. I link it with webhooks to do the scheduling. Each file is named with a timestamp.

However, a particular server has ceased serving files because they now refuse requests that don't have the 'user-agent' header (the metadata that tells the http server what 'browser' is requesting the file.

My question is: How can I continue to use IFTTT to do this when the "Upload file to Google Drive" command appears to be simplistic and unable to attach this required switch?

1 Comment
13:23 UTC


Applets for Multiple Google Nests

I've created several applets for a google nest on IFTTT. These applets record trigger phrases in a google sheet by adding a row. This is working fine for one google nest; however, I want to start recording from more google nests. Since I can't use the same trigger phrase for more than one applet, I am stuck with using one applet for all of my google nests. This poses a problem because when one nest is triggered it is recorded in all of the spreadsheets (each spreadsheet is unique to a nest). Now I don't know which nest was triggered.

My original thought for a solution was to create a master spreadsheet and have the applets record the trigger phrases and time of triggering in the master spreadsheet. However, I still have no way of knowing which nest was triggered and when. This is because I have 10 specific trigger phrases that are the same across all the Google Nest Minis. In the Google Home App I also can't replicate trigger phrases so I can't have multiple "routines." This prevents me from naming each routine Home 1, Home 2, etc. That would have allowed me to add the Home # in the spreadsheet row. I also can't have different routines across different homes.

The only solution I can think of is to create new google and ifttt accounts for each of the nests but that will become a nightmare as we start to scale up our research project (we'll have ~30 google nests). Any ideas?

22:22 UTC


RSS to Facebook opens up the IFTTT app instead of our site on mobile?

Soooooo we're using the RSS to Facebook applet and have tried both IFTTT link shortening turned on and off. When on a desktop, clicking a post on our Facebook sends users to our site, but if you're on a phone and have the IFTTT app installed, the post instead opens up IFTTT.

Any ideas?

Page in question: https://www.facebook.com/slickdeals

RSS feed: https://slickdeals.net/newsearch.php?mode=frontpage&searcharea=deals&searchin=first&vote=60&rss=1

Facebook settings in pic:


17:08 UTC


iOS Photos does not save any photos from Android photos

I've created an applet that is supposed to make iOS Photos receive any and all photos I make on an android phone. IF Any new photo on Android, THEN Add photo to iOS album (which I've named IFTTT). As expected, it doesn't work, for no explanatory reason, as the running log implies to me that it's run successfully, but on iOS, the photo I've made on android is nowhere to be found. What gives? I hate these sorts of problems, the ones that just exist without any implication as to why they exist.

10:47 UTC


I saw many sites about ifttt and openai but...

I cant find the service on ifttt's page. Is it not working anymore?

23:47 UTC


IFTTT Support - Has anyone actually had anything resolved by them?

I pay for Pro but am absolutely gobsmacked by the lack of customer service from IFTTT. I've had an ongoing issue with an integration - multiple rows being written to a Google Sheet, randomly - since Dec 2023.

When I did hear back from someone in the support team, I was told that this had been escalated to engineering. The last comms I had was on 23 Feb.

What I find particularly annoying is that there's no ticketing system/case ref no. - just an email thread. I keep responding to the thread with more examples of the problem, but get nothing in return.

So, has anyone actually managed to get anything resolved with IFTTT support? I'm feeling sorely let down by this encounter, so would hope to hear that what I'm experiencing is just a blip. Cheers.

Edit - 04/04/24: Instead of replying to the existing email thread, I started again within the IFTTT website to contact them. I got a response this way and it transpired that the original ticket had gone down the route of an unmonitored queue! So when in doubt, start the comms again.

07:33 UTC


iOS integration

Anybody have any luck with integrating ifttt with iOS shortcuts ?

Trying to pass information out of a shortcut into the ifttt ecosystem-


19:47 UTC


Controlling a smoke machine

Hello, I am currently seeking solutions to be able to control a smoke machine via automation. I am streamer, and would like for certain stream actions to trigger a puff of smoke to come out. Is this something that ifttt is capable of, and does anyone know any compatible devices I may need to make this work.

Appreciate any help or advice.

13:58 UTC


Connecting X/Twitter API to IFTTT / What link do I enter for the Callback URI / Redirect URL

I searched everywhere and I cannot seem to find what link you're supposed to put in the callback URI/redirect URL


19:24 UTC

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