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Make a virtual device in HS4 into a one shot device

Hi, hoping someone can explain an easy way to make a virtual device into a one shot, ie once its turned on it turns itself off either immeditley/after a time delay or on set conditions. I can do this in events but is scripting better ? one line of code possibly?

06:29 UTC


Cannot log in to homeseer

i just bought this hometroller pi g3. i am unable to login to both the ip address and through the linux ui on the pi itself. any ideas? i would like to be able to use this. any help is appreciated!! thanks

21:36 UTC


Moving from Home Assistant

I appear to be doing this the wrong way :)

I'm fed up with the unreliability of HA so want to give HomeSeer a go, I have my ZigBee stuff working but cannot get tasmota flashed devices to appear.

I have them configured to point at Homeseer, I can see it making topics but I cannot get it to appear as a device.

Anyone able to offer some advice / insight?


19:06 UTC


Charging for Voice Assistant Capability -- the Final Straw....

I have been a loyal HomeSeer user since version 1, but the recent decision to cut off free access to MyHS (particularly for voice assistants and IFTTT) is my final push to move to Home Assistant.

While I understand that Homeseer is a for-profit company, but with ever-growing number of home automation platforms and options, it seems management should be seeking to expand or, at minimum, retain loyal customers rather than make the platform a less attractive option.

We already have to pay to license the actual HomeSeer software, and version upgrades, and for utility software (HS-Touch, Z-Seer, Z-Flash, etc) and, to do anything beyond simple automations, we also have to pay for additional plug-ins! And, now, have to pay an ongoing subscription for cloud capabilities including voice assistant functionality and we currently have for free. And don’t get me started on support – my entire system was recently down for over a week while I interacted with tech support before eventually giving up and rebuilding a portion of my system.

In contrast, Home Assistant is free open-source software with thousands of free integrations and add-ons, and a huge user base for support. There are also free fully-functional mobile and Windows client software. And, last year, a HUGE push (“Year of the Voice”) for voice integration (including localized voice assistant and an incredible TTS option). HA also has a paid cloud-access option, but the cost is minimal and it is optional for voice, etc. – not an issue for me, since everything else is free!

HomeSeer, in my opinion, is still an easier platform to get started with and use but with the immense availability of free integrations for HA and support for newer/emerging technologies they seem to be going in a more viable direction than trying to milk existing customers for additional money on a service they already have for free. Coupled with the fact that HomeSeer has hitched it wagon to Z-Wave, arriving late to the game with Zigbee, and seems to be ignoring Matter/Thread completely.

Please don’t get me wrong – I have been a fan of HomeSeer for a long, long time and it certainly has its advantages in many areas. But as HomeSeer has provided their reasons for the change, I’m providing mine.

EDIT: Per https://homeseer.com/myhs-changes/

Starting March 12th, support for voice and app integrations will be available exclusively through our MyHS Plus, PRO, and Business subscription (paid) tiers. These services will no longer be available to MyHS Lite (free) account holders.

March 12th, 2024 – New accounts require Plus, PRO, and Business plans to access voice and app (Google, Alexa, and IFTTT) integration through MyHS. Existing MyHS users with one or more registered licenses will be gifted 2 months of the Plus plan for free. To avoid any disruption to your smart home experience, we encourage you to log in and finalize your subscription choice before May 11th.

May 11th, 2024 – All accounts require Plus, PRO, and Business plans to access voice and app (Google, Alexa, and IFTTT) integration through MyHS.

21:34 UTC


HSM200 Issues

Man! this thing is a headache! And the HS Software is just so terse that it is making life really difficult.

I'm trying to get this thing to consistently trigger when it sees motion and then flash some lights (I really wish there was a light flashing script built in). I managed to get it to work once, but it won't trigger again... When I had it kind of working it would also give me a lot of false positives. It's not helping that most of the settings seem to be kind of hidden in the HS menus.

I could really use some help figuring this out; the guide is almost useless for fine tuning this.

EDIT: It looks like it is not resetting after it triggered Motion

EDIT #2: Errors list: ERROR : POST to page failed , [lock up] Firmware Update Status: Receiving... ... ...

This software is so slow and buggy I cannot tell what it is doing, if it locked up and recovery from this is just awful!

SUCCESS!!!: Process, though not sure what is actually needed:

  1. Relocated the device to 2 feet from the Hub and re-optimized the connections
  2. Factory reset
  3. Joined as unsecured
  4. Renamed the Update File to HSM200.hex
  5. Plugins>Z-Wave>Update
  6. Just after uploading the file and before I pressed the Start Button, I pressed the button the side of the HSM200 and it started flashing yellow.
  7. Press the start button and watch.
    1. May require hammering at it. Took me several times before it completed, but you know it is trying when you see progress numbers.
  8. It flashed Yellow until it was done and then it rebooted.

Now I'll see if the phantom positives are still happening. Thanks everyone for helping!!!

03:23 UTC


Major MyHS Update and Zigbee Plus Plugin Released!

We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire for 2024 and the year has only just begun! In this blog edition, we’ll be focusing on two exciting developments. Our MyHS service is getting a major update and our new Zigbee Plus plugin has sailed though beta testing and is finally released! Read more about this in our latest blog post: https://homeseer.com/myhs-zigbee-plus/

21:17 UTC


GoVee Sync center with Homeseer automation

01:07 UTC


Migrating HS4 from old PC to a new PC.

Hello all.

I need to transfer my existing HS4 Windows 11 setup to a new pc, also running Windows 11.
I have read that the best way is to install HS4 on the new pc and then simply copy the entire HS folder in the "Program Files (X86)" directory over from the old pc to the new one, a folder of about 1.2GB

Has anyone had experience using this method? Any comments or advice?

11:36 UTC


Z-net SD card clone

I have 2 Z-Net's legitimately purchased many years ago. Both devices are dropping off the network on a regular basis with one doing it quite frequently. I understand that it might be a bad SD card. Is it as simple as copying the content from the old SD card to new SD card in order to replace a possible defective SD?

15:47 UTC


HomeTroller Zee S2 Raspberry Pi Upgrade

I have my old tried and true HomeTroller Zee S2 that obviously due to its age has a much older Raspberry Pi for its hardware along with a the GPIO header addon that provides wifi (and assuming zwave) functionality. Is it possible to upgrade the Raspberry Pi to say the 4 that has built in wifi and still use the GPIO add on for the zwave. And is there a download of the homeseer image that would work with the Pi 4 or would this be a complete build up from scratch and buy a new license?

21:43 UTC


Does HomeSeer sell wall switches?

Is the HS-WX300 the only wall switch HomeSeer sells? I haven’t had to replace a switch in 2 years but need to now.

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05:15 UTC


Cleanup Questions

I think I've buggered up my HS setup. I've moved my house around a bit, added a couple of rooms and am trying to straighten the whole system out again. To complicate this, it's pulling Phillips Hue info from the Google. It's also my first install, so, I am sure I have full of crap.

I'm not sure what messed up what, but it says I have almost 600 devices/features and I am seeing some duplicates. I'd like to clear it and set it up again, but I don't want to re-register all those z-wave devices.

Is there a way to reboot the system and re-build it without having to re-register the z-wave stuff?

03:03 UTC


Tuya plug-in slow to update in HS

Is anyone using the Tuya plug-in having huge lag with devices communicating with HS? The lowest polling interval is 1 minute. Does anyone know how to get HS updated quicker from a Tuya device?

23:11 UTC


Homeseer Mobile Not Available for Android 13/14

I just tried to update my Homeseer Mobile app in Google play, because it's been acting funky, but when I search for the app I get the response, "Looking for Homeseer Mobile? This app isn't available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android".

Are there any plans to make it available on newer versions of Android?

Edit. My phone force updated this week to Android 13, and I have HS mobile version 1.1.13

04:19 UTC


Add Room

Hello. I am struggling to figure out how to add a room or floor to Homeseer. How do I add a room or floor? Thank you

05:22 UTC


Zwave plus thermostat with insteon

I am running a hometroller pi with insteon hub. The setup works fine. I want to replace my insteon thermostat with a 2gig STZ-1 Z-wave plus thermostat.

Has anybody created a similar setup? I just want to make sure the Z-wave thermostat will work.

00:39 UTC


Smart Dead Bolt Recommendation Needed

I need a good smart dead bolt that will report its states to the HomeSeer. Any reps or peeps have any good recommendations? I was looking at Yale, but wasn't sure...

22:33 UTC


After Power outage, smart bulb mode leaves load turned off and switch is unusable

I've got a HS-WX300 set up via Home Assistant in my kitchen controlling the light over my sink. It's in smart bulb mode (Param 37 - Control Load with Paddle = Disabled) since the light is a Philips Hue downlight and everything works fine. The bulb gets power, the paddles send events to HA, and I've got automations that handle on/off and color changes.

But, when I lose power at home (or flip the breaker on that circuit), the HS-WX300 comes back up after power is restored and it's still in smart bulb mode, but the LOAD is turned off instead of on. At this point my bulb has no power and obviously doesn't work and the only fix that I've found is to:

  1. Turn off the HS-WX300 switch.
  2. Turn off smart bulb mode (set Param 37 to Enable)
  3. Turn on the HS-WX300 switch.
  4. Verify that the light has power again.
  5. Turn on smart bulb mode (set param 37 to Disable)
  6. Turn off the HS-WX300 switch.

At that point it's back in sync and everything works fine again.

It seems like I must have done something wrong for it to be working like this... anyone have an idea about a fix?

19:02 UTC


Pro vs Plus


I'm inheriting a home that is current using Control4. The dealer has quoted me $22K for getting things "back in order"...Ykes!

I've noticed that there are many devices that are Homeseer compatible. First question to start...

  1. Homeseer Plus or Pro? What are the main differences between the two devices?

Thanks for any help.


18:09 UTC


Notifications and security camera audio

I've had my Hometroller pi operating my Insteon hub/devices for about a year. Two issues I'm never figured out. Configuring push notifications like I got through the Insteon hub and getting audio to work on my indoor camera.

17:10 UTC


Zigbee integration

I can't find a definitive answer after searching for a short while. Does hometroller pi or plus come ready to work with Zigbee? I know I would need to install the plug-in. I know z-wave requires a usb stick to work with hometroller. Does Zigbee? Isn't Zigbee a RF protocol?

14:54 UTC


WX300 in 3way setup with Line and Load at different boxes

I've got several lighting circuits in my house that are wired with line coming in one box, with a 3 way switch, then red/black for travelers run to a second box, with a 3 way switch, then load going out from that second box to the lights. It does have neutral available everywhere, so that's not an issue.

Wired just like this:

But the docs for how to wire up a 3 way Circuit with the WX300 show line and load in the same box with the WX300 and just a single traveler going to another box with the WA100+ Companion wired up there and I'm not sure how to translate that into my scenario even though it mentions that you can use a standard 3 way switch at the second location.

Is this possible with my setup and is the WX300 required to be in a specific box or can I replace either 3way switch with it? Or am I out of luck here?

17:12 UTC


Zwave switch mass fail

I have have a lot of secondary switches under different names but all are called WT00Z-1

They served me well however the last few years (year 7 or 8) they started to fail. This has turned my entire home automation into a sreaming pile.

I'm certain they should be able to be repaired, maybe just a bad capacitor or something.

These only act like a remote control, you energize them with the hot and neutral and ground and they report into homeseer where you tell it what it's job will be. Is there any experience or advise how I can turn my situation around? I must have 25 if these and maybe 18 are in a failed state. My wife loves me, but her patience is wearing thin.

How to fix? Or What to replace with?

Thank you

22:53 UTC


Help Needed. ZCombo Smoke detector.

Hi guys, Replacing a 7 yr old smoke/CO detector and running into zwave problem. First Alert needed to create a Gen2 model (for some reason) and wondering if anyone has installed a ZCombo Gen2 on a HS3 Pro system. The Gen1 original has been on my HS system for 7 years now and the CO portion expires @ 7yrs. Inclusion and exclusion operate, but no child devices are created.

06:00 UTC


LABOR DAY SPECIAL BUY: $39 WX300 Smart Dimmer Switch

Save $20 on each Special Buy WX300 smart dimmer switch through Monday. CLICK THIS LINK to automatically apply the coupon.

19:03 UTC


HS WS-100+ works remotely, doesn't work manual

So, recently the WS-100+ switch for my fan started acting up. It'll work remotely (through app or Alexa), but won't work manually as a regular switch. Am I screwed or is there some troubleshooting that I should be doing? I have a feeling I can't update the firmware as I'm not using Homeseer.

Currently have the power disconnected to the switch to power cycle the switch.

Also, perhaps I'm 100% in the wrong area (as I'm not using it within a Homeseer environment) - just point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

19:28 UTC


4-Way with HS-WX300

I’m looking at a few different smart switches to use throughout my house (25-30 total), and I’m really close to choosing the HS-WX300, as I’m confident it satisfies almost all of my use cases, but I want to make sure it can cover the final two.

I currently have “dumb” LED lights controlled via switches and dimmers, and I have two different 4-way circuits. One feature a few different dimmers (like the Lutron Sunnata) have is that I can have all three switches in the 4-way control and display the current brightness. Is it possible to have the HS-WX300 in all three of the 4-way’s switch positions and “associate” them so that each one can control the current brightness setting and synchronize the LED status?

If so, going one step further to my final use case, down the road I’d like to eventually replace the “dumb” LED lights with something like Philips Hue lights. Would I be able to use the Hue bulb in a 4-way circuit if I disable load control on the primary HS-WX300 switch?

15:22 UTC


Connect Total Connect 2.0 with Homeseer

Has anyone had any success in integrating HomeSeer with Total Connect 2.0 Security System? I am looking to changing my security system. I have seen that I might be able to connect but through IFTTT integration. But, I would prefer a direct connection. I have not seen any plug-ins that seem to support this integration.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic?

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22:31 UTC


Raspberry Pi Upgrade

If I want to upgrade my Pi to a newer model can I just remove the SD card and insert it in the new controller? Or will I have to rebuild everything?

16:04 UTC


Am I borked?

I was out of the country for work 2 weeks back, and on return none of my devices were working and my events weren't firing. I can manually switch devices on, but I can't control them remotely. Talking to a friend who introduced me to HomeSeer, he suggested that my HomeSeer3 Pi controller had an issue with my Z-Wave interface, and suggested I replace it.

I ordered a new one and it arrived earlier, and I'd backed up my config from the older model and imported it. Well, none of my devices poll still, and even on the Z-tool+ I get an error trying to do anything. Even from the new HS4 interface, I can't remove bad nodes or test or anything, it always fails. Unsure what to do, and when I searched the HS forum the one guy seeing the same error as me hasn't received a response in 2 years.

Any ideas?

03:12 UTC

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