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Need wolffia globosa seed or live plant

Anyone can give me wolffia globosa seeds or live plant in india

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Which innovations in Agritech are the most looked for by farmers?

Hi everybody. My friends and I are conducting a survey to investigate the most desruptive innovations that farmers are looking for their companies. Apart from sensors and field data acquisition for analysis, which innovations do you know (or think) farmers are looking for to improve their production processes or personnel security:

  • guide assistant with accident detection and immediate rescue calling
  • guide assistant for optimal path following in each operation
  • guide assistant for other purposes (specify what purposes)
  • radio-commanded tractors and other machines (guide by sight or POV)
  • autonomous driving for tractors and other machines
  • automation of other parts of production processes
  • other (specify what)

Tell us you opinion in comments.

Thanks in advance to all participating.

16:11 UTC


Prizing a agtech service for soil diagnostics

How much do you think a producer would pay monthly for a digital product that will give soil assessment and biological and environmental friendly product recommendations. The service will use artificial intelligence models from data soil analysis, and expert criteria. In the us? In latin america? In Asia?

02:21 UTC


Calling All Farmers: Your Insights are Needed!

Hello I hope this is okay to post here. I'm currently enrolled in a program to learn how to start a business, and as part of my course, I'm diving into the world of agriculture. Our team is passionate about creating innovative solutions to support farmers like you, and we believe that your insights are invaluable.

We're working on developing a technology that we believe could revolutionize how you manage your fields. To ensure we meet your needs perfectly, we need your help. Could you spare a few minutes to fill out our Google Sheets questionnaire? Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping a product designed to make your farming tasks easier and more efficient.

As a thank you, you'll be among the first to receive a short demo of our product once it's ready. We can't wait to share our exciting innovations with you!


Thank you so much for your time and support. Together, we can create something amazing for the future of agriculture.

22:15 UTC


Circular Agriculture through Land Use & Technology

Excited to announce the launch of a new venture! Circular is a real estate company developing an ecosystem of sustainability-driven projects across agriculture, hospitality and housing that embody the principles of regeneration and the circular economy:

👩‍🌾 A landmark agritourism resort community in the Catskills centered around regenerative agriculture & conservation → Grows food for…

🍽️ An organic farm-to-table zero-waste restaurant & bar in the Hudson Valley driven by a celebrity chef → Upcycles food waste at…

🍄 A state-of-the-art vertical gourmet mushroom in Harlem NYC in partnership with an urban agriculture company → Grows mushrooms for restaurants and composts byproducts on farm

Reach out if you'd like to learn more, we've also opened an offering so that anyone in the community 18+ can invest at smallchange.co/projects/circular

Circular: Livingston Farm > Wren of the Woods > 5 Borough Fungi

17:37 UTC


LAQUA Twin ion concentration meters

11:12 UTC


Agras Spray Drones

Check out our latest reel with the DJI Agras T-40! We would highly appreciate it if you liked, shared, and followed along for more! Future of agriculture is now 🙌🏻


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Which factors should be considered when interpreting PSA results?

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High-brix theory for treating pests & diseases

12:50 UTC


With Dimitra's cutting-edge technology, farmers are unlocking the power of data to revolutionize crop management. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision farming! 🌱🚜 #agtech #sustainability #innovation

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Irrigation controller failsafe for propagation house

Hello all! Im hoping I could get some constructive discussion on potential failsafes for our prop. House irrigation. The current clock we have has a sensitivity to current variance. When a zone gets overloaded, it falls into a reset/safe mode and will not irrigate again till the next day. This situation could occur early/mid day and lead to drying out thousands of cuttings.

The brand new model of our controller clock has a “surge protector” that should reduce or eradicate this issue, but Im not sure if i trust it. I would love a sensor or alarm system we could install that would text or notify when an issue arises

My follow up solution would be to set up moisture sensors around my cutting trays and have those send notifications. My only issue is finding a quality wifi hotspot that is able to stand up to the humidity.

15:53 UTC


Survey for school, can I ask 5 minutes of your time

Greetings! My name is Emma, and I am an international business student currently conducting research for my thesis assignment. As part of my study, I am investigating the perspectives and insights of various stakeholders in the agricultural sector regarding the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.

Your participation in this survey is invaluable as it will provide essential insights into the challenges, opportunities, and expectations surrounding the integration of AI technologies in agriculture. Your responses will contribute to a better understanding of how AI can be strategically utilized to optimize crop yield and productivity, thereby shaping the future of farming practices.

The survey consists of a series of questions designed to explore your knowledge, experiences, and opinions on topics such as smart agriculture, precision farming, climate-smart techniques, and the potential impact of AI on agricultural operations. Your responses will be kept confidential and used solely for academic research purposes.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your insights are invaluable in advancing our understanding of AI technologies in agriculture.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey, please feel free to do so. 

Thank you once again for your participation!

Links for the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdp-tJO7B5qD4Eq5sBCrVZt9sLS2grRs5oTixQv6LGU9aUNwA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Best regards,


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AI Agriculture War China vs USA

Who do you think will win?

08:49 UTC


What are good product businesses in areas with severe water problems?

I'm from India and we already have a lot of problems which will worsen in the future. I find services difficult as a business, but I am thinking of products like -

  1. microbes that are used in sewage treatment plants
  2. activated charcoal that will be used anywhere for filtration
  3. anything that saves water like the aerators on our faucets

Could you please help me out with such product ideas?

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11:10 UTC


Building an agritech startup, European agri perspectives and more - with CropIn's EMEA Head and Agritech founder Prateek Srivastava

I recently did a podcast on agri / agri tech with an agri entrepreneur recently. This was an episode on my channel the Svagat Show - that is highlighting Indian / Indian origin operators in Europe.

My guest Prateek Srivastava has immersed himself in agritech in Europe for the last 5 years. He founded TerraviewOS - a vineyard management platform (backed by Flipkart founders and founding team) and now leads EMEA at Cropin - one of the largest agritech startups in the world.

Some of my takeaways from the conversation:
🌾 He broadly broke Agritech businesses broadly fit into 2 categories (I am sure there's more categories): the marketplaces / trading businesses and the precision agriculture (remote sensing etc) to drive outcomes on the ground. These second kind of businesses take 10-15 years to reach any meaningful scale. Year 4 is Year 1. It was great to hear him break down the math around this.

📈 Hard for this second category of agritech businesses to follow the traditional VC model - and often might require more patient capital. And we discuss the kinds of funding that entrepreneurs should consider. We also discuss the Climate Corp acquisition by Monsanto and a how some of the big agri companies think.

💶 We dive a little into how farmers in Europe receive large subsidies that account for 30-35% of their P&L. Remove those subsidies and most farmers will end up in the red. In Europe - these subsidies act as a GTM lever for agritech startups. Founders should build their business that tie into these subsidies.

🇪🇺 Why isn't there a Pan European grocer (other than Amazon)? It's because of the way European is structured - they want most of the value to be passed onto the local farmers. Albert Heijn (Netherlands), Mercadona (Spain) and many others directly source from local growers.

➕ Forecasting is a big challenge for the major retailers - and a lot of that pressure is now falling onto large food suppliers (that aggregate produce from farmers)

We discuss a LOT more. Hope you find it useful.

Below is the full episode. I've put captions on the entire video - just incase - since a few sentences in are spoken in Hindi (Prateek's a passionate guy).


13:28 UTC


First REGACE responsive tracking system combined with CO2 enrichment installed in Germany

14:15 UTC


Spices Export from India

Hi all, I am a budding entrepreneur setting up a shop to procure, process and export spices from India to abroad. I already have some ready buyers willing to order in bulk post-sample check. Feel free to connect with me if anyone has any leads. I appreciate any help you can provide.

10:15 UTC


Antagonism between Calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K)

10:46 UTC


Any AG UX UI designers here?

Hi, I am exploring niches in UX design and was wondering what it’s like for ux designers working in this space?

My most recent background is in Agriculture (farming-horticulture) and sustainability. I love AG but farming was hard on my body so I turned to design. I love it too. I’d like to combine both passions. I’ve taken online certifications this past year for UX design and I’m about to start a UI course. However, before I begin deciding on portfolio projects I wanted to ask about this industry.

I know the general vibe of design right now is that it’s super competitive for juniors and there is the possibility of AI reducing headcount.

Do you have any advice for someone trying to break into this space?

Thanks a lot!

23:20 UTC


**🌾 Farmers & Agricultural Workers: Help Shape the Future of Farming with Drones! 🚁**

Hey there farming community of Reddit!

I'm with Agri-Drone, an emerging venture exploring the potential of drones in modern agriculture. We're keen on understanding the challenges and aspirations of farmers like YOU to refine our tech offerings.

We've created a quick survey and would greatly appreciate your input. Whether you're tilling acres or managing a boutique vineyard, your insights are invaluable to us.

🔗 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JYNTQYH (You will not be contacted or asked for any mailing info based on your answers, this is for research only.)

Those who complete the survey will get an exclusive first look at our findings, offering you a glimpse into the future of farming. Join us in sowing the seeds of innovation!

Thank you and happy farming! 🌱🚜

P.S. A tip for those new to drones: They don't scare crows... yet. 😉

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Are you interested in digitally assisted plant and garden care?

Would you like to receive support in caring for your garden or house plants in an uncomplicated way? Then we are very interested in your opinion on our plans to create a digital assistant.

In the following 5-minute survey, you can tell us what you think is important for such a digital assistant and which functionalities could be helpful: https://forms.gle/6apU8t5HZB71j4XSA

As a reward, we will give you the opportunity to try our product exclusively before everyone as soon as it is built.

16:16 UTC


Seed Engineering for Vertical Farms

Hello all!

Does anyone have information on seed technology for vertical farms? I am trying to learn specifically about how seeds will be engineered for VFs. For example, in


The following is mentioned

"The other route is to look at upgrading the ‘software.’ If electricity, rent, and water costs are too high, then why not change the biology of the crops themselves so that they fare better in restrictive vertical farming environments?"

What are the restrictions and what kind of changes to biology? This seems incredible and I wanted to learn more about the extent and limitations of our engineering capabilities. For example, can we engineer a coconut tree I to a shoebox?


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