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Always looking for articles on Organic Farming from around the world. Submit a link, or ask a question or make a suggestion.

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Organic Farming - a form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control. Depending on whose definition is used, organic farming uses fertilizers and pesticides (which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) if they are considered natural (such as bone meal from animals or pyrethrin from flowers), but it excludes or strictly limits the use of various methods (including synthetic petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides; plant growth regulators such as hormones; antibiotic use in livestock; genetically modified organisms; human sewage sludge; and nanomaterials.) for reasons including sustainability, openness, independence, health, and safety.

Wikipedia: organic farming

Always looking for articles on Organic Farming from around the world. Submit a link, or ask a question or make a suggestion.

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Should we has a family let the fields untouched for a year after a family member passed unexpectedly

05:40 UTC


Food system changemakers…can I interview you??

TL;DR — I want to interview people who are working to improve the US food system. Please complete the screener survey if you’re interested in sharing your experience. Thank you!

Hi y’all! I’m a professional marketer with 12+ years of experience and more than a little bitterness about the billions of ad dollars Big Food spends on products that are making people and the planet sick. 💚

To keep a long story short… I’m in the research phase of launching a marketing consulting business.

I want to serve teams who are building a more just and sustainable food system. Businesses like: — Sustainable / regenerative farms — Farmers markets, CSAs, co-ops — Better-for-us consumer goods — Restaurants / caterers / bakers — Nonprofit organizations

And before I can serve this market well, I need to better understand your passions, your marketing goals, and any challenges you’re facing with reaching and engaging your customers.

Over the next few weeks, I’m conducting 30-min virtual interview sessions over Zoom to gather these insights. If you participate in an interview, I’ll buy you a coffee (via a $5 gift card) and I’ll be forever grateful! 😄

To ensure I interview a diverse set of people, I’ve built a quick (5 minutes or less) screener survey. If you’d like to be considered for an interview, please complete the survey.

And I want to be clear: there is no obligation to work with me in the future if you participate in an interview! I’m learning, and the insights you share with me will be so valuable. 💚

Thanks for reading!

20:54 UTC


Plasticulture and inter row cover

Hello, looking for ideas and best practices for cover crops between my plasticulture rows. We farm perennial crops, currently on plastic, in zone 3b (North America).

00:03 UTC


Non GMO soybeans advice.

I'm currently getting ready to plant 10 acres of non-gmo soybeans on my land for the first time and would like some advice on using a pre emergent that isn't a synthetic chemical. I'm fine with pellets or liquid, but would prefer pellets if at all possible.

I'm new to farming, having only planted spelt last season and had an ok harvest, by my standards, so any advice or links to sites selling organic weed control would be appreciated. Also, I live in grow zone 6b.

There is currently 2ft tall grasses and other things growing in the field which will be mowed and worked to be able to plant.

The equipment im using is and old JD60 tractor with various implements and for harvest, a JD45 combine. I also have a couple older farmers that are good mentors. Aside from the great help theyve been, they say to burn it down with glyphosate or the like, which I won't ever do. I also have 2 honeybee apiaries, so that will play a role in my decision making as well.

Thank you for any wisdom and knowledge you are willing to part with.

19:13 UTC


LAQUA Twin ion concentration meters

11:13 UTC


Which factors should be considered when interpreting PSA results?

13:51 UTC


Tiller Advice

My father in law is getting old and wants to give us his BCS tiller so that he can get something easier for him to manage. He asked me to do some research. These are his desires:

  1. Good reliable, trouble free, easier to start engine.  No Brigs.  Honda is first choice, Kohler is OK.
  2. 18-20” width.
  3. Handle height adjustable on the fly.

Also good to have:

  1. Handles that can switch side to side to keep from stepping in tilled path.
  2. Differential axle (hard to find, I think)

Does anyone here have opinions or advice on machines that would fit these criteria? Thanks!

21:34 UTC


Conventional Farming runoff effects Organic Farm

Hi! I’ve always been passionate about farming. My family has always managed our own garden. I was a member of FFA in school. I’ve worked on an organic market farm. If I listen to or read something it’s usually about farming. Now that I’m starting my farm I am beginning to feel discouraged by the amount of conventional farming so close to my organic farm, practically right next door. I inherited this property so it’s not like I chose this location but I cannot buy another property. Should I give up? Is it even worth trying? I feel like all the runoff and wind drift will negatively impact my farm and defeat the purpose of trying to grow organic. I live in the south and there are huge pecan plantations and row crop farms all around. Please share words of advice or straight up tell me it’s pointless to try to grow organic next to conventional

16:25 UTC


Heirloom Seeds - Are chemicals used in their harvesting/breeding?

I have read that heirloom seeds are typically open-pollinated, meaning they are pollinated by natural mechanisms such as wind, insects, or birds. However, I am wondering, when they are planted and grown, do seed breeders use chemical fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides etc, in the process?

If yes, does this in anyway alter the DNA structure of the seed?

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10:29 UTC


Inherited 1,000 organic blueberry bushes in the NE of Scotland. I live 174 miles away. Decided to keep them!

As the title suggests, I inherited a 1,000 blueberry bushes, located in the North East of Scotland. They’re organic (no easy weed suppression) and I live 174 miles away, in Edinburgh. Naturally I decided to keep them.

I have a Substack where I keep a sort of mock-umentory of my time trying to turn the unruly plantation of bushes around, and build a successful small business.

If you’re interested you can check it out by searching for “From Weeds to Riches - Substack” on Google and it will come up.


11:17 UTC


Organic Soy Hulls UK


I am UK-based and I am looking for organic soy hulls. Does anyone know where I can find this?

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09:38 UTC


Plant Health Pyramid

08:34 UTC


Any advice on how to care for sore hands from farming?

My hands are extremely sore from my work. They feel swollen, tight, and they lose circulation easier than usual. I expect this feeling to subside now that spring is coming to an end. But I’d like to learn some holistic ways to keep my hands in good shape for years to come. (I’m only 25). Maybe some herb suggestions to soak them in? I’ve iced them a few times but not sure if it was effective. I practice yoga which I think helps with general blood flow, but not as regular as I’m so busy with work right now.

My hands are SORE! I need your tips.

15:29 UTC


Grass/weed tea fertilizer

I’m seeing the method for this and it seems like it takes a few weeks in order to start using this and becomes better with time. 50-50 vegetation to water and creates a 1:50 mixture. Are there any other faster methods in order to get a quicker tea ready?

03:13 UTC


Turning the Tides

I watched this great short doc on Vimeo about organic farming; hoping this community will appreciate the message and continue to spread the word.

It’s amazing what these folks were able to do in such short order. Just goes to show how lives are changed by doing what’s ethically and morally right, might not be easy but 100% worth it for our health, our land, and our country.


00:12 UTC


CSA that tests for heavy metals and PFAS?

Hello, I am trying desperately to buy into a CSA from an organic farm that tests for heavy metals and PFAS— who will also ship to Massachusetts. Any leads would be great because so far I'm SOL.

00:12 UTC


Considering trailer types for a start-up market garden/small farm. Advice appreciated!

TLDR; What do yall think about an old one or two horse trailer as a do-all equipment and materials hauler, occasional midsized livestock mover, and market trailer for a small new farm? Is there a better type of trailer you think could do all those things in the rainy PNW?

I'm in the process of finding a land lease to start a diversified market garden/small farm. I currently drive a v6 pickup with 6000lbs towing capacity. I anticipate needing more capacity than the bed of the pick up for bringing in materials and equipment, and for bringing produce to market and CSA drop offs. My plan is for the largest implement I'll be starting off with to be a BCS two wheel tractor. Obviously, starting off Im not trying to spend more than necessary, so I dont think it's time to buy a box truck or van or anything. That's led me to consider buying a trailer.

My first thought was a basic flat bed trailer with a loading ramp that I could drive the BCS up. The downsides to this are that I live in a particularly rainy part of the PNW and dont think this would be the best option for market. I'd also like to be able to raise a few pigs, and my partner is interested in sheep, so something enclosed to move midsized livestock in would be nice.

Those enclosed toy hauler style trailers seem nice, but they're still relatively pricey (~$5k to start) and I dont see many on the used market around here. The other day while driving home from the farm on which I currently work, I was driving behind a truck towing an old beat up single horse trailer and that got me thinking that might be the ideal solution. Obviously it'd need to be cleaned out pretty well to be used for marketing produce, but I've been seeing used options in decent shape in the $2-3k range.

I guess my questions really are:

  • Are there things Im not considering or other errors in my line of reasoning here?

  • Is a horse trailer a workable do-all trailer, at least until the farm can support the purchase of a box truck or other options?

  • Should I be thinking about this all differently or are there other options I havent considered?

Thanks for any thoughts and opinions yall may have!

19:58 UTC


Getting certified as organic

I'm in North Carolina, USA.

I'm considering selling a natural pest repellant that I've made for myself for years, and there's a bit of a local demand for it.

Any suggestions on how to get the product certified as organic?

18:12 UTC


I drove a tractor today, breaking crusts to let the carrots get through

18:26 UTC


Land access, Grants, Free Land?

14:36 UTC


Considering that cardboard has PFAS/forever chemicals, can it be used in (certified) organic farming as a weed suppressor?

21:48 UTC


Looking for sales guys for an organic plant-based biostimulant

Hey everyone!! Hopefully this is okay to post!

I'm the VP of Sales for an organic plant-based biostimulant company. I'm tasked with building a salesforce in the US and internationally.

Our product outcompetes everything on the market with many many tests and university studies to prove our product works. We are prelaunch with plenty of funding so a great way to get in on the ground floor of a startup.

Looking for a few people that are experienced in agriculture and who are passionate about organic farming. Income opportunity is big but more importantly the impact we will have for farmers is priceless.

This is not spam just looking for some good folks shoot me a DM if you want to learn more about the opportunity.

19:06 UTC

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