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Water is the most precious resource on Earth. It will be the most contested resource of the 21st century.

Governments, corporations and citizens are now realizing the policy battles of today will have far reaching consequences for communities, nations, political stability, economic opportunities and profits.

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"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water." --Benjamin Franklin

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Measuring Water Consumption

Hey, what’s the best way to measure water consumption inside a facility? I’m planning to install regular flowmeters in the pipes, but some coworkers recommend ultrasonic flowmeter. Which option is better and why?

22:19 UTC


Looking for Brands

Looking for cheap bulk sellers of water. Needa stock up my supply for XMAS.

Requirements: Glass Alkaline European/British (Optional)

Im looking for bulk retailers only so please make sure the said company isnt marked up :-)

19:36 UTC


What is the cheapest way to get Fluoride and Microplastic free water?

Is there some type of filter? A specific Brand? A machine?

Any way to get some advice on this?

17:22 UTC


New Well being built, serious concerns over contamination

Hello all! I currently live with my husband and mother in law in my husbands house, while my mother in laws home is currently being built next door and we have a problem with her newly installed well. The contractors “completed” the well, and before the inspection was to happen, it was discovered that muddy water was constantly coming through the pipes. They discovered that the PVC well casing pipe buried in the well had broken. The contractors had attempted to fish it out, but were unable to, so what they are doing is drilling the well again, drilling through the casing and busting it up completely and removing what pieces they can. Basically they are re-drilling the entire well while grinding down the casing at the same time and going to reline it. My questions are:

  1. Is this standard practice?
  2. Is this safe? Should be worry about pieces being left behind that can contaminate the well water, as the pipe or casing is pvc.
  3. What is the standard practice when an incident like this happens?
  4. How should we move forward?

We are very worried about the contamination of my mother in laws new well. Thank you so much.

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01:26 UTC


Kids Canal Stories

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00:02 UTC


im looking at some water pitchers that say they can filter out fluoride, is that possible?

ive seen a couple some with testing from labs and some without. im wondering if this actually works or if anyone has one they could recommend.

17:37 UTC



Why are so many concerned with fluoride in the water?

12:01 UTC


Is this too much water for me?

I would like to drink a gallon a day of water. I’m 5’9 and 135lbs so fairly skinny. Will drinking this much kill me?

02:30 UTC


Just got a new gravity water filter tank!

I just got an awesome new gravity water tank from Waterdrop!

I was looking at several brands like Pro One, Berkey, Purewell, Zen etc. but the recent EPA bans on filters has been making me feel weird about those brands.

The Waterdrop king tank replacement filter actually fits ALL of those brands tho so if you do have one of those I guess you could just buy the filters from Waterdrop. I think Berkey got banned recently??

15:36 UTC


Can water quality play a role in how much and the frequency of peeing?

When I drink from different sources of water I may feel like I may don't pee much on some sources and pee much with other sources. Also does the sodium level in water play a role in that?

13:46 UTC


Will desalinating red tide sea water still be toxic?

Hello all, I live in SW Florida and we get bad red tide. I wanted to ask if you desalinate red tide sea water by boiling it completely and collecting the condensation in another container will it still have toxins in it? And if not what about the sea salt left behind? Is it safe to eat and cook with or should it be thrown out?

13:34 UTC


full home water filtration + reverse osmosis kitchen filter


I am very interested in getting those full home water filtration system. where i live we have a problem with hard water, and we have an infant in our family now.

right now i have quoted several companies for the full house system that includes: water softener, water filtration and activated carbon filter with computer regulated valves for the entire house, plus a reverse osmosis in the kitchen to cook and consume extra filtered water.

I wanted to know:

1-which manufacturers have you heard great things and recommend me?

2-i have heard drinking only water that has been filtered thru reverse osmosis can be bad for your health, is this valid?

thank you!

05:27 UTC

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