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Floor Standing Tank-Based RO system

I'm looking to replace my bottled water delivery with a floor standing RO system. I'm looking into a tank-based system as I live in an apartment and don't want to have to deal with plumbing.

Primarily, Wisewell caught my eye for their system which has all the functionality I want (I don't care for the smarts...). They are purely tank based, so no plumbing, and dispense both hot and cold. However, they are such a new player that I found zero reviews yet and it's a bit tough to jump on it in that situation.

Are there any other decent alternatives that are floor standing (no more counter space...), fully tank based (no plumbing at all), and preferably with both hot and cold dispensing? Thanks!

23:11 UTC


What are some hydropower projects you would like to see

We have a project about hydropower and i just want ideas

18:00 UTC


Water Filter Pitcher Recommendations

I live somewhere that is notorious for its horrible tap water and superfund sites. I currently have a Brita filter, but I’m starting to realize that’s probably not enough. I know I could just buy bottled water, but I was wondering if there were any decent pitcher filters out there that are particularly good at filtering out things like radium and arsenic (those are some bad ones where I live). I live in an apartment so under-sink filter systems aren’t really an option for me. Thanks!

13:26 UTC


Reverse osmosis water tanks are lined with butyl rubber, which is also used to make tire inner tubes.

You spend all that money and effort to purify your water, then you store it in a chemical-lined container, where it can leach toxins.

Instead, you could have a glass storage tank that sits on (or above) your countertop and does not have to be pressurized.

At a minimum, you should add a "polishing" carbon filter after the storage tank in order to remove toxins that are added to the water from the RO system components.

20:12 UTC


What is this dark orange spot in the opening of my Coleman water jug?

02:56 UTC


Lake Mead begins its Decline for the Year

09:04 UTC


France has gone through a record 32 consecutive days without rain, the longest streak since 1959

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02:40 UTC


Small question regarding water and condensation

Hello world. I live with my parents and was wondering what signs to look for when checking to see if my female overseer is still continuing to refill our "recycled" plastic water bottles. Points that I am looking to have answered or clarified include:

  1. Will the condensation visually be different if a water bottle has been opened and refilled, then closed, as opposed to straight from the manufacturer, when in the fridge?
  2. I do audibly and visually attempt to see if the water bottle snap is apparent at the top when unscrewing the cap, however, sometimes I don't want to do this. I would rather drink from Flint.
  3. Why?

Bonus Question

  1. how to stop poop hit butt when poop, able to bend water different? please.

Thank you for your time and responses if I get any! Please list sources in APA.

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02:09 UTC


Bad water taste

When I pour a glass of aerated water from my kitchen tap, it has a slightly bad taste to it (not bitter but it certainly doesn’t taste normal like it used to). After leaving it whilst I’m doing something else for even just 10 or so minutes, i take a sip and it tastes horrible. It tastes completely strange. I think I noticed it first about 2-3 years ago and it seems to get better and then worse again over the course of the year. I’ve resorted to getting water from my upstairs bathroom tap although that’s started doing the same thing now as well. Funnily enough the kitchen tap seemed to taste better briefly when the upstairs tap started tasting strange.

Anyone know what’s causing this? Some build up in the pipes? (My house is about 4 centuries old and the pipes were probably installed in the 80s). Could it be something diffusing into it from the air?

Any answers are appreciated, thanks.

20:03 UTC


All eater gives me brainfog and stomach issues?

I can't explain for the life of me why only Fiji, Evian, and Mountain Valley water don't give me problems. If I drink tap, Poland Spring, Deer Park, etc.. I get very noticeable brainfog and loose stools (no it's not in my head).

Can anyone recommend a faucet filter that would make my tap water to a state of quality comparable or at the same level as the brands I listed (Fiji, Evian, Mountain Valley)?

Edit: I meant to say WATER not EATER.

19:06 UTC


Is there any pitcher based water filters that don't have plastic?

It seems literally impossible to find one that doesn't have some piece of plastic somewhere. The closest I see is the LifeStraw Glass pitcher or the ZeroWater 40 cup. I also found a pitcher called Aarke, that is glass and has a stainless steel filter, but they too miss the point and have a plastic silicone seal.

I'm beginning to lose hope that what I am looking for is even on the market. It seems ridiculous considering PFOS is laden in literally everything. Has anyone seen something and can point me in the right direction? I'm hoping I don't have to go to the gym/work to refill a 1 liter stainless steel jug every day using their water filter... Thanks!

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Coliforms in Drinking Water (Mexico)

Hi all, we purchased a condo in Mexico and had a five-stage water filtration system installed, which includes two "zero bacteria" filters. We had our water tested by a lab down here and it came back showing 22 total coliforms per liter, but zero fecal coliforms. It's also showing 360 bacterial colonies per ml but doesn't break that down any further. I realize that in the US (and probably most other countries), the guidelines say that there should be zero coliforms. But we are wondering if the water may still be safe to drink (especially since there are zero fecal coliforms so they must be coming from something else). There are other people in our condo association that have the same filtration system and they drink the water without any issues, but everyone is different. I'm just looking for some opinions from water experts. :-) Thanks, all!

20:35 UTC

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