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I own land and am not sure how to manage it. What should I do?

Contact your state forestry agency or a consulting forester in your area.

Where can I find a forestry job?

Forestry can tend to be regional and so are the job boards.

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Online glossary about forestry terms

Hi everyone! We have just launched our new website, IFSATIONARY, which aims to help forestry students understand technical terms in the field. Feel free to visit our website and if you have any suggestions for improvement or additional features, please leave a comment below! Thank you so much for your help!


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ISA Cert Requirements?

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Help. Looking for suggestions

Operating a CAT 559C Kunckleboom loader; Got to the woods this morning went to check gearbox oil levels and they weren't visible on dipstick, ran machine about 5-10 minute to get warm etc. Checked it again nothing. Put some oil in the gearbox got in visble on dip ran machine rest of work day. Checked it again at stopping time and nothing gearbox is empty and no oil to be found. Don't have any leaks from what I can tell, and gear oil has a different smell to it than hydraulic an motor oil. Only thing I can think of is might be running in to the hydraulic tank but I'm not sure, anything helps and thanks again.

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Thinning mature redwood?

I'm a homeowner looking to create more defensible space around my place. I'm getting bids to remove a liquid amber overhanging my roof and a crown reduction of a Norway maple hanging to close to the power line. The last arborist also recommended thinning the two redwoods further from the house. He said it would make them healthier but I have my doubts. One does have a dead branch that could be removed but anything more than that seems like you risking butchering the tree. What is best option?

18:40 UTC


Longleaf Pine vs Hardwood forests.

So many of you will know that the Longleaf pine savannah used to dominate the Southeast. Well, I live in Harnett County NC where these forests were at there northern most points. But I’ve also read that hardwood forests were common in the southeast. I’m looking to make the woods behind my house more natural. Currently it is mostly just young, dense loblolly pine stands. How do I know if Hardwood forests or pine savanna works best in that spot? I’m confused as to where the hardwoods would live if the south was dominated by pine savanna? I’m just all around very confused as to what would be more natural in my area, pine savanna or hardwood forest? I know this post isn’t very clear, because I don’t really know how to phrase my question, but if anyone has an answer I would love to hear it.

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Tough Nut to Crack: Tree Seed Supply Chains

Overview of supply chain issues re: sourcing seed for tree planting projects around the world.


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Planting Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) in Europe - Discussion

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University of Kentucky Forestry Degree

I am thinking about going to this school starting in the 2025 fall semester for the forestry program. Can someone give me some information about what your experience was like at this schools forestry program. Also I would like some information about their fire cats program if anyone has experience with that.

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Insurance for private contractor

Hey all,

I'm finalizing some contracts to start consulting as an independent contractor and I'm looking for a good insurance company. Any recs? Whose reasonably priced, good to work with, and familiar with the work? I'm not looking for cheapest per se, I want a good deal that's not going to hang me out to dry if something happens.

I know what kind/amounts of coverage I need. I've worked that out with the client. I'll be working primarily on public lands. I won't have any subcontractors. I'll be providing routine supervision to other contractors with manual and mechanical work but those outfits are directly contracted through the client, though I'll be helping to procure and negotiate their contracts. I'll be grading some decks. Marking some stands. And advising/writing prescriptions and grants. No heavy equipment use. Will operate a saw only to get me out of places if I get stuck. Just me, a truck, and my home office.

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App for foresters

Hi there!

I’m working on a cool new tool to help foresters like you get a better handle on your forests. Your thoughts and experiences are very important to me, and I'd love to hear from you through this quick, anonymous survey. I promise, that no personal data will be shared.

Here is the survey: https://forms.gle/keKgZbmCBoqcMPwb9

Thanks a lot for your time and input—it truly means a lot!

Jana :)

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Is my undergrad degree good enough for a career in forestry?

I'm currently a junior at my local state college receiving a degree in Environmental, Soil, and Water Science with a concentration in Agri. System Technology (think GIS, welding, small engines, surveying, etc). My college offers no degree in forestry, but I was wondering if this is good enough for undergrad, or if it is necessary for me to go to grad school and get an education more specific to forestry. Any recommendations/advice appreciated. I plan on joining the Conservation Corp next summer and again once I graduate

01:20 UTC


Looking for an lawyer who can advise on timber and land law in Alabama, southern part

I have a few acres and I want to cut the timber, and minimize tax implications

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Road access

Hello, my parents were asked by a timber company to use their farm driveway for access to land they are currently clearing but have no way of getting to unless they cross a stream/permit/culvert/etc.

What’s a good starting price for them to start negotiating?

22:11 UTC


Working while in grad school?

I’m considering going for an online MF. Non thesis, 30 credits. I’m trying to get an idea of how much I’ll be able to work while I’m taking classes. Ideally, I’d like to do a full credit load every semester and finish in a couple years.

For anyone who did an online forestry degree, what was your experience like regarding work outside of classes and class work?

I’m in my late 30s, transitioning from another career. I’ve got flexibility with my work schedule, but definitely need some income to support my family while I’m studying.

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Are there any free resources to learn about forestry?

Just hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I live in an area with quite a lot of timber plantations, and I enjoy spending time in the outdoors hiking, camping, etc. I’d like to learn about forestry operations and management so I can understand my surroundings a bit better.

I’ve been looking for books on the topic, but what I’ve found is either a) aimed at people who own small areas of woodland who want to do small-scale, non-commercial silviculture, or b) they’re textbooks which cost quite a lot of money.

Since this is just for general interest, I can’t quite justify spending a couple of hundred on a textbook, so I was hoping someone might know of some free resources.

The plantations where I live are mainly Sitka Spruce if that matters, but I’m interested in learning about general forestry too.

13:52 UTC


Is forestry incompatible with starting a relationship, living in one place and having a flexible schedule?

Like many others, I'm considering a career change into a M-SFW with an unrelated BA. I'm hoping for a mix of field and office work, as well as a career in an environmental related sector; ecology is my passion but I also am driven to be earning 70k+ ASAP, given a history of entry level low paying jobs.

Although many things about forestry that I've read on this community point towards it being in alignment with my values, likes and desires within a job, my main hesitations are how it interacts with the following:

  1. A stable long term relationship is very important to me, and I worry that early career forestry may take me to remote locations where "finding a mate" isn't likely (I'm a left leaning female)

  2. Living stability is also important to me, as I have spent most of my life travelling for contract work and am looking for that 'era' to be over within the next few years maximum in favour of developing a stronger community where I live more permanently

  3. In my previous roles, I have really struggled with 9-5s. I worry about the flexibility of schedules with foresters. Is it realistic to aim towards 4 day work weeks, more than 2 weeks of vacation, ect? I realize this largely depends on the company, but advice as to "what type of forestry/company allows for the most flexible schedule" would also be very appreciated.

Thank you so much for any input!

03:37 UTC


How to sell timber

I've got just under 100 acres of wooded land in West Tennessee that I inherited. I was wanting to try and sell some timber off of it and was hoping for advice on how to be smart about it.

The number one piece of advice I keep seeing online is to contact a forester. Where would I find them? Should I look at my state's dot gov site, should I be looking for a website specific to that county, should I be looking for private companies?

Speaking of private companies, the next thing I keep reading is to get multiple bids on the timber. Where do I find the companies to bid?

A couple other questions:

  1. Do I need a lawyer?
  2. I don't know what type of trees are on the land, who do I contact about finding that out?
  3. I live about 3hrs away from the property, would I need to be there for any part of this process?

Thank y'all for any suggestions in advance. Any ideas on other ways of creating an income from the land are appreciated as well.

03:28 UTC


FIA crews

Anyone been on a FIA forest service crew? What was your experience?

23:07 UTC


What is the future of northern hardwoods in the lake states?

A lot of people seem to be talking about the apparent widespread failure in recent years to regenerate these stands with desirable species, mainly due to over-browsing. Is this overstated, or are we going to see a paradigm shift in the species composition of these areas?

Would like to hear all your opinions on the matter.

21:33 UTC


Seeking research on Tree Dieoff Rates for Academic Project

Hi everyone, I’m currently working on a research project that involves the tree dieoff rate in european ecosystems. I’m looking for scholarly papers or any relevant studies that have explored similar topics. My aim is to understand the methodologies used and the factors considered in these studies to enhance the accuracy and relevance of my own research.

If anyone here has come across such research, could you please share references or insights? Additionally, tips on methodologies or data sources that could be particularly useful for this type of analysis would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Any foresters working for a preserve?

Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone here has worked for, or is currently working as a forester at a forest preserve? I recently was offered a forester position working for the public/govt at a “forever wild” area and wanted to hear about other people’s experiences to help me decide if I will accept it or not. Appreciate any advice, thank you!

13:47 UTC


Forester tools

Aspiring forester. I have DBH tape and that’s about it. What other tools should be in the box for a budding forester?

23:14 UTC


Utility Arborist

Hey guys, I just started a forum specifically for Utility Arborist. Check it out and let's start a convo!


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Transplanting oak seedlings to pots for future outdoor transplanting

Okay, hoping someone here can help. I'm in MN, Twin Cities area. I have a wooded lot with plenty of old growth oak trees (50+years old) both Red (dunno the exact species but definitely not Northern Red Oak) and tons of white oaks (again dunno the sub species). I have tons of little babies of both species coming up every year in my gardens and this year I decided to start transplanting them. Unfortunately our area is getting hit with Oak Wilt (which affects the reds but not the whites) and I've had to take down many 50+ year old reds (I do have a wood burning fireplace so it's not wasted) due to the disease which has left me with a lot of open space.

My goal is to start transplanting these seedlings and grow them in pots in a cage (unnecessarily large, but protected from wildlife) until they're ready to go to their permanent home either on my current property or a future property.

The question I have is, how big of a pot should I use to start the oak seedlings (which will probably be smaller) and when do they need to be transplanted into bigger pots such that their taproot will continue to be un-phased and grow deeper? My goal is to let them grow as they would in the wild as far as I can without impeding their natural growing. My time frame to transplant is 1-5 years out. How long can I go in which size pot and when should I be up-potting? I'm planning to have no bigger than 5 gallon pots (3.58 actual gallons). Is this enough or do I need to go bigger? Again, looking to create saplings I can transplant unaffected, not keeping them in pots for 20 years..

Would appreciate any help. There's very little information out there on the topic, especially for MN.

04:44 UTC

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