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Three flowers to make your day

Just bloomed yesterday (Gazania)

11:39 UTC


Hi, ideas for a very low fence surrounding the lawn

Looking for ideas to make a very low fence to keep my dog away from the lawn. Yes, he will enjoy it once it's matured.

I have this part in my garden where we've planted and grew lawn three times already but it never makes it past winter as my dog runs up and down and it turns everything into mud. Last year we had a low fence around it, but it was really ugly and made of some twigs and one of those green meshes. Not very eye catching. Do you have any ideas for this fence? I can find anything on pintetest.


Ps. This is not our main fence shared with neighbours.

10:50 UTC


Can I cut overgrown and curved monstera all the way down?

I have a big monstera that I got about 4 years ago. Initially, I knew very little about caring for monsteras, so it grew freely for quite a long time. As a result, the thick stem has developed a steep curve.

I have since been trying to prune the plant and support its growth by tying it to a moss pole, but because of the curvature in the stem, it won’t start growing upwards, and the leaves are spread so that the whole thing looks messy and takes a lot of space.

Is it possible to cut the stem of the monstera down and then start encouraging it to grow upwards? The plant is in a small room, and it has become impossible to maintain, but I wouldn’t want to get rid of it, as it’s otherwise looking healthy and was a housewarming present.

Many thanks in advance!

10:02 UTC


How do I prune this? When I see them on other people's houses they seem to cut them back almost completely

09:25 UTC


Sweet peas, what next?

Looking for advice as I'm an absolute beginner. I know sweet peas need support to grow, I have some thick bamboo canes and bigger pots, any advice what to do next? Picture attached

09:07 UTC


Gardening season kicked off in -10C

My first time trying winter sowing directly in the raised bed. 2 types of spinach sowed in a layer of thawed compost. Eagerly waiting for an early harvest!

09:03 UTC


Flowers and 🐾

08:08 UTC


Need help with my basil.

My basil has been looking off for the past week but I've only managed to carefully look at it today. Found some egg like protrusions on the stems; a lot of them. How do I treat it? I sprayed a generous amount of wood vinegar but I'm going to get some need pills as well. Thank you.

07:49 UTC


Pruning ultra dwarf fruit tree

Just planted. How do l prune this?

07:37 UTC


Papaya flower pollination problem

My papaya plant somehow has only female flowers. No wonder I’ve had 0 fruits despite plenty flowers over the last 1.5 years. What’s the way to resolve this?

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07:13 UTC


Has anyone turned the edges of their property in the city, into a community garden?

I oddly enough have been able to do a lot of learning recently through pinterest. I can see other people's idea's and the one's that interest me get looked into with a deep dive. Because of this, I get a lot of idea's like living noise barriers which would work perfectly as a fence but the street side could easily be open source for the community.

The edges of property feels like it's meant to be for the community and I was curious if anyone does something like this already.

06:46 UTC


Wild flower help

My wife is originally from Texas and I want to try to grow Texas Blue Bonnets indoors or at least start them there and move them outside (I live within Illinois. I have tried doing this before and got them to grow pretty big or started to, but never bloomed. Any tips on getting them to grow? Like set up wise, lighting, potting, type of soil, etc.

06:43 UTC


advice/tips please

are you able to grow a dahlia indoors? they’re my favorite flower and i’d really love to try and grow one. i don’t have a yard currently to plant outside. what all do i need if so? tips/secrets to make them stay alive longer and healthier. also i’ve down some reading, would you go with bulbs or seeds like from tractor supply?

06:24 UTC


Full step-by-step video that details how to grow a plant from scratch? (Beginner, Balcony area)

I've been looking for videos that specifically target how one can grow a plant from scratch. From the right containers to initially use (or whether the container actually matters if it's big enough from the start), to the right seeds to choose, the specific soil, and how to help the plant survive and thrive.

The videos I've seen do not seem to depict the process from the start. I believe there has to be a video out there that provides steps from the start.

I would like to start simple with basil or tomatoes, and eventually expand, but I'm unsure how to begin. I do not have an actual garden yet, and would be growing from my balcony. Due to this, videos depicting an actual garden may be a bit confusing unless it would also work for the area I'm focusing on.

This video was great, and seemed close to what I was looking for, but it did not go into detail as to why the stands were eventually needed (I'm assuming to balance the plants), or depict the purpose of why the materials were being used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sP81YOiDcg

Thanks for any assistance!

EDIT: Some general questions I have:

  1. If it rains, do I have to remove each plant from my balcony in the event the water is excessive and puts stress on the plant?
  2. What is the best soil to use? How do I know what type of seeds to purchase? (Ex. Are there specific seeds on Amazon I can use?)
  3. I know at some point, the plants have to be transferred into bigger containers. Can I start with a bigger container to begin with?
  4. Do I have to use fertilizer, and plant food? Is there anything specifically important aside from water that I should know in order to maintain the plant?
05:25 UTC


Any tips?

I live in Hawaii and I need some tips to grow peppers. The hottest it gets is about 85 and the coldest is 60. I'm not very good at growing peppers.

04:18 UTC


Are they of any benefit? Should and how to get rid of them?

03:53 UTC


Any recommendations for buying bulbs/ plants online? 🌼🌸🌺🪻🌹🌷🌾🌲

I used to go on this site for years and always had good results for their specimens. https://www.michiganbulb.com/ Well was going to do some shopping today and bam they are gone. It’s a shame.

Looking for any website recommendations. Yes I go to nurseries and Home Depot for irl supplies and a plant here and there. But imo online has cheaper prices, more options, and sell in bulk… all things I like 😊.

03:30 UTC


Your Favorite Shade Perennials!

All, I am a fairly new gardener. This will be our second spring and summer owning our home. Last year, we planted a small vegetable garden, and landscaping wise pretty much left well enough alone besides maintenance and care so we could see what we were working with. There is quite a bit of rock with a few perennials here and there, and we have lots of room to decrease the rock and add things all around our home. We have several mature trees, so the entirety of our planting area (besides what is being used for the vegetable garden) is at least partial shade.

As I’ve spent the fall and winter dreaming about plants, I’m so easily drawn to full sun beauties that I know won’t work in my space. What are your favorite shade loving perennials (bonus points if they flower)? We are Zone 4B.

My grandparents, who are gardening geniuses with a beautiful space, have also offered ideas and live nearby. They would be happy to help me learn how to care for different plants, so if it is a bit trickier to care for, that should be okay!

03:08 UTC


It's barren now, but next week starts planting season for us!

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02:53 UTC


Would it be ok to trim this up?

My coreopsis is looking pretty messy. Would it hurt it to trim it up before spring?

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02:53 UTC


Protecting my plants from cicadas

This is supposed to be a big summer for cicadas. I have a young service berry, two young pawpaw trees, a young white oak, and a young hickory on my property as well as berry bushes and a vegetable garden.

Edit: Found an Agriculture dept. that had an answer so I'll share it here; Cicadas aren't an issue for vegetable gardens. They suck sap from trees and roots as well as slit bark on branches to lay eggs. They're pretty indiscriminate and will go after young trees in particular. When you hear the first male sing you should cover your young trees entirely in cheesecloth or a similar covering until June or when cicada activity has stopped.

01:38 UTC


Minnesota weather risk

We’re in the middle of the wildest winter - warmest in recorded history. I’m so worried about things budding out or breaking through the ground way sooner than they should. Has anyone been through anything similar? What if things start to come up and then we get slammed with a hard freeze?

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01:29 UTC


Can I viably grow this? (See comments)

01:07 UTC


My indoor garden inside a 250sq/ft studio

Being dreaming of this for awhile. I live in a small, 250sqft studio and no balcony. But I love gardening. Finally got around to installing something I’ve envisioned for awhile. Can’t wait to see my babies grow and thrive :)

01:03 UTC


ID Request

I love these so much, but I forget what they are called. Some sort of carnation? Thanks in advance!!

01:00 UTC


Would this make an effective weed/grass killer for one season?

00:59 UTC

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