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A community to discuss and celebrate greenhouses in all their glory.

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Greenhouse overheating in summer: Shadecloth?

Hi. I live in South Africa. The annual temp ranges from 0 - 32 deg C. I built a greenhouse which I run in tandem with an aquaponics system. I am finding that the greenhouse gets too hot in summer - up to 38? Deg C. I already have extraction fans. Cooling through misting is not an option as water is too expensive and scarce here. Would it be an option to cover the greenhouse in shadecloth? What % shadecloth?

05:27 UTC


Sunless Greenhouse vs Shed

I have been planning on a greenhouse to overwinter my tropicals at my new house, but over the weekend used some tools to confirm winter sun angle and location. Unfortunately my yard will get little to no sun in the winter due to a row of pine trees in neighbor's yard. Just some low, heavily filtered light. Either way I was assuming I'd need to add supplemental heat, but now wonder if some sort of insulated potting shed would be a better option? Going to be under 125sq ft whichever way I go, if that matters. Appreciate any advice.

15:09 UTC



Wire racks in the greenhouse for more growing room

23:59 UTC


My future "Cactus Emporium" is coming along!!!

23:12 UTC


Concert indoor pool room to greenhouse?

We bought a house a year ago that has this weird indoor pool room. It's not huge, and the pool takes up the entire room. There's a 1ft concrete edge around the pool. The walls are covered with cedar particle board. Its roof is shingled. It faces South and West. The pool has been empty for 13 years and has a giant crack in it.

We live pretty deep in the forest, and have very little sun in our yard. I've struggled to grow a garden because of the deep shade.

We would like to convert the pool room to a greenhouse. We figured that since it was made to hold a pool, humidity wouldn't be as much of a problem as is it was a garage we were trying to convert.

I think the two things it really needs are to replace the roof with corrugated greenhouse siding, and to add a climate control unit. We've discussed converting the pool hole with decking, vs just using it as is. The pool is ugly, but it has a nice shelf along one side. It tends to catch mice, which is gross, and a reason to keep it uncovered imo.

Has anybody done a project similar to this? How hard is it to replace the roof? We don't have a lot of money, so if we wait to pay a contractor it'll be forever before we can do this project. We have a friend who knows HVAC stuff to give advice about the climate control.

I'd love advice, stories, anecdotes, questions.

14:23 UTC


Best heat source for radient in floor heating

Pretty much the title. If you have a heated slab for your green house, what are you using for a heat source? Did you DIY the system or have a contractor build it?

03:38 UTC


What do you think about this method of growing spinach?

11:09 UTC


Cleaning water collection system

Hello! I built a watering system that collects from the gutter of my greenhouse. Overflow from the raised beds collects into this bin (I drilled an elbow fitting into the top lid).

In warmer summer Temps the water will grow algae requiring I clean it out pretty frequently but cleaning it means discarding water that Id rather use on the plants.

What would be best here? Some sort of aerator? I have power access if that's my only option but open to all ideas. Tia!

01:26 UTC


Converting a faux polytunnel into a polytunnel

I had the pictured "polytunnel" for 2 years, but the "door" hinges and zipper are broken, and the cover started developing tears.

Would it be worth converting the ends to a wooden frame so I could secure a proper polytilene (720 gauge)? Would such a cover offer better heat retention than this "green net" cover?

I notice most polytunnel frames use at least 28mm tubes, whereas mine uses 24mm but I assume that's alright? The frame seems okay so far.

Do you reckon it's worth the effort upgrading this or should I just try to patch it up?


14:32 UTC


Greenhouse film advice

Hi, I'm building a gothic arch bow shed to keep my boat in during the winter months here in NH. Lots of people use greenhouse fabric for the outside covering with good results I'm told. The shed will have a pretty steep pitched roof so I don't think snow load will be an issue. I am concerned about temperatures inside the shed. I'd like some light so I can work. My shed is 30 feet long and 13 feet wide. I'm looking at roughly 30x40 feet of material.

Can you all recommend a film thickness, opacity and even a supplier? So far, I've found Plastic Farm Supply has 4 year 6 mil White Greenhouse Plastic / Film - 55% Shade. Would this work well? I'm not seeing anything thicker than 6 mil.

11:08 UTC


The sixth harvest of the season, and more to come.

10:45 UTC


Concrete pad advice

I am seeking help with a concrete pad for a Palram 12 x 10 greenhouse I want to build. It may or may not be in an easement that I’m not supposed to lay concrete but I also live in a hurricane prone area so I want something secure. How thick should I lay the concrete? do I need to reinforce it with rebar or anchors? any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

03:49 UTC


I Want to build a green house

I'm want to try and build a green house next year but wanted to start doing the research now. What would you all recommend as good resources to learn about building greenhouses?

02:43 UTC


Indoor Greenhouse - Lighting for Flowering Plants

Does anyone have lighting suggestions for an indoor greenhouse with flowering plants such as marigolds, calendula, snapdragons, zinnia, nasturtium, etc.? What's the ideal wattage for a full sun annual? Are there other lighting parameters I should be considering?

I've done a bit of research already so I'm not totally clueless, but I want to get some reassurance/advice from Reddit as well. Thank you.

01:34 UTC


4x6 ft greenhouse for wintering tropical plants / orchids

Hi all-

Looking for advice on a lighting situation for my new 4x6 greenhouse that I will be putting in my garage to house some of my deciduous dendrobiums / outdoor tropicals that we want to keep this year. Does anyone have a good light recommendation for me? Looking for something LED with high efficiency since my dendrobiums will require high light during their dormancy period.


17:24 UTC


Heating Difference for 10mm Twinwall vs 10mm Triplewall Poly

I've been researching greenhouse kits and plan to buy one this fall to overwinter citrus and other tropicals in Zone 8a coastal Virginia. I will use some thermal mass options and am assuming I will also need supplemental heat. So question is whether 10mm twinwall poly with R-value of 1.89 vs 10mm triplewall with R-value of 2.1 will make a big difference if I'm going to have to heat anyway?

Beyond that, if anyone has experience with GrowMoreGreenhouse from ACF or the Grandio Element (or other sub $2500 options with 10mm poly), I'd appreciate reviews.

21:06 UTC


Any 12 x 36 kits online?

I’m looking at diy’n a 12x36 green house. There’s some out there that are close as far as size and being kits. I’m particularly just looking for the framing. Any good sites or suggestions welcomed, thx in advance

  • I’m a welder (anybody weld one up on here?)

*have local polycarbonate supplier and industrial metal supply close by.

Looking for ideas/suggestions

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22:20 UTC


Has anyone any pics or have had any success with the underground thermal gh designs. I am seriously considering it. I am located in Omaha Nebraska

23:49 UTC


Irrigation timer for seedlings?

Looking for a good irrigation timer that goes down to seconds. I see a lot of them on Amazon but the price ranges are wild. I don't mind spending a lot on a good timer but I would like to save money where I can while constructing my greenhouse. Does anyone have experience with a timer they like?

16:55 UTC


Greenhouse Help

I've had a small greenhouse (6 x 6 x 6) in my basement for a few years. Usually I just grow herbs and lettuces and then start my spring seeds over winter.

This year I planted some tomatoes and cucs in 5 gallon pots. They did really good for the first month then everything died. Literally everything, even the lettuces and herbs. Also, some of the latest seeds in jiffy pots never even sprouted. Like spinach and basil.

I'm using triple mix, 5 gallon pots with drainage holes, sansi grow lights, a fan, heater and humidifier.

I start the seeds in the jiffy pellets then once they're an inch tall or a bit more, transfer them to the larger pot.

Some were planted in those peat pots but most aren't.

Temp is 23-25, humidity 60-70%, weekly water with daily check, lights are on 18 hours, fans run 24 hours.

I did buy a CO2 bag when things started looking poorly but every thing was dead so quick I never set it up.

Any help? Is anything I'm doing wrong or responsible for this mass death?

I did have an unusual ammonia smell just before this started but I only noticed it once and it went away pretty quick.

I'm planning on starting over but hoping for better luck so any tips would be great.

16:36 UTC


Greenhouse help - recommended products


I have been tasked to figure out how to get two greenhouses up and running in our SoCal weather. The business I work for sells rare tropical houseplants like Thai Constellations, Pink Princesses, Crystallinum’s, etc.

They have built two (https://www.harborfreight.com/10-ft-x-12-ft-greenhouse-with-4-vents-93358.html). We have them built with weed barrier under and 4” of pea gravel in each.

My biggest concern is heat and the direct sun it gets most of the day from where it’s located. What else would I need to get these up and running, without killing the expensive plants by keeping it cool inside?

I’ve looked into:

  1. Shade cloth (but will have to figure out how to do that with the 4 vents)
  2. Automatic vent openers
  3. Misting system (above plants inside)
  4. Humidifier
  5. Fans

What would you recommend for each of these?

00:40 UTC


What do you use to secure panels?

First greenhouse, started putting polycarbonate panels in but a gentle breeze sends them flying out. I bought some industrial glue but it really doesn't like the poly as a surface.

14:35 UTC

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