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A place to talk about decomposing materials into compost.

Compost - organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment.

Do you have a garden and want an easy way to make fertilizer?

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Make compost! It is easy to start and easy to maintain.

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Very hot environment

I'm considering getting started with composting as I find myself buying dirt fairly regularly for my growing plant collection. I do, however, live somewhere with little humidity and extreme heat (it can get to 110F+ in the summers). I don't think I would be able to have something open because I have a very curious dog, but I'm afraid a tumbler would cause the temperature to get too hot. Does anybody have suggestions on what I should do about my situation?

04:45 UTC


Composting English Ivy

I have an alarming amount of English ivy in my yard, and one of my projects for this spring is to remove as much of it as I can.

I like to compost as much of my yard waste as is reasonably possible... but I also know I've got to really kill this stuff or it will just take over again, so dumping it in a pile is a non-starter.

Any suggestions?

18:46 UTC


Palm Leaf Dishes

From my reading, I’ve found that many pressed-leaf dishes have no chemicals or bonding agents; simply made of leaves.

With that being said. I just spoke to a rep from a nonprofit company that helps companies switch to compostable materials.

This rep told me that it is better for the environment if a palm leaf dish ends up in a composting facility, rather than decomposing in a landfill. Can someone help explain this? It just sounds like the trucks hauling this stuff and the machines that process this would ultimately be worse than if this biodegradable product just broke down naturally.

16:51 UTC


Composting burnt herbs

Hi! I roll my own herbal cigarettes, part organic tobacco, part mallow, part mullein, part lavender, part mint leaves, and sometimes a pinch of rosemary. I use organic papers and organic hemp filters. Can I dump my ashtray into my compost heap?

16:18 UTC


Does a Green Cone have to be green?

The only good spots I have are prominently visible in the garden. Can I stencil the cones, or even change the color entirely? Or is there something about green specifically that keeps things the right temperature?

08:21 UTC


Compost attracting rats. Any services to remove?

My compost piles are unfortunately attracting rats (or at least one rat). My wife wants them gone and it’s hard to disagree with her. There’s a lot of material in these bins…does anyone know of any services to clean out the bins? I live outside Boston.

18:42 UTC


How can i make my compost be more like compost? Whenever i grab a handful some it seems like its mainly worms and not composted food

14:52 UTC


I stopped putting used paper towels in my compost because I don’t want to introduce PFAS (“forever chemicals”) into my garden

I never really gave much thought to PFAS (“forever chemicals”) in used paper towels that I put in my compost for the garden, until I read this article from Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott. (Used paper towels will instead go into the green bin that they take away.


“Longer-chain PFAS tend to stay in the roots, while shorter-chain PFAS tend to travel to other parts of the plant, such as the leaves and fruit.”


13:03 UTC


Can i just... mix?

Hi guys!

A first time composter here on a bit of a time crunch- my dumbarse decided I wanted to change my gardening plan from pots to raised beds which means I need to fill (and make them 🙄)

I don't have a compost heap but I have a muck heap (horse poo piss wood shavings and hay) that's been sitting for about 6/7 months and also ANOTHER pile of brown (?) which has leaves twigs plant cuttings etc which was started 2/3 years ago.

Can i just dig into both heaps get the most decomposted stuff and mix it together?

I just need to add it to the bottom of some raised beds and potentially fill the base of some deep pots.

I've probably got a month ish before I need the raised beds finished... it doesn't need to be final compost but how far along would it be?

TLDR: 2/3 year brown waste pile and 6/7 month horse manure pile can I mix it 1:1 in a dump (tonne) bag let it sit for 2-4 weeks and use it?

10:04 UTC


Is it really compostable?

04:25 UTC



just double checking if this would be more harm than good. reading online seems to state BLACK walnuts in particular could be harmful, but what about conventional variety/grocery store?

just the meat of the nut, to clarify. no hulls to dispose of. just a few cups of stale nuts from the pantry (d’oh)

03:38 UTC


Beginner questions

I’ve had a compost bin in my backyard for years, it was never used all that much but I got into gardening heavily recently and started to use the bin again, it’s large, probably 3 feet in diameter at the base and 4 feet tall, it sits on mesh screening and has ventilation slits on the sides and a lockable screw on top and is black in color. I researched composting quite a bit and here’s where I’m currently at. At the bottom of the bin I have some old compost and dirt, then I put a few buckets full of kitchen scraps of fruits and veggies and coffee grounds, then I added a layer of oak leaves which I tore up, cardboard, news paper, and some old partially decomposed wood chip and sphagnum moss mulch. I then watered it down and started adding more greens on top of that. My questions are…

  1. When do I turn it? It’s probably only 1/4 of the way full right now~1 foot deep

  2. What ratio of greens and browns should I add?

  3. Does the compost bin only really work in the summer or will it continue to break down in winter? I’m in zone 7B

  4. How can I speed up the process?

03:20 UTC


Rabbit poop

I have a bunny and I use her litter box waste (Timothy hay + urine + poop) to compost. I’ve been putting it right on top of the pile I have that’s going. Is there a thing as too much rabbit poop and hay in the compost? I hear it’s supposedly really amazing for plants but it’s almost a daily trip to the compost bin which is every time I change her litter box.

23:36 UTC


How long should a compost pile be hot (140) before it would be ok to let it rest for a season before use?

22:00 UTC


Did i turn it 😏 🤔 literally 2 weeks

19:42 UTC


Wooden compost crate without removable sides

I’m moving to a new house and want a composter that would look nice (currently have a tumbler). Not great at diy so wanted to get a wooden one that can be put together with minimal diy! Saw this online. One thing that seemed potentially problematic was that the side panels cannot be removed. Would this make it really annoying to remove compost?

17:11 UTC


Does anyone compost cat litter?

We have an indoor cat and I currently use clumping clay litter, but I would prefer to not be throwing that into the trash every day.

I'm wondering if anyone here composts litter. What do you use for litter (Swheat Scoop? Pine pellets? Newspaper pellets?) And if so, what kind of setup do you have outside to compost it? Do you have a separate compost bin for that? How does it smell? And is it worth doing?

I'm imagining using the finished compost from this for ornamental plants or just the yard itself. Not for growing food.

Photo of the feline culprit included to pay the cat tax

15:30 UTC


Turning question

I have a 30 gallon bin I turned into my compost bin. And it’s currently about half full. I turn in my scraps nightly, but I’m curious if I’m touching it too much? Should I be letting it sit for longer before I turn it? There was one day I didn’t turn my bin and the next day there was the white mold that had grown, I know this is a good sign but since I have been turning it again every night the mold hasn’t returned.

The center is warm but not hot, it isn’t warmer than 60 degrees outside where I’m located.

This is my first time composting and I really have no clue what I’m doing but I have been reading a lot of what all of you say and it’s incredibly helpful! Thank all of you in advance!

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03:51 UTC


I did it!

I have peed on my compost for the first time,

I feel Like …… things are heating up.

1 Comment
03:43 UTC


Compost temperature

I just started taking its temperature. Previously I just knew everything was working so I never checked the temperature. Someone gave me a compost thermometer a few weeks ago. So the other day it was 110⁰ f, the next day, yesterday, it rained around 2 inches. Today I checked and it was 60⁰ f, I was shocked. Any thought as to why. The pile is about 2ft h x 3.5x3.5ft.

01:40 UTC


Inherited this composter...can someone explain it to me like I'm 5?

Purchased a home that had this composter in the yard (yay!) but I'm a bit confused on how best to use it.

There are no air holes. It's basically a tube with a lid. Doesn't a composter need to breathe? Do I need to turn what I toss in there (that seems difficult with this style?)?

I'm excited to start, so thank you for any tips on this one!


01:02 UTC


Paper Shredder

Looking for recommendations for a good quality shredder that can handle cardboard (packing box thickness). Been doing by hand and looking for a better alternative. Budget friendly but also don’t want something that will break in a month.

00:57 UTC


Can I make a composting jar in my studio apartment with no balcony without attracting flies?

I know jars aren’t recommended but I really want to be able to watch the process be done from home rather than turning in my scraps. I’m very new to this.

00:06 UTC


Compost smelling?

We live in a small town. We own an empty lot behind our house. I’m trying to turn it into a garden/orchard area. I want to build a compost area out of 3 pallets. My husband says it will stink too much. True or false? I’m really bummed if I can’t have a big bin🥴😢😢

22:48 UTC


How should I compost given the circumstances?

We have an overwhelming amount of kitchen scraps, but almost no brown waste. We have a compost bin with a lot of holes in it. 2 years ago I started putting our kitchen scraps into the bin, and as we had minimal to no brown waste, I tried to substitute brown waste with soil for potting (sorry if this is not the propriate word, I'm not a native speaker). We haven't turned the pile. It got very stinky sometimes. Honestly I thought it will kinda never turn into normal compost, but recently I noticed that the whole bin is full of black or dark soil, it's not stinky, very dense (though not matted) and has quite a bit of earth worms and other insects in it. It seems like dark but normal soil (truly minimal amount of chunks of former kitchen scraps which were to big to degrade). I was so happy to find soil in the bin. I would like to ask some questions about our compost, I would appreciate your answers a lot!

  1. Is this proper compost that I can use in the garden?

  2. Can I substitute brown waste with wood chippings in the future? Our brown waste in truly minimal compared to the overwhelming amount of kitchen scraps, so I need to substitute.

  3. We won't turn the pile, but we plan to air the bin with a lot of holes on the bin (possibly putting some pipes with holes on it into the compost, I've read it could help). Is it viable this way?

Edit: you are so helpful guys, thank you very much

19:19 UTC

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