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/r/agriscience is a subreddit for discussing scientific advances in agriculture.

/r/agriscience is a subreddit for discussing scientific advances in agriculture.

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Question from biology undergrad to bio-engineers

Hi! I am on the path to an associates in biology and am considering switching to engineering to get more pay working in the agriculture sector. My local college offers a BS. in Biological Engineering. To any of the biological or agriculture engineers in this Reddit community:

  • Could you specialize by geographical location? Ex. I'm a biological engineer who does research with only marine biologists so that I can stay close to the ocean.
  • Do you consider the fishing industry a part of the agriculture sector?
  • Do you have any experience developing ergonomic devices for farmers? Is there a demand for this?
  • How much of the initial design of an agricultural operation is a part of the job as compared to another part like...tractor maintenance?
  • Are there any engineers that work with paleoethnobotanists and archeologists to understand how we grew food in the past?

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Which Experimental design

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Have a 30 minutes chat with me

I’m looking to speak with players in the agricultural sector that leverage satellite data for agricultural purposes, particularly for assessing land texture and viability.

Are you an agro business or person integrating satellite information for strategic decision-making?

Please share your experiences and insights with me in a 30 minute chat. If you know someone who fits the bill, share this post with them.

Submit your email via this form and I will send you a message!

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Invite to extension


My name is Reinalto. I am a student at the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA), Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil. I'm part of an extension group at my college, called "G-Cia", which is a collaborative agricultural extension group. Every Wednesday at 6 pm (Brazil time) we have a meeting where we focus on training our English and having contact with people from abroad.

Next Wednesday, September 20th, we are looking for people who are researchers, teachers or agricultural professionals to have a talk or chat with us. The objective of the group is to really have contact with someone from outside who can add our vocabulary and generate a culture shock.

My email is: reinalto.junior@estudante.ufla.br

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Im a student that made a plant info list cause why not[UPDATE]

So for those who dont know I originally made this plant dictionary/list and wanted to share to the world cause idk Im kinda proud of it and I think it could be helpful😀 Anyways Ive updated it from feedback and suggestions I received like adding filters(more coming), better search and an auto scroll. Hope you guys like it and if there's any other feedback lemme know! Cheers🥰


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Grass seed advice

Grass seed advice

, I was wondering if anybody has any input. I live in Amarillo Texas (Panhandle) where the temperature in the year typically ranges from 26-91 degrees Fahrenheit ( the temperature rarely goes beyond 100 degrees.. the hot season last for about 3.8 months from May to Sep. The hottest month of the year is July...with an average high of 91 and a low of 67. Winter last about 2.9 months from Nov. To Feb with average high of below 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month is January with an average low of 26 and high of 52.

Weather climate in canyon tx:


So I have a couple of questions... The recommended top google search states that most people use in the area Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, or Texas Bluegrass. But I'm also wondering about 'Bluemuda' (a combination of Bermuda and Kentucky Bluegrass). I was thinking on mixing Texas Bluegrass with Bermuda to get a year long green result. Any thoughts on what grass to use or even if I should go with Bluemuda. If I did choose to go with Bluemuda, are there certain seed/brands I should look for. I was told to stay away from 'midnight' as you might have a patchy looking turf. Also would hybrids or commons be a better choice...and can you mix commons and hybrids or would the texture be noticable. I'm not an expert by any means when it comes to this stuff lol so any input is highly appreciated. I have a dog that runds around in the yard so I was thinking on something that would repair itself but also stay green as long as possible without overseeding. I also saw that buffalo grass was probably a good seed to use in this area. Here are a few resources I found. Let me know what you guys think:






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Farmer survey participants

Hi everyone! I am a junior in high school who is currently taking AP research. For the class we have to find a gap in research and create our own research paper addressing it. My topic is about the extent to which the GMO industry affects farmers mental health. If you're willing to take this quick survey it would be a huge help to my research! Thank you so muchlink

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How would I go about growing rhubarb in a field from seeds?

I'd like to plant some wild rhubarb from seeds. Most of the videos I can find online start by growing a seedling and then transplanting, but I would like to just put seeds in the ground.

Is this possible, and how would I go about it?

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Farmer survey participants

Hi everyone! I am a junior in high school who is currently taking AP research. For the class we have to find a gap in research and create our own research paper addressing it. My topic is about the extent to which the GMO industry affects farmers mental health. If you're willing to take this quick survey it would be a huge help to my research! Thank you so much!


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The Farm Bureau is the enemy of the American farmer

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Looking for vineyard management software

I am looking to integrate a software platform into our operation to keep up with PURs/health & safety compliance/IPM programs/general management/etc. I am managing ~230 planted acres in Sonoma, CA and we do not outsource any labor or consulting. It can be difficult to balance all the moving parts while meeting reporting deadlines and compliance requirements. I am familiar with Agrian (but I have not used it) and I want to consider all feasible options before moving forward. Do any of you use a software other than Agrian? What have your experiences been with Agrian or other platforms? Anything you can provide would be helpful, thanks :) *I am not looking for a vineyard specific software, but it must have the capability of integrating with county/state Pesticide Use Reports.

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Monroe Community Garden

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Business owners MUST have workshops on Agricultural Practices

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Viewpoint — Anti-GMO activists conjure up new scare messages as their influence wanes

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Choosing a major?

Hi, I have been contemplating for awhile now on whether I want to pursue a career in agriscience and agriculture since I have very little knowledge on the topics and I have only taken 2-3 courses throughout my highschool years. If you know any major topics or tips and personal stories or what led you to choose the field please lmk everything !

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