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Waste - implies unwanted or unusable materials. The term is often subjective (because waste to one person is not necessarily waste to another) and sometimes objectively inaccurate (for example, to send scrap metals to a landfill is to inaccurately classify them as waste, because they are recyclable).

Examples include municipal solid waste (household trash/refuse), hazardous waste, wastewater (such as sewage, which contains bodily wastes, or surface runoff), radioactive waste, and others.

Wikipedia: Waste

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Brilliance in Action! Nigerian students have crafted a smart compost system that turns food waste into valuable manure.

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Converting waste into energy is one of the pioneering projects in the UAE to reduce carbon emissions and consolidate the idea of ​​a sustainable economy.

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Is it true that food in an unopened container in a landfill (such as hotdogs sealed in the same package from its supermarket life) can survive over 20 years without decomposition? If so, why don't we have any historical foods surviving from centuries ago in air sealed containers?

Yesteday I helped my aunt prepare and store food to be used in my dad's promotion to Colonel in the National Guard Airforce (which took place today). As we were clearing the van before we stored food, my auntie found a bunch package of Chinese meatbuns (the white kind that with soft smooth texture that often comes with a paper sticker under them). My aunt was like "I bought those 4 months ago and couldn't find it!". We sadly had to throw it since its obviously now bad. But there was something peculiar about it. Despite being under the hot sun in a vehicle for the whole summer, it did not melt into a liquid pile of goo. Not only that, there was no sign of mould or discoloration and ohter associated things with food spoilage. From what I could smell of it from outside the sealed bag , it did not smell bad at all but had the smell so associated with that kind of white bread the Chinese use for their native cake and bread products. I could not smell the meat inside but the fact I couldn't detect anything typically like rotting meat amazed me so much.

This reminds me of a project I did in middle school where we had to research stuff related to trash and waste management. Is tumbled upon an article from a major news paper (can't remember the name but its a big brand name in the same league as say New York Times and People Magazine). It said something about unopened hot dog still in their plastic sealed containers being found in landfills from 20 years ago looking like in new considtion without discoloration nor did it have a strong scent that should have been apparent because of being refigerated so long even if its in a unopened package. The article emphasized that along with being in factory condition package, since it was in a garbage bag and hidden so long deep in over 50 feet high of a pile of trrash, it could not get oxygen and thus failed to decompose because no microbes were interating with the food.

The article was written around 1987 meaning that the aforementioned hotdogs and other trash it was commenting on would have been produced in the 1960s decade, To this day I still could not believe the article's claims despite being written by some big name professor or scientist (might have been both) who's in the field of evironmentalist and was doing some project for a university at the time the article was published..........

But seeing the Chinese meat buns not change at all despite being unrefigrated and outdoors during the hot summers (in even hotter temperature because it was stuck inside a car trunk the whole time) reminded me about that article.......

Now the first major question since I cannot believe it. Is this all possible that sealed food thrown into the center of a bunch of garbage would not be able to composee due to lack of oxygen and in turn lack of germs and other invisible tiny living things especially if its been thrown inside a tied plastic bag ortrash bag or something similar? I still am having difficulty beleiving this is actually real. Now the second question, how long until the food getst ot the point of disappearing? 6 centuries? A thousand years? 3 milennias? A whole eon of a million years or more? Now last and most of all, if food can survive so long without decomposition for decades, how come we don't have easily perishable food from the mid 1800s or even from World War 1 in a surviving state? Sealing food in a cloth, paper, ardboard, wooden box, and even modern day plastic wrapper seal has been in eistence since the late 19th century. Furthermore landfills were already a thing after the Industrial Revolution with places like N the Northern states having problems with running out of space in some ities and towns because of the heaps of trash piling up already shortly after the American Civil War. Landfills just became more and more as technology advanced before World War 1 at the even of the 1900s. The existing amount of open lands being used to pile more and more trash has boosted up even further after WWII. So I'm wondering why don't we have surviving ground beef hidden in a trash pile in Germany thats been wrapped in a cylander plastic dated container dated from 1922 hidden in some landfill in operation for 90s years? Why aren't there some ancient sausage linked wrapped in paper cloth in early trashbags in a landfill thats been in operation since 1879? Since piels of trash limit oxygen and can cause hotdogs to survive so long for decades, not to mention the Chinese meatbuns in my Auntie's trunks surviving one whole hot summer without decaying into a different state, why don't we have surviving food especially whose in plastic air sealed wraps from the 19th and early 20th centuries in very old landfills?

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Things That Make Waste Management Easy

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Trying to reduce waste but hate buying brita filters

Awhile ago I bought a brita so I could finally stop wasting so many plastic water bottles, but my issue is how freakin’ expensive the filters are and often I have to replace them.

I’ve spent practically $100 this month just on brita filters when I’m seeing those newer electric water pitchers that have even BETTER filters that last for like months.

I really like this waterdrop one, especially since it’s like the same price as a brita but actually filters the water each time you need it making it way faster. Plus I’d definitely save money with how long the filter lasts. Does anyone use one of these?

07:04 UTC


The Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic in Food Packaging

One promising solution to growing plastic waste lies in the use of recycled plastic for food packaging. By repurposing discarded plastic materials, we not only address the pressing issue of plastic pollution but also reap numerous benefits. Read on full article: The Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic in Food Packaging

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A Lifelong Tradition at Crossroads 🌊💔 Kim Jung-ja, one of the haenyeo or 'sea women,' worries about the impact of Japan's decision to release radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific.

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The vitrification of nuclear waste

Basically just combining it with molten glass

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Your Trusted Partner for Efficient Skip Bin Hire Services

Experience seamless waste management with Richmond Waste's reliable Skip Bin Hireservices. Contact us today to discover how we can contribute to your project's success while upholding eco-friendly principles. Let's work together towards a cleaner, greener future!


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Steps for Effective Liquid Waste Management

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Let's Smash Badminton Waste - Play Green!

Hey, badminton enthusiasts! Did you know that badminton waste is a thing too? While we often hear about food waste, zero waste, plastic waste, e-waste, and many more, it's time to pay attention to the impact sports have on the environment. Recently, I came across a website that's all about tackling badminton waste: www.shoootle.my. Let's smash badminton waste together!

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Looking for pros and cons of mega incinerator over landfill facilities

G'day! My little (1) city has proposed a mega incinerator, or as the council is calling it, a "Waste to Energy" facility. They want this by 2030. This comes from landfills filling up and space requirements.

I am somewhat familiar with the environmental risks landfill has, but everything I read on incinerators is either a love or hit piece.

I am sceptical as the waste management proposal document from the city seems very green-washy.

If you have any facts or evidence based opinion on the topic, I'd love to hear it.


(1) population of about 180,000

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Suggestions about disposing household chemicals.

I am moving across states and I have some common household chemicals (bleach, cleaning liquids etc.) that I cannot take with me. What is the best way to dispose these chemicals?

Any suggestion is welcome. I am based in Minnesota US.

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Bookshelf build from a trash picked gun hutch (oc)

Built this for a friend of ours Who owns a antique shop.

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Please take a moment to fill this out. !!!

Need your input to conduct research about waste management !! And in advance, Thank you for spending time to fill this,


"Towards a waste-free future"

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How People in Delhi Live On A Flaming Garbage Dump | World Wide Waste

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Important Question

How many of you guys are annoyed by the excess product left in your bottles (shampoo, cleaning, soap, laundry detergent). Experts estimate almost 15-20% of product remains in the bottle when consumers throw it away after they can't get any more of it out . Thoughts? How much money have we been losing?

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Looking for quick feedback on our passion project for sustainability

Hi everyone!

I’m from a group of students from UC San Diego, and we’re working on a passion project to help more people adopt sustainable lifestyle habits. We’re looking to gauge interest and get feedback on our initiative, so any support is greatly appreciated, thanks!!

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out our project website:

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