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Monday Morning Coffeeshop (February 12, 2024)

Gossip, updates, etc.

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10:35 UTC


Florida has fantastic soil

They said

It has good nutrients they said

03:58 UTC


Q about joint land ownership

My mom left 100 acres of the family farm to me and my son. We have been renting to my brother, and now my nephew. Some is in CRP. CRP splits the payments and the rent has always been split to us 5050. So separate 1099s for rent and CRP for each of us.

A gravel operator is now renting a few acres he will be taking gravel out of. Someone on r/tax said we should have been filing 1065 partnership forms with IRS all along when I asked about how to handle the gravel income (we have a joint account for farm rent and CRP although it is not a business account, just a joint account).

Do we need to be doing this?

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23:16 UTC


Grain leg name origin

So we’re having a discussion about grain elevators, bucket elevators, augers, hauling grain and someone asked “Why is it called a grain leg”. The googles aren’t helping with the name origin - anyone care to enlighten us and end the consternation?? 😆

21:57 UTC


Is it futile?

Is it impossible to start a farm from scratch? I wanna start a hop farming business. I am going to school for agri-business and I plan to work under someone for 1-2 years.

Though when I look up guides it always seems like the numbers dont add up. I might have to look at USDA charts on crops but when I look at land it will be uphill money problem.

I guess I just dont know where to start after school.

21:38 UTC


Advice on Small Scale Equipment

2.6 acre, half wooded property in a very cold snowy climate, and need advice on what sort of used small equipment that we should be looking for. We don't have enough money coming in to be buying and maintaining multiple items - there's always somewhere else that could go, so would rather invest in the right thing from the start. We have a roto tiller and a push lawn mower, but we need something to till up new garden areas better and faster and something to remove snow from gravel roads quickly. We also have plenty of use for something that can move dirt and bags of cement etc. Any friendly advice is much appreciated.

18:56 UTC


What's your opinion on contract chicken farming (Purdue) etc.?

So there are some very negative portrayals in the media about this. But I've been doing some research online and a lot of farmers are actually in favor of this?

I'm sure there are people here familiar with the practice and I'd love to hear more.


18:43 UTC


Question on how fertilizer is blended/made

Ok simple question. Hypothetically let's say I had 46-0-0, 18-46-0 and 0-0-60 and I wanted to blend them for repackaging to let's say 12-12-12? What would the blend amounts of each be? I know that each number represents the % of npk in the blend but all the calculators I found online were going after x amount on npk in the ground instead of blended amount. Just a little fuzzy on how it works. Thanks!

17:28 UTC


i found a lemon growing inside of a lemon on my lemon tree

i haven’t heard of any other fruits doing this and couldn’t find anything on google. i’m wondering if anyone knows how common this is and if they’ve seen it before?

12:41 UTC


Midwest USA

Are there any fellow midwesterners in sub? Curious what you guys do on your operation.

03:30 UTC


How to estimate qty of seed needed to produce 15 lb. dry weight chamomile harvest?

I'm trying to figure out how to estimate how much chamomile seed I need to buy to achieve a 15 lb. dry weight chamomile harvest.

The free seed calculators I've found online are geared for growing vegetables. I have no data on growing chamomile as I do other herbs that I can do the math with.

What is the best way to approach this?

Thank you!

22:43 UTC


My farmer neighbors told me that during the winter time. Chickens don’t lay eggs often. We have been experiencing cold weather not much sun. So explain this?

I get six eggs a day. And this is coming from six chickens only. The other 6 I have are not laying yet. I need to buy a freeze dryer.

I’m not complaining this is a an amazing blessing and will bless my family. I just did not expect to get these much gas during the winter.

22:27 UTC


Wheelbarrow PSA

This is just a little lighthearted post while it's on my mind.

Please everyone save yourself the effort and keep your wheelbarrow wheels properly inflated. I know alot of people who never check. Having the extra psi in the wheel makes it so much easier to push and pull.

I know alot of people never think about it and just live with it. But trust me, just check it and top it up. Your body will thank you.

22:18 UTC


Schedule F Loss 2nd Year

We're in our second year of operation and filed our second schedule F showing a loss. Our first year loss was high mostly due to infrastructure cost like fence and tools -- we started our operation from scratch. This year, our revenue was higher than all of our costs except purchased livestock; we made a couple large livestock purchases to build our flock. By our math, we've returned 25% already from our stock purchases (sale of feeders) and our revenue vs operating costs still shows a (small) profit. We're happy with that and know 2024 will show a profit on the schedule F but we're concerned that we'll be audited by the IRS due to showing 2 years of loss.

I'm sure each situation is unique and it's impossible to say for certain but do you think we'll be alright? Or are people not claiming costs when starting up?

19:15 UTC


Cover Crops, Zone 10a

I am starting a garden/flower farm at my new house with about 2000 square feet of plantable space. Coastal California, Zone 10a.

In my research, I have seen a lot of experts recommending use of cover crops, but they are all in places with hard freezes. I can theoretically plant year round, indeed one of my goals in growing is to get year round cut flower harvests off my property.

Should I skip cover crops? Is something like Oilseed Radish a good call to break up my hard clay soil to start and then I will plant after?

Anyone using cover crops in areas with year round growing capabilities? Or is just more trouble than its worth especially without winter k-ll to terminate?

17:36 UTC


Do seeds have to be bought every year or collected from the plants?

My parents buy seeds every year for few crops like potatoes. Sometimes they use seeds produced from the crop in the field, but they turn out worse? Does it always happen and why? Does it happen in cattle too?

15:33 UTC


How did farmers in the past avoid catching diseases from soil?

Apparently there's all sorts of nasty diseases in soil. Anthrax, tetanus, botulism, etc.

So how did farmers hundreds of years ago deal with this? Did they know soil had deseases in it? Did they wear gloves?

06:14 UTC


Fertilizer Cost

What is the typical cost per acre for (N) (P) (K) each year for corn?

I know each farmer has different variables due to weather, and landscape, but im curious if any farmers in this group would share what they spend per season. what fertilizer source you use and how many applications per year!

Happy Farming

02:09 UTC


Who’s ready for planting season? I have a feeling it’s going to be a good harvest for 2024.

01:51 UTC


I want to buy a farm for my young family. What resources are there to help obtain a farm?

Just what the title says. I am curious what resources are available to help purchase a farm? I have found one in Michigan that I want to make an offer on, but was wondering if special loan or capital is available? First time farmer. Our goal is to have a multi-generational estate and farm.

01:18 UTC


Any NZ farmers on here? I got mad questions

Visiting NZ with the wife, and I promised not to make this trip another agritourism adventure, but Im so curious about your specialty crop systems. I seen a bit googling but Im looking for first hand accounts. Are there many small farms compared to historical norms? Are specialty crops dominated by imports or is there much larger scale production here? Is there any identity preserved marketing happening for fruits or veggies? Even in the higher end restaurants I haven’t seen any veggie sourcing called out by name or even region. Tariffs or other protections for domestic farmers? Driving south of Auckland I saw some pretty steep fields plowed up for what looked lime specialty crops - maybe lettuce that I saw being harvested? Back around my home - hilly but not mountainous- people 100% would be plowing on contours. I was pretty shocked to see rows running straight down slope. Is erosion not much of an issue at least this time of year? What are the biggest crops? Are you allowed to have any guns for pest control?

Most importantly, are you able to make a decent living as a farmer? Are your rural communities still vibrant or feel like they are fading?

I have so many more questions but I’ll stop now, sorry for the barrage LOL

23:51 UTC


Anyone have experience with IoT sensors/soil moisture probes?

I've got a few extra bucks and want to try a 100cm soil moisture probe out this year. From early research I've seen that Farmers Edge and Valley both have options but are about CAD$3000/year subscriptions (not happening my friends). But these do include weather stations (nice to have but not needed).

I've also found this Sensoterra for US$1500. That's an outright purchase, so definitely more realistic but still pricey. I'm waiting on an email back from their reps what is needed to get data connectivity though - sounds like it uses the Senet LoRa network whatever that is.

So questions! Some of them I'll figure out on my own but hey for the sake of conversation:

  • Has anyone used these, or know of other commercial options?
  • Has anyone DIY'd their own sensors?
  • Does anyone know what it takes to connect to LoRaWan (subscriptions, hardware)?
  • Has anyone DIY'd their own LoRaWan network?
  • What is the range and network coverage of LoRaWan (Alberta specifically)?
20:41 UTC

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