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Revolutionary counter-economics


Agorism is a revolutionary left-libertarian political philosophy that advocates the goal of bringing about a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics.

Counter-economics is the sum of all non-aggressive human action which is forbidden by the state. The counter-economy includes the free market, the black market, the "underground economy," all acts of civil and social disobedience, all acts of forbidden association (sexual, racial, cross-religious), and anything else the state, at any place or time, chooses to prohibit, control, regulate, tax, or tariff. The counter-economy excludes all state-approved action (the “white market”) and the red market (violence and theft not approved by the state).

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Radical Libertarianism Today - Wally Conger

12:15 UTC


Is Agorism sort of also how people liberated themselves from the Roman Empire? How did it work back then and what do people today have to learn in applying it to liberation from the mainstream paradigm?

Also when it came to the Germanic people like Alaric and the other tribes who eventually sought self-determination from the imperial mainstream paradigm do you think they would have already been practising a form of counter-economics to build up their tribes?

They essentially always put the loyalty to their own paradigm first above Rome's although later on Roman Christianity tamed them.

The way the mainstream paradigm works and destroys other alternative paradigms is often by raising the descendants of the cultures they conquer that this is the only alternative or "new normal" and also by putting them in environments where their own descendants can keep telling them in an attempt to "assimilate" them into the imperial mainstream paradigm. Then through laws or regulations other paradigms are prevented.

The imperial paradigm I think is also a good more broad term to use in referring to the mainstream paradigm that has people trapped inside its system, unable to choose others.

Edit: At the very least the fall of Rome is seen as a metaphor by some to be a world when the imperial paradigm has fallen where a multi-paradigm world with a "free market of many lifestyles" for people to choose freely becomes available.

08:30 UTC


Which way to Alongside Night?

Why are there no in depth Agoras to be found? Do I need a signalling ring and hamming codes? Why is it so hard to find a real job paying completely outside the government enslavements?

23:27 UTC


Medium for exchange

I have a rural store. Feed, hay and some people food. I want to encourage my customers to not use dollars. I'd also like something that can work with a point of sale machine.
Any suggestions?

20:24 UTC


Really Really Free Market in action

09:02 UTC


Can someone give me directions?

Hi! I've been looking for an "anarcho-capitalism" that places more emphasis on the "capitalism" part of it rather than the theoretical "anarcho" part of it. I've reached the conclusion that the thing I'm looking for is "agorism". I'd like to have directions on how to find like-minded people to do business. I'm a software developer, so I'm able to work remotely for those that need one. Here are a few local projects I'm working on and could be useful:

  • dehydrator for making flours out of dried food (no taxes paid to the state-owned electricity monopoly, because no fridge needed)
  • rain water collection (no taxes paid to the state-owned water monopoly)
  • fermentation that could be useful on producing fuels (no taxes paid for driving cars)
  • growing crops on plastic vases without drain (no taxes paid when getting food)

I live between the tropics in Brazil, which is so vast that it's possible to live on the countryside undisturbed by the government. The central government continues to become weaker (their desperate attempts at growing censorship and control indicate that) and the cost of living here is significantly lower than in colder regions (no need for heating, crops can be grown year-round), so if there are people interested in making bases here, maybe we could do business.

22:31 UTC


The Zapatistas: the largest revolutionary region of Mexico!

07:23 UTC

00:37 UTC


Do you still hold traditional investments (stocks/bonds etc)?

As an agorist, my preference for savings is physical gold & silver. However, aside from keeping pace with inflation, they don’t generate income.

I don’t know a whole lot about investing, but I understand that bonds are basically government debt instruments, which is what allows them to print more money and inflate our dollar away, so I’m thinking I shouldn’t include them in my investments.

What about stocks? Do you participate in the stock market?

In Canada, we have a tax-sheltered investment account called a TFSA (similar to a Roth IRA in the US, I believe). So we can allow our investments to grow tax-free, and don’t pay any income taxes on withdrawal.

I have little trust in fiat & the monetary system, but at the same time need to start preparing for retirement, so I’m curious how other agorists handle that.

I do have a side hustle that I’m working on, which I hope will generate passive income in the long run.

12:08 UTC


Agorism sounds great, but...

Won't there always be a group of people with more weapons and fewer morals ready to take from a weaker group?

09:12 UTC

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