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We are responsible citizens who try to minimize our overall environmental impact.

Being "zero waste" means that we adopt steps towards reducing personal waste and minimizing our environmental impact.

Our community places a major focus on the 5 R's: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot. We practice this by reducing consumption, choosing reusable goods, recycling, composting, and helping each other improve.

We also recognize excess CO₂, other GHG emissions, and general resource usage as waste.

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Plastic free toothpaste recommendations?

I've looked around and I can only seem to find tablets that are marketed as natural ingredients only and fluoride free. I do not care for buying fluoride free and the 'natural' buzz word branding, it's obvious fluoride is effective and safe for the population and I want toothpaste that definitely works as well as the leading brands and stops cavities lol. Is there any out there yet?

22:25 UTC


Tips for cleaning shop rags?

I switched from paper towels to cloth in my shop - so I’ve got lots of rags that end up soaked in gasoline, motor oil, cleaners, wax, etc. I don’t want to throw them in the washer, but hand washing them seems like a pain. Any tips?

21:50 UTC


At a standstill with shampoo bars and conditioners

I love the concept of them but I have not found a holy grail with anything for the life of me. I have tried various shampoos from Etsy. I have used Ethique, Hibar, JR Liggets, soap, and solid shampoos. I feel like I have tried it all at this point. I am not sure if the saponified oils aren't working because of the hard water (also can't stand the smell of ACV) but my hair feels greasy sometimes a day or two after washing depending on the bar. Initially, my hair feels great, then it feels like I didn't wash it.

Bars like Hibar and Ethique made my hair feel clean to some degree but the conditioners I have tried fall short and don't make my hair feel moisturized. I am honestly debating about going back to cheap sulfate shampoos and all because I feel gross.

16:45 UTC


Looking for quality powder dry shampoo

Would love a brand that used sustainable packaging and isn’t greenwashed that I can order from online, I couldn’t find anything like this in my area in physical stores unfortunately. Nice scent preferred! I have super oily hair and would love to cut out buying can dry shampoo

16:25 UTC


Having a zero waste or less consumption mindset saved us a ton of money preparing for our first baby

When you are researching a whole world of new/unfamiliar baby products it is really easy to get overwhelmed and think you actually need it all. Being able to stop and think about how much do we really need helped me not get roped into unnecessary spending and waste. Getting furniture second hand for our nursery was such a cost saver and allowed us to find unique pieces. Thrifting maternity clothing saved us a bundle and I'm proud of that one since I almost fell for being marketed to for pretty expensive clothing that I would only wear for a handful of months.

Just goes to show how helpful this mindset is when it comes to a huge spending change in your life style!

15:58 UTC


Low Waste/Indie Brand skin tint recommendations?

So I’ve cut down the waste in my routine pretty successfully over the years but the only part of my everyday makeup I can’t possibly reuse or recycle the packaging of is my Tarte skin tint shown above, does anyone have any recommendations for possible alternatives when I go to replace it? Something compatible with dry skin would be great.

15:50 UTC


Q tip replacement to scratch an itch

I'm coming to the end of a pack of q tips I've had for several years, and I'm thinking about getting a less wasteful replacement; the ones I have are paper and cotton, but it's still something I'd need to buy more of.

The thing is, I don't super need them for cleaning my ears - I need them for scratching my ears. I have no problem getting my ears clean with a towel, but sometimes I have an intense itch that drives me absolutely crazy, that only a q tip can reach and effectively relieve. I'm afraid the ones with the rubber nubby end might not do the job.

Can anyone who uses a q tip replacement offer their experience and possibly make a recommendation?

15:39 UTC


Anyone know how to repair these heels? I've already tried rubber cement and super glue with no luck.

15:14 UTC


Bed alternatives?

I am looking for a bed alternative. I was thinking a traditional Japanese futon but those are very pricy. I would rather not buy a cheap one from Amazon that was made in China. Does anyone have any advice for what I could use to sleep on that won't be too expensive? Also looking for advice about furniture alternatives or DIYs. Thanks!

21:08 UTC


Anyone try Suri toothbrushes? Gimmick or actually low waste?

https://www.trysuri.com/ I've been seeing this pop up and I like that they're advertising themselves as repairable and I do need a good travel e-brush but can anyone actually vouch for this company or knows more about it?

19:26 UTC


Recommended hampers that won't fall apart?

I can only duct tape the handles so many times lol. I've tried a few different kinds and nothing lasts.

19:15 UTC


How "Sustainable" Beauty Brands Lie

As someone with a love for science, beauty, and the environment I found this video to be super insightful and I highly recommend watching this creators other stuff!

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18:28 UTC


Zero waste Summer drinks ideas instead if buying it

Summer is here make your drink healthy and cheap.

You don't like to drink water alone add these without sugar:

A lemon or lime squeeze

Orange , mandarin , lime or lemon zest (not too much, for a big bottle you don't need the zest if the entire fruit maybe 1/4 ? You'd have to test)

Infuse your tea (especially if flavoured) in cold water overnight. Make it might do you have just a hint of it. You won't feel the need to add sugar

Crush mint and lime (even better add zest) let infuse overnight and filter

Make verbena infusion

Lemon Myrtle is awesome cold

The white part or watermelon or sometimes even the pink part (when not fully riped) can be blended with water and filtered it is refreshing

Cold mate works too

Cold roibos

Cold brew coffee for café frappé (of maybe not super healthy but refreshing) if you can't take it sugarless try Itj some caramel it is awesome

Boil liccorish root in water for a bit. Add some water and let it cool.sweet liccorish water.

Blend a banana with the milk of your choice and cacao powder for a cold sugarless choliate milk

Jasmine tea is cheap and works nicely cold too and actually you even need less than other teas

If you really want something sweet: 1/4 apple juice or pineapple juice + a squeeze of lemon (makes it taste sweeter than it is and tastes better) then add water ir sparkling water.

Infuse cucumber or some berries in your water

Hibiscus is good too but hard to drink without sugar when you are not used to it though

18:04 UTC


Recycled Plastic Homewares Shop - Feedback?

Hi everyone! I hope this allowed, as it's in regards to the business my husband and I run. Inevitably this is a bit of a plug for my company, but I'm really just looking to get feedback from real people in the zero waste lifestyle :)

Our company is called The Rogerie, and we design and produce everyday products from 100% recycled plastic, some of which we recover from our own local landfill. We try to bring in natural inspiration from our area (British Columbia) and import nothing from overseas.

We've been building this company for just over 4 years, and while COVID was difficult, we've been growing steadily. However, I'm realizing that over this time we haven't really done much to actually connect with and understand our customers. We've just assumed that we would appeal to the zero waste market.

So, if you don't mind giving an opinion, what do you look for in the businesses you support? And where do you go to find zero waste products?

Thanks so much! Have a lovely day :)

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16:52 UTC


Cap of water bottle is breaking. Anyway to fix/get replacement cap?

Water bottle fell from the table. The body is fine but the cap broke to shreds. It still works but I’m worried for when it’ll eventually break to the point of not working.

15:04 UTC


As a Australian this is a national disgrace. Politicians/corporations talk and make laws about recycling but its all a big lie.

13:16 UTC


Wild refills

Unused wild deodorant, which is great. But what do I do with the end that I can't get out of the deodorant stick once it's been used up?

07:08 UTC


Bidet Request

I’m looking for a bidet that has a hot water tank, feminine wash, and a self-clean option. I’m not trying to spend $600 on a bidet though so that’s where I’m struggling to find one within the parameters of my needs. I’m having a baby soon (early July) so I’d like to find an affordable, comfortable option that isn’t disastrous to clean. Any recommendations for brands or specific models would be wonderful! I’ve only ever used hand sprayers before, but I’m looking for a bidet seat specifically. Also, not sure if a dryer option is completely necessary and would love some input regarding those (unless they raise the price by $100+ for the one feature alone).

19:13 UTC


are there any eco friendly alternatives to buying bottles of moisturiser


22:15 UTC


Has anyone tried Oway stuff? Or other hair styling recs?

I noticed they have low-plastic beauty stuff, but the price point is steep to order blind. There is a salon not too far from me that carries it.

I'm already using shampoo and conditioner bars successfully, but I can't get myself off of having SOME kind of styler in my hair. It's fine, wavy, and frizzy. I tried JVN air dry creme (aluminum tube), and it made my hair look dirty and awful. DIY flax seed gel is really nice, but I travel a lot. Open to any recommendations.

19:08 UTC


An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities.

17:50 UTC


Contact Lenses

Does anyone know of any organizations that accept contact lenses? I have leftover lenses from my weaker contacts. They’re still unopened in their individual sections. I know power, curvature, and diameter are taken into account when prescribing contacts, so I’m unsure if donation is possible.

I would just hate to throw these away when I feel like someone else would benefit from them, esp bc of how pricey contacts can be.

02:27 UTC


Zero Waste Store

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this. My wife and I are toying around with opening a zero waste/restock store for stuff like laundry detergent, dish soap, dry goods, spices, etc. where people can bring their own jars to fill; but not having any luck finding places that sell in bulk. Does anyone know of a good wholesale like what a grocery store might use?

22:51 UTC


My Spathoglottis sp is pretty happy on an old washing machine drum.

17:36 UTC


iPad mini 1

It's just very unfair, that update-after-update such a delightfully powerful device became un-usable. I could play Real Racing 3 on it, very smoothly, and now, even YouTube doesn't work. How could Apple issue updates that turn your device useless?!

I'm very upset. It has such great hardware, and I don't want to re-sell it (because the max value I'm getting is hardly $18), nor do I want to send it for recycling. Why should I recycle something, whose hardware is in tip-top condition?

Something is seriously wrong with the evolution of devices and technology.

What do you people think? Is there a solution to this problem?

16:22 UTC


Now that the Terracycle recycling program with BIC is coming to an end, does anyone know of any other places to recycle pens and markers for free?

I think Crayola recycled markers for a while but stopped and looking for another way.

14:40 UTC

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