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Has anyone written for elitepersonalfinance.com and how was it like?

elitepersonalfinance.com claim to pay you 300 for an article. Is that true? How was it to write for them? Is it legit?

18:02 UTC


How to structure email domain when I'm not sure about my company name?

When I registered my business, I picked a name that incorporated both my name and the branch I'm working in. I have been using a gmail address until now, but I want to get an email domain because it looks more professional.

I'm struggling with figuring out how I want to structer that email address though, since about half of the work I have completed so far was in a branch that is close to the one I incorporated in my business name, and I might want to pivot to working primarily in that branch. If I decide to change my business name, I don't want to also have to go through the trouble of changing my email address as well.

I could use my personal name as the email domain, but I don't know how to structure that because "name@name.com" looks kinda silly.

Any tips? Also, because I have just recently started looking into getting an email domain and website and all the information I have been finding is kinda overwhelming; are there any other things I need to keep in mind?

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16:16 UTC


I’m required to be in person for something on Monday, so I’m going to visit friends in a nearby city for the weekend to hang out and also avoid having to travel super early on Monday. How would you bill for this scenario?

On Saturday I will drive 3hrs to the city where my friends (and my client) live because I figure I can build a fun visit into a work trip. Since I’ll be in the city, my client said that we should travel on Sunday night to the place where the meetings will be (another 2hrs) so that we can get started early.

Having trouble figuring out how I’ll bill this one since

A.) I’ll be traveling on a Saturday, but it’s not explicitly for work since I could have just gone directly to the meeting on Monday. B.) Now I’ll be staying overnight on Sunday to prepare for the meeting, but this is really just my client’s suggestion since I’ll already be in their city over the weekend.

Thinking that since the weekend is non-productive time that I’m choosing to spend with friends, I’ll just bill for travel expenses on the way there, and then bill hours for travel on Sunday and then on Monday when I head home?

10:33 UTC


anyone from Mexico?

cómo le cobran a sus clientes de usa? paypal no es opción y utilizo wise pero uno de mis clientes no quiere utilizarlo por alguna razón, no sé qué otra opción tengo:(

00:38 UTC


Client owes me 5k, it's been going on 7 months. Last desperation steps?

I've been going back and forth with him for 7 months. First he's waiting for a round of funding, then the funding got pushed back, then wants to go over everything I did again, then sends me 1k of 6k owed, then ghosts me.

He is the COO of a smaller company, maybe 50 employees or so. I'm thinking of cc'ing the rest of the executive team on an email explaining the situation, the 7 months overdue, threatening lawsuit. CC'ing the CEO, COO, CFO, anyone else who is a higher up there. I still have access to their Linkedin page as well. He is active on that so I know he's alive. Might as well post about how they don't pay their bills. IDK, it's fucking ridiculous.

Thoughts? Any other ideas?

22:17 UTC


How do you keep track of client calls?

Hey yall,

I've been struggling a bit with keeping track of all my client calls lately. Between taking notes, capturing key points, and following up on action items, it can get pretty overwhelming.

I’m curious, how do you all manage this? Do you have any tools or strategies that make it easier to stay on top of everything?

I've seen some people use Otter, but the app is kinda clunky. Also been hearing about about this tool called Flownote AI that’s supposed to record, transcribe, and summarize your calls automatically. It sounds pretty handy, but I’m wondering if anyone here has tried it or has other recommendations?

Would love to hear how your tips

20:14 UTC


Etiquette when at networking event ?

Haven’t had my business long

Never made any business connections up to this point

Attending networking meeting and have no idea how to conduct myself.

Do I just chat to people socially?

Is it all business talk what I can do for them what they can do for me ?

Any advice would be much appreciated


18:34 UTC


Ex-MBB consultant, how do I start freelancing and what services do I offer?


Leaving my job and want to start freelancing.

I have 4 years of experience as a consultant across different domains (digital transformation, cost optimization, sales growth across channels). Have worked in healthcare, large industrial equipment manufacturers, green energy power producers and with chemical manufacturers.

Reached out to some startups but cannot figure out my ideal audience and what to sell to them.

Please help me?

18:12 UTC


I'm confused, stuck and in need of some brutally honest advice.

Hi guys! I'm gonna be very brief and straight to the point.

So, I'm 21 and I am a freelance video editor from Italy. I've been doing this for the past three years, helping marketing agencies and infobusinesses with their ADS, YouTube Channels, Short Form Content, whatever.

The thing is, I've burned out so many times I've lost count and I've got to a point of so much exhaustion that, although I know I'm very good at editing, I don't think I want to keep doing this (I already outsource).

I didn't go to Uni, I spent the last 3 years not being that social (which made me miserable cause I love being around ppl), my relationship with my friends and family has gotten worse over time; in general, my life has been consumed by my business, and I'm starting to have a sort of gut feeling that this isn't right nor sustainable for the long term.

I also fell out of love with the craft, and at this point I f'ing hate the Final Cut Pro timeline if you ask me.

The worst part, is that I am not confident at all in building my own life through this income. I still live with my parents, and although I'm making good money (around 3k/mo) and helping them with expenses, I am terrified that everything could end tomorrow and that's why I haven't moved out.

This fear was also amplified today 'cause one of my highest paying clients (1.5k/mo retainer) decided to stop working with me cause they didn't need me anymore.

I've been thinking about drastically reducing my expenses and work hours, go to Uni, treat this stuff as a "side-hustle" and just pursue a different career.

What advice would you give me? What would you do?

19:50 UTC


My client ended our contract

So my client for 4 years ended our contract yesterday. I'm broken hearted right now. Freelancing is not really stable. No matter how good you are, you are easily replaceable. Always have a back up client. 🥲

04:53 UTC


Some clients worth avoiding for freelancers. Feel free to share your advices too!

I want to share the list of red flags that I created for freelancers to avoid. Some tips are mainly for freelancers on Fiverr. But the rest I guess applies most situations. What are other red flags did I miss?

Here are the list of things you should look out for:

👉The Username: this is mainly to filter bots. I don’t know why but many bots on Fiverr messages you with weird usernames like: jkfsdfjw;a If you see these, report them and move on.

👉Clients with trauma: these clients will tell you they have had terrible experiences with other sellers so they want you to show them some part of the work first before they place an order) yeah no, leave them, trust me. Just say thanks but I am currently overbooked. The thing about these type of clients is, if they are telling the truth, it probably sucks for them too. But if you are trying to grow your Fiverr account. You gotta look out for yourself. Don’t take any chances. Even if they turn around to “place an order” there is still a high probably they are going to cancel your order after you submit the work.

👉Clients who tell you to contact them elsewhere: Fiverr takes about 20% of your income per project. So what’s really tempting is to take up on the client’s offer to pay you elsewhere or take the communication elsewhere. If you are looking into earning more on Fiverr, you should not do this. It’s not in your best interest. Mainly because you will lose a client on Fiverr, they are most likely trying to scam you, and you will end up wasting your time.

👉Client who tells you very little information. But throws you a link. (Don’t click on the link.) Ask them what is it about. Get a brief from them first and then you decide. This type of client is either genuine or bots spaming links to increase their website click rate, or worse malware.

👉The client that does not know what they want. This type of client is either a SUPER rare unicorn client or the devil in disguise. Tread lightly. Because these clients don’t know what they want. They will use the most general terms like “i want a good logo”- Seriously! It’s your job to get to know them, and what they actually want. Try to see if they are even serious at all. Because, you will be the one to end up with a cancellation if they claim your work doesn’t meet expectations.

14:04 UTC



Hi, just wanted to ask for a bit of help. How do you make sure that your client won’t scam you? The setup would be I would submit the work daily and they’d pay me at the end of the month. Is there some sort of guarantee or proof that I could ask for before I agree to this setup?

Thank you!

02:52 UTC


What’s your views on posting design work on Instagram that was rejected by a client?

Is this shady? I’ve seen other folks do it but for some reason it feels not ok. I recently spent a few months working on merch designs for a well known band, who ended up paying me and not using any of the work (they’d not shown the designs to the full band until the end, some of them didn’t like them) - can I share this work on Instagram? I’m really proud of it but is it too soon?

17:52 UTC


Byline as an editor?

I work as a contract editor doing copy edits, line edits, and fact checking. I'm also a freelance writer for another team within the same company. The other team also has contract editors, and they get bylines for contributing.

On the team where I edit, though, we do not. I've searched in here and can see editors should not get bylines if they didn't significantly contribute, but in this case I feel like we should since the lion's share of editing, revising, and fact checking is done by us.

There's even a modal that denotes things have been "verified" by the editor so as not to step on the toes of the author.

Is it wrong that my full-time teammate who does the final review removes other names? I'm traditionally a writer, so I'm trying to understand if this is ethical or not.

14:48 UTC


Former (dickhead) client asking for my working files because they claim to own the IP??

I've freelanced for a long time but never had this happen to me before. Client and I didn't end on the best terms (they let me go abruptly, they were dickheads) - I've been their contractor for over a year but never an employee on benefits.

I've been their designer and they have access to everything final asset I've ever made them BUT they are coming back to me and asking for the working files. I assumed that IP just meant they could use the work I made for them as much as they wanted. I didn't expect this request for my working files.

Nowhere in my terms or agreement does it say they have the right to anything besides the idea/final asset. I don't want to give them my files, it feels wrong. Anyone got advice on how to handle this?

03:37 UTC


Word salad client instructions?

Can I have some outside perspective? I've just started doing from contract/freelance work for a digital agency that does WordPress development. They send me tasks via email.

I am finding that it's almost impossible to know what they want done but I really want some outside perspective. Read the below anonymized instructions, is it just me being dumb and autistic or are these instructions just a fuckin word salad and unclear about what needs to be done?


For time estimates, we usually go with dev estimates unless we think there's a way to make the task faster. We have a frontend dev who will style the product category and product single pages.
You can concentrate on backend stuff.

Please see details of initial task below (based on client's latest email):

Pull data from XYZ for this same product LINK_TO_PRODUCT_X.
Display the product page.

Please pull this product's data too to another product page:

Client thinks these are the only fields we need to pull: (please flag if client missed anything important)

  • name
  • code
  • description
  • details
  • images
  • colours
  • Stock
  • Branding templates
  • Hi Res Image
  • Enquire now

Can there be code that eliminates discontinued items? Otherwise yes just add this in so the user see’s its discontinued but run off stock as they will see stock level.

BUSINESS is an XYZ member but I am not sure why we would need to pull XYZ info unless that is a standard categorisation for ABC products? Any consumer will not know what this is.

Supplier details BUSINESS needs to know what product it is from which supplier if we receive an enquiry but I assume we don’t want the client to see this.

I really need to see what we are actually going to see and how it is going to work. Can we please test one product only to see how it comes through. I can then agree how its displaying and what info we need. Even if we are not concerned about the design at the moment but more to see what information actually comes through when you possibly add the below.

  • supplier_brand
    • And from the Supplier tab, I am guessing they will want:
    • supplier_id
    • supplier
    • supplier_country
    • supplier_appa_member_number
  • categorisation
    • APPA category
    • APPA subcategory
    • List of APPA attributes

Summary for initial task:

  1. Pull product data LINK_TO_PRODUCT_X and LINK_TO_PRODUCT_Y
  • Note that not all the fields may need to be displayed in the final version but please show both private and public data for now.
  1. Show page even if not yet styled.
  2. Manually trigger PLUGIN for now.

How long do you think these will take?

00:56 UTC


Anyone else quitting Freelancing, and looking for regular employment?

I have been freelancing for years, about 12 years. I have a lot of experience and have HAD great clients under my belt. But this year has been a huge drought when it comes to clients. To be honest, I am also sick of the constant hustle for clients, and unpredictability in terms of income that comes with Freelance. So I am considering going back to full time or part time work (remotely). Anyone else going through a potential break up with Freelancing? What are your why’s behind it?

20:17 UTC


I have a confidence issue with getting started in freelancing

It's hard to admit this publicly but as a software engineer with over 4 years of experience, I still struggle with confidence when it comes to taking the leap and getting started. I'm able to build fullstack apps, but this is fairly new to me because I only built backend stuff at work.

I also don't have a network of people who could help me get started, so it feels like I'm on my own in this.

How would you approach tackling this situation? What did you do to get started?

08:58 UTC


"Let's continue the conversation via email" then proceeds to ghost 👻 🤣

Am I the only one who hates these kinds of clients 🙃🤣

23:00 UTC


If you were a high-paying client, what would you look for in a freelancer aside from great work?

Trying to see how I can improve my process and attract premium clients. Would like to hear some perspective.

06:53 UTC


How do you go about finding a Mentor?


I have been trying at this software freelancing for about six months now. It really has not been easy. Not all the questions I have are easily google-able and would be nice to have some guidance. So does anyone have any good advice on how to find a good mentor? And make it wild for them too

19:35 UTC


Paywall methods for file sales

Hello! I'm looking for recommendations for services and methods on creating a paywall for files. This could be for written document files, audio files, image files - whatever digital creation you're selling.

I'm a commercial photographer and my ideal scenario is the client pays balance in full and immediately and automatically receives an email with the link to Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive where their files can be downloaded.

Suggestions for ways to make this possible are greatly appreciated!

04:06 UTC


What are common freelance scams to avoid?

I have been wanting to freelance for a while but I’m afraid of running into scams and not knowing it. What should I watch out for?

18:52 UTC


Haven’t heard from my main client in nearly a week?

Just for context, this client has been giving me 100-150 hours of work per month for the last 3+ years but I was working with them another 3-4 years before that too. They seemed to be happy with the work, it’s really unusual to go this long without receiving new projects from them.

They are a really big company and do both internal and external design work with me. They have a few employees internally that I would deal with very regularly.

Is there a way of asking them is everything ok or something along those lines? I don’t want to sound desperate lol.

No contract with them, it’s never been that formal plus I started working with them when I started freelancing so I wasn’t as experienced as I am now.

12:12 UTC


Independent Service Agreement

I have a 1099 opportunity and they wanted me to provide my own contract.

For those of you who do 1099 work, how did you create your first contract?

Did you work with a specific type of attorney?

18:49 UTC


Is freelancing for another agency while working part-time for an agency ok?

I am currently a full-time web designer at an agency but got hit up by another agency to freelance 10-15hrs/week. In the past, my agency has let its employees go part-time. I would really like to take this opportunity but am nervous that I would be "cheating" on my agency, even if I asked to go part-time. Am I overthinking this or should the freelance work I take on be straight from individuals/companies, not other agencies? Appreciate any advice!

18:26 UTC


how to grow your Freelancer account

Hello everyone,

I recently created an account on freelancer.com, completed my profile, and added relevant experiences. however, I've been browsing and bidding on projects for quite some time and it's so hard to stand out as someone with no reviews and a fresh account. I even tried to offer the least amount of price but couldn't get any project.

Another method is to pay freelancer.com to promote my account which is not acceptable to me.

Can you give me any tips on how to grow my account? is there even any room for me or the market is as taken as it seems?

14:50 UTC


Freelancing Without a Book of Business? Here's How I Made It Work

Here's a glimpse into what worked for me when I first started freelancing:

🚦 Road signs
📞 Cold calls
✉️ Cold emails
🗣 Local groups
🚗 Stickers

Unless you're starting with a book of business, freelancing is a grind.

It took a lot of creativity and trial and error, but the results were surprising.

I closed a deal with a former CEO of a public company from a road sign.

300 signs cost me $450.

It could be cheaper than $1.50 per sign if I ordered a bigger batch.

Remember, while digital strategies dominate, traditional methods are still effective.

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13:57 UTC


How do you spend your free days?

I'm asking because I struggle a bit with what to do, because my schedule isn't fixed, and on my free days I can't avoid feeling a sense of guilt that I'm wasting my time and not being productive.

Some weeks I work during the week, others at the weekend, and often on short notice. For example, this week I've not worked on Monday or Tuesday so far, and I have this feeling all the time that I should be doing something productive. Maybe it's because I know that most people are working these days. And I'm also just waiting for work to come in, as it's always pretty unpredictable. Maybe if my schedule was the same every week I'd know that my free days are for resting, but because it's always changing I can't avoid feeling this way.

Does this happen to anyone else? How do you deal with it?

13:55 UTC

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