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What’s going on with its Star Trek infinite?

23:43 UTC


Millenia is actually pretty good, small rant

So i thought i would throw my cent into the mix when it comes to Millenia. I have seen a lot of people talk poorly of the game, bringing up various flaws or simply saying that they won't buy the game outright. To each their own I guess, but I think the reaction is a bit overblown.

The common opinion I see is that the game is amateurish, too expensive, missing things to make room for dlc (because paradox) and questions why anyone would play it over Civ

I've played the game non-stop since release and I really do not see where the complaints are comming from. I've played every big game in this genre, and millenia is not only comparable in quality, but surpasses the competition for those who likes crunch. The game has a lot of depth, the systems all fit together well, and the game stays fun all the way til the end. It feels like an actually complete experience, one that can be experienced multiple times, with the chance of growth from a great foundation.

Compare this to pretty much any 4x on release and this game is a fricking masterpiece. Seriously, tell me a single 4x game that released even half as playable and complete as this. 30€ too expensive? That is half the price of the civ 6 base game, which is pretty much unplayable without dlc.

There are valid critiques of the game, but a lot of it boils down to fine tuning numbers and the ai, which is a problem for every game like it. The game feels like a large-box euro-boardgame made into a videogame and I love it. Not for everyone, but really good for fans of that genre.

The only glaring issues I see repeated are the performance and the graphics. The performance late game is surprisingly bad, although time between turns aren't too long. This was mitigated by changing the mapsize and number of players, but even then it wasn't great and a point for the devs to work on.

But the graphics. I was CERTAIN it would end up being too much after a while. It really does feel like stock assets sometimes. I've played games where poor graphics just sucked the enjoyment out of me, and was worried this would do the same. But honestly, the graphics really doesn't feel thst bad once you start playing. I've actually grown to find it charming. Okey yeah the battle movies are goofy as hell, but the overworld map is easy to read and everything blends well. There is a nice simplicity to it all. The fact that every new building you build is added to the map when you zoom in is a realy nice detail, and the game has done a good job being diverse in its artwork. It really isn't that big of a deal, and If I see you complain that the game is ugly and go onto your profile only to see hundreds of hours into EU4...

The game is pretty good, rant over

Tl;dr: The game is actually pretty good, and a much more complete experience than pretty much every other 4x game on release. Graphics bad, but charming once you play, and as pdx players we have no right to complain about graphics when we just stare at maps and spreadsheets all day

20:42 UTC


How long does a PDX title in general take to reach full maturity?

Recent to PDX games in general (2 month) - Mostly playing CK3 and Imperator.

I have seen a lot of people still playing CK2, and frequently comparing how CK3 is still somewhat barebones I'm comparison.

So, I'd like to ask veterans:

What is the average time for a Title to reach full maturity with Updates and DLCs?

19:54 UTC


ARABIAN EXPEDITION! Egypt - Invictus - Imperator: Rome - 5

18:00 UTC


Which new PDX game has the most intuitive UI?

16:15 UTC


[GER] Paradox hat die Strategiespiele revolutioniert...und es tut mir leid, dass ich die Firma trotzdem kritisieren muss...

16:10 UTC


'33 USSR

So, on medium difficulty, how do I win as the Soviets? Even with around 300 units (mostly INF) and German doctrine I get shredded by German tanks before I am able to react. So, how do I win?
I usually build a few rounds of IC, then around 12/6 parallel/serial INF and some CAV to upgrade into tanks. I usually don't bother with air

1 Comment
15:47 UTC


Map of CK2's 1337 start date

15:47 UTC


Why do you prefer your favorite Paradox game over the other titles? Is there anyone you think you'll never want to play?

Do you prefer your favorite paradox game over their other titles? Is there any that you'd never play?

I personally, really prefer the Crusader Kings title over the others.

It all comes down to two reasons:

  • Early Medieval to renaissance is my favorite part of World History

  • Roleplaying aspects of gameplay.

I don't think I would ever get into HoI, but not because of gameplay.

I assume myself to be one of the rare people that find Post-XIX Century world history to be boring.

It just don't seem to get excitement when talking about WWI or WWII.

So, how are you guys on this topic?

13:53 UTC


6 Game Mega Campaign - Imperator to CK3 to EU4 to Vic4 to Hoi4 to Stellaris - 3388 year timelapse!

10:33 UTC


Which Paradox Game had the best diplomacy?

09:06 UTC


ITS HAPPENING!! Patch 2.1 announced for Imperator!

07:07 UTC


I need some urgent support for my Hearts of Iron IV game; I was told that the DLC "Death or Dishonor" as well as 2 others are now free and incorporated into the base game, but I don't see it under "DLC" in the launcher and it's not on the steam store. Please help?

edit: yea i straight up don't have it, my game is updated, i checked "DLC" and its not there, and its not on the steam store. pls help?

00:19 UTC


Launcher install error

I tried to install pdx launcher for win7 laptop, it just shows “pdx launcher setup ended prematurely because an error” how am i supposed to fix it, i need launcher for something

17:31 UTC


Elder Scrolls Universalis - Alchemy

15:21 UTC


When will cities skylines 2 console edition release!?

I everyone, I was just wondering when CS 2 will release, its been 6 months since PC release, all I want to know if their is a realese date, because I have herd nothing from the console commite about the console release. I need answers! Lol thanks

10:05 UTC


Machine Age Considerations for Stellaris

Hopefully, when Paradox is doing the development work for Machine Age, they could do a few modifications. A, Add Agriculture sectors to Machine Worlds (seems silly to think that there couldn't be synthetic crops), and maybe add a Machine city format?

09:12 UTC


Millenia's So Cool

I'm really glad and proud to be a gamer, to have a peak through the interesting history of what ifs and what could've been. And I'm so glad for this collaboration between Firaxis and Paradox, with Firaxis being so generous as to allow Paradox to release the alpha of Civilization 5.

When I examine this alpha of Civilization 5, a game that released almost fourteen years ago (feel old yet?) I can honestly say I am so glad that Firaxis took the time to iron out their game and give us the timeless gem that was Civilization 5. After all, it would've been terrible if it had released with the numerous lacking features such as the lack of personality to civilizations with iconic leaders and talking heads to the missing game settings for controlling the pacing, turn limit, or general game rules that really allow a person to customize their experience. And lets not even mention the horrendous performance issues in the late game, rather akin to Victoria 3 or Stellaris pop issues! Can you imagine if that had made it into the final product?

And then there's the tile and resource system. Specialists being generated by a specific tile (brain trusts iirc) that is required for later game tiles that are also unconnected to schools which are also unconnected to science? Aren't we glad that all got merged up and simplified! And lets not forget the gross oversight to limit forest clearing to the information age! Imagine if a players spawn location ending their run on the spot due to just having too many trees! I mean, spawns still ending a run on the spot still happen but from trees? Yikes!

There are features that were cut that I would've enjoyed in the final product, namely the alternative ages. I am a bit confused, though, why it has to be a universal age for everyone, as the guy rushing tech just gets to choose, because it would've been cool to have Steampunk and Diesel at the same time going head to head! But alas, with how unpolished the system was I can see why it didn't make the cut.

Though there are other features I'm extremely glad were cut, such as the wonky, buggy, and unbalanced combat system with the armies. Yes, it was pretty annoying to micro fifteen million units around the battlefield in civ 5, but at the same time it did make later techs (such as artillery) feel very impactful due to how they could fundamentally shift your approach to combat. And the cinematic fights with the ps2 graphics and janky animations, while charming, wouldn't have been received well in 2010 when every AAA game had to push the envelope of visual fidelity.

Speaking of visual fidelity, I just went and grabbed up some pics of Civilization 5 and WOW! Their artists are phenomenal, to turn this alpha into the visual polished gem of Civilization 5 fourteen years ago is impressive! While the graphics of civ 5 aren't as breathtaking as more modern games coming out of UE5, it still holds up today as nearly the best looking Civ game (next to Civ 6 of course).

While I could keep talking about all the issues and unpolished systems of this alpha, it IS an Alpha! And with the genuine talent and hard work of Firaxis it turned into Civilization 5, one of the best games of its genre and a landmark for gaming. After all, Firaxis wasn't like some game developers that are publicly traded companies *cough* Blizzard *cough* that'll throw out games before they're done just to make their quarterly report look better, or perpetually release unfinished games that are bug ridden messes that barely function *cough* Owlcat *cough*! And while the subscription model of contemporary Firaxis is a bit much, I'd say, back in the day when they're were banging this out you just paid once and bam! You got a game! Admittedly, Civ 5 did take a few expansions to turn into the masterpiece it is today, but it had very solid bones to build on that, while completely nonexistent in this alpha, we know existed in the base game on release.

Thank you, Paradox, for this trip on nostalgia with this demo! It made me want to boot up Civ 5 again, goodbye friends and family for the next week!

04:00 UTC


Initialization of Paradox games.

I don’t understand why these games take so long to start. My machine is not ultra new, but it’s not a potato either.

I have noticed that SSD improves it. But I don’t have enough SSD for everything.

00:54 UTC


Who is gonna be the protagonist of eu5??

Protagonist of eu4 is obviously ottomans so who is gonna the protagonist of eu5?? France?? Mamluks?

19:10 UTC


Which game would you recommend to someone new who never played any Paradox game? (and want to play one)

17:42 UTC


Vicky 3 or Imperator?

I play EU4 and CK and EU4 is my favorite. But I’m looking to branch out to either Vicky or imperator. What do you all suggest? I’ve seen lots of playthroughs/videos of Victoria but I don’t really know anything about Imperator (other than it’s being pushed by the community recently)

17:26 UTC


Hooded Horse is everything Paradox should be as a publisher

If you don't know who Hooded Horse are, yes you do. They're the publisher for Against the Storm, Manor Lords, Workers&Resources, Terra Invicta, Old World, Clanfolk, Nebulous Fleet Command, Necesse, and many more anticipated upcoming games. Their worst rated game is Xenonauts 2 sitting at 79% positive on Steam (89% recent reviews).

Their CEO did a great interview with GameDeveloper where he addressed the exploitative standards in indie game publishing and discussed their focuses when publishing a game. Basically, they think indie games are unique in that they can take risks on new ideas in ways that AAA games can't. He also says the people marketing strategy games don't understand them and "they stress the wrong things that don't connect with players."

Most importantly though they make sure the developers have the time, money, and resources they need to get their best result instead of feeding the endless cycle of indie devs getting chewed up by the industry. I'm aware Paradox is a massive, publicly traded company. That just tells me they have resources and talents that Hooded Horse doesn't. I don't think it's immature to want companies to act like humans are running them—it's happened before.

17:07 UTC


Is Crusader Kings 3 good for casual who want to get into strategy games?

15:51 UTC


Should I get Victoria 3 or Hearts of Iron 4?

Dear Redditors of Paradox gaming I have only played Europa Universalis 4 with a few of the big DLCs for 170h and am looking for a new game of the paradox franchise.

The one that I am the most interested in is Victoria 3 because it takes place after Eu4 with the Victorian era and has very interesting looking gameplay managing economy and having your own laws, decisions and a pretty looking map. the sphere of influence DLC is also coming out soon for that game which will probably improve the game a lot. Therefore it might be a good idea to get the grand edition.

On the other hand, Hoi4 is according to the paradox community very developed and a very fun war game to play with tons of content and different decisions to make. It also takes place during the events of WW2 which is quite a interesting period of history.

Thanks :)

Note: I will be buying it during a sale.

10:21 UTC


Guys I am starting to think Project Chaser is actually EU5

So hear me out: I know that it's almost impossible to believe that a project that should be as big as EU5 just appear from the ashes without teasers or already trailers (Vicky 3 development was hidden from us until the trailer came out) but I feel a vague impression that maybe the Project Caeaeaser may be a possible continuation from PDX hit EU4.

I know, I know, people think it's CK 3^(9/10) due to being in the last century of the middle ages or Stellaris 2 because it is on a planet and you can play as Earth is OG Stellaris but I have the perfect evidence that this is 10000% EU5. That is the Ottomans.

"What? Ottomans? Tf you are talking about?" Let me explain, we all know the true strongest power of Europe since the fall of Constantinople is the turks, and in my dream it was told me that 100% of the balance issues of EU4 is that the Ottomans are beasts in the games, so that is why a EU5 will start on a date where they are weaker so the b*zanboos can finally have a chance against them and not have the need to waste 200 hours of their lifes seeing tutorials of losers like them explaining how to destroy a fraction of their power. CK would never show them because they know that crusades would be impossible against the mighty stronk Ottoman army and Stellaris is already a world where Turkey dominated the world, while March of the Eagles & Victoria is greek propaganda (you really think that the country who shaped the Islam world get weak for their own flaws and fall on trade, they would collapse from a worse thing as these things are too boring & small).

So I really think that Project Case may be EU5. They will not stop the true power of the turks anyway.

06:01 UTC

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