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Got Lakes? Question

After a game starts is there any way to see what random choices were chosen? If I play a game and realize I don’t like a result I want to be able to override it next game. With so many options in the mod I can’t always be sure what causes what. Apologies, a google search returned no relevant info. Thanks in advance!

19:45 UTC


Are there any good startegies with Poland?

I really wanna try Poland out, since its my home country. Is there anything that Poland is good at?

19:37 UTC


Does settling right next to a natural wonder get rid of its adjacency bonus?

I've just gotten blessed by this ridiculous start and it would be great to get +4 culture per turn in my city center, but I have no clue whether natural wonder bonuses would still apply.


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19:15 UTC


Why is Civ VI so controversial?

I’m asking as a newb to the franchise since I didn’t grow up with a PC so VI is the first game I’ve played since it’s on the switch, and I’m enjoying it a lot, I’ve put over 500 hours into it ffs.

But from oldies I hear it’s considered a downgrade and not as good as past games so I wanna know how it’s considered lacking.

18:50 UTC


I've only ever played civrev and civrev 2. What's the difference between these and the mainline games?

I feel like they have to be significant in some way to warrant being "revolution"

18:34 UTC


What's your favorite moment you've had in Civ 6? Here's mine.

18:31 UTC


I have a pasture with no animals (resource)

17:33 UTC


Odd AI behavior

So I was playing Germany with deity AI. I basically started World War One by chaining military emergencies from just defending myself against Rome’s medieval era invasion. Skip to the Information Age and I’m still at war with the entire map except one civ. I had a professional army of just 500 size and the other civs ranged from 1000 to 2000.

Here’s the problem… they never attacked or pillaged. They’d funnel units into my borders and stand outside cities waiting to die to the walls. It was boring. Is this normal??? It was an absurd amount of Aztec, Japanese, Egyptian unit too and all of them high tech

17:21 UTC


New iPhone update…

My phone updated last night….

16:16 UTC


I understand deity is supposed to be hard but what the hell is this? Standard continents map she settles 3 tiles from my capital.

16:00 UTC


Day 331 of drawing badly every day until Civ 7 is released

15:44 UTC


Any data analytics people out here that can ELI5 to me the basic concepts of descriptive analytics in CIV games?

Basically how data in CIV 6 is visualized looks compelling to me (as with other previous versions of CIV) and I want to know if similar system predictors like analyzing religion, culture, industrial growth, military movement, or trade are out there. Not in gaming, in real life. Obviously, climates are detected by meteorology departments (or a volcanic sacrifice lol). But, what's the CIV 6 cultural mapping equivalent in the real world if we can document all of them in data form and how is it spread all over the earth? In CIV, that happens in real-time. Is there a possible database that can track all of those sociopoliticocultural factors and turn them into a fabricated form of simulated reality to see the best strategy to grow their civilization? That sounds achievable through AI, right? I do want to know how the data analytics of those kinds of systems or CIV 6 operate.

15:22 UTC


Petition to get Firaxis and Paradox Interactive to cooperate for Civ 7.

I play hoi4 (a game made by Paradox), and their AI is the most competitive I've ever seen. Since I've been hearing many complaints about the Civ 6 AI's stupidity and how deity isn't even that difficult after the industrial era (or earlier idk) for players with over 500 hours. Also saw this guy post a screenshot about the AI building a Potala Palace surrounded by 6 mountain tiles when he could've placed a campus or something.

So yeah, let's upvote this and maybe one of the devs will see it and consider it. Thanks!

Edit: Only talking about the AI side

15:16 UTC


A Deal You Can't Refuse

Every now and again I wonder "How dumb can the AI possibly be?"

And then this happens...

14:49 UTC


Because my post got removed since it included a meme

Why does the AI keep nuking the same city like 30 times in a row

1 Comment
14:46 UTC


How to know when to do what?

Hello! Just having fun here and I have a few questions.. I have only 300 hours into the game.

I have trouble adapting. There seems to be a big skill gap between me, and the rest of the world haha. I am really good at boosting, but I think I'm stalling techs too much to get them,

  1. How much should I be beelining techs vs boosting everything?

If I focus on boosts I can usually get 100% all until modern era, but I have less control of my civ.

  1. It seems that with almost any civ you want a LOT of cities? I have been getting 4-5 then chilling or dominating for more. My last few games I have been doing hard settlers, but hitting the population curve is hard.

Trying to get the 50%card and governor that no pop. Should I be waiting for that? Or just pooping out settlers and when it comes it comes?

If I settler too hard I stall and have weak cities..just trying to find that balance so I can hit 10-12 cities. I tried making one, buying one, then waiting for governor to spam, that seems too slow.

I enjoy epic speed large maps continents with a friend.

Basically I just can't figure out the pacing of when to do what. I'm starting to get way better at adjacencies.

Also it seems that a lot of people that do diety just restart a lot? Like 9/10 games? I just try to make the seed work, should I restart more?

13:46 UTC


3 save files with legendary starts (2 FoY + 1 pantanal). Enjoy! (link: https://mega.nz/file/HVogVBoY#kj2IE8D71VvlrsMIwDTFSQVT2MCaJBFGiIwUL2jg_08)

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13:41 UTC



Long time Civ player, but only recently played with Secret Societies and came up against Vampires for the first time.

Why are they so f'n miserable? Every damn turn I'm losing a unit or two to these assholes.

Any of y'all have a strategy for handing them? Thanks!

12:39 UTC


New Challenge up

Civ VI | April Challenge of the Month

Take part in Civilization VI monthly challenges on Steam to earn unique in-game Hall of Fame Badges.

Today we're excited to share that the next monthly Civilization VI challenge, Three Stars Each, is now live for the Steam version of the game on PC. This challenge can be attempted at either Prince or Emperor difficulty.

For a limited time, challenges like this one afford you an opportunity to test your skills as a specific leader in a unique scenario. The first time you successfully complete each challenge, you'll earn yourself a new in-game Hall of Fame Badge.

To play the current challenge between April 9 and May 14, go to the main menu in-game and click on "Three Stars Each - Challenge of the Month." Note that if you don't own any of the DLC featured in the challenge, you will be granted free trial access to it for use in the challenge so you don't miss out.

We'll update this page with details on upcoming challenges as they become available.



The Babylonians were the first to record the cadence of the stars and planets in the sky. As Hammurabi, can you lead your people into space and secure a Science victory before May 14?

Technology and Civics trees are shuffled and hidden for this event, so Babylon's ability to unlock technological advancements via Eurekas is key. Adding to the unpredictability of this event, parameters including the map and other civilizations are randomized.

Game Parameters


 Prince / Emperor


 Science Only



Player Leader:


Map Type:


Map Size:



 Gathering Storm

Start Era:




World Age:


Start Position:






Sea Level:


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12:19 UTC



Does combining 2 units with different promotions give you access to both?

12:13 UTC


Civ 6 End Game - How to get Top/High Score on the Leaderboard?

Any idea how to get a Highscore when you win a game?

All I know if you need to do the Final Tech & Civic but I don't know what else you can do or how often you have to do it for a top score.

12:06 UTC


Who is the best domination civ and why is it Hungary

10:55 UTC


Had a blast in my first game of Civ 6, but I have a question for y’all

So like I had a blast and basically won a religious victory with Bull Moose Teddy in a 4 Civ Prince (4) difficulty match.

But so here’s the rub. Normally when I played Civ 5, I would do 6 Civ matches so the games would last longer and I’d get to dabble more in the later era stuffs.

With that last match, it ended before I got to any of the America boosts anyways LMAO. Didn’t do national parks or p-51 mustangs or film studios haha. I know America is generally a late booster Civ than most but obv I’d like to get to use the stuff before the game’s over.

However my computer is from early 2015 and cannot seem to handle 6 Civ games without churning and chugging and dying and loading super slow with miserable frame rate.

What would be the best way to get to use more late game stuff in your opinion? Just skipping to a later era for the start of the game? Is there even another solution? I assume setting the game speed to quick just has to do with production times and whatnot so I’d imagine it would still play out the same way just faster but not to a later era. It sucks cuz I do like the early game stuff too so idk lol.

1 Comment
10:50 UTC


Court of Love (Cothon Edition)

10:43 UTC


Sub 200 Science

Except for the very broken Babylon is a sub 200 science victory possible on Deity these days?

I've managed 150 turn wins on Domination, Religion, and Culture on deity

With science I find I'm just turn clicking to get all of the space launches and then projects completed which takes quite some time

I can't seem to get below a 240 turn win

Any tips on best civilizations, map settings, build order and focus for deity to get to 200 turns?

I get high adjacency campus, oracle, rationalism, power through to research labs and spaceports on tech tree, 12-16 cities out then work on industrial zones, ruhr valley etc to get my production up, then chop chop some space projects

I feel like I'm missing something obvious here

09:38 UTC


Don't civ kinda fall apart when conflict resolution is just clicking faster than your opponent?

I never played civ to be honest, but I watched a bunch of yogscast games.

The combat is just very chaotic.

Doesn't that go against the spirit of the game? It's turnbased, so why doesn't movement happen simultaneously with initiative? Wouldn't that be fairer?

09:29 UTC


How to counter culture spam in Civ 6?

Hi guys, I only recently started playing Civ 6. Due to being familiar with the genre I was able to quickly grasp the basics of this game. I've finished 3 games so far on Prince difficulty and of those I won 2, but I wanted to try something different. I started my 4th game on King difficulty and decided to try for a Science victory without using military force except to defend myself.

Things were going pretty well for most of the game. I was able to get a decent amount of cities down before the map filled up and I had a modest tech lead for most of the game. I had a lot of spies to help me by stealing tech (I was playing Wu Zetian China) but after a while there simply wasn't any tech left to steal so I just switched them to stealing money instead. The map really screwed me on tactical resources, but I had loads of luxuries so I could get by on trade for my necessities. But as I was working on the final stages of the Science victory I get a message that Japan, all the way on the other side of the map, was about to get a Culture victory. And sure enough, about 5 turns before I would've gotten my Science victory, Japan wins the game.

That game is over now, but I don't really know what I could've done here in retrospect. I didn't have a strong military and even if I did, I'd have to go through at least one other nation to even get to Japan. I used the policy that forbids foreign music to try and slow them down but it didn't seem to do anything (probably used it too late). So next time something like that happens, what would be the best counterplay here, other than "just win faster"?

09:12 UTC


Launch the nukes sarge… but how do you use a quadrireme?

Taken from the newest monthly challenge with Babylon

08:57 UTC


What happens if two of the same wonder get finished on the same turn?

Is the winner chosen randomly? Does a natural disaster happen to come by to one of them? Or do they both coexist? Was just asking myself this question while scrolling through UrsaRyan's posts.

08:41 UTC

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