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Little pets and animals coming along for the fun in public in backpacks, frontpacks and other pet carriers! Or alternatively, pets with backpacks on them! Pets and Backpacks!

Little pets and animals coming along for the fun in public in backpacks, frontpacks and other pet carriers!

Subs that are close to our hearts and backs:

NEW r/showerbirb - Tired of being called the stimky birb? Spending hours preening with no results? Wondering why that budgie won't return your beak kisses? Perhaps you need a r/showerbirb.

r/AdventureCats - A place to post pictures, ask questions, and share information on leash-training domestic cats.

r/AdventureDogs - Advice, gear, locations, and pictures for dogs who like to join us on our outdoor adventures.

r/BackpackingDogs - This is a place for backpackers, hikers, and campers alike to share their experiences with their pups out in the wild!

r/WildernessBackpacking - A subreddit dedicated to backpacking in the wild places on earth - where people are few, cell signal is nil, and Mother Nature still reigns.

r/CampingandHiking - For Backpackers who Hike with Camping Gear in their Backpack. Tips, trip reports, back-country gear reviews, safety and news.

r/AppalachianTrail - NOBO? SOBO? Flip-Flopper? Section hiker? Aspiring hiker? If you've hiked or are planning on hiking the "AT", this is the place for you.

r/Ultralight - Ultralight is the largest online Ultralight Backpacking community! This sub is about overnight backpacking with a focus on moving efficiently and packing light, generally aiming at a sub 10lb base weight. Join us and ask yourself the question: Do I really need that?

r/backpacks - Discussion about backpacks, onebag, one bagging, travel, packing, and EDC.

r/Pets - Welcome to Pets (self explanatory)

r/travel - A community about exploring the world.

Subs that are Best Friend Status

NEW r/animalsincars - Is that a kitty in a Beetle, a doggo in a Mustang or a hamster in a Stingray? Looks like you found an r/animalsincars This sub is dedicated to celebrating everything that moves, flies and swims and the vehicles that take them on adventures.

r/illegallysmolbirbs - The overall goal of this subreddit is to provide a safe place to post and discuss the most criminal elements of the sky: smol birbs.

r/illegallysmolanimals - In the Animal Justice System, smol crime offenders are sometimes the most devious, dangerous delinquents.

r/WholesomeAsHeck - We know what you want: cute pictures, inspiring memes, things that make you smile and the like.

r/birdsnamedfood - Welcome to the sweetest sub on reddit where we post cute birds with delicious names!

NEW r/greencheeks - "Greencheek Conures are known for being cuddly, silly parrots that are quieter than their larger cousins and more amicable for younger owners just starting out."

NEW r/BirbHelp - This is a sub about helping birbs! Share your experiences and suggestions here.

r/Birbsloveseed - Here you can post birbs loving seed! Whether it’s eating or throwing, Birbs Love seed!

Other friendly subs:

r/PicsOfUnusualBirds - "a subreddit for marveling at the unusual avian species around the globe."

r/birdswitharms - "Look - up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No wait, it's a bird...with arms."

r/Conures - "A place to share pictures, ask questions, have discussions, and share articles about our favorite avian, the conure!"

r/cockatiel - "This is a community for the discussion of cockatiels. Talk about anything related, or post pictures of your own. :]"

r/ShoebillStorks - "Reddit's home for Shoebill pics, gifs, videos and more. The Shoebill Stork is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. There are an estimated 5,000-8,000 individuals left in the wild."

r/BirdsTakingTheTrain - "Welcome to our silly intensely serious subreddit for pictures and videos of birds taking the train! (And public transport in general: we also allow birds on buses, trams, and so on.)"

r/Finches - for fans of birbs that are by birth already criminal in size and fans of the father of the main antagonist in To Kill A Mockinbirb

r/parrots - "a community for the discussion of parrots. Feel free to talk about parrots in the wild, owning parrots, the pet trade, rescuing parrots, purchasing parrots, avian veterinarians, and anything pertaining to these beautiful creatures."

r/PartyParrot - "Welcome to the official Subbie® for Party Parrot! Party Parrot is a Slack emoji based on the legendary Sirocco, of the critically endangered Kākāpō species. PartyParrot FOREVER!"

r/parrotsounds for the best in talking and singing by feathery friends

r/frens - "This subreddit is about animals who are friends with other animals (For example: Ducks snuggling up with dogs, Cows playing tag with cats, etc)."

Just in case: r/birdsarentreal - for hilarious 'jokes' about birds......

Friends who are not engaged in crime at all....

r/IllegallySmol - where crime doesn't pay no matter what your species is

r/IllegallySmolDogs - where crime doesn't pay no matter how rare your pupper is

r/illegallysmolfrogs - where the cuter the frog, the smaller the crime

r/illegallysmolsneks - thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss is where you post the criminal sneks

Friends more wholesome than Grandma's cookies ok, maybe that's a stretch

r/wholesome - Must be Wholesome. Remember to stick to the theme and stay relevant. All posts must be related to "wholesome" in some way.

r/beyondwholesome - Post anything that is wholesome... more than just wholesome

r/UnexpectedlyWholesome - Please remember to always express good wishes to your fellow user and to have a great day. Thank you for your interest and for being you!

r/wholesomememes - a meme that subverts a generally negative meme to be more positive, often showcasing genuine human emotion or a meme that promotes health or well-being of body, mind, and/or soul or a meme that is pure of heart, devoid of corruption or malice, modest, stable, virtuous, and all-around sweet and compassionate or a meme that conveys support, positivity, compassion, understanding, love, affection, and genuine friendship by re-contextualizing classic meme formats, and using them to display warmth and empathy

r/wholesomebpt - Screenshots of Black people being wholesome on social media, it doesn't need to just be twitter but obviously that is best. Black culture has a unique way of examining the everyday and we are here to showcase that.

r/wholesomegifs - Feel free to submit a gif or leave a wholesome comment! Enjoy your stay here! /r/wholesomegifs is a place for gifs that make you smile, or are inspirational, and generally wholesome.

r/wholesomecomics - a comic that promotes health or well-being of body, mind, and/or soul or a comic that is pure of heart, devoid of corruption or malice, modest, stable, virtuous, and all-around sweet and compassionate or a comic that conveys support, positivity, compassion, understanding, love, affection, and genuine friendship by re-contextualizing classic meme formats, and using them to display warmth and empathy or a comic with no snark or sarcasm that displays genuine human emotion and subverts a generally negative comic to be more positive

r/wholesomenosleep - Stories that are scary but have a nice twist. The nice twist can still be scary! Stories here have a horror element and end reasonably happily.

r/WholesomeNetwork - This is a public resource for the Wholesome Network. Feedback, criticism, suggestions, questions, general discussion are all welcome.

r/wholesomestarterpacks - Post your wholesome and positive starter packs here

r/wholesomeprequelmemes - this is where the fun begins

r/wholesomepics - Welcome to /r/wholesomepics! Feel free to submit a pic or leave a wholesome comment! Enjoy your stay here!

r/catscalledfood - "A subreddit dedicated to cats with food names."

r/namenerds - "A community for those interested in names. Your posts are welcome so long as they stay on topic and remain civil"

r/CatsNamedAfterFoods - "Cats named Waffles, cats named Pancake, cats named Eggo, cats named Hot Dog, etc"

r/NameMyDog - "Welcome to NameMyDog [self explanatory]"

/r/Catnames - "Where we name cats"

r/AnimalsWithFoodNames - "A place for your Butterballs, Muffins, Kitkats, Peanuts and any other animal named after a food."

r/ProperAnimalNames - "Noperopes, trash pandas, and more!"

The comment that started everything: https://www.reddit.com/r/PartyParrot/comments/leloro/bringing_the_party_with_you_taipei_taiwan/gmgdsi5/

The user who pulled the trigger and got us up and off the ground, hitting the trail with our pets in style u/mayasux



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What's the Best Bike Trailer? | Off Road & Full Analysis

15:36 UTC


Kitty in a bag at trader joe’s

04:27 UTC


"See even if it's cold outside we can still do walkies!" - this post brought to you by the tiny pupper gang

12:55 UTC


Was Very Concerned These two Would Never be Friends. 10 Week old F, 11 Month old M

12:14 UTC


My very normal cat being normal

12:14 UTC


I called everyone to a meeting.

12:14 UTC


Took a photo of our senior boys with their painted portrait

12:14 UTC


Reddit is killing third-party applications (and itself). Read more in the comments.

12:14 UTC


We cycle long distance with our dog, and got him a new trailer :)

18:44 UTC


My fiance and I recently cycled over 300miles with our dog in a bike trailer. It was a lot of fun and he did great!

We've had a lot of questions about the dog trailer, and we filmed so much of the trip that we decided to make it into some youtube videos.

09:41 UTC


Pretty Red Parrot in a Pram

1 Comment
18:25 UTC


This guy at Walgreens wearing a backpack with a ferret inside

00:47 UTC


Bird on bacc

16:06 UTC


Taking candy from a stranger

18:50 UTC


Easily deployable drone case.

22:15 UTC


Get in loser, we're going to the seed store

11:26 UTC


She likes to go places

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01:46 UTC


any ideas on how to get my boy to sleep a little better?

20:47 UTC

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