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Got any good names for a wintery ghost girl character?

Drew a ghost girl in wintery clothes a few days ago and I was wondering if you guys have any ideas for what her name could be.

I'll describe what she looks like. She is white, but like Casper the Friendly Ghost white and not humanly white; She has a right eye but no left eye; She has shoulder length light blue hair; Some of her hair covers where her left eye would be but there is still no left eye; She wears a black beanie, a black sweater, a gray winter jacket with a brown fur trim, and black mittens; She doesn't have legs but instead has that weird tail like thing that some ghosts are depicted with.

13:58 UTC


Thoughts on Feidhlim?

It's pronounced Faylum or I've occasionally heard Faylim depending on accent, but the question is really for people who know about Irish names already/know about Ireland or are in Ireland etc.

It's one of a few being considered. I don't hear the name much, the only person I actually know with it in his early 20s.

But I think it has a pleasant sound and isn't too old fashioned or have any real negative connotations/bad people attached to it that I know of. I can only think of the song Báidín Fhéilimí.

What do you think?

13:42 UTC


I found a 5-week old kitten and I don’t know what to name her 🐈‍⬛


^ I really need help with what to name this little goblin!!!

She is female and all black obviously.

I have a list of names but I just can’t decide what feels quite right. I like spooky/Halloween themed, space themed, and dorky/LOTR themed..

She truly looks like a bat or a little goblin/gremlin lol I wanted to name her Sméagol or Gollum but they’re boy names.

I do not know what color her eyes will be yet but I think green.

She is very vocal and screams at me a lot lol I gave up at the end of the list

Here’s my list so far:

  • Sol (Solar or Solstice)
  • Murph (from Interstellar?
  • Nebula
  • Eclipse
  • Cinder
  • Ember
  • Soot
  • Sprite
  • Morwen
  • Marceline
  • Blair
  • Hex
  • Noc/Nox (nocturne?)
  • Coven/Koven (witchy af)
  • Gollum
  • Sméagol
  • Banshee

Also yes I took her to an urgent clinic yesterday upon finding her and they said she looks healthy but is too young for any shots or flea/tick meds; thankfully it doesn’t look like she has any ticks or fleas! We started her on some dewormer this morning :)

13:39 UTC


Baby girl coming soon, help!

We had the hardest time naming our baby girl two years ago and now have our second girl on the way. Our daughter's name is Ruby Linda, both family names.

Some names we are considering but open to any ideas:

Violet Eloise Eleanor Lily Abigail Rosalie Elise Hannah

13:35 UTC


Naming 3rd baby

I love the wealth of name knowledge here so I figure you all could work within my bounds

For context, we live in the USA and the two kids we have already are half Brazilian with a very common Brazilian/Spanish last name. There are a lot of Brazilians in our area too. We are not Hispanic.

First boy has a very Brazilian sounding first name that could also be Spanish in spelling and sound but it’s not a super common name. He has a very Brazilian sounding middle name that could be considered Spanish but only in spelling. His nn is a common nn for a different name used in the US that’s similar but not the exact equivalent of his first name.

Second boy has a very common name used in the US with an alternate but not weird spelling. His middle name is a somewhat common Brazilian name and a family name. Initials CV.

Some names I’ve always liked: Carolina Victoria (but we used the CV initials already) Magdalena (but I’m not sold. It would be a combo of too family names as well, but the nn Maggie is ruined for me) Valentina (still one of both our faves but need a middle name) Marisol (I love but I think it’s too strictly Spanish and would be out of place in our family) Josefina (my partner doesn’t like it and there would be a confusion of whether it’s Ho-sa, Jo-sa, or Jo-sa) Elaine as a middle name (pronounced as the English way)

Joaquin (love but not the Brazilian name or pronunciation Joaquim and seems out of place for our family) Thiago ( almost named boy 2 this but difficult for English speakers who already can’t pronounce boy 1s super easy name) Benjamin (on list for both boys but always over looked)

I feel like the boy name will be harder for us but would love some more options for both or input on middle names for the names listed that will sound nice in either language.

I don’t particularly like the super common Ana, Isabela, Maria, Lucas, Gabriel type names

13:20 UTC


Please help us choose a first name for our second kid (don’t know gender)!

Atm our shortlist just feels like a list of names we liked for #1 but weren’t good enough to actually choose, which makes it hard to think about choosing them for #2. My husband and I are both quite picky with names that make our shortlist, as we’re both teachers (between us, we’ve seen a lot of names work/not work).

Spec for name to make it to our shortlist (we don’t know gender):

  • not a ‘word’ as well as a name, as our surname is a noun (ie not Will, Hazel, Seren).
  • One dominant spelling (ie not Elliot Elliott)
  • Not obviously shortened (ie not Thomas- Tom)
  • One pronunciation (ie not Naomi)
  • No ‘s’ sound as we have a lisp, and probs no to ‘th’ too (ie no Isaac, Josie)
  • Not in the top 10 names for UK, ideally not in top 20 (ie not Noah, Olivia)
  • Ideally names that work/are known across different countries. But this isn’t essential.

Our taste:

  • like classic names.
  • Ones more common in Britain (rather than US sounding names like Madison, Brett etc).
  • Maybe names common with our parents’ generation but not the baby’s (ie Martin, Paul).
  • Meaning is important to us. We especially like biblical names (as we’re christians).
  • Not nature themed - I really like this in theory but haven’t found any that’s worked for our surname.
  • Husband loves the idea of a Welsh name but it would HAVE be to easily pronounced & spelt for people who don’t know about Welsh (the only ones we’ve come up with are Owen, Ffion & Cerys - and we have family with those names).
  • I’m unsure about using a girls a name with an ‘a’ sound ending (though husband likes these so there’s a few on the list).

I LOVE the name we gave our first kid. And I’ve found that any name I like this time round, is basically just a variation or similar sounding to that name. And we feel quite strongly that we DON’T want sibling matching (or even coordinating) names. Best example I can think of (these aren’t the actual names): First kid is called Lauren. Names I now like: Laurel, Lorna, Lara, Laura, Logan, Leon, Lennon.

Our current list: Marie, Mary, Ruth, Julia, Vera, Chloe, Martha, Lydia. Able, Paul, Hugh, Callum, Boaz, Joel, Leon, Mitch.

13:19 UTC


Help with Middle Name

I need help, we have a full boys name picked and we have finally chosen a girls name (we don’t know gender yet) and love the name Memphis (not here to discus that) and my husband is set on the middle name Brooks. Which I love, but it’s also our close friends kids middle name. To top it off, our close friends kids are both fist name M middle name B. So, I am desperate to find a middle name that fits and that my husband likes so I can avoid having to ask if it’s okay we use the middle name bc honestly I know I would be a little upset by it if it was me. We don’t want the traditional “Mary, Elizabeth, grace, ect” either. Help!

13:06 UTC


Help with B/G twins!

We have a Diana and a Clark, and we’re expecting B/G twins now!! We’re having a lot of trouble agreeing on names, so we’re open to any suggestions/concrit.

Names I like: Merrick, Merle, Wade / Faye, Jolene, Winona

Names my husband likes: Dean, James, Martin / Bethany, Lydia, Elizabeth

12:53 UTC


Baby boy names: Samuel or Hugo

My husband and I are expecting our son this August and are working on naming the little guy. For years, we had agreed to use the name Samuel, but now that the time has come, I’m feeling more hesitant. I think my main hesitations are the popularity, as well as the religious associations. I stumbled upon the name Hugo and that name is feeling more right to me. My husband likes it, but is still partial to Samuel. We are also open to other names that could be suggested! My husband likes more popular names, where I’m hoping to find something more unique. We speak English, French, and Portuguese at home, middle names will be Cooper Joseph.

My husband likes: Samuel, Mason, Aiden, Ethan, Owen

I like: Hugo, Miles, Oscar, Otto, Edwin

Many thanks!

12:44 UTC


Thoughts on the name Maggie?

My DS is named Jonathan, and DD is an Emma. YDS is a William. We are having a girl. DH loves the name Maggie (not Margaret). DS and DD like this name too. I personally slightly prefer Daisy, but Maggie is fine. At least, I have no negative feelings about this name.

DD likes:

Maggie Amelia

Maggie Olivia

Maggie Josephine

Maggie Victoria

Maggie Isla

Is Maggie strong enough to be a stand-alone name? Margot, Daisy and Rita and be fine on their own. Opinions?

12:37 UTC


What is the most beautiful boy name you’ve ever heard of

Title says it all

12:36 UTC


Thoughts on the names River or August?

Not having a baby, lol. Just wondering how these names are perceived by others. They’ve grown on me and I like that they’re earthy but wonder if they’re considered trendy.

12:36 UTC


Give me all the E names you can think of!


12:28 UTC


Help decide between Hugo or Miro

For a boy expected to arrive early July, which first name do you like better between Hugo and Miro?

11:59 UTC


What are you favourite multi-cultural names?

What are your favourite names that work across more than 2 cultures or languages?

Here are some of mine (the more obvious ones):

For boys: Amari, Omar, Ari, Ron

For girls: Lyla, Isla/Ayla, Sarah, Zara, Mia, Yasmine, Marina, Amara, Alina

11:58 UTC


Names with a similar vibe as Cleo?

This is my all time fav name and my partner hates it! Please help! I also love the name sage and they hate that as well.

11:47 UTC


Help us pick middle names!

So Baby will most likely be called Vivien, and my husband desperately wants two middle names.

For one middle name, I’m thinking Jane as my grandmother was Jane and his grandmother was Jane, so Jane sort of honours both.

Other contenders for middle name are Elizabeth (but I’m worried about the length given there are two middle names), Alethea (was a strong contender for the first name) and Eleanor.

For the purposes of this, let’s say our family name is Benson.

Meanings are generally quite important to me.

So what should our Baby’s full name be?

Vivien Jane Elizabeth Benson

Vivien Jane Alethea Benson

Vivien Jane _______ Benson

Vivien Elizabeth Jane Benson

Vivien Alethea Jane Benson

Vivien _______ Jane Benson

Vivien _______ _______ Benson

Other suggestions welcome!

11:01 UTC


girl names that work in both dutch and english?

as in names that can be pronounced just fine in both languages without sounding too strange

10:47 UTC


boy twin name for alice?

not expecting, but working on some writing!

for some background, the setting i'm working in is modern, so the name doesn't need a fantasy lean or anything like that. the twins are born around the early 2000s, to an upper class american family. the mother is big on fashion and 70s-80s rock music, and the father loves cinema, just for some extra personality detail.

the name can be dislikable, or extremely old fashioned and stuffy, since the boy twin will be changing his name as an adult as a way to distance himself from the family. it's not a necessity for the name to be ugly, but an ugly name is not off limits either haha

any ideas?

09:03 UTC


We can't decide on a name

Hey everybody we can't decide on a name for our baby girl. We have a couple of options. But we are not so sure about them. I think it's just because it's a big responsibility. We are looking for a name that can be pronounced in Dutch, Russian and hopefully in English. Also the last names start with La, so it doesn't sound good with name ending on La. Our favourites are: Iliana Jana Jelena.

The names we really like, but can't take because of family and friends:

Alina Camille Olivia Louisa Sophia Viktoriya Aleksandra Elisabeth

Please help with tips.

08:29 UTC


Help with name!!!

Which name! Baby girl

Option 1: Florence- will call her Flora Option 2: Cecelia- nickname Cece Or if you have other similar recommendations! My only concern is if these names sound too harsh. I do like that they aren’t super common, but are common enough to be normal as well.

07:04 UTC


Names for a Sinister Black Mafioso from the Prohibition Era? (1920s)

I need names for one of my characters, a callous mafia boss in the 1920’s, who goes under a false identity, and persona, parading around as “The Candyman,” a Jolly, and Polite, trustworthy Grandfather figure.

06:52 UTC


What name do you think everyone with that name is a bad person/annoying

For me it’s Harper I know many Harpers and everyone comes off as bossy, and just annoying. Wondering if anyone else feels this way with any other names.

05:54 UTC


Theory: Olivers are weird

Okay, I have a theory. I’ve worked in childcare for years and every little boy named Oliver I’ve ever met has been… I don’t know…. Off? For example, one Oliver was always telling his parents that I was expecting a baby (I never was or have, nor do I look outwardly pregnant). Another Oliver was very touchy feely with childcare staff, past the age of it being normal. And then other Oliver’s who were general complainers and cryers. I chalked most of this up to just coincidence until I met my partner who said every adult Oliver he knows is a weird dude. It’s such a popular name nowadays- can anyone else confirm the Oliver theory?

04:37 UTC


Longer names to get nn Jamie?

I like it as a stand alone name as well. But for girls or boys what's a longer version to get nn Jamie? Was thinking Jameson for a boy.

04:01 UTC


Names similar to Fay

Our baby is almost here and we are still trying to figure out the name. My wife wanted to use the name Fay after her grandma but I vetoed it because English is not my family’s first language so it sounds like they’re saying “fea” which means ugly in Spanish.

Any suggestions for names similar to Fay either by meaning or names that have similar vibes? Thanks!

03:59 UTC


Boy name help again!

Still haven’t found a name for baby boy #2 due in a few weeks 😓. Need a name that goes with sibling is Mason and last name Simmons. Live in the US. Thinking middle name Peter (family name). Prefer nothing that’s super popular right not but open to suggestions.

03:58 UTC


Baby girls names to go with sibling

Our sons name is Silas and I want a short girl name to go along with it that doesn’t start with the same letter. I like Silas & Isla Silas & Elise

Which is better or any other suggestions??

03:55 UTC


I like over the top names.

My partner and I are looking for girls names. Although if you feel inspired to pop in something boyish I would love to save it for the future ;).

Background: I had a great-uncle Elsworth and I love his name. Uncle Ellie was a sweet old man and his name suited him. I just love it.

My partner though has a really long last name (a joint of two 3 syllable last names, we're going to cut it down to one of them for the little bit). So he is hesitant for longer names as he feels like it could be a lot fo a kid.

His naming style is new Americana (think Brianna, Lilliana, Amaya, Emilia). He likes cute, modern and ending in an a (he's spanish it's a thing for him).

Now there's me I like the old old old school. Like a name that got dusted out of a book. Long and interesting and can have a cute nickname. I like the ideas of Eulalie (sp. Eulalia), Rowena, Morella, Lenore (he avidly hates this one). Any of the old greek lesser heards (Thalia, Calliope, Andromache, Evanthia....swoon). Floral? Yes please. Belladonna. If it sounds like it should have been the grandmother in a Jane Austin story or the bride in something by Poe, then I'm sure I'd love it.

The problem is I can't find something that suits both of us. I am not a huge fan of softer feminine names. I want some stregth to it. I also like boyish names, but that's been my point of sacrifice because my partner is not having that. My name starts with a Cat and his with a Car so he would like combos, but I'm not super keen.

Any really long strong and slightly masculine names that could have some modern american nicknames?

03:35 UTC


What cat names would go with Flash?

One of my cats recently passed, and it’s left my other cat (Flash) feeling lonely. I am considering adopting another one, and while I won’t choose the name until I know their personality, I do kind of want something that matches. Flash was originally named after The Flash because he was a very fast and energetic little kitten. What names would go good with Flash?

03:33 UTC

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