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Some like a shower, others prefer a bath

Either way, the kitchen ends up soaked 🤣

12:55 UTC



Laying down with my bird knowing I have to rehome her now Super heartbroken 💔

12:39 UTC


Proof that anything can be a rap album 😂

07:20 UTC


ADVICE NEEDED for New Conure

Hi there, I picked up my new 6 months old golden conure today and I’m in desperate need of some advice. He’s very sweet and social but he is used to living with 4 other litter mates and it’s the first time ever that he is on his own. He’s not screaming much but he paces frantically in his cage looking to get out. His also fallen a few times in his cage and I’m beginning to wonder if the wire spacing is too small for him to climb properly. He is very calm and happy when he is out with me, but he is very determined to climb on my shoulder and refuses to get off once he is on there. I guess my main question is, should I leave him in the cage and try to let him adjust to being alone, or should I let him ride on my shoulder for the first few days to calm him down first. What can I do to make his adjustment as smooth as possible while avoiding the development of separation anxiety?

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06:06 UTC


Baby Conure Parrots Playing!

Taz, Marley and Hatchy playing in the mess box! The two babies on the right turn one year old in April! 🌼🌷🌺🌸🌹

03:09 UTC


Bedtime Help

Birb tax of Goose getting ready to 💋 the phone.

Now for my question- How do you handle bedtime?

Goose is an asshole, but he really kicks it up a notch at bedtime. As in, I tell him it's bedtime and he savagely attacks my hand, usually drawing blood. I can sometimes trick him into his cage with treats, but he's a savvy little asshole and getting faster at slipping out before I can pull my hand out and shut the door. Lately, I have been turning off the light in his room until he starts to make little scaredy birb noises. Then, 9 times out of 10, he will let me put him to bed without trying to kill me. I don't like freaking him out, though.

Any great suggestions for smoother bedtimes?

02:51 UTC


I've only had him for 5 hrs and he already comes to my hand!

This is my first conure and he's already so sweet! I've been looking at him every time I went to petsmart for months and i finally gave in and took him home (I already had a large cage that hadn't been used for years). They kept talking about how loud and aggressive he was but he's been so calm and sweet so I really wonder how they were handling him. Also am I just dumb? I thought you were only supposed to clip the last 4 feathers but they clipped all of them which seems completely unnecessary. He can barely jump 2 inches.

02:35 UTC


Juju does a little dance!

He’s never been one to dance to music but yesterday I discovered he likes the sound of whistling lol

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01:27 UTC


bird wants to rizz up my bunny?

my 6y/o male conure, Apollo, has recently started “burrowing” under his cage liner. I thought nothing of it at first, but now he’s started (what i assume is) regurgitating at my rabbit🤦🏼 (i don’t let them interact directly, they just exist near each other) both of these behaviours are new. he’s never regurgitated before, and he’s never “burrowed” before either. i’m worried the “burrowing” is similar to nesting behaviour and that’s why he’s regurgitating at my rabbit. thoughts? do you think if i clip the liner down so it’s inaccessible, the regurgitation will stop?

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01:10 UTC


These videos of Roomba were taken 2 seconds apart

00:56 UTC


A greeting wave from Kiwi!

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00:11 UTC


My Toe is Birb’s Favorite Bedroom Perch

I’m told conures don’t like feet, but mine appears to have a fetish.

23:55 UTC



If you guys know anybody who is interested in the most sweetest bird in the world. I have her and unfortunately I am unable to keep her because of my relocating. I got this bird November 2, 2022 when she was only eight months old. Her birthday is March 2, 2022 and she is one of the cutest baby birds I have ever had. She was at my wedding and she loves my nephews and is very sweet and welcoming with anybody who meets her. She loves eating fruits, and all other kind of food lol and if anybody’s interested in rehoming her, please, DM me. She is the price of $680 with the cage and everything else included for free. Her happiness means more to me than her being on a plane in the cargo, traumatized and isolated for 30 days, which is another traumatized experience. So if anybody knows any bird lovers, that would be greatly appreciated. I live in Maryland in the Baltimore area, so the location is important and Keeping in touch afterwards so I can just see how she is and if she’s happy. Because she really is a good bird and one of the sweetest birds I’ve ever known. But the process of taking her to this whole new place is this way too much for me rehoming her seems like the best option. is it breaking my heart? Once again, thinking, logically, and practically, her being happier means the most to me 🩵

Update 1: I woke up to so many messages and I’m so so thankful and I felt a lot of people are willing to take her in. If you guys are interested, please send me a little bit information about you, if you have any pets, their names, living situation, and anything else that you feel might be of use.

Update 2: for those who have commented. I live in the US and I’m moving to the UK. So that’s why there is this big decision of rehoming her. if she was nearby that I would take her with me, but my relocation is oceans apart, and requiring a lot of paperwork and fees, and a traumatizing experience for her.

Update 3: she’s not moving anywhere until I’m sure that the new owner will take care of her and love her. Because, like I said, I don’t want her moving across oceans, and going through a traumatic experience. Which is one thing. that doesn’t mean that I’m going to put her in a new home, not knowing how the owners are going to be with her where as she still getting a traumatic experience.

22:56 UTC



I live in the us. My husband in the uk. Moving there is already it for me. With the applications and timelines. And appointments. That taking my bird with me is ANOTHER task. It’s easier for dogs and cats. But with my bird. I need clean bill of health, vaccinations, a passport, quarantine/isolation. Ines is a lot and I would love some nice words because I have looked up everything and it’s just a lot for me to go there and then take my bird with me. The fact that I cannot put her in a small bag and take her with me and buy a plane seat for her.

22:01 UTC


My GCC Petey has serious FOMO and my husband likes to tease her on occasion 😂

20:06 UTC


This is rio (also known as el rio) he is the master mind of the bird cartel. He smuggles sunflower seeds to fat bird because they are addicted to it. He does it illegally

This is his mug shot

18:24 UTC


Recently rescued - Scissor Beak?

This sweet boy was just dropped off at my house. The family couldn't care for him as he needed and so offered him to be part of our flock.

I noticed after they dropped him off he appears to have scissor beak, and I've never had to treat my other birds so just looking on best ways to help him out!

Most of the resources online discuss about correcting it when they are very young, but not as a more mature bird (he's 2.5 according to the previous owner).

Can someone let me know the type of stuff I can do to help him out?

As a side note, the family was very nice but were unaware of proper bird care - raised on a diet of what was mostly seed (outdoor birdseed from what I can tell) so it's possibly cauaed by a deficiency, so he's definitely going to be going on a diet of fruit, veg and pellets.

Thanks for the help folks

18:01 UTC


sun conure's behavior is becoming a safety hazard. please help!!

here are some examples:

when i eat dinner, he attacks me and sometimes i choke on my food. one time, it was so bad and i had a panic attack.

when i wash the dishes, he will attack me and because i get startled, sometimes i drop the plates and end up with the broken glass cutting my feet.

17:23 UTC


Happy or Frustrated?

Is this happy conure noises or frustrated conure noises? He usually makes then when his taking a bath in that container, which admittedly is smaller than I'd like, and when he's trying to rub his cloaca on us, which is now under control thankfully. What do you guys think?

16:41 UTC


Duck or Conure?

Does anyone else’s conure quack or is mine broken?

16:03 UTC


Good Morning! 🥰🦜🦜🦜

Taz, Hatchy and Luna want to say, Good Morning! ☀️ 🥰🦜🦜🦜

14:27 UTC


The grass is always greener....

Accessible dish of identical green smoothie? No thanks! (Though to her, they are probably equally accessible 😂)

14:14 UTC


My sun conure hates my family

Hey there everyone

So I really dunno what’s the issue here but my bird seems to hate everyone except me if anyone enters my room he instantly gets agitated and if he was outside the cage he immediately starts attacking them and this actually happened couple of times to some members of my family and they got some serious bites to the face area

Now unfortunately I have to put him in his cage every time someone needs to come into my room.

I absolutely have no clue why he’s acting like this I think maybe because lately he’s getting really hormonal he just turned 1 year old but I’m not really sure

Please if anyone went through the same thing with your bird help me out 😓

09:40 UTC


Satisfaction after a long day of wrecking havoc

09:21 UTC

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