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Overstayed travel visa in the UK 4 years ago, what would happen if I tried to travel there again?

Back in 2019 I overstayed my visa for a year due to an abusive relationship in which I was unable to leave easily (my passport was held against my will). Fortunately, I was able to leave the relationship and go back to my home country (mexico) When I flew out, they barely acknowledged me and my passport wasn’t even stamped, but it was upon entry to my HC. No one said or mentioned anything and I just accepted the fact I’d never go there again. Flash forward to now, I have a relationship with someone from there and was wondering if it is even possible for me to ever visit again, or what would happen if I did try. Thank you in advance

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23:34 UTC


Step over in NYC for a holiday

Hi! I have to book a flight to Miami from italy, i just did the ESTA. For coming back to italy i have to do a stop over in New York city, and a transfer from laporte to JFK. I need to do one other ESTA or i can use the one i arleady have? The stop over is of 2 and a half hour, it’s too Risky? Maybe i don’t have enough time to do it.

23:21 UTC


Using GPS trackers on electronics in checked baggage?

I am moving overseas and I have a PS5 and a small practice amp that will not fit in my carry-on luggage. They will need to be in checked luggage. I'm considering affixing trackers to the inside of these items and placing a note on each one that the items are being tracked.

What are my options if either of these items does get stolen? I don't think they're going to take apart the items to try to find the trackers right then and there and if the items aren't following my luggage, then who do I contact and what can I do? I know it's best not to check these items, but shipping them is prohibitively expensive.

I'm also open to other ideas. Thanks!

1 Comment
23:11 UTC


Is the narco situation in Central and South America really that bad?

I have this dream of traveling as much countries as I can. Some of my dream destinations are in Central and South America.

Is the narco situation really that bad in these areas? Or is the media just exaggerating everything? I’ve seen some travel vlogs in countries that are deemed “dangerous” and the area and people seemed fine. I wanna know the real risk (if there’s any) as a low profile, not so flashy tourist like me. Thanks!

23:00 UTC


Travel in Cuba?

Just wondering what the weather is like in the cayo’s? We’re planning a trip to cayo Santa Maria in October but worried about it being the rainiest month!

1 Comment
22:59 UTC


Should I bring a proper trecking bag for normal travel bag to south America?

My wife and I are going to spend 10 weeks in south America; Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia. We plan on doing a few multi day trecks including Huayhuash and Salkantay.

Would we be better off bringing our 58l trecking bags with our own lightweight sleeping pads and blankets, or just sticking with travel bags we've travelled for a few months in before?

1 Comment
22:55 UTC


Article 50 issues at Amsterdam airport

I often get my connecting flight at Schiphol Airport its the only place I seem to have trouble with passport control since brexit. Today my issue was Article 50 and "how long have I been in the country?" . My answer was truthfully 5 minutes! I just exited gate 16 and was urgently trying to board at gate 17, the flight was boarding, the flight was clearly being announced and I was being told that I should always show my residence permit and British passport.

The last time I was going home for Christmas and they pulled me into an interrogation room where my anxiety levels went through the room with fear of missing a flight.

Both times my journey has been Helsinki to Edinburgh, I show a residence permit for Finland and a UK passport and honestly its the only airport that gives me hassle. 37(M) Scottish and lived in Finland the last 8 years so can safety say that I have been through this airport many a good times.

22:52 UTC


Best beaches in Algarve

I’m going to Faro in two weeks, what are some good beaches to go to

22:33 UTC


Help finding a hotel on the Amalfi Coast Mid-November?

I am planning a honeymoon to Amalfi coast from the 15th to 18th of November and need help finding a honeymoon-worthy hotel. I fully realize this is an off season in this part of Italy, but we want to have a quiet chill time as it's the last leg of our honemoon and are ok with it (unless everything is really fully closed?)

I'm having trouble finding a nice hotel that is open during those dates. Does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally would be looking at < $1200 for the three nights. We'd love to stay in Positano or Sorrento. Are there other places we should be looking at?

---- google translate becaues I'd love local's opinion------

Sto programmando una luna di miele in Costiera Amalfitana dal 15 al 18 novembre e ho bisogno di aiuto per trovare un hotel adatto alla luna di miele. Mi rendo pienamente conto che questa è una bassa stagione in questa parte d'Italia, ma vogliamo rilassarci un po' dato che è l'ultima tappa della nostra luna di miele e siamo d'accordo (a meno che non sia davvero tutto chiuso?)

Ho difficoltà a trovare un bell'hotel aperto in quelle date. Qualcuno ha qualche consiglio? L'ideale sarebbe <$1200 per le tre notti. Ci piacerebbe soggiornare a Positano o Sorrento. Ci sono altri posti che dovremmo guardare?

22:32 UTC


india e tourist application

I'm trying to get visa to go to India, and they are asking about previous visa details, thing is I don't have my previous passport and had to send it in to get a new one as the previous passport had expired.what should I put, as that is a required field ? Previous passport had expired, and I believe it would be the only thing that had visa details, so that is why I had to send the passport to get a new one. I'm coming from America

1 Comment
22:28 UTC


Bringing food in carryon from JFK to Ireland

Hello all!

I am leaving to Ireland (Dublin) tomorrow from JFK. We have an evening flight and want to bring sandwichs with us from a local deli.

Read online that this shouldnt be an issue as long as its in a sealed bag.

Can anyone confirm? This won’t be an issue with traveling to Ireland correct?


22:23 UTC


Weekend getaway

So my spouse and I have been thinking about taking a mini weekend getaway. We live in San Diego county and have four children ages 5 through 12 budget is minimal to say the least and we’re just looking to spend time with the nature or anything within reason pricewise, that’s not Disneyland or Knotts berry farm. Just really trying to bond with the children this weekend, and just wanted to surprise get away for them. Any advice would be great driving is something we are more than happy to do and the sightseeing would be great..

22:19 UTC


Going to Villanova tomorrow, flying into Barcelona.Excited

I’m going to Spain (from Gatwick) for the third time this year. Anyway I have to get from Barcelona airport to at least Villanova. Just wondering who has done that route and what’s easiest. I get there at 17:30z

21:57 UTC


Recommendations for Belize in late November

My husband and I are traveling to Belize in late November. We are spending 4 nights in Ambergris Caye and 4 nights in San Ignacio.

In terms of activities, so far we have identified snorkeling, scuba diving and ATM Cave tour. Some of the dive sites we are planning on are Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley.

That said, wanted to get your thoughts on the following questions:

  • We were thinking of taking a day trip to Tikal from San Ignacio. We wanted to visit some Mayan ruins and hike up some volcanoes. Is that doable in a single day?
  • Should we rent a car while in San Ignacio? Or is it better to just taxi/bus?
  • Are there any other exciting activities like ATV tours, zip-line tours, jet-ski tours, etc?
  • Should we book all activities in advance? In some blogs people recommended to book tours after arriving at Belize, but I am specially concerned for tours like ATM Cave tours where they have limits for visitors per day
  • Any other recommendations for activities or food? Definitely on the adventurous side, so don't hold back.

Thanks in advance!

1 Comment
21:51 UTC


Lufthansa Airline Service Fee

Lufthansa charged me an airline service fee when I booked the ticket (which is fully refundable btw). The ticket was cancelled on the same day in ~10 hours. But the service fee was not refunded. They won't give me much detail on what this fee entails. I made a mistake in not paying attention while booking the ticket, but wondering if others have seen this before


21:24 UTC


Travel ideas to replace India?

Ahh, what unfortunate news about India stopping visa. Unfortunately we're stuck in this situation of having our tickets but no visa.

We booked our trip to India in November, Kerala, Hyderabad. Our flights can be refunded into airline credits.

So now we're looking for backup vacation idea in case this Indian thing doesn't get resolved. This would be for 2 weeks in November:

Some wishes:

  • warm destination
  • somewhere with beaches would be nice
  • places with both nature and/or culture we can explore
  • somewhere more unique than common destinations

Edit: we are flying from Toronto. Our flights were very expensive (Diwali week) we guess we could fly anywhere else in the world with this budget. Of course our problem is time.

21:15 UTC


Where’s a good place for solo travel? I have 4 days in a row off Sunday-Wednesday, looking for somewhere fun and different other than Texas. What are places that you HAVE to see at least once in your lifetime?

Backstory. I’m 29. I went from never leaving Texas and constantly working to traveling a bunch this year. I get a lot of PTO.

  1. Las Vegas - Twice now
  2. California for 7 days
  3. missouri
  4. Oklahoma twice to visit casinos
  5. lake Charles, Louisiana casinos
  6. Arizona
  7. all over Texas (Houston, Austin,south padre, San Antonio, Dallas, country/farmlands).
  8. Arkansas

A month ago, I had the idea of going to universal studios in Florida. I saw a month in advance flights were $80-$100 super cheap. Tickets $300. Hotel + rental car. I honestly chickened out I just felt like I wouldn’t have fun alone there. My brother is in California so that’s something I might do in California at a later date..

Anyways I have Sunday - Wednesday off. Currently it’s 80 in the mornings in Texas and 90-100 degrees still plus extreme humidity.

I wouldn’t mind going somewhere extremely cool. I like exotic locations. Never been to New York City, or anywhere up north. I’m a big James Bond fan I grew up watching adventure movies and exploring different cultures.

I’m open to suggestions! Places you have to see in person in your lifetime.

21:10 UTC


Applying for Vietnam E-visa - is it advisable to add extra days for my stay duration?

I will be traveling to Vietnam for the first time for about 6 days. Should I add a few days to my trip duration as a precaution in case a my flight out gets cancelled? Or does my application need exact dates? I am hearing they can be strict with overstaying your visa.

21:07 UTC


Itinerary Review: Lima/Machu Picchu

Hi Friends,

I'm planning a solo trip to Peru and planning to spend time in Lima and Cusco. Curious to hear from folks if I'm overextending myself.

Tuesday: Arrive in Lima around 11pm local time.

Wednesday - Thursday: Explore Lima, haven't finalized the list of what to see just yet, but recommendations are welcome!

Friday Morning: Fly to Cusco. Would like to get there before noon, and spend the whole day acclimating to the altitude

Saturday -Sunday: 2-day Machu Picchu hike begins with a 4am pickup, returns back to hotel Sunday around 8pm.

Monday: Open, thinking stay in Cusco?

Tuesday: If I'm not back in Lima, fly back. My return flight home is late, around 9pm.

Is this enough time to acclimate to the altitude? Is 2 days in Lima enough? I'm mostly hoping to see the sites, eat as much as I can :), walk/bike around. Wouldn't mind some nightlife, but it's not the most important part of the trip.

Would love folks' opinion and suggestions!

Thanks in advance :)

1 Comment
21:04 UTC


Brazil travel— Rio and Buzios

Hi! We are going to Rio & Buzios and need help with a private transfer. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a transfer service from Rio airport to Buzios and then back? The hotel I’m staying at is recommending Marinho Turismo Buzios but the reviews online are all over the place and the bad ones are really bad. Usually I take bad reviews with a grain of salt but there are many. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

1 Comment
20:45 UTC


Supposed to go to Dubrovnik but the forecast says storms for 3 days, should I change plans?

I am in Istanbul and flying back to the U.S. from here next Saturday. I was planning on taking a trip Dubrovnik for 4 days but I am seeing the forecast says rain and storms for pretty much the whole time. Because of this I am considering scrapping that plan and just going elsewhere within Turkey. Would this be a good idea or should I still fly to Dubrovnik in the off chance that the weather might not storm the whole time?

20:32 UTC


Travel to Boston & Salem

Hello, Looking for recs on where to stay and what to see in Boston and Salem for October of this year. Have never been. Thanks so much!

20:28 UTC


Mexican immigration

So I am a New Zealand citizen, arrived in Mexico the 25th August, when I arrived I leisurely said I will stay one month, now I want to stay 2 weeks more. I didn't think this would be a problem since I can legally stay for 6 months, however, I was talking to some British girls and they said the days you tell them at port of entry is how many days you actually have. Is this true ? Does this mean i will have some trouble if I stay 2 weeks more than the timeframe I have the official ?

20:12 UTC


Four day trip to Paris

Never been to France. And I hardly speak a word French. How difficult will it be to communicate in everyday situations (restaurants, hotel, stores, cafes)?

We’re gonna reside in Montmartre. Any other tips for my travel? Do’s and dont’s?

20:10 UTC


Trip to the South from Quebec


My girlfriend and I are looking to travel in the south for a classic chilling, beach and drinks, beautiful city and scenery type travel (NO RESORT) in february and looking for recommendations.

We were considering Cuba since it's not too expensive and simple to travel there but we've been hearing alot of bad things regarding shortages of basic necessities and food.. Has anyone traveled to Cuba as a ''Civil Tourist'' recently ? If so how was it concerning the food shortages and all that ? Any city in Cuba in better condition maybe ?

Does anyone have any place (other than Cuba) to recommend for the type of travel mentionned above ?

It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance everyone! :)

1 Comment
20:07 UTC


Wimberly TX

Im heading to Wimberly, TX for 9/29-10/3. Anyone know of some nice places to sightsee there? What about hotel stays?

20:02 UTC


I was irresponsible and submitted my passport application at the last minute and i need help

Im supposed to be leaving on vacation 10/16/23. I was irresponsible and waited until the last minute and got an expedited service for my passport application.

Applied at USPS on 8/12 and paid extra for the info to be mailed priority to arrive in 1-3 days. The expected delivery date was 8/15 but the tracking said it arrived 8/18. I checked my application status and it said the state department received my application 8/21. The current processing time is 7-9 weeks which means it could arrive between 10/9 and 10/23 instead of 10/4 to 10/18.

As of today 9/21 it says my application status is in progress but what do i do if i dont get my passport by 10/13? Do i call on 10/9 to check my status? Will i need to go to a passport agency? What if it is approved and delayed by USPS? Did i just completely screw myself? Im panicking as this is my first time out of the country and im supposed to be leaving with my husband and friends and i am NEVER this irresponsible.

19:50 UTC


LIS Passport Control - Departures

I have a flight leaving in a few days from Lisbon (LIS) to the United States and was planning to get to the airport early, but am confused on the passport control at Lisbon airport. I read that there’s regular security, the duty free area/restaurants, and then passport control before the gates. I have a couple questions as this is new to me from an airport layout perspective.

Can I just skip the shopping area and go straight through passport control to my gate?

Can you access all the gates after passport control or is passport control different for each one?

After passport control are there still food options or places to get water/coffee?

I appreciate any insight you can give. I don’t want to miss my flight but also don’t want to be stuck in an area without anywhere to get water. Obrigado!

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19:43 UTC


Road tolls in Croatia

Hi everybody. Tomorrow I’m flying to Split and plan on renting a car. I will then drive to Podgora. I’ve noticed that there are road tolls along the bigger roads and found some kind of table over toll fees. Do I have to pay for each station or is it summed up and sent on a bill or how does it work? I noticed some of them were over 20€. Is it really that expensive to pass a single toll?

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19:36 UTC


US and ESTA - problems with the 90 days reset

Hi! I may have gotten myself in a very stupid situation, but I'm not fully sure as it is pretty much impossible to get any information from official sources.

I got an ESTA this July and entered the U.S. on said ESTA at the start of August. I stayed in the U.S. for a week and then left on a flight to Canada. I'm now staying in Canada for 120 days as I'm doing an exchange semester for university here. Afterwards I wanted to go back to the U.S. by land for about two weeks and then leave on a flight back to my home country. This flight I already booked months ago, before even entering the U.S. for the first time. I did not think there could possibly be a problem with that sort of travel plan, as I'm staying in the U.S. for a lot shorter than the allowed 90 consecutive days.

Since arriving in Canada, however, I have now been informed that going to Canada, does not reset this 90 day counter to prevent border hopping. However, this is obviously not at all what I am doing, as I would just be visiting the U.S. twice for tourist activities and use the ESTA in the way that is intended. Also the time spent outside the U.S. would be significantly longer than that spent in the U.S..Nevertheless, I am very worried that I might not be able to reenter, on the one hand since I would then miss my already booked flight home, but also since I really don't want to have some sort of denied entry on my record which might make it difficult for me to travel to the U.S. in the future.

Has anybody ever been in a similar situation? Or does anyone maybe know more about this? Do you think I could reenter the U.S. without problems anyways? Could a short trip to Costa Rica (since it is not a contiguous territory) make my counter reset? Should I just give up and book a new flight home from Canada? Any advice would be very much appreciated!! Thank you!

19:15 UTC

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