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Asain Xenophobia

Very serious question that doesn't need to dig deep. Why are the main trialed asain counties (china, Japan, korea) openly racist and xenophobic to foreigners. It really blows my mind as american, we are always told to accept everything. Yet when we travel, we are the bottom teir automatically based on our country of origin. I say this, because Americans are expected to know and accept all cultural differences, but when those same people come to America, there is so much refusal to act like aport of out society. Being aggressively over touchy, not conforming to American tipping culture, ect... it baffles me that Americans are expected to be accepting of all but we are shunned by the rest of the world.. basically I'm saying fuck everyone. The place sucks.

01:41 UTC


Gran Canaria in July?

Will it be too hot? Too empty? The idea of it sounds fun but not sure if it’s the right time.

01:39 UTC


When flying international from the US with a domestic (overnight) layover, how does checked baggage work?

Let’s say for example flying to aruba from The US. There is an overnight layover in Miami and the passenger is checking a bag.

Does the bag get checked to the final destination, or does the passenger need to pick up bags from the airport in Miami then recheck them locally?

Does customs happen at the first domestic airport or the last?

01:14 UTC


Out of my last 10 flights, EIGHT have been delayed.

Do I just have shitty luck or is everyone else having major issues every time they fly? It’s becoming maddening at this point. 😵‍💫

Also one of them was completely canceled and rescheduled for the next day. I missed luggage, connections, and had to stay overnights due to all these delays! Despite having a lot of time in between, at least 3 hours.

01:11 UTC


10 day Trip to Andalusia suggestions

I am planning to go to Spain on the fall not sure which month still debating between September or October. Also, open to going in November or December if it not too cold.

I would like to visit Sevilla and granada and take day trips from there. But I am planning to first arrive in Madrid and take a train down to Sevilla. I was hoping to get any suggestions as to what else i could possibly add to my itinerary.

Also open to hotel suggestions and activities to do in each city. One of my first must is going to the Alhambra in granada. Open to any advise or suggestion

1 Comment
01:01 UTC


10 day California critique


This is my first time planning a trip with my girlfriend and she really wants to visit Yosemite in her California trip. We also want to see the coast line as well and go to Big Sur.

Not sure if this is too much driving or not

Day 1 - San Francisco Day 2 - San Francisco Day 3 - San Francisco to Yosemite Day 4 - Yosemite Day 5 - Yosemite Day 6 - Yosemite to Monterey Day 7 - Monterey Day 8 - Monterey to Santa Barbara Day 9 - Santa Barbara to Los Angeles Day 10 - Los Angeles

Thank you

00:30 UTC


Honolulu nighttime layover

I’m having layover in Honolulu from 10pm-10am. I don’t have a hotel booked, will I be able to stay in the airport? Or any good night life options around there?

00:20 UTC


Has anyone flown internationally with frozen food?

Need to travel to country that won’t be as accommodating with my food allergies. I want to cook and freeze some meals to use abroad, but the travel time is probably 25-30 hours. I’ve traveled with frozen food on 5-6 hour flights in a cooler bag with ice packs before, but this seems really out there. It’s a Hail Mary, but I thought I’d ask. Has anyone done this before? Is it possible?

00:19 UTC


I think I goofed getting a Eurail pass - nothing within Switzerland appears to be covered...help please

I bought a Eurail pass for a family of four, planning four days of rail travel, three of which are in Switzerland and the last one will be heading from Switzerland to Munich. The only ticket that appears to be covered on the Eurail appl is the one to Munich. Everytthing else just says 'not in pass network' which I assume means will ot be honored on the eurail pass.

If I am understanding correctly, it looks like I am SOL and will need to buy tickets within Switzerland for 4 persons for these travel days. Looking for advice, but it looks like it would make sense to just cancel the Eurail pass and buy tickets individually at this point if I am otherwise out $1200 for the pass and still need to buy all the Swiss train tickets separately. Am I missing something?

00:09 UTC


How to claim the Egyptian/Arab rate at touristic attractions as a non-Egyptian Arab citizen?

Hello, I am a Canadian/Algerian with both passports (I was born and spent my early years in Algeria) and I am planning on going to Egypt. I noticed that most tourist attractions have a cheaper Egyptian/Arab rate and a more expensive foreigner rate.

Will showing my Algerian passport be enough to claim the cheaper rate? My arabic is rusty and not so good at all so my passport would be the only way I could prove that I am Arab.

Has any non-egyptian arab citizens done this?


23:31 UTC


A little help with eurail pass...do all parties need the app or can I manage for my family?

My wife and two kids and I are using a four day travel Eurail pass as we make our way through Western Europe. 4 travel days planned. I'm watching some videos on using the Eurail app as it is a little bit more confusing than I anticipated, but would love help with one fundamental question:

Can I manage all four persons on my app through the Eurail pass that I have purchased, which has all of their names and ID information etc. or do all of us need the app on our phone? Ideally I would like to just be able to buy seats etc. for each person on my own app so we don't have to deal with this with two kids etc. I hope that makes sense. Thank-you.

23:55 UTC


Options for accommodation with snoring spouse

I love my spouse, but their snoring drives me nuts.

We usually book Airbnbs with a bed or couch bed in another room so we can both sleep. However, Airbnb isn't always inexpensive or location isn't the best or it's more complex or not as clean or....

Anyone have this issue? What do you do?

Added complication - I wear hearing aids so I cannot wear something in my ears at night as they need rest. Thus, no earplugs, no headphones, etc.

23:10 UTC


2 Month Europe Itinerary - feedback appreciated!!

I am 24F from the U.S. and looking to do my first solo trip from mid August to mid October of this year. I'd love feedback/suggestions on the 1st month of my route -- including if there are any small cities along the way that would be good stops, enough time in each country, better routes, etc.

One thing to note is that I studied abroad in Barcelona for 4 months and was able to visit a lot of cities on the weekends, so it may seem like I'm skipping some major places.

1st Month(ish)

Flying into London (3 full days)

Paris (2 full days) **note: I've visited before and am really just including this because I wanted to break up my trip to the next place

Zurich (2 full days) **note: unsure if I should go straight to Interlaken then Zurich, but there is a high speed train from Paris to Zurich so I wanted to take advantage of that.

Interlaken (4 full days)

Travel day - train back to Zurich then sleeper train to..

Ljubljana (2 full days)

Lake Bled (3 full days) **note: a little concerned about this trip to Munich because all the transfers I'm seeing are only 10 minutes? I'm not sure if this is normal/doable

Munich (2 full days)

Salzburg (2 full days)

Another thing is that I'd like to spend the second month in Portugal/Spain. So I'm thinking I'm going to need to fly from Salzburg/ somewhere around there to a city in Portugal/Spain to start that leg. That's why I went a weird route and didn't end in Ljubljana - no good flights from there. Any suggestions on flights or alternative routes? & on the itinerary as a whole? I'm also realizing that this only ends up being 3 weeks, so again, I'd love to hear suggestions for stops along the way.

Thank you!!!!

23:03 UTC


Experience with a 14 hr layover in Beijing?

I‘m a Filipino passport holder and have a 14 hr layover in Beijing. I read that I don‘t need to get a visa if the layover is under 24 hrs, but does anyone on here have any experience with the immigration in Beijing, esp on a passport such as or similar to the Philippines‘? How long was the entire immigration exit/entry process? Did you encounter any difficulties?

22:46 UTC


Travelling with A LOT of medication (2 month supply).

Hi, I’m hoping for some advice/ reassurance about travelling with prescription medication including substances with abuse potential.

I will be taking 2 months supply of 13 different medications to five countries in Europe (UK, France, Greece, Czechia and Italy). Will also be going through the US on the outbound flight.

I have all the medication in the original packaging with the labels on, and a doctor’s note stating the medications I am on. I have been advised to keep everything with me in carry on in case the suitcase gets lost.

Due to the amount of medication needed for this time it takes up my whole carry on so I’m worried this will look suspicious. I’m mostly worried about, temazepam, diazepam and gabapentin.

Am I doing everything right? Has anyone had issues bringing medication into these countries?

22:36 UTC


TSA - Food and snacks

Ill be traveling Alaska Airlines. What are some suggestions for snacks/foods to bring? I read conflicting comments about peanut butter - I was wanting to bring PB&J uncrushable. Also I have checked suitcase, one carry on bookbag and one personal item purse. I saw comments that you can have a food bag also? I plan to try and get any food/snacks in my bookbag but was wondering if that's true about a food bag.

22:32 UTC


Can a US passport holder theoretically stay indefinitely in Europe with no visas?

I was just wondering for future use, if I have a US passport, this means that I can stay in the UK for up to 6 months per entry, but there is no limit to how many times I can exit-re-enter in a year, right? So does this theoretically mean I could enter the UK, stay there for say 6 months, then hop over to, for instance, France for a week, then go back to the UK for another 6 months, and then keep repeating this cycle over and over again, all without a visa and only my US passport?

That's my theoretical question.

Practically speaking, I anticipate a 1-2 year sabbatical coming up for me in the not-too-distant future, which I would want to use to explore Europe more in-depth. The 90/180 rule for Schengen areas would be kind of annoying if that meant I had to leave the continent for 90 days at a time when instead I'd rather continuously travel. It wouldn't be bad if I had to spend those 90 days in the UK though, which I've always wanted to thoroughly explore but thus far have barely touched.

My idea right now is to just spend 90 days in the EU, 90 days in the UK, then back and forth like that until I tire of the travel. This seems much easier than trying to apply for long-term stay Schengen visas.

Edit: These have been very helpful responses! Thank you to everyone who commented! I feel my question has been sufficiently answered. Appreciate all the added advice :)

22:31 UTC


Torres del Paine trip

Hi all,

I'm planning to do the W circuit of Torres del Paine, but I'm struggling a bit with the tour packages and the camping reservations.

To be more precise, I've found some companies that provide these "tours" (accommodation in tents or refugios, meals, some transfers, etc.), but they seem quite expensive—around 1300 USD for 5 days per person. This price seems steep compared to various travel blogs I've checked out (although I'm not sure how accurate those sources are).

My plan is to do the W circuit from west to east in 5 days (4 nights in campings), so I have the following questions:

  1. Is the 1300 USD per person price normal, or am I looking at super touristy tour websites?
  2. Is this West-to-East hike common, or should it be done the other way around?
  3. Is it possible to get a package just for the camping (tent, sleeping bags, without meals, welcome drinks, and all that stuff) and the boat/bus ride to the west end of the hike?

Have any of you done it? Any links or tour company names would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and happy travels!

21:18 UTC


2 Weeks in Japan: Overwhelmed and confused with JR passes, and how to cost-effectively get around.

Hello, I am traveling for around 2 weeks in Japan later this year with 1 other person in late autumn/early winter. I've been doing quite a bit of research on how to get around the best way but also not while burning the entire in-land travel budget, which is around 1,5K USD/227K Yen/10K DKK.

Our itinerary simply put looks like this:

  • Arriving early morning in KIX. (Kansai International Airport)

  • 2 Nights in Osaka.

  • 4 Nights in Kyoto.

  • 1 Night in Hiroshima.

  • 7 Nights in Tokyo, but with one of the days including a daytrip to Kamakura and Yokohama.

  • Departing from HND. (Tokyo Haneda Airport)

Now since the price of the regular country-wide JR pass increased substantially last year, I've been looking into both regional passes and what our in-land travels would potentially look like with only IC cards (Icoca) and regular shinkansen tickets. Of course it wouldn't be impossible to travel through the country with that in-land travel budget if I plan carefully, but I also don't want to constantly be anxious on if we have enough for the rest of the trip.

My first idea was buying the 5 day Kansai Hiroshima Pass, (Which also includes the Nozomi and Mizuho shinkansen, although unsure if those are of limited/unlimited use), and using IC cards for the first days of our trip in Osaka, and then the rest of it in Tokyo. (The Tokaido shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo will just be bought regularly in this instance.)

My second idea was still buying the Kansai Hiroshima Pass with IC card use in Osaka for the first few days, but with either buying a Tokyo Wide Pass, Osaka-Tokyo Hokuriku Arch Pass, JR East Pass (Tohoku area), the 7 day national JR pass or the Tokyo metro pass. (Again, while buying the tickets from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo regularly, as only the national pass covers the Tokaido route.)

Third idea (wild card-ish) is to just go without any pass/regional pass and just budget accordingly, but I've already been doing so much research and trying to navigate certain websites with Japanese web-design, and planning/budgeting every single in-land trip no matter how small, (while it could be more cost-effective in certain areas of the trip), just sounds even more exhausting and anxiety inducing.

Maybe I'm overlooking crucial details here and there, but this is the first time I've planned a whole trip by myself with someone else, (and to this scale), and I don't really have anyone else in real life that's more knowledgeable on this to ask. If anyone has any genuine non-dismissive answers, I'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions..

21:02 UTC


Having a drone on carry on to fly to Pakistan 🇵🇰✈️

Hey, I will go to Pakistan from Bali this summer. I have a drone with me and I wanted to know if it’s allowed to have a drone with me on carry on not to check in ? If someone can answer me please 🙏

20:57 UTC


USA domestic airlines advice

Hi everybody. I’m looking for a domestic flight within the US. Specifically from Washington DC to LA. I’m from Europe so I’m don’t know much about the US airlines like Spirit or Frontier. Any advice on avoid specific airlines for the route I’m talking? Or advice on airlines I should take? Thanks in advance.

20:51 UTC


Help - senior traveler so confused about using phone in Europe, WhatsApp, sim cards, etc

Sorry, this is probably obvious to most people, but I am still confused after reading other related posts. For a person over 65 traveling in Denmark, Netherlands, UK, not likely to use phone very often but want to be able to send/receive messages from travel companions. I understand with WhatsApp you can use just WiFi to text/call without using cellular data. But doesn't this mean you would have to physically stop at a WiFi hotspot and connect to the WiFi to check if you have any messages? In which case if a travel companion wants to send you a message about meeting up or something, you will not know they have tried to contact you unless you stop and connect to WiFi somewhere? That seems really impractical to me, but maybe (likely) I am misunderstanding...

I see you can buy sim cards in Europe if your phone is unlocked -

  1. How do I know if my phone is unlocked? I have AT&T prepaid in US.

  2. How to I determine what type of sim card to buy? Not likely to do anything but send/receive texts, occasional phone call, only will need Internet if somehow lost or something (unlikely, traveled without internet for many years)

  3. If I buy a SIM card, then do I just turn off data and use WiFi when I am someplace that has it (hotel, cafe, museum) or when I am actually with my travel companion(s), then turn data back on so I can receive messages while walking around/on my own? Which would mean it is necessary to either have sim card or be subject to roaming charges if I do get a message/call?

Thanks for your help

20:50 UTC


8-day Travel Itinerary for Germany - What to do?

I’m going to Germany to July for 8 days, and wanted feedback on my itinerary. I’ll arrive in Frankfurt July 3rd in the night and I’ll leave in Munich July 11 in the afternoon. This is my rough draft for an itinerary:

July 4th - Spend day in Frankfurt and drive down to Heidelberg to spend the evening. July 5th - Europa Park. July 6th - Black Forest, Drive up to Frankfurt and spend the night July 7th - Cologne. July 8th - Hamburg, Spend the night in Berlin. July 9th - Berlin, Leipzig. July 10th - Romantic Road. July 11th - Füssen, Munich

This plan is really hectic but it covers most of the places I want to see in Germany. My main goal with this trip is to cover all of Germany. One place that I want to see that this plan cuts out is Dresden, so I was wondering if there were ways to make the plan less hectic or even include Dresden and cut out something else. I’m really into nature, but I also like architecture and mainly just want to see the best there is in Germany.

20:46 UTC


Is my 2 week Itinerary for Central Europe ok?

Hello :)) Im going to travel to central Europe from November 11th to 27th, so i wanted some recommendations.

First, im going to arrive to Malaga, Spain, got a very cheap flight here but i dont think november is a good season to go to the beach, so i decided to take a flight to Krakow from here first, going to be 4 days, i was planning 2 on the city, the 3rd day taking a tour to Auschwitz and the 4th a tour to the salt mines but idk if thats worth it.

After that, going to Prague, 4 days, 3 on the city and the 4th taking a tour to Cesky Krumlov, then, Vienna, 4 days as well, i was thinking 3 days on the city and the 4th taking a tour to Bratislava, i heard that its not worth it, so idk if i should go there.

Finally, 3 days in Budapest (well actually 2 and a half because the 3rd day im going to take a flight to Malaga again so i can get back home the day after that.

I havent bought any tickets yet, so im open to suggestions, should i add or take a day in some place, maybe only 3 days in Prague?, visit another spot? sorry for my bad english :(

20:32 UTC


Cassoulet, paella and other must-eats on a trip through south of France, Spain and Italy

Three adults taking about 35 students (15-18yo) on trip (EF) through south of France and a bit into Italy (Milan) and Spain (San Sebastián). Cities include: Brief quick couple nights in Paris, down into Biarritz and San Sebastián, Carcassonne, Provence (Nimes, area near Pont du Gard, Avignon), then Monaco and Eze, San Remo, Cinque Terre and leaving through Milan <-- Trips are crazy fast over about 12 days, usually from sun-up to sun-down with lots of walking, busses, etc. No car available.

We've done a number of these trips with students, they are great fun, kids always have a blast and we usually (surprisingly) get a decent amount of on-our-own walking / exploration time in many of the cities we visit. We almost always have a buffet style breakfast at the hotel we are staying at and then a lunch or dinner as a group (already scheduled) with one of those meals on our own, where students and adults find their own spots to eat. I always like to try and find a couple places ahead of time on our trips to try and visit food wise that will be better than a hit or miss guess in the moment (though those can be amazing as well).

While I would love any and all food recommendations, we are usually looking for something pretty quick, something that will not break the bank or be impossible to get a table for (nothing Michelin rated for example). More non-touristy the better, but will usually have to be in walking distance of the city center / downtown areas of the places listed above.

We're only in San Sebastián for a quick stop, but would love a paella recommendation. Would love to try a really good cassoulet (never had) and would love to try anything thats region specific in the areas mentioned in France (bakeries, specific cheese, ANYTHING). I know I can google these things (I have) but I'd also love to hear first hand experience from those that have been there and done that or are living in any of the areas. THANK YOU!

20:17 UTC


Yellow fever vaccine for Costa Rica?

I am in Nicaragua right now, and will cross the border to CR in 8 days time. I just got my yellow fever vaccine as I had trouble crossing from El Salavador to Nicaragua as it was required. They told me the same was true for CR, but the vaccine takes 10 days to become effective. Will they deny me at the border at CR if my vaccine has not passed the 10 day mark? TIA.

18:26 UTC


Can someone give advice with ryan air?

So me and my girlfriend are going on holiday which we booked through love holidays however we wanted to add extra luggage, then Ryan air was asking for our reservation number when we was trying to add a trip which we got off of a confirmation email but it didn’t work.

Now we are unsure on what to do as we wont be able to get our boarding passes either, can someone please help me out so I can calm my stressing girlfriend?

Much appreciated.

20:05 UTC


Need advice for a long weekend as a family to Belgium

Hello, firstly thank you for reading this and thank you again if you contribute to my post.

My family are planning a trip to Europe from the UK in early October as a long weekend. There's X2 adults and X1 toddler going to be visiting.

I have been some research and was undecided between the Netherlands and Belgium, Netherlands I have visited many times in different towns and I've only ever visited Belgium once to see Antwerp so decided we should Belgium.

We will likely be staying from Friday until Tuesday, so 4 nights, 5 days including travelling days, 3 days of non-travel.

So, I have a few questions in which I'm looking for answers and advice/tips for our trip please.

  1. We would like to visit 2 towns, staying in 1 and day trip to another, I hear the train system is quite good to use. However, are undecided on which town to stay in. There are a few criteria that I feel would determine this:

• Price differences of reasonable/good quality hotels/B&B.

• Overall safety of one town to another.

• Things to do/see for both adults and children in said base city and restaurants.

• Ease of public transport around base city, to/from hotel - train station.

We have narrowed it down to Ghent, Bruges & Leuven. From my limited research I am leaning towards staying in Ghent and visiting Bruges on a day trip and skipping Leuven.

However, as the point of this post, wanting your input, opinions and why.

  1. Hotels, can you please give some suggestions for good/reasonable quality hotels/B&B that you'd recommend for families in Ghent/Bruges/City you suggest.

I've looked around and seen Hotel Onderbergen seems to fairly good in Ghent for example and roughly runs around €180-€200 per night, is this a common standard price range for these destinations?

  1. Apart from the standard things to do that Google and any basic research would give us, river boats, choclates, zoos, aquariums, museums, churches etc are there any sights to see, things to do, restaurants to visit any hidden gems you can suggest?

Thank you!

18:33 UTC

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