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I m trying to draw birds if you find this okayy send me your birds pics (2-3 photos) so that I can draw them for you in my free time

Sorry if this is bad lol

06:28 UTC


Question! Does anyone’s female cockatiel sing/talk? Show me evidence in the comments.

…and tell me how you got her to engage. Mine is happy to listen, but will not even get close to imitating. She’s like “YOU impress me, b*tch. Not the other way around.”

05:30 UTC


A Picture of one of my birds, Wally Funk!

04:06 UTC


How to get bird to eat more??

Hello, I have 2 year old male cockatiel named Albert and I’m afraid that he might be under nourished. I recently got 2 more cockatiels and they are much larger in size than Albert. Albert eats about a tablespoon of vegetable chop, a tablespoon of seeds, and spoonful of crushed pellets every day. Our family has played around with portion sizes and the chop-to-seed ratio but still Albert doesn’t seem to eat very much. He always has leftover food in his bowl at the end of the day. I even offer snacks throughout the day but the only snacks that he has taken a liking to is slivered almonds. How can I get my little guy to eat more? Will he be able to grow? I’m worried about how this might affect his hormones.

03:44 UTC



(Peek my mum on phone to my dad explaining some stuff.) so Wally is staying at the hospital for a couple days. They think she’s loosing her feathers because of chronic egg laying. We have plans to seperate her and Dexter when we build a bigger cage. She had very swollen feet and obviously her yellowing issue. So they are running bloods and other stuff too make sure that she’s not got any serious infections like liver problems. They are both a bit overweight because I’ve only had them a year and before me they lived off only seeds but they just ate the sunflower seeds. I have had them on a pellet diet for about 6 months now along with trying to get them to eat more veg. They only like peas and corn. We have a diet plan now to incorporate more veg too their diet and give smaller portions of pellets. Missing my Wally already. Dexters singing his heart out like he doesn’t even notice the bird he’s lived his whole life with isn’t there lmao 🤣

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03:32 UTC



Hey Reddit I just got this baby cockatiel today and noticed something with his eyes, is it possible it’s just the way the bird looks or will it go blind?

02:08 UTC


!!!urgent question abt jojoba oil!!!

i was wondering if anybody knows if jojoba oil is toxic to birds? i have a lot of jojoba oil in my hair rn and my cockatiel flew ontop of my head and started preening my hair, i let him for a couple min but then i realized that i had oil in my hair. and now I'm very concerned bc i can't find that much info abt jojoba oil and it's effect on pet birds! smb pls help!! thank uu!!!

02:05 UTC


What is bro looking at?

01:19 UTC


New cockatiel help!!!

hi! i currently have 4 budgies and i am pretty clued up on them, and have owned finches for a while and me and my mum have decided to get a cockatiel. we are unsure of age and even gender but we’ve called her pixie in the meantime haha anyway, pixie has been put into a cage that should at least be big enough for her to move around, not a whole lot but we plan to have her out often once she’s settled in, however she is continually climbing to the top part of the cage, and then jumping off/falling/nosediving down to the bottom again. i fed her millet which kept her calm for maybe 5 seconds before repeating climbing and then falling to the bottom. she is also running backwards and forwards and all around and is hissing (i know this is basically her telling me to fuck off so i comply haha)

any advice on what this is, why she is doing it and any more possible advice about cockatiels would be appreciated :)

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23:02 UTC


Is this an okay size travel/car cage for two cockatiels?

I have to use it for a vet visit today but I’m definitely thinking of buying a real travel one. Should it be bigger?

22:26 UTC


cockatiel cage

does anyone have any suggestions for a good sized cage for 2 cockatiels? preferably from amazon! (price doesnt matter)

20:54 UTC


Would my birds be stupid enough to eat paper in their food dish?

Ariel, Fred and Leo have been regurgitating for a while now. They had a checkup, vet said it could be anything and we need more evidence. I have meds in case they’d start regurgitating and vomiting uncontrollably but so far it didn’t happen, I find just one or two clumps of pellets each evening.

The vet said they could be too eager to eat, which didn’t seem like it was the case especially for Ariel who waits for his turn. Until I realised that Becky, the only one who doesn’t regurgitate, may not do that because she eats slowly. She eats seeds exclusively and has to dig around for them.

So I made a few paper balls, placed them in the dish and the older tiels (Ariel and Becky) chose to eat from a different dish because the dumbasses are scared. Leo the idiot decided he won’t eat until his brother, Fred, picked the balls out.

My concern is that Leo and Fred aren’t picky, they eat anything in their dish because they were raised to know that anything in a dish is edible. Fred treated the balls like he treats veggies: he took one out, held it in his foot, took a bite and dropped it. I’m not sure if he swallowed it.

Am I overthinking it? They should know what paper is.

I think about getting them these slow eating dog food bowls or fill their dishes with sea grass. Is it a better alternative?

20:18 UTC


Cockatiel breathing heavy and sneezing

Recently my cockatiel has been breathing heavy with her beak open and has been sneezing a lot but she has been acting completely normal and happy. I immediately took her to the vet worried that it was a nasal infection, the vet confirmed that it wasn’t an infection but they thought it was either an egg or an enlarged organ but they won’t be able to know without a $700 X-ray. I know it isn’t an egg because I know her behavior when she’s laying an egg and enlarged organ doesn’t make sense because she isn’t in any pain. The vet sent me home with some pain meds to give her and said to come back if things don’t get better. I want to bring her back but I don’t know what would be different. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated, Thank you.

19:00 UTC


What is going on and what do I do? I don't want them to hurt each other

18:57 UTC


Work done, time for scritches!

I guess the two mangos still don't feel like joining the cuddle puddle 🥲

18:18 UTC


Don’t ever talk to me or my son again

17:42 UTC


My precious baby

Here’s my favorite birb, Timmy!

16:58 UTC


Hi, I’m birb and I tried to style my hair like Elvis :)

15:44 UTC


Any idea what they're saying?

My girlfriend and I have had these birds for only a few mo ths now. We rescued em from a neglectful and abusive household. They both sing this same song and it's kinda their go to, but, when we pull up cockatiel audio qe cant find this sound. So we'rejust wondering if this is an organic cockatiel song and what it means, or did they pick this up from somewhere? Both the male and female sing it almost dailey.

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14:19 UTC


Is he annoyed that I hide food in a foraging tray?

14:04 UTC


Bought a LED light, But what to do?

Bought this ledlight and it was supposed to be 10 cm ish from the cage.

  1. it gets so freaking hot that lightbulb is that normal for led lights? And my bird loves to be on the top of her cage. But if she as much as touches that lamp she is a fried nugget. So how is this supposed to be? Only when birb is indoors I get that. But it takes a long time for the led light to cool down and I have to raise the line. Idk, it’s just. Is led lights supposed to be like this
14:03 UTC


Target Training Day 2.

Little guy is a life hack expert.

13:29 UTC

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