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Greencheek Conures are known for being cuddly, silly parrots that are quieter than their larger cousins and more amicable for younger owners just starting out. We love them and we hope you do too, stick around we got plenty to share!

Greencheek Conures are known for being cuddly, silly parrots that are quieter than their larger cousins and more amicable for younger owners just starting out. We love them and we hope you do too, stick around we got plenty to share!

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How is it possible to be SO CUTE

20:24 UTC


I need some help with my lil dude

My wife sent me this video I’m currently at work my lil dude has been mad the past couple days his lil toe is crossed is this something I should be worried about or what should I do? new to owning birds any advice would help

17:29 UTC


When my baby and I first met ❤️🦜

She is one of the best birds I've ever met 😭😭😭

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15:56 UTC



05:15 UTC



My 8 month old conure, according to the lovely lady that hand raised him, never bit or got aggressive. He (waiting, DNA results) has been with me for a month. Prior to that, he was with someone who never took him out of the cage for six weeks-2 months. I have had some really good days with him and have even taught him to say. I love you in the month that I’ve had him. He will kiss on command, and I thought he was happy, but he suddenly become aggressive and has bitten really hard on the face, neck and has just become a general jerk
Coming from abuse myself, I really can not handle walking on eggshells and in fear all the time. I dont wanna give up on him. But I also can’t live like this. I have given him a much better life filled with “enrichment “, treats and attention, as well as freedom. poor little guy was in such a small cage when I got him. I thought he liked me and I know sometimes personalities just don’t click but I don’t know what to do. I’m open to suggestions. Please help me.

13:52 UTC


“Mother, I require assistance.”

She’s not actually stuck, she just pretends she is so someone will help her💀 Any other time she can get in or out. (Normally its not closed in the first place)

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21:56 UTC


New Baby & Pet Parrot: Any Tips?

We recently had our baby girl two weeks ago. It has truly been a wonderful time (aside from the sleepless nights).

We also have an 8 year old green cheeked conure. No one really seems to have any tips on how to balance a new baby with our feathered baby; anyone here have any tips on how to balance two needy and clingy loved ones?

22:54 UTC


Can anyone read feathers?

21:12 UTC


I think she’s comfy…

I’m afraid to move and interrupt this adorable little nap she’s having 😆

21:02 UTC


He likes watching shows with my husband

02:43 UTC


My girl hates me now, I'm so sad

My 3 year old yellow sided green cheek conure was my bestie and then like three weeks ago she started to try to kill me. Apparently her new life mission is to hurt me. I'm heartbroken. I miss our time together, but I can't even handle her anymore. Help!!

01:03 UTC


Is This Normal

hey chat my green cheek sleeps like a little dweeb is this normal? unsure of if they need help or something

22:58 UTC


RIP Mochi :(

Just venting here, so if you don't feel like a depressing rant, skip.

So Tuesday night Mochi was acting a little off, but he was still actively exploring and eating and drinking. He did seem to tire quickly though and had his eyes half closed more when just sitting. He also wanted to cuddle more and barely bit at all, and was not vocalizing quite as much as he usually did. He seemed a little weak/unsteady by bedtime, but was still getting around, still wanted to get around, and seemed fairly alert. Wednesday morning I went to check on him since he was off the night before, and he was already on the bottom of his cage, sprawled out, barely moving. I moved him to a hospital box and had to run out for about an hour to get blood work done for my upcoming dr. visit, and when I got home I was going to start blowing up the vet's phone, but he was already gone.

He was barely a year old and I haven't even had him a year yet. He was the healthiest of all the birds,diet wise, eating his pellets like a champ, and usually pretty good at chowing down on a variety of treats. I make a mix of hulled hemp, a little of various commercial seed mixes, sesame and chia seeds, and dried vegetable bits for them to snack on when they are on their play station. He even started to like fresh apple, and I threw in a couple nutriberries for him here and there, plus the obligatory millet. He was 100% energetic and curious up until Tuesday night, and was so sweet with me. He was a little devil with my sister, I think he became overly attached to me, but he really started to love his scritches after I began helping him with stubborn pin feathers that lingered for weeks, and burrowing into my hair behind my neck. He was almost done finishing up his first adult molt, and I was so impressed at how vibrant and sleek he was becoming. His wings were clipped by the breeder and they were just starting to come in too, so I was happy he'd be able to fly soon. In hindsight his behavior was subtly shifting over the last couple months/weeks, however I attributed this to his adolescence and heavy molting. I'm not sure how much, if any of it, was actual adolescence and actual illness, or how long he was actually sick. My cockatiel was a literal rollercoaster of ups and downs when he went through puberty, and Mochi never showed any red flags for illness. He was handraised and friendly since the beginning, and in a way none of the other birds I've owned have been, but we were really starting to gel in the last few weeks, so this is really devastating. I am also not new to sick birds and nursing them back to health, as Miso (the cockatiel) came to me with an illness that wasn't detected until a few days later when he started to become very quiet and lethargic. I was also unfamiliar with him and he was the first bird I'd had in years, but was still able to get him help and he survived despite the vet not being sure he would pull through.

I'm a bit floored at how fast Mochi went. I mean, obviously, they hide their illnesses, but usually you have time to at least take them to the vet to try and help out once they start showing. No guarantee of course, but at least you can feel like you tried to help.

I monitor them carefully, and have never had one just drop dead virtually overnight with little headway. His age is also super depressing, and I still can't quite believe he's gone. Sometimes no matter how careful you are, tragedy strikes.

I do love budgies and cockatiels and lovebirds, but GCCs are just so silly and personable, at least if Mochi was any indication. I hope to be able to try again with one in the future . Scritch your goofy-faced little GCC friends for me.

18:56 UTC


So many questions

Hi I’ve had my conure for a year now. He’s always been aggressive but it was manageable and now it’s becoming unmanageable. So can I not have other birds around him ever? I use to have him hangout in my aviary with my parakeets who are just wild but he started chasing them around more and more so I decided to remove him and put him in a flight cage and work with him 1 v 1 on his behavior and over all friendliness. Now when I first got him he was weary of humans but we understood each other enough that bedtime is flight cage time and he need to go in and would let me pick him up to do so. We finished the quarantine/ training time (3months) and he was introduced to the aviary. His behavior now is the same except he won’t let me touch him. After removing him from the aviary he would constantly calling out to the parakeets who you can just barely hear up stairs but now he does not. He will unfortunately try to attack my canary and cockatiel across the hallway and down in the other room. Like why is he doing this? It’s been almost a month so I’m starting to worry if this isn’t him just transitioning and this is how it’s gonna be.

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19:12 UTC


How to stop biting?

I've had my green cheeked conure Olly for about 4 years and he is about 5-6 years old, and he bites so much it is a problem. I am tired of seeing the same old answers like "just ignore it" which is impossible when the flesh of your finger is being punctured enough to draw blood and leave a flap of skin dangling off on every bite. I know it is not because he's scared of fingers, because when he's out of his cage he will willingly fly over and perch in my finger. only to bite me for absolutely no reason a minute after. boredom may be the cause, he is due for some new toys, but even when i buy new toys he bites anyway. alls i'm trying to say is i'm so tired of being scared of Olly and the biting needs to stop. I can't pet him, put him back in his cage without bleeding after, i can't even hold him, i even try to lure him with a seed ball onto my finger so i can put him back in his cage without a fuss. he prefers my finger. please help i am very frustrated and sad

00:19 UTC


Is there any way to tell if feathers will grow back :(

So my GCC had a plucking issue for about a year that ended 2 years ago. He was doing so well and all of his feathers grew back in completely (he had previously been plucked bare except for his head and flight feathers, it was awful). Then about 3 weeks ago I had gone out for about 4 hours to get my hair done, this wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary, I go out for a couple hours a day probably 4 or 5 days a week so this wasn’t new to him. And my mother agreed to watch him while I was out. I came back to his whole chest plucked nearly completely bare, he was showing nothing out of the ordinary that morning and I hadn’t changed anything for him. I’m really worried that he’s not gonna come back from this as I see no signs of new growth after nearly 3 weeks . Is there any way to tell if his feathers will grow back or is there any way I can encourage it? I’ve already made sure there are no stressors (or as little as possible, he’s always been very easily set off) and made sure his diet is good and that all of his bowls + cage are clean. Is there anything else I can do for him??? Please help he means everything to me 🙏🏻

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03:06 UTC


My dancer

Like the video says, my green cheek age is about 10 months and I notice when I baby talk they dance

02:22 UTC


She wasn't happy this donut wasn't real

Why would you do this to me? Rambles in parrot about dogs having odd toys

01:54 UTC



He's making it impossible to work! 🥹😭😍

04:03 UTC


A 2 months conure

My conure is keep making this noice all the time when he is with other conure in the same cage how can I stop him making that noice even though she is so kind with him

16:46 UTC


How important is baseline blood work?

I took my 3 year old GCC to the vet recently. She said he looked overall healthy and just told me to change his diet a bit. Towards the end of the visit she vaguely mentioned doing baseline blood work just to see where he's at. Is this something I should do? Would it change any type of management?


03:14 UTC


Advice with a 10 month old conure

Advice with a 10 month old conure

Hello all, I’m a second time conure owner. After my previous conure of 10 years, Buddy, passed away in January I went out got another one. I do regret getting another so soon after Buddy passing away, but in that moment I just wanted something I had with Buddy back. I do not however regret getting the new bird.

While Buddy was already a loving affectionate bird by the time my grandmother gave him to me back in 2014, Peanut is a completely different story.

Buddy spent the majority of his life outside his cage, hanging out with me whether it be in the palm of my hand or on my shoulder, our friendship was unbreakable and he absolutely loved scritches.

Peanut is very skittish and scurries to the other side of his cage when someone is moving around. I’ve kept him in my room since I got him last month so I can always be near him, and so that he can get used to my presence. It’s been a very slow process and I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with a scared bird. Since peanut came from Petsmart he didn’t have a great start in his life and I’m hoping he’ll warm up to me eventually. I’d like to get him out of his cage and start training him.

I know patience is key when it comes to new birds, but what did you do to get your little feathered companion to trust you?

06:52 UTC


Does this still look good?

Just switched over to Roudybush Maintenance Mini and don’t know if it’s supposed to look like this. Anyone know? Expiration date is 10/26/25. Any help would be great.

00:40 UTC

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