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Greencheek Conures are known for being cuddly, silly parrots that are quieter than their larger cousins and more amicable for younger owners just starting out. We love them and we hope you do too, stick around we got plenty to share!

Greencheek Conures are known for being cuddly, silly parrots that are quieter than their larger cousins and more amicable for younger owners just starting out. We love them and we hope you do too, stick around we got plenty to share!

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Noisy at night!

Hey! New ish parrot owner here to a male 3 month old gcc. The first week or so that he was with me he was perfectly quiet at night, but this past weekend my friends were over and so I added a fan in my room for noise and a cover over his cage so he could sleep well. First night went fine, but after that he stays up screaming for a long time! I keep a little light on but I want him to be able to get enough sleep, and a lot of times we’re up watching tv after he goes to bed so the fan helps block it out. I’ve given up on the cover because I thought he was just afraid of the dark. Tonight however, I did my usual nightly routine and turned the fan on last and that’s when the screaming and chirping started. I don’t really want to take it away bc I know the noise from outside my room/me tossing and turning will keep him up late. Is this a sick bird behavior? Could he be doing this at night bc somethings wrong and he’s uncomfortable? I was gonna take him to the vet on this next paycheck but maybe it should be sooner. Or could it be that he’s getting noisy just for fun? These screams don’t sound appealing but they’re followed by chatter and chirping and beak grinding soooo…. Maybe he’s just making extra noise at night since he doesn’t talk much all day? Or could it be that he has separation anxiety and is afraid of me leaving since he knows when I turn the fan on it means I’ll leave him? Last night he seemed to stop his chirping when I came in and went to bed… What should I do? Maybe if I stick to this routine at a set time every night he’ll just get more used to it, I just worry that he’s in pain/scared at night, so it would also be a relief if this could maybe be a good/common thing. Anything helps! Thanks!

01:36 UTC


Bird food and changing it

For a while I had my birds eating foods like Higgins and i just recently got some Harrison since that's soo much Healthier. However I can't really tell if they are eating it and knowing my birds they are very stubborn. I figured if I did half and half they literally would only eat the seed but I also don't want to starve them either if they don't eat the Harrison, any advice.

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00:15 UTC


Never mind being bit, I thought I was about to get whacked by his feather!

22:25 UTC


My Green cheek fell sick within 2 days of coming home

Hi bird lovers im new at bird keeping and recently got a green cheek home which a nice big cage and baby food seed’s everything good it was good for 2 days wasn’t eating on the baby food i made him but the seeds that i got with him about after 2 days later it was on the bottom of the cage sleeping without any moment for hours and I dont knw what to do he comes up a lil while but goes back down there. I check his weight he’s lost almost 10g im the first 2 days of getting him home if anyone know whats wrong with him and what can be done please let me know im taking him to the vet today hope everythings fine

19:27 UTC


Bird safe perches?

How do you do your own natural perches for your birds? I've recently had a couple of beetles just appear in my room, I couldn't figure out the source until I noticed a perch I'd bought now has holes in it when it didn't previously.

I'm so upset that I didn't notice it before, and feel so guilty. I think I'd like to try do my own perches for her, at least id know they were safe😔

10:42 UTC


I think I cracked the Birdinci's Code

I discovered this reaction yesterday when I tried to mock her little purs lol

23:31 UTC



I want to take my suncheeck camping and I would like to know what the minimum low temperature for car camping with my bird would be.

02:43 UTC


Dealing with sudden parrot death

I recently lost my green cheek conure that was only a little over a year old to sudden death, I could really use some tips for getting through this time as well as tips for if I get a bird in the future so this doesn’t happen again, I know you are supposed to get an autopsy but I immediately got him cremated and I honestly wouldn’t be able to take it if I found out it was my fault so tips about preventative things I can do in the future will be really helpful. I am devastated and I just don’t know what to do.

21:57 UTC


Dear Lord we have a bird, now what?

Meet Fritz. We have taken him in from a friend that is dying of terminal cancer and going into hospice. Because of this, Fritz has been pretty much ignored the last couple years and just left in his cage and is pretty bitey because a lot of non-bird people have kinda been stuck with his occasional care and are somewhat afraid of him.

Que his being willed to my husband and I. He came with a cage that was absolutely filthy and disgusting so we immediately changed his cage and all his toys and perches which also had dramatic effect on his personality. He’s now dancing, chirping, and “steps up” reliably for both my husband and I and lets us hold him or put him on the top of the cage perch, for example. However he does NOT allow any head scritches or any other petting, he just bites. We know it will take time to adjust to going from my friend’s quiet, dark, empty townhouse to our bright, active home. He seems happy for any interaction and comes right to the front of the cage if you go talk to him and he goes right to the door and wants out.

I asked my friend his age, she has no idea. We only assume he’s male because she’s had him for 6-7 years and he’s never made a nest or laid an egg. Our friend has never clipped his wings but so far he has never tried to fly when we have him out - possibly wing atrophy from never getting out of his cage for over a year? Also he hasn’t had access to water for a bath in over a year either. We have him a big bowl of water in his cage and within 20 seconds of seeing it he practically dove in and rolled around and gave himself a bath. How often do you give your birds an opportunity to bathe?

Do you guys have any suggestions for how we can further our bond with him in order to gain his trust and hope that he eventually will allow some petting?

We are working with a good local bird vet and awaiting his first vet visit to access his health (he seems thin to me) and have her check his beak (it has a split in it at the bottom?!) and cut his toenails because they are so long he has trouble grabbing onto perches.

We are also working on his nutrition and diet with a great local parrot shop. Sadly for at least the past year he has had little to no fresh fruit and veg and just had a very cheap supermarket bird seed mix. We are working to enhance his palate and offer some higher quality seed mix in addition to a mix of both dried and fresh fruits and veg. We will also discuss diet with the vet. What do your birds like as an occasional yummy treat or reward?

Any advice is welcome. This is our first bird and we have zero idea of what we are doing, aside from wanting to improve this guys’s quality of life.

15:27 UTC


I'm being bullied

I've had Jingle since Oct last year. Got him s a baby and had to finish weaning him for about 3 weeks. He loves to ride on me and go out and about but if I try and pick him up he bites the piss out of me. Same if he decides I'm not scratching him correctly or to long etc.. honestly he just likes biting me when he's on his cage tbh. Any advice is appreciated as he's getting more painful.

My kids call him raptor cause he will even chase me down through the house if I leave him on his cage too long. (His door gets opened all day only shut at night)

06:29 UTC


Well, I guess I'm cleaning up a big mess, today. Oh. Wait. That's every day. 🤣

We need a "bathy cheeks" flair. Sorry about the camera moving so much. I have to pretend that I'm not filming, or she'll stop doing whatever she's doing. Also, I've tried giving her bigger dishes to bathe in. She won't have it. Only the silver water dish will do.

19:47 UTC


How long does it take for a green cheek to recover after being sick?

We took our green cheek to the emergency vet about two weeks ago . He had a sinus infection most likely attributed to an unhealthy diet which possibly weakened his immune system. It’s now week 3 and he’s still tail bobbing and ruffled up and tired all the time . He was given antibiotics and bene bac . We’ve also given him hand feed as well. Still not many changes . He is pooping , eating , drinking but still not well . Any insight anyone can offer would be helpful . Thanks

14:22 UTC


hes soo cute

21:05 UTC


Do a kick flip

12:02 UTC


Help me name this cutie

I will be bringing this lovely little male high red pineapple green cheek conure home w me soon. Help me find a new name. The only one I have thought of so far is sherbert- and I could call him Bert or Berty. Any other name ideas???(?

16:14 UTC


oh no step bird. I'm stuck

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23:38 UTC


Please advise, info below

This is a GCC baby from work. They seem kind of nonchalant about it, and I’m not at all.

Mom and dad conure sit/stand over it, I just don’t know if they’re caring for it enough or if it’s dying so they gave up.

You can’t tell here, but the baby is shaking (constant shaking to where you can’t even see it’s feet clearly) and it’s wings are out straight, not down.

It appears to have splay leg, so we tied a soft cloth around its legs to bring them closer together for bone development.

This baby is at least a week old, but honestly I think it’s more like 2. And it has zero feather development.

It also has a white spot on its shoulder almost as if the crop extended up to its shoulder. It’s hard to explain.

It cannot stand on its feet, likely because of its splay legs. But I’m very concerned it will die without serious intervention and work is telling me to leave it.

“The owner raised birds 40 years so she said to leave it and it’ll be fine.”

No. No I don’t think it will.

Please help. 😫

17:57 UTC



Some advice on how to help me bond with my green cheek would be great! He seems happy and does his own thing but doesn’t want my hands near him and won’t take food from me.

01:36 UTC


No Mist, No Bath

She only washes her face anyway

00:08 UTC


New green cheek owner, questions about puberty.

Baby Green cheek new to the family. I almost adopted a rescue gcc, however he found a great home, so we ended up finding this little guy. I’ve done a ton of research on these guys; and the puberty topic seems to be a big one; anyone here have advice on how to minimize drastic changes for the birds and teach them to self entertain once he enters this phase of his life. I know it’s stressful and hard enough on the bird as is.

02:07 UTC

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